dump trump

As most surely must know two articles of impeachment are being prepared against the donald. With the sole purpose of removing the donald from the peoples house.

Where he doesn’t belong because he didn’t win the popular vote. Skirting the will of the people because the founding fathers didn’t think the people were smart enough make the right choice. So they, created the Electoral College. Which allowed the state legislators through appointed delegates to determine the presidential winner, irrespective of the peoples popular choice. The donald lost the popular vote by around three million votes.

Irrespective of what one thinks about presidential winners, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton. Both candidates won the popular vote. But were denied the presidency because of the Electoral College. Thus denying, the people of their preferred presidential candidates. That has occurred twice in the last twenty years.

Fifteen states, and the District of Columbia have joined a movement to bypass the Electoral College, and join the National Institute Compact, in which member states pledge to give all their Electoral College to the winner of the popular vote.

Florida isn’t one of those states. Therefore, this writer is available to discuss, why having Florida join the National Institute Compact would be in their best interest.

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This writer also has a degree in political science.

CfS is a church without walls, and therefore, without membership. As a duly ordained clergyman, my theology, and ministerial outreach is mostly patterned after the anti Nazi theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, whose life he can chronicle for those interested.