Value of tented grasshoppers

They well assimilated whoredoms between state and church makes for a brain dead citizenry within both camps. That is what is plaguing the world today because state and church have become bedfellows. With the church having become the bride of the state. With the groom expecting his bride to keep their children, Christians check mated. And a splendid job of mothering, has been the brides accomplishment.

In so many areas like with Pauline directives to be in subjection to the state and to pray for the emperors success. Translated to be governments and their leaders wherever a government is found, especially, the Obama government. While the Pauline directive does exist for such subjection and praying for them. It’s grossly misleading by its advocates and contributes much to an already weakened church. For the reason, already stated, it keeps Christians obedient to mom and dad.

The following is a rebuke of such notions with supportive clarifications. Which is hoped will inspire more loyalty to Christ and His church, and less to the state and its rulers.

There are many ways to fulfill the Pauline directive for being in subjection to the state and praying for those in power. One suspects, know your enemy was one of them. Because Nero, Emperor of the Roman Empire, was a cruel tyrant during Paul’s time. Known for his cruel executions, even among his own family. So Paul advised, be in subjection! They are far more powerful. Being in subjection might guarantee survival, if one didn’t practice the teachings of Jesus Christ.

And who would know better than Paul, the cruel prosecutor of Christians before his conversion to Jesus Christ. So pray then, and now, for their conversions and that their anti-Christian polices might change. But really pray for the execution by God for what He declared in Daniel 2:21, “Change the times seasons” by giving us a president endowed by your wisdom and knowledge. It isn’t Hillary or Trump from what we know as they campaign. Perhaps its Carson, as he has taken some bold Christ honoring stances. Making him a suitable change for the times and seasons.

Surely; Paul must have been aware that God saw the nations, as being under Lucifer’s domain, note, Isaiah 14:12-17. And as such, God reported that the nations are as dust on the scales, mounting to nothing but vanity, according to Isaiah 40:15;17. With God angrily, asking pointed questions in Isaiah 40:21-22. Saying, “HAVE YOU NOT KNOWN?” … with the emperors, (Obama’s of the world) from the foundation of the world are like tented grasshoppers. With God concluding, “Who brings the princes to nothing; He makes the judges of the earth as vanity,” Isaiah 40:23.

First and foremost, Paul’s Lord and Savior said, “I came not to bring peace but a sword, Matthew 10:34. The Christ motto: Change yourself then change your world. with governments feeling the pressure from those, who have put on the full suit of God’s armor.

Therefore; in this 21 century, pray in subjection that Obama, who is seen by God, as a tented grasshopper circled in vanity. Who practices religion in the name of Christ, but advocates against God’s statutes. Condoning what God has condemned.

So pray in subjection indeed because the Obama government is to powerful, and will not tolerate a move against its authority. Acting up and out could have Nero like consequences. A journey for the truly brave. So if you, can’t act up and out, pray that Obama will not complete his second term. Pray in the name of Jesus, who can do the unusual that Obama will voluntarily submit his letter of resignation. Shocking the world as did the resignation of, Pope Benedict XV1.

Because in good Christ conscience, prayers for Obama to succeed, when he favors what God condemns would be the antithesis of Christianity.