wrecking balls needed

Living in a world that requires people to craft a living from the sweat of their brow. For many an eight hour day is a thing of the past. People are working longer hours. In addition many are ‘hounded’ constantly to produce more of a particular product in less time.

Resulting in more emotional and physical strain. Which is resulting in soaring health care costs for the American work force. Then workers are experiencing the disappearance of employment benefit packages such as sick leave, vacations and health care just to name a few. This only makes the emotional and physical strain more harsh.

To make matters worse, employers are refusing to provide workers with fair monetary compensation in order for workers to sustain the crunch of severe financial hardships. Which is the only way for workers to get the money that they deserve in order to stabilize emotional and physical deterioration.

That is only one side of the story. To compound the emotional and physical stress at work and the ill consequences. Many have to return home to confront another set of emotional and physical stresses. Making life not very pleasant for all to many.

We hear a lot about the bottom line. This is the bottom line. Many corporations are showing record profits year after year. Even major insurance companies which cry and get government endorsement for higher insurance rates; show record profits. The same is the case with for America’s utility companies. Then we have big oil with their booming profits. And the bottom line goes up, and up, and up again. Until it reaches the bank account of the American worker; then it spirals downward.

Here is the rest of the bottom line. The American work force is nothing more than a ‘commodity’ to be used and discarded to the trash can when worn out.

At this point readers should be experiencing one of two emotions. The need for a tissue to dry the tears. Or out rage because America is about profit and those who fall between the cracks; well it is their fault.

This writer holds that workers should hold their oppressors accountable. Easier said than done because American jurisprudence protects the oppressor in employment law. Again its a about the bottom line. The government doesn’t need your tax dollars. Labor law in its own way advocates the worker produce or be dammed. To many workers are being dammed! There are solutions and one of them is unionize.

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