trump qualifies

“…. The kind of man you want to be looking for is one who is absolutely sure of his righteousness …. No one is more dangerous than a man convinced of his own superiority.” Source: “Dark Rivers of the heart” Novel by Dean Koontz.

A President who needs to be exited from the Peoples House. By impeachment or the power of vote. If the Electoral College doesn’t for a second time deny the peoples vote to determine whose President.

I keep hearing Republicans repeating that the people elected trump. Not so! A minority of delegates from each state determined the election.

The Electoral College is relic for discrimination against ordinary people. In favor of rich land owners. Just like today! The government is made up of very wealthy tyrants. Who often employ the euphemism, “The people we serve.” Their real intent to preserve their status, and to keep the real electorate under their control.

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