asleep at the wheel

Many are familiar with Theodore Dreiser’s acclaimed novel, “An American Tragedy,” published in 1925. Once recognized by Time magazine as one of the best English languages novels of all time.

Dreiser’s book is about the dark side of the American dream. Clyde Griffiths turns his back on his Christian upbringing provided by his parents. Seeking a life, not guided by Christian principles. And that is the crux, of our modern day, “American Tragedy.” A nation of people, turning away from a life guided by established and accepted Christian principles. To pursue the American dream from the dark side. Embracing lifestyles and behaviors of inclusiveness which means what one sees as dark, another sees as light. Arguing that the American dream must be pursued from the perspective of tolerance and not condemnation. Pointing out that just because two men are married with both seeing one of them as the wife. Being entitled to all the rights and privileges of heterosexual couples. It does not cloud or darken the American dream, instead it brightens the American dream.

A persuasive argument which has the full support of American jurisprudence today. And culturally, its acceptance is just about impenetrable. Pretty much rendering Christendoms Judeo-Christian heritage obsolete.

So tarnished is the Christian perspective concerning the legal, social and cultural issues about the topic that Christians need to take heed to this warning. “Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. But evil men and impostors will grow worse, and worse deceiving and being deceived.” See 2 Timothy 3:12-13.

Unless Christians decide to keep their mouths shut then they won’t know the difference because they’ll be swallowed up by deception. However, if Christians insist with vociferous reiteration of this truth, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh;” then the Pauline admonition of persecution will be experienced by them. Also see Ephesians 5:31.

Five tons of rhetoric

Ever wonder how many tons of illegal drugs enter the United States every month? It’s estimated that over 5 tons of illegal drugs enter the United States every month. This is of concern to all presidential administrations.

One wonders why this is such a concern to the American government? After all the United States, is the most drug dependent country in the world. So what is the big deal over drugs coming our way from foreign countries?

The answer is simple. The U.S. is a greed and profit driven system. Many can get their fix through their doctors. Billions of dollars of profits are earned through the doctor and pharmaceutical industry. When drugs escape circulation through the pharmaceutical, and doctor industry, huge profits are lost. In America it’s profits before health and the public welfare. Any product, whether it is drugs, or not, is of little concern to the powers that be. Regardless of the reasons given, it all boils down to profits, or in this case the loss of profits.

While many get their uppers and downers, and mood changers through a vast underground network. True some die, from the use of these drugs through the underground. But no fewer than those who suffer, and die because of drugs the government allows the pharmaceutical industry to peddle to the public through the doctors. A for profit industry making millions off their drug prescribing business. What a happy couple, the pharmaceutical and doctor industry. Which has little interest in health, and public safety. All at the expense of the nations drug dependent society. Make dependent upon drugs because the industry and the government recognized the potential for profits.

The pharmaceutical/doctor industry along with the government often experience embarrassment when these truths surface for public consumption. It is the driving force for the government, and the pharmaceutical/doctor industries reasons for tinkering with tort law. The government and this business community puts a spin on tort reform. That blames lawyers for getting jury awards they feel are to high. Therefore, causing that business community so much in lost profits. The real truth is lawyers make fools out of the for profit at any cost drug pharmaceutical industry. They do the same to pompous doctors, who are made to look like human meat scavengers for profit.

Stick with the lawyers! You’ll learn more truth about the ills of the American pharmaceutical industry than from the the Food and Drug Administration. Want to know the truth about doctors? Stay with the American Bar Association. You’ll learn more truth from them then you’ll learn from the American Medical Association.

Many have come to learn from experience, and sometimes from extensive and intense research. That what the government, and this business community declares to be moral and truthful is neither.

It is worth repeating.This network becomes a threat on several fronts. The pharmaceutical industry gets upset because of lost manufacturing of drugs which equates into a loss in mega bucks. As does the profit driven doctors of America. Fewer prescriptions to write, fewer claims to process to the insurance industry. Can not for get Uncle Sam and those lost tax dollars. Really should write about the insurance industry. Now there is an abominable profit driven industry that really deserves to be clobbered.