the screw up of history

Abraham who once held the cradle of humanity within his power. Because, Divine Providence made a covenant with him. But he blew it by laughing at the hand of his destiny. And in a mocking manner, Abraham demanded. Change your mind, and let it be Ishmael, who finds favor with you. Quickly, the response came, “I have heard you, and behold, Ishmael will become a global power.” Recorded for all generations was the screw up of history.

That screw up set the stage for the greatest wars of all time which will be fought by the descendants of Ishmael. The Islamic world will war with Abraham’s descendants engulfing the sons of Uncle Sam and all people not of the lineage of Ishmael.

The United States got its first taste of Islamic destiny, 01 September 2001. And their destiny has played out in various, and sundry ways. Heading for its possible cultivation through the Soleimani-Trump saga. Unaware of their destinies by the peddlers of contemporary on lookers because they don’t know how to fact check Divine Providence.

What was meant to be but got temporarily derailed goes this way. And God said to Abraham, Yes! I will bless Sarah your wife and give you a son through her. And, you shall his name Isaac. And she shall be the mother of nations; prominent rulers shall be of her. And I will establish My covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and his descendants  after him.

So there will be a unexpected turn around, mostly likely when all seems insufferable by human standards.

of men and lions

Once upon a time, a lion and a man were traveling together. And both of them, were talking ever so boastfully about their accomplished feats.

By the roadside stood a block of stone on which was carved an image of a man beating a lion. The man pointed his finger with a degree of uncertainty, and said to his companion, “You see, we men are stronger than you.” A smile flickered on the lions face, “If we lions knew how to carve,” said he, ‘You would often see a lion on top of him.'”

Many people, who talk boastfully about their courage, and intelligence, are shown up when faced with reality. (Source:Penguin Classics-Fables of Aesop-“Men And Lions).

Many Christians, who proudly boast, and say with God, all things are possible.” A claim that is supported in Luke 1:37, “For with God nothing is impossible.” But it is evident that His lions the church, nothing is possible. Except deep divisions among Christians, and because of that a deteriorating world is void of Christ like ethics.

During, 2020, it will only get worse, not because its penned here. But because the the Church Himself said it, “For then there shall be great tribulation, such as, has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be!” (cp. Matthew 24:21).

This Padre duly ordained, and also having a degree in political science. Is available to address the broad spectrum of Americans. As organized groups within our American society.

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ancient times made modern

World drama! The forces of Major General Qassen Soleimani-v-the forces of President Donald J. Trump. Who will be the victor? Neither! Both will continue to keep the world on high alert. Both determined to annihilate each other. It’s all a matter of who strikes the homeland first. If, you don’t find that scary, see the nearest shrink!

But before annihilation or insanity overwhelms most within our global community. Here’s its etymology. The founders of what was to be or not, choose the not. They choose the not. And global history, took a nose dive destined for constant destruction. And here we are today, on the verge of mutual obliteration.

An Egyptian named Hagar gave birth to a baby boy, whom she named Ishmael. Ishmael grew up and became the originator of Islam. World turmoil then, and now is what it’s all about, who was entitled to be the rightful heirs of the promises made to Abraham. Was it Abraham’s first born Ishmael, or Isaac. Muslims say Ishmael with Jews and Christians arguing Isaac. It’s all about geography, and who has destinies influence through Divine Providence.

Divine Providence has always favored Abraham. And he, was very attached to Ishmael. Abraham was strong headed, and he wanted Ishmael to be his heir. Despite having been advised by Divine Providence that he would have a male heir, who would inherit all the promises made to him. Because of the crippling effects of aging, he assumed, that he and Sarah could never become parents to another son. So he laughed at God and prayed, “Oh, that Ishmael may live before you.

Most of heard it said, “Be careful about what you wish for because you might get your wish.” Bingo! God said to Abraham, “I have heard you; Behold! I have anointed him, and I will make him successful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great world power.” And there you have it two powers striving for global dominance.

This Padre duly ordained, and also having a degree in political science. Is available to address the broad spectrum of secular Americans, as organized groups within our American society. Right through to the many denominational churches doting the American landscape. Exercise your prerogatives from the galaxy of the conventional to the corridors of issues usually avoided.

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about making wrong right

By now, everyone certainly must be aware of the uproar, caused by Trump ordering the killing of Major General Qassem Soleimani. While many of Trump’s critics, admit that Soleimani was responsible for both deaths of Americans, and the damaging of American assets.

Again apart from being brain dead, everyone must know that Japan attacked a U.S. naval base killing many Americans. And in the process obliterating its naval assets, to the extent many thought it would be impossible for the United States to become a power on the high seas. Wrong!

And what would have occurred, if President Roseevelt, would mourned the deaths and damages. But announced, that if the United States retaliated more American deaths would occur. Along with great losses to American assets. Answer! The world would be a much more darker place than it is today!

Though, not a Trump supporter; he took a step in making many wrongs right. It’s the Jesus way. That is said not to suggest that Trump is somehow connected to Jesus. He’s not not in the truest sense of the expression. However, it is the Jesus way to work through we mortals. Always intending to make wrongs right.

Many examples could be given, but for now here’s an example. The betrayal of Joseph by his brothers, and sold into slavery by them. And when famine swept the land, it was Joseph, who spared them from likely starvation.

As discussed yesterday, Satan walks among us unnoticed. But his wrongs magnify themselves in horrible ways. So it is with Jesus, who resides within us and magnifies many rights. The ultimate one a new earth and an everlasting kingdom. And He invites all to prepare for that the greatest of all good.

This Padre duly ordained, and also having a degree in political science. Is available to address the broad spectrum of secular Americans, as organized groups within our American society. Right through to the many denominational churches dotting the American landscape. Exercise your prerogatives from the vast repertoire of interest to be discussed. From the galaxy of the conventional to the corridors of issues usually avoided.

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mixed up world-understanding

Wow! What a mess the Soleimani-v-Tromp. With both men being vilified or glorified. It all boils down to which side of the fence one comes from. But is there a neutral party, and that neutral party happens to be Divine Providence. Who is always making wrongs right, and what side, one falls on is the test determinate value for vilification or glorification.

Here’s info for ones understanding. The son born of Hagar, as recently discussed was the act of Divine Providence making a wrong right. Because every wrong must be made right because it’s a cosmic principal. In this instance, Divine Providence was the divine arbitrator in such matters. Because Ishmael the father of Islam, himself, was a wrong. And the wrong would be made right through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David through to Jesus. All were chariot’s of Divine Providence. Who is also known, as Immanuel because global government rest upon Him. How do I know all of that one might query? Divine Providence told me so!

This Padre duly ordained, and also having a degree in political science. Is available to address the broad spectrum of secular Americans, as organized groups within our American society. Right through to the many denominational churches doting the American landscape. Exercise your prerogatives from the vast repertoire of interest to be discussed. From the galaxy of the conventional to the corridors of issues usually avoided.

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without yesterday no today

From recent discussions a mythological journey through the windows of the Khamenel’s verses the Trump’s of this world. And with Ares, the shape shifting God from the underworld. Who came topside to reek some havoc. Doing so through the unsuspected. Where, we also met a character named Lucifer. Who walks among us, but is totally unrecognizable to we mortals. And alleged, to be the one responsible for all wrongs globally.

For today a journey through the non-mythological. Discovering that it’s the source for what’s pushing world tensions to new heights. And, it’s all about religion!

Now the LORD said to Abraham leave your country, family, friends including your parents. In other words leave everything treasured including personal belongings. Just go!

Travel to an unfamiliar land (Palestine) that I will take you to. There, I will make you into a great nation; and you will be a blessing. I will bless those, who bless you, and I will curse him that curses you. And through you all nations shall become prosperous. (cp. Genesis 12:1-3.

Well into his journey, Abraham made this inquiry. Lord what will you give? Seeing that I am childless …. Then He took him outside, and said, “Look towards heaven, and count the stars, if you are able to number them, so shall your descendants be.” (cp. Genesis 15:2;5).

Sarah wondered how that could be because she and Abraham were very old? As far, as equating the stars as being symbolic, as to the number of their descendants. So Sarah, used her ingenuity, and  conceived this solution. She’d encourage her husband to have sex with their employee, Hagar. But Sarah’s, well intended plan back fired big time. (cp. Genesis 16:4).

Time moves on, and so did Hagar. But an angel serving, the interest of the LORD found Hagar. And said to her, “Behold you are with child, and you shall name him, Ishmael. Because, God became aware of your mistreatment.” (cp. Genesis 16:11).

The son to be born by Hagar was God’s way of making a wrong right. Even if it effects those whom God has declared to His people. Abraham, and his descendants which includes, we gentiles. Who by His grace become joint heirs with all the promises made to Abraham. (cp. Galatians 3:29).

There’s a downside to being an heir of promises. It’s that everyone pays the consequences of right made wrong. Irrespective of what side of the fence one hails from. But there’s also an upside, “For by one man’s offense (Adam) death enter the world. But much more, those, who received the abundance of grace, and the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One Jesus Christ.” (cp. Romans 5:17).

This Padre duly ordained and also having a degree in political science. Is available to address the broad spectrum of secular Americans within our American society. Right through to the many denominational church’s that dot the American landscape. From either the secular or religious perspective.

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twixt between the two

It’s the saga between Iranian and United States interest. Swirling more forcefully, as a result of Iranian Maj General Qassem Soleimani assassination by an American drone attack.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei,  vows ‘harsh’ retaliation. Promise made promise sure to be kept. As the world, moves closer to global madness.

Here’s a tale or two to make some sense out of those idioms. It’s all about religion making itself felt. As the dominant creator, and resolver of disputes between short sighted earthlings. The Trump’s -v- the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s of the world.

Beautiful Adonis, a man who swung both ways. Having an incestuous love life with Cinyras, King of Cyprus and his daughter. So handsome was Adonis that Aphrodite the goddess of love fell in love with him. Such a fortune was not only dangerous, but deadly for the beautiful Adonis. Adonis lost his life to the shape shifting god of war Ares. Who in fact was jealous of Adonis, and so, he made his entrance topside as a Boar. (Source:Greek mythology).

For those who know their ontology, or nature of being, than it is known, that death makes right. But the saga of wrongs made right will continue, as long as there is a topside.

The nature of being topside plays out through the interests of the underworld where the shape shifting god of war Ares rules. He slides among us in many shape shifting ways. Able to make himself indistinguishable to we mortals, as though he’s one of us.

Lots of happenings occur around us with we mortals being mostly unaware of their presences. Here’s a glimpse of fact. Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came among them. And the LORD said to Satan, “From where do you come?” So Satan answered the LORD and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and walking back and forth on it.” (cp. Job 1:6-7).

Ultimately, who will prevail the God Allah holy to the Khamenei’s of the world, or Jesus Christ, holy to the Trumps of the world. It’s a struggle both worlds will struggle to resolve. And, the rest of us on both sides, serve as pieces on a chess board. Manipulated because, we don’t take the time to checkmate our opponent.

This Padre duly ordained, and also having a degree in political science. Is available to address the broad spectrum of secular Americans as organized organised groups within our American society. Right through to the many denominational churches doting the American landscape. Each exercising their prerogatives from the vast repertoire of interest available to be discussed. From the galaxy of the conventional to the corridors of issues usually avoided.

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hate to friendship

There was this guy, who hated any and all, who had any association with, the Way, people who were a threat to Judaism.

There was a movement sweeping the country encouraging Jews to abandon Judaism. And join this new sect founded by Jew, whom they and the Romans had murdered. And the way they killed Him, he was certain that would put an end to this troubling sect.

To his amazement that sect was becoming more of a threat to his nation. Especially their religious ideologies and practices. So he determined something had to be done. Though he had the authority to deal with this bunch of terrorists independently, he thought it best to get the support of the entire ruling authorities. He successfully got his writs for arrest to bring those of the Way, whether men or women to Jerusalem for trial.

As he journeyed, Saul was approaching Damascus. Where a synagogue was located, that was notorious for being disrupted by agents of the Way.

When suddenly, a light shone from heaven. Causing Saul to fall to the ground. Hearing an unfamiliar voice asking, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” Shocked, Saul asked, “Who are you?” The voice replied, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.” Trembling and astonished, he said, “Lord what do you want me to do?” Jesus responded, “Go into the city, and you shall be told what you must do.”

Saul’s associates, who journeyed with him stood speechless hearing a voice but seeing no one. So the contingent made their way to Damascus. Saul was there three days without sight, and neither ate nor drank.

Now there was a certain disciple of the Way named Ananias. And Jesus came to him in a vision. Instructing him to go to a street called Straight, and inquire at the house of Judas for one called Saul of Tarus. He is praying. And in a vision, he has seen one called Ananias coming in, and putting his hand on him, so that he might receive his sight.

Ananias shocked said,  “Lord, Saul is dangerous, and I have heard much about him. How he has harmed your saints in Jerusalem.” Jesus responded, “Go for he is a chosen vessel of Mine before the Gentiles and the children of Israel.”

And Ananias went his way, and entered the house; and laying his hands on him said, “Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you came. Has sent me that you may receive your sight, and be filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Immediately there fell from his eyes something like scales, and he received his sight at once; and he arose and was baptized.

Immediately he preached Christ in the synagogues that He is the son of God.  As Saul continued to regain his strength, he confused the Jews at Damascus by proving that this Jesus was the Christ. And as could be expected, the Jew plotted to kill him. Texts: selected verses from Acts chapter nine.

And, so it is, the ones who once admired you, can later plot to kill you. It’s called the way of the world and the cost of discipleship.

The process continues today, nevertheless, we are commanded to be His fragrance among those, who are being saved, and among those, who are perishing. Text: 2 Corinthians 2:15-16. And with this assurance, To God our Savior, who only is wise. Be glory and majesty, dominion and power both now and forever. Amen. Text: Jude 25.

What you don’t know won’t kill you some say. When, applied to faith it’s a misnomer on a grand scale. The Old Testament was written primarily for the Jews with covenant promises, and the announcement of their promised Messiah. Along with various other prophecies. We know it as the dispensation of the law. The law carried over into the New Testament ending with the first eight chapters of the book of Acts. Beginning with Acts 9:15-23.

A rather condensed history, so those wanting a complete history, and why some refer to Acts, as the Acts of the Church, discovery is available. That doesn’t mean that that the preceding scriptures are irrelevant. They are not. The primary difference is the transition from law to grace.

For those interested about learning more about this transition, scheduling can be accomplished through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Living room conversations work well, as do other forums where people can gather.

Pastors get sick, vacation, retire or move on. Creating a temporary vacancy. This Padre duly ordained can fill that vacancy. Or perhaps take a Sunday school class, or an adult study group on a journey to explore topic of interest but seldom explored. Found the same way, as noted above.

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where mythology meets reality

Sisyphus was the founder, and King of Corinth. He was notorious as the most cunning unprincipled man on earth. Sisyphus greatest triumph came at the end of his life. When the God Hades came to claim him personally for the Kingdom of the Dead. Hades, had brought along a pair of hand cuffs, a comparative novelty. Sisyphus expressed such interest that Hades was persuaded to demonstrate there use on himself.

And so it came about that the High Lord of the Underworld was kept locked up in a closet at Sisyphus’s house for many a day. A circumstance which put a great strain on dying because death was knocked out of whack. Nobody could die. A soldier might be chopped to bits in battle, and still show up for dinner.

Finally, Hades was released. Sisyphus was ordered to report to the Underworld for his eternal assignment. But the wily one, had another trick up his sleeve.

He simply told his wife not to bury him. And then, he complained to Persephone, Queen of the dead that he had not been accorded the proper funeral honors. What’s more, as an unburied corpse, he had no business on the far side of the Styx (one of the five rivers in Hades) at all.

His wife hadn’t placed a coin under his tongue to secure passage with Charon the ferryman. Surely her Highness could see that Sisyphus must be given leave to make things right.

Kindly Persephone assented, and Sisyphus made his way to sunshine. Where he promptly forgot all about funerals, and such drab affairs. And lived on, for another good stretch of time.

After 9/11, Hades was determined to bring Islam to its eternal assignment. Hades captured Islam forthright. Knowing that Islam through out its history did not welcome the death of defeat.

Islam being a student of history from centuries trapped, and killed. Only to escape knowing it could be done again. So Islam appealed to the kindly Persephone. With Islam sending Allah to plead their cause. Allah said, it was customary for Islam to congratulate the winner. The Worldwide Confederacy of Jews and Christians. Persephone granted Allah its wish upon one condition. Upon congratulating the confederacy of Jews and Christians. Islam was gone in a flash, and Persephone never saw Islam again.

We’ll, time heals old wounds, some say. And sure enough, Hades began to admire Islam. He quickly recognized Islams deceptive skills. For in defeat, Islam flourishes as something its not, a religion. Hades knew that despite Sisyphus flare for dishonesty, and evil, he was no match for Islam nationally or internationally.

Furthermore, it took the underworld a longtime to secure a strong foothold in America. The underworld owned that to Islam. Islam, who was creating so much havoc, and evil in America, and abroad. Hades, and Persephone decided to give Islam some additional time to remake America, and the world community in the image of the Underworld.

Source: Greek Mythology – Sisyphus. Commentary this writer.

Posted as parity say between China and Hong Kong. Where China represents oppression and slave devotion to the state And Hong Hog liberty and self expression. So is with Islam and our Judea – Christian national and global platform.

So the mantra, know your enemy, so you can save your friends. See yesterdays discussion and join the movement. Featuring an expose on the tactical ways of Jesus for victory. Highlighted by being violent non-violently.

Every battle ever fought can be won that way. Such dialogues are also available.

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Human history reduced to 177 words. And in the end we’ll discover that nothing has change over the centuries.

God has made from one blood every nation of people, who dwell upon the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times, and the boundaries of their dwellings, verse 26.

So that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him. Though He is not far from each of us. For in Him, we live, and move and have our being, for in Him we live and move, as also some if your poets have said, for we also are His offspring, verse 27-28.

Therefore, we are the offspring of God. We ought not to think that the Divine Nature is like gold or silver or stone, something shaped by art and man’s devising, verse 29.

Truly during times of ignorance God overlooked a lot. But now commands all people everywhere to repent. Because, He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man, whom He has ordained. He has given assurance to all of this by raising Him from the dead. See Acts 17:26-31.

And now, the unchanged a carry over from previous centuries. And when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked, while others said, “We will hear you again on this matter.” See Acts 17:32. It all boils down to a refusal to accept that there is life, after death, but only through the resurrection of Jesus. And the mockers and deniers continue insisting, we’ll hear you again on this matter. And the world will continue to be torn and shredded to smithereens.

And, God the Father will have had enough of human nonsense. Combined with the nothingness of the one institution designed to be a world changer, but become the problem. The church!

So by instinctive knowing suddenly it’s all gone. That is this age and ushered in is a new time. A precursor to yet a more horrible time. Then a new kingdom is ushered in, a time of  getting along with each other that once occurred in a place called Eden.

Understand the times through their exhaustion by scheduling this Padre for a journey through time. Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Living room conversations work well, as do other forums where people can gather.

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tiz the season 4 story telling

Think about what is to follow in the light of the congressional impeachment hearings of Donald J. Trump. It’ll take some inferential thinking but similarities are there.

Trump was not elected by the people. He lost the popular vote by three million votes. He was awarded the presidency by the antiquated Electoral College. Denying the Democrats the White House twice in modern history. I argue that America, and the world would be better off had Gore and Clinton had become the nations presidents

A fox, and a monkey, as they journeyed they disputed at great length about the nobility of their lineage. When they reached a certain place on the road, the monkey fixed his gaze upon it and uttered a groan. The fox asked what was wrong with him. The monkey pointed to some tombs that stood there. “Don’t you expect me to mourn,” said the fox.  “When I behold the sepulchres of the slaves and freemen of my ancestors, ” replied the monkey. Answered the fox, “Lie to your hearts content. They will not rise up and contradict you.”

It is with men who are impostors. They never boast  more loudly when there is no one to expose them. Source: Penguin Classics: Fables of Aesop – “Dead Men Tell No Tales”

The Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee lied to their hearts content that the impeachment witnesses proved no first hand knowledge of any so called, “quid pro quo.” They didn’t! But we all know, that numerous second hand knowledge in a court of law renders a conviction. Making such knowledgeable testimony applicable to the House impeachment hearings.

Furthermore, a defiant Trump has instructed people with first hand knowledge of his high crimes and misdemeanors to ignore lawful subpoenas. Knowing that Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former U.S. National Security, John Bolton, all would give first hand knowledge of his impeachable crimes. And as such, represent the burial grounds of truth. Heightened by not allowing witnesses like, Lt. Col. Alexander Semyon Vindman, to access to personal information that would be of assistance when testifying. Vilifying distinguished and accomplished, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

But all the stout of heart, who defied, the donald, wouldn’t allow their testimonies to remain in the Trump’s political grave yard. Deciding that patriotism, and duty to country superseded the sepulchres of the Trump white House.

So in the end their combined testimonies proved that there was a quid pro quo and that Trump committed the crime of bribery. And after the impeachment articles are sent to senate for trial, unless a miracle occurs trump won’t be impeached. Because the Republicans will choose party allegiance over patriotism and duty to country. So the sepulchre is being dug and all that remains is the notice, “Here Lies The Once Keepers Of Freedom, Liberty And Justice The United States.”

The fate of America is not in the corrupted wits of the Democrats or Republicans. It belongs to us the electorate! We must do any with party first country second. So some might be asking how? Got some how’s. Like working to abolish the Electoral College! Engage this Padre in some how’s and do’s. Arrangements made through the Contact Us link on my Home page.

Living room conversations work well, as do other forums where people can gather.

CfS is a church without walls, and therefore, without membership. It is about Christ exaltation, and people like, Dietrich Bonhoffer, change, helping the truly poor and not empire building.

How about a critique of the life Bonhoffer, born, 04 February 1906, died, 09 April 1945, Flossenburg Concentration camp, Germany.

During these days, when America is teetering next to the edge of Trump’s preempted grave for America. And seemingly anxious to place his sepulcher upon America. Some Bonhoeffer’s are sure to be needed.



2 tales of telling

A amaranth grew beside a rose, “How lovely you are’ it said to the rose, and, ‘desirable in the eyes of the gods and men! I compliment you on your beauty and your fragrance.'”

“But my life,’ replied the rose, ‘is a short one; even if no one cuts me, I wither. You continue to bloom and remain always fresh as you are now.'”

It is better to be content with little, and live long, then to enjoy a short spell of luxury, and then exchange it for misfortune, or even death.

Source: Penguin Classics Fables of Aesop – A Faded Flower that Fades Not

Now godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we carry nothing out. And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content.

But those, who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, for which some strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves with many sorrows. See 1 Timothy 6:6-10.

Life’s complexities and the in between’s Topics to be explored for the scheduling. May be a topic of personal interest, and maybe not. Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Living room conversations work well, as do other forums where people can gather.

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resistance requires courage

Deep in the kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar the mighty and fearless ruler of the Babylonian empire lived three men. They were unknown to each other, but shared the same thoughts about the King’s edict. They were known as Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego. They had gained the respect of a sage within the empire named Daniel. Daniel, who served as Nebuchadnezzar personal adviser.

As the tale unfolds, we’ll see, who was the superior adviser. One  known fact is that Daniel managed to avoid the heat for his advice. Although the same can not be said for the other three, who are central characters of this historical tale. And of course that mysterious fourth person, who became their sustainer.

Daniel had advised the King to appoint the three men as governors for his provinces which he did. Then the King issued an edict which declared that all people within his kingdom were to bow to the ground. In worship of his statue. Each of these men had decided that would not pay homage to the King’s edict.

So when, the sound of musical instruments sounded through out the kingdom. Which served as a signal, for all to bow to the ground, and pay tribute to King Nebuchadnezzar. For all his magnificent triumphs, through his sculptured image. Each of the three did not obey the edict.

In the 20th century that would have been considered an act of nonviolent civil disobedience. In the United States today the three might be tagged enemy combatants. And placed under government surveillance, as a threat to national security. But in many other countries such people disappear mysteriously not to heard from again.

Cherish your freedoms Americans! Defend them unto the death, if necessary. And it will be necessary the holy writ reveals. Know you Bible know your world.

Nebuchadnezzar used fire to get rid of such people, a rather effective remedy. And ultimately, God’s own remedy according to the book of Revelation at chapter 21 verse 8, which reads, “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable murders, sexually immoral, sorcerers, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

It’s thought that the above tales are picturesque of the various people occupying  similar situations from ancient times to our time and beyond. Makes for thought provoking dialogue from comfortably facilitated living rooms. Sometimes the preference is other forums which also work well. Arrangements made through the Contact Us link on my Home page.

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the story is the truth

Sometimes this writer resorts to using fables to tell a story. Some of my favorites are stories told by Jesus Christ through his parables. While others come from the Fables of Aesop. And from time to time, fables come to my attention by surfing the web. Children’s nursery rhymes also work well. There seems to be no end in the ways to tell a story. Avenues like poems and music have been used for centuries.

As most know, the purpose of a fable is to provoke ones thinking cords. By being able through ones imagination to envision certain drastic or enriching conclusions. Prompting the reader to help put an end to catastrophic events. Then, when the situation merits it, protect and enshrine the good.

Some fables picture tales without the use of specifically named characters. Fables often employ animals that speak, and act as though human. Which directs readers to draw differing conclusions concerning real life events, but with some truism that applies in a universal manner. Even something as simple as a child’s nursery rhyme can do that.

Fables can tell the story about people who are well known for their legendary exploits. Using human characters like Dick, Karl, or George. Along with certain political themes like the loss of democracy in the United States. Propelling the nation through congressional legislation to be subservient to a dictatorship. Helped with the urging of the nation rally around the flag. Demanding, ‘political correctness,’ through speech and behavior. Acting any other way is to be un-American. Allowing the government to advance their political agenda. Because to succeed, they must have patriotic citizens. Which has been an American icon, for discouraging descent. Enslaving most Americans into thinking that they own the virtues the flag represents. When in reality, they do not! Study the pledge as a fable and arrive at your own conclusions. Do not think of fables as expressions of disrespect. Rather see it as a statement of the way the Republic should be once the falsehoods are overcome. Fables can demonstrate what happens to people. who walk to the beat of Americanism with the flag wrapped around themselves. Resulting in The U.S. Sedition Act of 1918 and today’s Patriot Act.

The richness of a fable, is that they allow the reader to apply the stories application to specific events, or occurrences surrounding the readers every day experiences. If you are into politics, then walking lock stepped in accordance with governmental propaganda. Has led to the abuse of America’s most cherished democratic institution, the electorate. The most abused, and disrespected element of this American Republic.

The writer of a fable may well be attempting to illustrate a specific lesson in story form. However, the reader may well make an application to her/his life experiences completely foreign to the writers intent.

Fables poke fun at our American complacency through sleep like lethargy to events that impact our lives. For some reason, many Americans, seem to accept the notion that events that impact them unfavorably are meant to be. They therefore, can not be altered, and must be accepted. All this, while Americans slept ever so soundly. Without doubt this has resulted in the greatest coup of American history. Because it has permitted the redefining of America into something she was never intended to become.

But one thing still remains, Americans know how to complain, O! can they ever complain. Its just that most can not act a fable for successful resolution. Reminds me of a children’s nursery rhyme. With only one pig having the correct remedy for survival. With the wolf threatening to huff and puff and blow the house down. Prevailing two out of three times. But not against the third pig. Because unlike the first two pigs, this pig built a sturdy house. Wonder if there are enough people with the craftiness of the third pig. Because the times of the season, demands craftiness of the third pig.

How many can remember the exploits between this third ingenious pig and the wolf? And how the pig went on to live happily ever after? Well America has a nasty wolf huffing and puffing at its door. Threatening to blow America apart and succeeding through one military fortress at a time that they call mosques. It’s from those mosques that they emerge to attack us. Now many Americans don’t buy such a story line, despite how the defensive posture of America has changed since 9/11. With a whole new war machine having been created called, Homeland Security. To protect the nation against the huffing and puffing of those determines wolves.

In the end, America needs people of ingenuity, who can muster enough craftiness of one upmenship which is necessary to trap that wolf in boiling water. So that America can live happily ever after.

Interested, sure hope so because time is running short. Once their numbers multiply to significant numbers their war game changes. From one of coexistence, to one of compromise to Islamic demands; or suffer violent huffing and puffing. That is the European lesson to be learned.

So this padre teaches the scriptural history of America from the books of Genesis, Daniel and Galatians. Showing how American ideology is completely incompatible with that of Islam. We are in a war with Muslims, a very different war, but nevertheless, a war. A war the government doesn’t know how to fight, but Christians do. Therefore, engage this padre in an interesting boot camp experience. And walk away knowing how to kill violently with nonviolence. Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Forums such as living room discussions work well, as other places where people can gather.

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Mind shifting a supernatural art

If God did not change his mind, human existence would have ended with the flood that consumed Noah’s world. Because, God had decided that His patience with humanity would be limited. Humanity through Adam and Eve became a fleshly substance. Something not exactly pleasing to God. Causing God to number their existence to one hundred twenty years. Genesis recognizes that the human condition had changed.

Men have intercourse with woman as the means of procreation. Resulting in a species consumed from the depth of their being to reproduce nothing but evil continually. God apparently saw this as a portrayal of His original intentions. So great was His indignity that God regretted having granted our species life. It was decided by God to destroy all humanity from the face of the earth. Along with everything associated with the earth. For God was sorry, that He had ever brought these various life forms into existence, Genesis 6:3-7.

But God, changed his mind. A man named Noah had found grace in the eyes of the LORD, Genesis 6:8-9. Later God had a conversation with Noah saying, “The end of all flesh is come before me. For the earth, is filled with violence through them. And BEHOLD! I will destroy them from the earth,” Genesis 6:13.

That has been the story of God’s relation with humanity ever since. Where humanity veers on the edge of God’s destructive vengeance. Only to be spared because the eyes of God discovers a Noah, Genesis 6:8. Which demonstrates   God’s true nature which is one of mercy. Allowing humanity another opportunity to get it right, time after time through out history.

Which seems to suggest that certain prophecies can be altered, if a Noah is seen by God. It has happened many times through out history. By the way, history is the story of God’s vengeance and mercy. Everything else recorded is peripheral to that struggle. Which has a tendency, to manifest itself as secular history. But history, must be balanced with the word of God to be understood.

But remember, it’s a two way street, meaning good times can be made bad. Which we’ll discover, as we move on. And that’s got to fit into the presentation of the historical record from a scriptural point of view, if history is going to be properly understood.

Finding a Noah, or as it may, for finding a few Noah’s is what these discussions are ultimately about. Impacting our lifetime, from centuries long past. God found such a Noah in Jacob 32:28. Which led to the destines of three nations, Israel, Great Britain and the United States, Genesis 48:16. Which was taught through previous discussions to have occurred through Jacob, his son Joseph and his grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh.

But that’s all old stuff taught, and hopefully learned. So we’ll just move on and see what the Old Testament prophet Hosea has to teach us. For starters he writes that God has declared these nations and their respective peoples to be REVOLTERS who have been made to know the pain of death and defeat through the centuries. Because they forgot escaping death, and gaining victories occurred  because He had been their shield, Hosea 5:2.

God made this promise to Joseph, “The archers have harassed him, and shoot at him, and hated him. But his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob. From there is the shepherd, the stone of Israel,” Genesis 49:34-24. O! how it has played out over the centuries, for the ancient and modern day Israelites. Spinning continually to impact Ephraim (Great Britain) and Manasseh (U.S.). Modern day examples would be the two world wars of the twentieth century. Along with the inability of twenty plus Arab Muslim states doing their best to annihilate tiny Israel. The enemies of the world wars could not prevail against Ephraim and Manasseh because of the aforementioned verses. As can not, Israel’s modern day enemies, the Arab Muslim world.

To Be Continued: But first two parting thoughts.”And say unto them, ‘thus saith the Lord, BEHOLD! I will take the children of Israel from among the nations to which they are gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them unto their own land,”‘ Ezekiel 37:21. Prophesy fulfilled for Israel in 1948 and then Israel extended its borders as a result of an unprovoked attack upon them by the Arab Muslim world in 1967. And most likely, a time will come, when the mighty army of Israel (Ezekiel 37:10) will have to defend and expel all Arab Muslims armies from Israel. Because it’s the property of God Almighty, and the nation of King David historically with Jerusalem serving as the nations eternal capital city.

Here has been the treasury of the United States. “Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bow by a well, whose branches run over the wall,” Genesis 49:22. American prosperity for national richness and strength during peace and war were gifts from God. To make the mistake, and laugh will find the laughter turned into tears. Because what use to be America will then become no more, as the well is dry and the branches have died. The United States is well on its way to that end.

They say hope runs eternal. Let us hope so because that’s a journey for tomorrow.

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weep America your best is behind U

We will be glad and rejoice in you; we remember your love more than wine. The upright will love you. A history of yesterday with little relevance today, why? It’ll unfold, as you read on. But if the nation is smart, she’ll sing, I am a wall, and my breasts like towers; then I became in his eyes, as one who found favor.

Ephraim, Manasseh and Judah which regular readers have learned represent Great Britain, the United States and modern day Israel. Three nations that have abundantly enjoyed the provisions of Genesis 49:22-23 and Hosea 5:2. God given prosperity and protections are truly holy gifts from God which are often taken for granted. But all that is in jeopardy because the prophet Hosea sadly has announced “… they have not known the LORD,” Hosea 5:4.

Those words represent the most dreadful commentary imaginable upon an individual or upon a nation of people. The sadder commentary is that most people reject such a statement. Many people think that the consequences of rejecting the LORD is an after death experience. Since many of these people reject life after death. They live their lives by thought deeds and actions in mockery of God. Thinking that once they are gone that the worlds people will carry on the way people have always behaved. Conquering whatever is in their path that inhibits the evolutionary progress of humanity. Defying God, whenever it seems to be in the evolutionary progress of humanity to do so. God can inflict misery upon individuals and nations at anytime He so desires. But it is always done to catch our attention, so that governments through the people might seek the LORD.

The people and the nations being addressed here are Great Britain, the United States and Israel. For reasons determined by God, he has favored Israel, Great Britain and the United States. With Manasseh, the United States as the youngest of the trio. Upon whose shoulders depends the survival of Great Britain and Israel. America represents the only hope for a sane, safe and prosperous free world that extends itself internationally. Only America stands in the way of evil from having its way with the international community. But America is faltering in its duties, and responsibilities to God. Having made the point that God’s trio of favored nations have missed the mark of God’s expectations. And earlier the statement was made that God can inflict misery upon individuals or nations at will. How might God exercise his displeasure’s?

Something will occur in humanities history that will shake civilization to its very core. Causing a shift in attitudes about the LORD. But according to Hosea, it will be to late! For Hosea speaks, “… they will seek the LORD, but they will not find Him; He has withdrawn Himself from them,” Hosea 5:6. This represents the second most dreadful commentary that can befall a people and their nation. This is done undoubtedly because people have failed to seek the Lord. Then the consequences are theirs to experience. Hosea went on to predict. They have dealt treacherously against the LORD. Hosea describes this treachery as the “begotten strange children,” Hosea 5:7. Which can only mean behaviors by thoughts and actions viewed by God as the ultimate departure from his counsel recorded in the scriptures.

Moving Hosea to announce that Ephraim, Manasseh, and Judah will be devoured within one month of each other, Hosea 5:7. How could that be possible that Great Britain, the United States and Israel could fall within a month of each other? The answer is we do not know with absolute certainty. What we have to do is look at what is occurring upon the world theater and pair those events with this prophecy.

For starters, consider cyber and robotic warfare. America must get its financial house in order by substantially reducing its national debt! To the point where every American will feel the pain of moving towards a balanced budget. Causing businesses to collapse with jobs gone forever. Banks will fail creating a repetition of Wall Street woes.

Then the United States, will experience the grotesqueness  of vacillating weather patterns. Meaning droughts, flooding and record setting heat waves. All in their own way could result in unimaginable crisis of food shortages, and drinking water as such conditions sweep the nation. With out food, water and a very troubled economy, how vulnerable would the United States be to Hosea’s prophecy? With big brother Manasseh devoured, how long would it be before Ephraim and Judah are devoured?

The most certain means for the destruction of these three nations to fall. Within a month of each other would be through a nuclear attack. The way for this prophecy to find fulfillment would be for America’s enemies to nuke the United States from within its own borders. Or Iran might do it, now that they can place satellites in orbit. After all it’s just a matter of time, before Iran joins the nuclear family of nations. Of course, all this is speculation as to how it might occur.

But maybe, God will use Israel again to save the world. That was a part of Israels history through out the Old Testament. With news accounts hitting the biosphere that Israel is planning to attack Iran. First and foremost because a nuclear armed Iran spells trouble for Israel. The United States has picked on Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria. But not Iran because of its principled tenacity as a combat foe. So let Israel do it because God takes care of His own, and Israel belongs to God, first, and foremost.

What is not speculation is that Hosea predicts its fulfillment. And this is not speculation because Jesus said times are really going to be rough. The worse times ever announces by the All Mighty How rough? “For then shall be a great tribulation, such as was not been since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor shall ever be. And except that those days be shortened, there should be no flesh saved; but for the elects sake those days shall be shortened,” Matthew 24:21-22.

In Genesis 49:22, the writer makes an indisputable statement. There he is speaking about Joseph the father of Ephraim and Manasseh. And states, “Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well, whose branches run over the wall. The writer is talking about the abundance of prosperity provided by God for those three nations. In addition to being the most prosperous nations to carve out an existence for themselves. They have enjoyed God’s protection. “The archers have violently attacked him, and have shot at him, and hated him. But his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob,” Genesis 49:23-24. And Hosea arrives at the same conclusion, “And the revolters have gone deeply into the slaughter (meaning Israel, Great Britain and the United States) though I have been a rebuker of them all,” Hosea 5:2.

All this prosperity and protection these trio of nations have enjoyed are in jeopardy because they refuse to (“frame” Hosea 5:4) their actions according to God’s law.

Finding favor with God should be our national pursuit; if America is 2 make a U turn, and rediscover her best still down the road, like our yesterdays.

Introduction texts, Song of Solomon 1:4d and 8:10.

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self destruction how it works

It has been said that the truth will set you free. This discussion will help you understand that truth with some of its peripheral blessings and consequences.

One of the disciples of Jesus shares God’s disappointment with humanity. He informs us that God was in the world. And that the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not. (John 1:10)

God through the centuries has pursued the Jews with a passion of mercy because of devoted love. Making attempt after attempt to reconcile the Jews unto himself. His final act of love for the Jews occurred when he took upon himself the presences of being human. Sacrificing himself as the slaughtered Lamb upon the alter of the cross. The ultimate sacrifice for others. Only to be rejected once again by the Jews. Causing John to say, “He came to His own and His own received him not,” John 1:11.

After that He Extended His message of reconciliation to Gentile and Jew alike, “For God sent not His son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved,” John 3:17. And with most Gentiles, having also rejected the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Prior to His incarnation into our world the Gentiles often were used by God to punish the Jews for their disobedience. Now the Jewish Christian alliance is the worlds surest hope for survival. Because its our birthright through His redemption of us that has made us one with God in purpose and destiny.

Some serious thought needs to be exercised because this Jewish Christian alliance has failed to be the worlds surest hope for survival. God placed the worlds destiny upon Israel, Great Britain and the United States. Note: Genesis 12:1-3, God’s plan, “In you shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” And Genesis 17:4-8, God’s plan, “I will make nations of you and kings shall come out of you. All the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession and I will be their God.” Canaan, meaning all of Palestine belongs to Israel.

Of all the people upon the face of the earth through out the centuries. God has favored the Jews through the tribe of Judah, Genesis 49:9. Judah is used to refer to individual Jews, as well the nation of Israel. God then reached out the rest of the world through Joseph. Joseph learned this from his father Jacob that his sons Ephraim and Manasseh were destined for greatness. Ephraim’s seed would result in the birth of ‘multitude of nations.’ Which became Great Britain and her commonwealth of nations. While his older brother, Manasseh would also be ‘great.’ It was through Manasseh that the United States was born.

In Genesis 49:1, Jacob gathered his sons together for the sole purpose of telling them what “shall befall them in the last days.” From the time Jacob uttered those words, centuries of history has transpired. Until we have reached our twenty first century.

From, 2 Chronicles 36:16, we learned that people have mocked the messengers of God. Despising the very words of God. Adding insult to injury by ignoring His prophets. UNTIL THE WRATH OF THE LORD AROSE AGAINST HIS PEOPLE, TILL THERE WAS NO REMEDY. This has played out through the course of Israeli history. And, will continue to play out upon the global theater. With the diminished influence of Great Britain and the United States. With Israel being made more vulnerable to her Arab Muslim neighbors and a growing hostile anti-Semitic world community.

Where does this come from, it comes from the prophet Hosea. For God said, “I know Ephraim and Israel are not hidden from me. O Ephraim, you have committed whoredom and Israel is defiled,” Hosea 5:3. Three short thoughts among many. First, British whoredom with its Islamic community as Great Britain makes compromise after compromise to Islamic demands. Resulting in Great Britain being nothing more than a paper tiger in defense of Israel. With the United States (Manasseh) rushing to mimic Great Britain. Followed by the Israeli people, who for the most reject Jesus Christ as their promised Messiah.

Readers should recall that God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, Genesis 32:28. The name change from Jacob to Israel was like Jacob being reborn. Because Israel became a prince, a reference to royalty, as Jesus is known as the ‘Prince of Peace,’ Isaiah 9:6.

Note this carefully: Peace is a gift from God, and peace is a particular indicator for individuals as well as nations. Because a peace less individual, or nation suggest a condition of separation between themselves and God. Which at best spells complicated stress, and at its worse, aggravated misery. Jesus said, “Peace I give unto you, My peace, I give unto you; not as the world gives, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid,” John 14:27. This is what God offered the modern world through Israel (Jacob). This gift is one of the greatest gifts God offers individuals and nations. Claim this gift for yourself and your nation.

And this is why God is upset with Israel the nation, Ephraim, Great Britain, and Manasseh the United States. These nations have walked away from the heritage God promised. And GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. Great honor God bestowed upon these nations through Jacob. For God declared, “… you have power (authority) with God and humanity. You have prevailed,” Genesis 32:28. Then Jacob provided these birthrights through his name of Jacob or now Israel to Ephraim and Manasseh. Received by the ancestors of Ephraim and Manasseh by the peoples of Great Britain and the United States, Genesis 48:16. You will also note that our lineage is also associated with Abraham and Isaac. Which helps explain, the closeness of these three nations and our respective people.

So now you know how self destruction works both for individuals and nations. Walk away from God and He will walk away from you. Such a simple truth covering the pages of our scared scriptures. With the outcome visible upon the theater of the global community.

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A date with destiny

The Jews are free! Freed through an anti-Semite, Cyrus king of Persia in 538 BC. Because a date with destiny, mandated their freedom. It occurred because it was announced, “This decision is by the decree of the watchers, and the sentence by the word of the holy ones, in order that the living may know that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men. He gives it to whomever he will. And, he sets over it the lowest of men,” Daniel 4:17.

Part of Cyrus’ proclamation, Ezra 1:1-4, ordered other anti-Semites to help the Jews return to Jerusalem. The last clause of Cyrus’ proclamation states, “And whoever is left in any place where he dwells, let the men of his place help with silver and gold, with goods and livestock, besides the freewill offerings for the house of God which is in Jerusalem. And the people within his kingdom complied, and Cyrus, himself returned to the Jews what was rightfully theirs. Property lost to their conqueror, when the Jews were enslaved as prisoners. (Ezra 1:4;6-11).

The Jews were taken into captivity so that they might learn that it is God, who rules in the affairs the of men. And they were freed, for the same reason. A lesson that Jew and non-Jews refuse to accept. So that explains the harsh rebukes suffered by Jew and non-Jews. Which was the fate of Nebuchadnezzar which was discussed in this series (30 June 2019). And, the same applied to Elijah’s complaint (25 July 2019; 26 July 2019). In his own way, Elijah experienced, John 14:27, through that supernaturally charged food discussed in this series that enabled him to travel to the mountain of God. Get it! Elijah was spared the calamity for us! It’s John 14:28-29.

God has scripted history in such a way that a lot of history wasn’t intended to be recordings of just past events. Then studied sometime in the future. Do not think that the second world war wasn’t scripturally scripted because it was. Or that the current world war with Islam, has not been scripturally scripted because it has. And some of those world war two tyrants will reemerge, with new clothes and new faces, same evil. All those recordings were preserved not so much as history, but rather as futuristic road maps. So that the faithful of God’s people could discern their tomorrows. And find the comfort, as recorded in John 14:27-29.

That’s enough for today because there is a lot to discern and digest.

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Weep not

Most are aware that Christ, was brought back to life from death. But many, fail to see the duality it represented. As being allegorical, to the human experience. Just as it was necessary for Christ to be murdered which was another truth with an allegorical meaning. That duality manifests itself, when Christians are murdered in the service of their redeemer. Both are proven, when Christ was buried, as being, as much human, as he was God. He like many before entered into this state of nothingness which we know as death. At the appropriate time, God called Jesus back to life. After a brief time, He was resurrected and later ascended to heaven.

What scriptures teach about the resurrection of the dead from the grave. Is very different from what is often believed. Many believe that once a person dies they are immediately rewarded with heaven or damnation. The concept of eternal damnation is for a later discussion. Other than to say, that people who die, Christian or not, go to their graves. The scriptures teach that upon death our spirits return to God, who gave it. Note! Ecclesiastes 12:7.

The Bible does not promise heaven as a reward! Instead, the promise is one of eternal ruler ship with Christ in the Kingdom of God. This kingdom will be established on our earth.

Here is the majestic description from Revelation, chapter five. An elder said, weep not! Behold the the “Lion of Judah,” “the Root of David,” has prevailed to open the scroll, and loose the seven seals, verse five.

In the midst of the throne. Surrounded by four living creatures and elders. Stood a Lamb as though he had been slain. Having seven horns and seven eyes, which were the seven spirits of God sent forth into all the earth, verse six.

He came forth and took the scroll out of the right hand of him that sat on the throne, verse seven.

When he had taken the scroll, the 4 living creatures and the twenty four elders fell down before the Lamb. They had harps and golden bowls with incense used when praying for the saints, verse eight. Interesting notion, four living creatures, along with 24 elders praying for the saints. If one with Christ, You and Me!

They sung a new song. Singing you are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals. FOR YOU WERE SLAIN AND HAVE REDEEMED US TO GOD BY YOUR BLOOD. From every kindred, tongue, people, and nation, verse nine.

You have made us, unto our God, a kingdom of priests, and we shall reign on the earth, verse ten.

Then the seventh angel sounded, and there were great voices in heaven saying. THE KINGDOM of this WORLD has become the KINGDOM of OUR LORD, and HIS CHRIST and HE SHALL RULE FOREVER and EVER, Revelation 11:15. Another interesting notion, all these earthly governments succumbing to Christ with the earth becoming His kingdom.

What a piece of majestic Biblical literature! Christians, who toil in the service of our Lord should find great comfort in such a perspective.

Job knew that death was inevitable. He also knew he would live again. He said that while in his grave that he would wait for his appointed time. Knowing that some time in the future, his change would come. You (Jesus) will call, and I will answer. I will answer because you desire to finish your work. Job 14:14-15.

This we know, as the first resurrection, but Job will not be called at the first resurrection. It is about Christ beginning to take upon Himself the remaining work that needs to be finished. Christ, has been silent for centuries, when the final work begins and the seals opened. Scripturally, it is put this way, Christ Himself shall descend from heaven. With the voice of the Archangel, and with the trump of God. With the dead in Christ being raised first, 1 Thessalonians 4:16. The dead in Christ being resurrected. Meeting Christ in the sky and not in heaven. Some where between heaven and earth. The dead in Christ, who are they?

Verse fourteen tell us exactly who they are, and why they are apart of this first resurrection. They are the people who have died after Christ’s ascension to heaven. People who shared a belief that Jesus died and rose again. They are the people who had experienced the new birth. It is the only way to participate in the Kingdom God, John 3:3, from a place called earth.

At the appointed time Jesus will come with the clouds of heaven, Daniel 7:13. The saints of the Most High shall take the kingdom, and possess it forever, even forever and ever, Daniel 7:18. Upon this first resurrection they are referred to as “saints.” In Revelation 5:10, they are referred to kings and priests. Where they will rule with Christ, according Revelation 11:15.

At this first resurrection, no mention is to made to anybody being in heaven. The verses mention refers to their ruler ship on earth, with Christ, as being for ever.

coal miner’s daughter Loretta Lynn

The matriarch of country music turns 87 today! Always been interested in trail blazers. People like Loretta, who ignored stereotypical boundaries, and manufactured success, and thus, greatness for herself. But that wasn’t her goal, it just happened because of the following.

Here are a few of the  ingredients she mixed together on her journey.

“In the long run, you make your own luck – good, bad or indifferent.”

“I’ve seen things, and that’s almost the same as doing them.”

“Nobody’s perfect. The only one that ever was, was crucified.”

“I wouldn’t have dared ask God for all He’s given me. I couldn’t have done it on my own. I thank God everyday for what I have.”

And, wrapped together with a whole lot more. Here’s one of those whole lot mores. “Now thanks be to God, who always causes us to triumph in Christ. And through us, diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. For we are to God, the fragrance of Christ among those, who are being saved, and among those who are perishing.” See 2 Corinthians 2:14-15.

Paul’s tweet unveils how the  supernatural connects with the natural. And, makes for the unexpected to succeed. It’s as mystical, as it is mysterious because sometimes one is not aware of it until it has occurred.

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