new zealand muslim massacre

at least 50 people killed, 39 survivors remained hospitalized eleven in critical condition. The killer responsible left behind a 74 page manifesto which explained who he was, and his reasoning for the attack.

Responding, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, “White supremacist, age, 28, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, had chosen to strike New Zealand because we represent diversity, kindness and compassion.”

Madness has no sympathy for such noble attributes. Seems like madness has taken over the world. Danger mysteriously lurks everywhere. Wearing many grotesque facades.

Byword – Be careful because you can be killed for just being who you are or purposely targeted.

Theories abound about such madness. Available to unveil one all inclusive theory. Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Home settings serve as an option for gatherings. As do other forums, where people can gather.

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