U.S. destroyed in 1 hr

Some how, some way, Muslims in the U.S. could successfully ally themselves with foreign jihadist in any number of Muslim countries. Most likely to be Iran, to attack the U.S. by employing a 21st century weapon to pretty much guarantees victory. Known as an, EMP, or electronic magnetic pulse weapon. With such a weapon perspective enemies electronic girds are rendered useless. Meaning no electricity causing airplanes to fall from the sky and so forth.

A successful focused launched emp on the nations capital would render the nation incapable of self defense, and an inability to launch a defensive attack. A repeat of Pearl Harbor but far more deadly. So maybe that’s how, Revelation 18: 9-11; 14-19 and Luke 21: 26; Revelation 9:6, will become an American experience. Note: Ref. to great city Babylon, Rev. 18: 10, is thought to be modern day America primarily through the prophecy of Jeremiah.

Some, if not most say nonsense because America the mighty will always find a way to retaliate victoriously. But the same can be said about the Islamic world, They have been fighting for world dominance for centuries, So far, they have always suffered defeat. But they always rebound to harass the world community. Make no mistake they’re on the move again with the same aims and intentions. They don’t have the same alliances like the United States. Formulated through Nato! Which, has kept global tyrants checkmated.

But the Islamic world has ISSI. Having the ability to reek havoc within the U.S. and Nato nations from within their own boarders. Without a weapon like an EMP.

Reflect upon this reality. The U.S. has more Muslims serving in our Congress than anytime in our history. It is suspected that the Department of Defense, where at the Pentagson, it has been said, as many, as one hundred Muslims are employed. That is rather shocking considering what the Quran teaches. Evil often lies in the shadows waiting for the right moment to make their deadly strike. It’s impossible to conclude, that even the most humble, and self appearing devoted Muslim Americans don’t want their United States to become an Islamic state.

Unless change occur, our Islamic menace will grow like an incurable cancer, nationally and internationally. Unless we Christians wake up from our slumber. Coming to grips with the reality that Christendom was never meant to be a Sunday go meeting of fancy clothes in cathedrals called churches. It’s about baptism and holy communion. That notion is fully explained in yesterdays discussion, “Asking is dangerous.”

Christians need to wear the clothing of community changers and the communion of exhaustion which in the end results in what John and Mark wanted from Jesus. Available to lay out the blueprints for such a stalwart group of community changers. Guaranteed to be a lively presentation. Partly because, its about learning to act violently non-violently.

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