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A lion, and a donkey, and a fox formed a partnership and went out hunting. When they had taken sufficient food quality of food. The lion told the donkey to divide the food the food. The donkey divided it out in three equal parts, and bade the lion to choose one. Quickly, the lion was upon the donkey and devoured him.

Then he told the fox to divide it. The fox collected nearly all of it into one pile. Leaving a few trifles for himself. He told the lion to make his choice. The lion asked the fox, who taught you to divide things that way? “What happened to the donkey,” he answered.

We learn wisdom by seeing the misfortunes of others.

Source: Penguin Classic – Fables of Aesop – “Taught By Experience”

The lion being huge and furious is as cunning as any creature on earth. If his prey could tell their stories, no doubt they would say, “He’s no animals fool.” I’ll be darn, that’s exactly the picturesque portrait Aesop painted. Leave it to a Greek philosopher to get it right. Especially when his fable has eons of applications which reached Christchurch, New Zealand.

For this discussion, the well meaning people of Christchurch. Led by Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, with women wearing Muslim head scarfs met to be a symbolic gesture of oneness with the nations Muslim community. Mistake!

The lion in this fable must be seen as the adherents of Islam. With the donkey and fox being people, who fail to see the Islamic lion as people who are no ones fool. Islam in the West is famous for making partnerships with as many donkeys and fox’s as possible. Waiting for the opportune time to devour such donkeys as possible. Until all of New Zealand surrenders to the superiority of Islam.

It’s an Islamic doctrine which sees non-Muslims as Dhimmi or second class citizens. Who must be subservient to Islamic hierarchy, as well as ordinary people within New Zealand. Or experience the horror of Aesop’s donkey. To survive they experience life like Aesop’s fox. Because Muslims see non-Muslims as being less than human.

Available to discuss Islam, as the worlds foremost animalistic predator from ancient times till now and beyond. Islam is more cunning and furious than Nazism. Not now in the West until their lion like influence in various legislatures is felt. Made so, as the Muslim population becomes more dominant.

No need to learn wisdom by seeing the misfortunes of others. Having your heirs crying, “Taught by experience.” Then it’ll be to late. Forums from home settings work well, as do other forums where people can gather. Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page.

CfS is a church without walls, and therefore without membership.

As for the gunman, who slaughtered fifty people, in Christchurch, and seriously wounded many more. Two words are fitting for him, Pure Evil! People like him are a community danger. Not in any way to be minimized. But they are miniscule, as a threat compared with Islam.