Don’t understand, why so many think climate change is leftest democratic hoax. As food prices soar because farmers can’t plant their crops because of flooded fields year after year. With coastal communities building walls to hold back rising water levels. Raising road heights, as much, as two feet to hinder flooding. Strengthening building codes in anticipation of stronger storms.  Wonder what it’ll take before realization occurs that its not a hoax? Maybe when, a deadly pestilence strikes family and friends.

Get bitten, get sick because climate change is a developing another menace. That’ll bring mosquito borne diseases once limited to the tropics to your city.

PBS Newshour reports that Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus are two species of mosquitoes known to carry and transmit potentially deadly viruses like yellow fever and Zika. Those mosquitoes become more deadly because they bite and leap to bite another victim.

What do those mosquitoes need to move you city and thrive. Nothing more than rising temperatures which climatologist keep telling us is and has been occurring.

Who are those naysayers, who deny the reality of climate change? Mostly conservative protestant evangelical religionist, racist ideologies and conservative republicans. Who produced the nations most deadly mosquito in American history, donald j trump, to be their pestilence for the ruination of America.

So now, we have to combat not only devastating weather patterns, deadly insects and a collection of looney tunes, who insist its all a conspiracy.

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