The United States a grand collection of uselessness

Making a difference a scriptural perspective with one purpose in mind. Which is to rally, and encourage the Body of Christ, His church, you and me because we have experienced the totality of Romans 10:9-13 and 2 Corinthians 5:17. The greatness of the United States was founded and sustained around those scriptures. Somehow it got away from us, and America became something ugly that it was never intended to be. It is time to clean house and start over!

Creating a Republic which is Christ centered and honoring, and in so doing, a Republic of exceptionality because in Christ, everything is exceptional. Which will, once again give meaning to America the Beautiful.

If the pilgrims, could successfully cross the Atlantic Ocean in less then sea worthy vessels in fulfillment of prophecy. Then we, as heirs apparent can return America to its prophetic purpose.

And the Kingdom of God in the making, said Amen!