different season same issues

What follows, is what, is said about fairness. With fairness being very dimensional in application. Think issues A – Z! And apply those issues, for our times later on.

Matters that have escaped politicians, especially Republicans. Now there is a fresh new team in town. And they play, “Green Ball.” Giving working people hope for dimensional deliverance from the unfairness hoisted upon us.

Reaching back to the first century there was an employer, who hired seventy people. They were employed in pairs of two, and instructed to travel the country side. In preparation, for the boss, who would soon arrive.

He told his employees that the job would be difficult. Like lambs entering a city where only wolves lived. They were told to travel lightly and once reaching the city. Go house to house and greet the people by saying, “Peace to this house.” There they were to share that message that the recipient would somehow understand. And if not understood, the two would know it.

Once the conversation ended, they were to remain as guest. Eating and drinking such foods as their hosts might provide. The crux of this is what Jesus said, “For the laborer is worthy of their wages.” See Matthew 10:1-7.

Fast forward to our century and that same theory applies, as well, as do those, A – Z issues. The laborer is still worthy of their wages allegorically measured by food, comfort and shelter. And from the mutual understanding of, “Peace to this house.” Perhaps being symbolic to needs beyond food, comfort and shelter.

How is aforementioned to be accomplished? Legislatively of course! But it must go beyond that because as sure as, Rep. Alexandria Ocosia Cortez D-NY, and her associates came to town, they’ll leave. That’s politics! In the meantime, we working Americans by voting must make sure the green movement continues. With the Senate and White House being captured. Real peoples legislation can emerge.

The going beyond that must be done through unionization of the work force. Think! Why have federal, state legislators, courts and corporate conglomerates worked to destroy the unionization of the workforce. Answer! It gives workers power, equity fairness for all those A – Z issues. Which is exactly what the current power structure fears.

Rule of thumb, if the system is for it, be against it.

Lots of complex issues to break down more fully. Available to do just that. Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Any forum were the public can meet, I’ll travel there. Also, private homes represent another option.

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