donald trump and the post turtle


Two politicians were taking a hike, one a useless democrat named Chuck Schumer, the democratic minority leader in the senate. The other equally useless, the republican majority leader, Mitch McConnell.

When they came upon a rancher building a fence, so they stopped because they noticed that his hands were the hands of a working man accustomed to earning his living from a honest day of hard work. Something neither senator knew much about.

So they struck up a conversation with the rancher which allowed the rancher to discover that these were the two of the many in the congress, who were responsible for the working peoples misery. Now the rancher thought that he would drive a point into the conscience of these two politicians. But wondering, if they had a conscience. So the rancher said, “You know President Trump reminds me of a post turtle.”

Unfamiliar with the expression, the senators asked the rancher what he meant. The rancher replied, “When you are driving down a country road, and you come upon a fence with a turtle balanced upon the post.”

The rancher saw the puzzled look upon the faces of the two senators. So he said to the two senators, “You know that the turtle did not get on top of that post by himself.” The rancher continued, “He does not belong up there, and the turtle does not know what to do while he is on top of that post.” Putting his hands on his hips, the rancher said, “You have to wonder what kind of a morons put him there in the first place.”

With that that Chuck managed a laugh and slapped Harry on the back. But Harry was not so amused, but he responded, “Come on Chuck, lets get back to Washington. We have more misery to dish out.” Thinking to himself, we got to hurry before the President discovers that he is like that turtle on a post. The more Harry thought about the ranchers analogy, the more he feared the reality. Knowing that working Americans were beginning to understand the presidency of Mr. Trump. Worse yet, he knew the people were also beginning to see the congress for what it really was, a useless institution in the service of the people. (Source:Patriot Humor-but modified by this writer to serve as political satire).