dark side of America

Many of us have heard plenty of talk about American exceptionalism as being some mysterious godly intervention into world affairs that brought about the United States. Often tagged as, Uncle Sam, the generous benefactor of relief for those in need. And that was, and still is true, and it’s something we Americans can be proud of.

But America has a very dark side that has plagued the nations peoples from its inception and it still cripples the nation today. Briefly, indentured servitude and slavery. It just manifests itself differently today.

Indentured servitude occurred through the practice of people coming to these shores from distant European lands, but of course, there were exceptions. Often such people didn’t have the money to finance such a journey. So wealthy property owners paid their fare. And in return they would work for those property owners for many years without compensation. And once the debt was paid, they hoped to become property owners themselves. But how could that occur? Indeed! Often they committed crimes and servitude repeated itself. And the nightmare and abuse continued. What drives Americans today? Property ownership. It’s not panacea often touted, as millions have discovered. In itself it is a modern form of indentured servitude, if one gives it careful thought and deeper scrutiny. What’s needed is a knowledge of the nations history and how economics works.

Now the matter of slavery because it to is very much with us today. Not like in Colonial days that led to the Civil War. Because slave owners today are more tactically shrewd. They could be property owners, financial institutions, other grand appearing conglomerates and governments at all levels through out the United States. And noticeably,  the trump administration who target specific peoples of color and of national origin. All done under the disguise of national security.

Light is persuasive to the horror of donald trump because light is illuminating. That’s why trump rails against the bearers of illumination. People like New York Congress woman, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and other members of the blue wave that took back the House of Representatives. Because trump knows that they represent the end of the many forms of involuntary servitude and slavery.

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