trump how it happened

A turtle ask an eagle to teach it to fly. The eagle pointed out that it was ill-adapted by nature for flight. But the turtle wouldn’t let the matter go, so the eagle grabbed the turtle with its sharp hooked claws. Reaching great height and released the turtle. It fell at the foot of some rocks and was dashed to pieces.

The spirit of rivalry will often make people disregard the advice of wiser heads with fatal results for themselves. Source: Penguin Classics – Fables of Aesop – “A Waste Of Good Counsel”

Better are the people, who walk in their own integrity than people, who are perverse with their excuses and make themselves fools. See Proverbs 19:1.

For this discussion the turtle is picturesque of wanna be president trump and the eagle the supporters of trump. And history will show the disastrous presidency of trump. While the spirit of wiser heads are picturesque of the more than three million voters, who in their wisdom knew that with tine trump would fall. With fatal results for all at home and abroad.

Tip of the hat to the people of integrity a much needed ingredient because perverseness is already on the march. Saying things like, “We know trump isn’t a choir boy but that’s okay with us.” And the donald, the man of extreme perverseness loves it!