Think what you want about donald trump. But he, brilliantly mobilized several necessary constituencies as supporters. And in the process siphoned off key democratic voters,  all of which were necessary, if he were to have any chance of becoming president. Even that wasn’t enough to win because he was propelled into the peoples house by the working peoples enemy the Electoral College.

When you think about it, what Corporate America, the Republican party, and the Religious Right has been able to accomplish represents genius. Think of it this way the three need each other to survive and excel. They are able to put aside vast ideological differences as long as each gets what they want.

Corporate America puts politicians into office, who then write legislation that favors the business community. The Republican party in order to come to power needed a dependable constituency. Much like the Democrats and it’s dependable constituency with labor unions and the minority vote. So, they hooked up with the Religious Right. The Religious Right delivered the vote that put the Republicans in power.

They were able to siphon votes from the Democratic constituency, who identified with their moral values. When it comes to moral values Democrats are all over the map. For example, democrats as voters are not united on moral values like the Religious Right who are mostly republican voters. The moral values under discussion here are not some johnny come lately ideology meaning a whim of someones imagination that seems like a moral value worth embracing. We are talking about moral values with centuries of history. Like the prohibition against homosexuality, and gay marriages found in the book of Leviticus 20:13, which reads,” If a man lies with a man; as he lies with a women, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” This was written 1400 years B.C., and is just as important today, as it was when it was written to the Religious Right, and many moderate Christians, and voters of other religious faiths. Because of the impact of spin doctors, both religious and secular, many voters regardless of party affiliation or religious faith will and have voted for a party that takes a stand against homosexuality and gay marriages. It’s an abomination embedded in the American conscientiousness. It’s an issue that hurts Democrats. Many Democrats accept homosexuality and gay marriages as an acceptable lifestyle. It hurts them because the Religious Right is relentless on this issue especially when it is time to vote.

We know what Corporate America gets for their dollar. What did the Religious Right get for delivery of their vote? An administration in Washington championing their causes. This is done through appointments to key government positions of candidates favored by the Religious Right. Appointment of judges to the federal bench who are likely to embrace the social agenda of the Religious Right. Along with the power of the ‘ bully pulpit. ‘ And a justice department to make life tough for people to the left, or in opposition to the agenda of the Christian Right. I might write on that subject because what is going on is rather scary.

Here is what the Republican party gets in return for capitulating to Corporate America and the Religious Right? They get to reek havoc on the nation and the world. Another subject I might write on.

In part three the subject of this posting will be expanded to include other doctrines of the Religious Right that makes them a formidable foe to democracy and civil rights.