escape wisdom learned from the unfortunate

A lion, a donkey, and a fox formed a partnership and went out hunting. When they had taken sufficient quality of food. The lion told the donkey to divide the food. The donkey divided it out in three equal parts, and bade the lion to choose one. Quickly, the lion was upon the donkey and devoured him.

Then he told the fox to divide it. The fox collected nearly all of it into one pile. Leaving only a few trifles for himself. He than told the lion to make his choice. The lion asked the fox, “Who taught you to divide things that way? “What happened to the donkey,” he answered.

We learn wisdom by seeing the misfortunes of others.

(Source: Penguin Classics-Fables of Aesop-“Taught By Experience”)

The Israeli/Palestinian peace talks going nowhere. Because the Palestinian leadership refuses to recognize the right of the Jewish state to exist. And to have Jerusalem, as its capital. The city of King David and whose lineage gave the world Jesus Christ, though not recognized by the Jewish state. And the city where Jesus will establish his earthly kingdom, though not recognized by the Jewish state, yet. But the Jewish state will recognize both, sometime in the future.

And that is the Muslim stance for every person, and nation. From the useless deserts of the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia. To the once productive vineyards of a place called America.

The lion besides being huge and furious is as cunning as any creature on earth. If his prey could tell their stories, no doubt they would say, he’s no animals fool. I’ll be darn, that’s exactly the picturesque portrait Aesop painted. Then leave it to a Greek philosopher to get it right.

If the dead from 9/11 could tell us any stories, no doubt they would warn us that Muslims are no man’s fool. Their animalism behaviors parallels that of the lion. Muslims keep telling us that they want to form partnerships of peaceful coexistence. But those, who buy that Muslim propaganda end up like the donkey. While the fox seemed to have a workable solution which was to concede his equal portion to the lion. Which is acceptable to Muslims because it makes them the dominant power in any state. Then they can destroy at will ones few trifles.

This Islamic problem is not new by any means. It dates back centuries where we find the apostle Paul looking at his Islamic problem as follows. “Nevertheless, what says the scriptures? Cast out the bondwoman (Hagar mother of Islam) and her son; (Ismael founder of Islam) for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son (Isaac of the lineage of Abraham, to King David, to Jesus Christ) of the free woman (Sarah)” Galatians 4:30.

Most are inept, especially politicians, when it comes to understanding American reality of 21st century international affairs. In one scriptural verse, we have sketched the cause of 9/11. As well, as the global Islamic intentions. Seek out someone, who can expand on the scriptures made available in order to provide the complete picture.

The implications of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian tensions are immense. They were launched upon the world with birth by ancient supernatural forces between Ishmael and Isaac.

Politicians, and diplomats will be of no help in containing this war between Ishmael and Isaac. They simply do not understand this ancient paradigm reaching us today. Our only hope is a revitalized public which needs to become energized supernaturally to once again defeat the greatest evil ever known to humanity, Islam.

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