It seems reasonable that working people labor, so that they have the ability to turn their earnings into various consumption’s. Therefore low prices are in their best interest. But low prices isn’t a gadget for profitability of capitalists because it’s a nasty word called deflation. The working peoples sustainable ally.

The American goal before its inception as a nation state was one of theft. Those early settlers took from the indigenous people on these now American lands what didn’t belong to them. They proceeded to ruthlessly slaughter a people of color that they tagged as savages. Their grotesqueness for greed and profit included indentured servitude meaning free labor of mostly Europeans. And the implementation of slavery from among the African peoples. All for profit, and not an iota humanness. Even after the Civil War because it still exists today. It’s just done in camouflaged ways, as is indentured servitude.

Succinctly here’s how the American economy works. Manufacturers allow production of goods to be exhausted. Causing what capitalist economist refer to as inflation meaning demand exceeds supply. So to make the adjustment to sustain profits they raise consumer prices. Manufacturers crank up the machinery for production. Demand continues, so they create additional jobs. And the word goes forth, WOW! More jobs more consumer spending money. The problem for working Americans is that those jobs fail to meet capitalism inflationary tactics. Resulting with people being forced to work more than one job. And of course, such a system of economics cause multiple auxiliary issues.

The mid-term elections offers change, if working Americans don’t allow themselves to be swindled by the artist of dupery, Republican! Progressive Democrats like, Rep. Alexandria Ocosio Cortez D-N.Y., and their Green Deal offers many needed changes.

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