the church is what it should not be

During the last couple of days two discussions addressed what we cherish most and what most fear which is life and death. On occasions biblical scriptures were used. So this needs to be said, this writer is not a churchman. Though he is a devout Christ follower. Educated in theology/political philosophy and ordained.

Because most churchmen and churchwomen are empire builders, and their churches should be seen as businesses with entrepreneurs at the helm. Their business is about profits for expansion. And some seem to be personally wealthy, wealthy enough to hired chauffeurs. They fight among themselves for theological supremacy. They have as many different interpretations of what the Bible teaches as there are stars in the sky. Leading to severe animosities between between church denominations making it next to impossible to serve the good of the community.

Besides the product of animosity here are a couple other products they sell. The family association that comes with church membership. Another product they sell is fear, fear of the afterlife. Both products keep the pews full and bank accounts healthy. Another product that they have to sell convincingly is that the beliefs of the denomination were divinely inspired. So that few are willing to challenge such assertions for fear of being ostracized from the church community.

So they flock to church, for that cozy family feeling, and to feel safe from the unknown. Whether it involves life, death, heath, employment, weather or world calamities. You name it they got it covered. All that makes it easy to surrender ones money which sometimes is beyond their means. Done so that the entrepreneurship can continue. Making it a very profitable business. That is the business of the modern day church in America. Confusion! With shrinking church attendances. Is it any wonder?

The church was initially designed by divine providence to be revolutionary. That would cost something because those being pushed against would push back. That’s the biblical history of the Old and New Testaments. Jesus was crucified because He disturbed and disrupted the natural order of His time.

God had a plan that the Messiah would come, and He would fulfill His kingdom promises to the Jews. The Jews wouldn’t accept His message and the Romans found him to be a threat to their empire. End result, kill Him.

New game plan by divine providence expand the kingdom promises to the gentiles. Their agent, the Apostle Paul. His writings are crucial for ones understanding of our role in these our revolutionary times.

If you drop by from time to time, you’ll find discussions not built upon the aforementioned church entrepreneurs, but rather revolutionary age ending drama’s.

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