get it were it matters

For many, including this writer, wanting to be more than we ever thought we could be is a constant determination. Which is good, because most of us make such determinations wanting there impacts to better for self and others. In this instance its got to start with self before it can better others.

What is to follow is personal, and is not intended to be directed at any particular reader. However, if the reader finds it helpful and useful. That’s good! Drop me an email. I am interested in what readers have to say.

Call it a determination or a resolution they follow these suppositions. I am the creation of God. Within this creation resides a spirit. My spirit is my connection to God and God’s connection to me. “… saith the Lord who stretched the heavens, and made the foundation of the earth, and formed the spirit within,” Zechariah 12:1.

Other biblical writers expand upon the notion of God’s creation and that spirit the dwells within. Paul wrote in, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, your body is the place where God resides. Our bodies are because of God! You were bought with a price. Glorify God in your body and spirit. Our world would be a better place with such thought as resolutions.

Have you noticed the number of really fat people mingling around you. They are everywhere and growing in greater numbers. Without respect to age or gender. It has become a national epidemic. The federal government has issued alerts on obesity. School boards across the nation are issuing directives to modify school breakfast and lunch programs. Attempting to serve food with less fat, and more nutritional value. Instructing schools not to renew contracts with soft drink companies. Because of the high sugar content, and absent any nutritional value.

All that has provoke me to put at the top of my list the determination for the requisite of a “firmer and more toned” body. In some respects my body is already there. In other respects it needs to be taken to a higher level. I exercise by running, and pushing iron meaning lifting weighted dumb-bells. Along with full body stretches, and work on those ever so hard to control abdominal areas.

All that above stuff is ‘almost’ worthless without the proper diet. For this writer, it means a mostly vegan vegetarian diet. It means eating food as close as possible to the purity of nature. Food for consumption must be free from known carcinogens. Read and study the labels on food products. It is a shocking experience to discover the poisons allowed in our foods.

Doing so will enhance the quality of life. Which is, as stated, is at the top of my determination list. There are others, like the management of stress. But that is for another discussion, maybe.

Good success with your own determinations. If not there, maybe you’ll consider exercise and diet some where on your determination list.

Do you know that our stomachs are about one liter? Capable of expanding to three liters. Suggesting that life can be sustained on small amounts of food. And that the quality of sleep is disturbed by over eating and stress! That thought is worth placing someplace very observable, when one is tempted to expand ones stomach to the max.

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