Formula for receiving God’s help

A rich Athenian was on a voyage with other passengers, when a violent storm blew up and capsized the boat. All the rest tried to swim to shore, but the Athenian kept calling on God Athena and promising her lavish offerings if he escaped. One of his shipmates shouted to him, “Do not leave it all to Athena; use your arms as well.”

That is what we all should do. Besides invoking the aid of heaven. We must think and act for ourselves. (source: Penguin Classics-Fables of Aesop-God Helps Those Who Help Themselves)

Perhaps it is the easy way out to invoke the aid from God. Only through God’s mercy will the petitioner receive such help. There are many scriptural formulas for receiving God’s help. They all require a lot more than just using ones arms. The following formula requires a lot of thinking and acting. Because in the end whatsoever the petitioner does shall prosper. But it is not a quick fix because it requires a lot of swimming through the oceans of life. Study Psalms 1:1-4, and apply those gems to your life; and prosper. Because in the end verse six will be your reward. While those who seek the Athenian way will experience verses four and five.