volatility defined

Perhaps you, like me have noticed a disturbing reality. With Journalist reporting that heads of state now see the United States on the world scene as a spectator and not a decider. A new reality that most Americans haven’t absorbed it.

For world leaders, who are now the deciders in the volatile Middle East are Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Erdogan will be busy attempting to re-establish the Ottman Empire. With China become the global powerhouse economically and militarily. Each President will have a specific agenda concerning their embedded spear of influence. But they all have one agenda that they share which is to destroy Israel. And that’s why the Middle East will remain the bomb waiting to be exploded into global horror.

It will explode making the United States, and its Nato Allies to the above governments a nuisance of the past. Because the United States has sacrificed its spirituality upon the alter of paganism.

And when the fires of destruction strike the European Union will eventually be dissolved into a ten state confederation. It appears that this ten state confederation will be the rebirth of the ancient Roman empire that existed during the lifetime of Christ. Like its predecessor it’ll brutalize the world community with terrorizing power. That empire will control international banking. To the point that nation states will not be able to engage in economic commerce without being in submission to its global agenda.

It’s power, and influence will be massive and impressive. Accomplishing what no other government was able to do. Negotiate a peace agreement between Israel and Palestinians.

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