Why the November Elections will not Matter

The Brave Tin Soldier: Hans Christian Anderson

There were once five and twenty Tin Soldiers, who were all brothers. For they had been made out of the same tin spoon. They shouldered arms and looked straight ahead, and wore a splendid uniform of red and blue.

The first thing in the world that they ever heard were the words, “Tin Soldiers!” uttered by a little boy. Who clapped his hands with delight when the lid of the box in which they lay was taken off. They were given to him as a birthday present.

He stood them up.They were exactly alike, excepting one, who had only one leg. He had been left to the last, and there was not enough of the tin to finish him. So they made him stand firmly on one leg, and that caused him to be very remarkable.

Well, the United States Supreme Court has struck again. This time they set aside a Vermont law that attempted to create a level playing field for candidates seeking political office. The Vermont law put strict limits on the spending of money. Therefore, allowing candidates without much money, but with good ideas, a chance to compete with big spenders.

Unlike Anderson’s fairy tale, this tale is made up of money and privilege. But there is commonality with the twenty fifth soldier. This elitist court, which has nothing in common with ordinary Americans, has in effect, put candidates without financial means, and clout at a serious and unconstitutional disadvantage. It means Americans must stand more firmly, and with great resolve in order to end elitism that controls this country. Like Anderson’s remarkable Tin Soldier this tale of money will indeed require some remarkable people to usher in change. Candidates for political office must be afforded an equal playing field.

The question as always-when are we the majority (poor and middle class) going to end this minority rule (rich upper class) by putting an end to money as speech?

Here is why this must be done. Federal law as it now exists prices out the political candidacy of people with good ideas but without money to promote their ideas.

The United States Supreme Court says money is speech. As speech it has, First Amendment protection of free speech and assembly. One suspects most Americans would disagree.

Which is erroneous because money is power and has no constitutional protection. Furthermore, money as power buys access and favoritism from political office holders. Consequently, we have a government of political inequality. With laws that favor the rich over the poor. It should, and must be the converse. It’s impossible to have fair political competition unless all candidates have equality in promoting their platforms. Money must not play a role in the political process

American elitism has always suppressed the majority view in favor of their own. Recall how hard elitism fought to contain the civil rights movement in this country. The right of women, and African Americans to have equality in voting. Safety in the work place. A work environment free of sexual harassment. They did this knowing that we would remake America in accordance with our needs and not theirs, The power of money! That is why they fear us! That is why they declare that money is speech. They know this will silence the power our remarkable person hood. Also, knowing that such struggles would have been a lot easier, if the political office holders represented working class Americans. For them, money as speech is good. For the majority of us, it must be declared power that buys access and privilege. Used against the interest, and needs of the majority of Americans. Enuf is enuf time for change, America!

The struggles that lie ahead which includes government sponsored health insurance, livable wage of at least $15. per hour, free higher education, affordable housing, complete revamping of the tax system, and more. In that the spending cap in Iraq is going beyond the billions to the trillions. Do not allow the elites to declare such programs as to costly. The war in Iraq is good for them and not us! They have the most to gain while we have the most lose. So say no to their war!

And of course the undoing of the many wrongs American elitism has reeked upon the world community. Putting American citizens at great risk for harm. We need to send these elite criminals to face a court of proper jurisdiction.

What is it going to be America? Do we collectively have the remarkableness of Anderson’s Tin Soldier. We’ll need it if we assume the task of change. For just as Anderson saw his twenty five soldier as brave. Bravery one might conclude will be a prerequisite for a campaign of change. If we can be as focused looking straight ahead as Anderson’s twenty five Tin Soldiers, and with the combination of bravery, and remarkableness, we can prevail. While Anderson’s Tin Soldiers looked alike except for one. We are all alike because we are human. In need of a government that serves our interest.

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Johnson v Bush

It has been said, that to error is human but to forgive is divine. In a country that asserts itself as one nation under God. It would seem reasonable to expect forgiveness for those who error. That is not the case in the State of Florida. For sometime a case known as Johnson v Bush has been making a journey through the state and federal courts. The journey ended when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to accept the case. The citizens of this great state can do for our fellow citizens what the State of Florida, and our courts refused to do.

The case is about the restoration of civil rights for convicted felons who have fulfilled their obligation to the people through the criminal justice system. The control of this state is the obligation of its citizens. The entire criminal justice system is the property of we the people. Citizens allow elected, and those appointed to state and federal office to hold office in order to conduct our business.

Here are the issues at controversy:

The Florida Constitution Article 6 section four reads. Disqualifications.- No person convicted of a felony, or adjudicated in this or any other state to be mentally incompetent shall be qualified to vote or hold office until restoration of civil rights or removal of disability.

The Plaintiff, Thomas Johnson, is a married man with a family living in Gainesville, Florida. Thomas is the executive director of a organization that runs a residential program for people released from prison. He has held that position since 1996. His program is very engaging. It not only provides housing for people released from prison but also provides mentors who help these people reintegrate back into society. The program also helps the residents find employment.

Experts in the field of criminal justice and other academic disciplines have written volumes on the absolute necessity for such programs. The longer people are incarcerated the more they need such programs the experts conclude. This writer concurs because he has worked in the criminal justice system, and did a tour as warden for a penal facility. Remember to error is human to forgive is Divine. A society that can not forgive is bound to see the errant person hopelessly trapped in the path of error. Forgiveness is packaged in programs directed by Thomas Johnson.

Thomas Johnson served eight months in prison on a felony conviction in 1992. He was released in November 1992. He has paid back society for his crime by serving a prison sentence.

Now it’s time for Florida to amend its constitution. Restoring voting rights to citizens who fulfill their debt to society for crimes committed. Encourage the Florida legislature to enact legislation to restore voting rights to people who have fulfilled their obligation to society.

Third world life for Ameicans

Recently the U.S. Senate attempted to do something it had not done in eight years. Raise the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.25 over the next nineteen months. (Read carefully what is to follow because what is to follow impacts all of us, and not just low income workers.) It was voted down along party lines. However, the republicans offered a counter proposal. They said they would support the democratic proposal upon two conditions. Further reductions in taxation upon corporate America , and a change in the law reducing the burden of overtime pay for the business community. For most Americans, that is not breaking news. Most are aware that republicans are the legislators for the interest of the business community. The position of the republican party and corporate America was perfectly summarized recently. A spokesperson for Oppenheimer and Company in New York said, a good corporate citizen does not work for the betterment of the America.. The republican party and corporate America do not care what hardships the hard working American citizen encounters. The reader does not need this writer to list possible hardships people are facing. Each of us can express our own hardship(s) that we are attempting to overcome. Two things are certain. We can not expect help from our government. Nor can we expect help from our employers. They have an enhanced bottom line. Extract as much from the work force as possible. In return give the employee as little as possible. The demand is that each worker must be more productive even at the expense of good health and safety. They will put the final touch to the Oppenheimer and Company doctrine. A good corporate citizen does not work for the betterment of America.

In order to discover how sour the economy really is and how it effects the buying power of Americans consider this. For a reference point, the federal minimum wage was last raised in September of 1997. In the years that have passed since 1997 up to today. The buying power of $5.15 is worth $.17 less on the dollar. In the last eight years since 1997 the U.S. Senate has raised its pay by $28,000. How many employees do you know who are making $28,000.00, let alone an increase of 28,000. ? In addition what the government denies it citizens it provides for itself. Lifetime health insurance and healthy retirement pensions. Those retirement pensions are not 401 plans. There retirement plans are secure moneys not subject to the moods of the stock market. That is just the opposite of what they want for the American work force. On top of that, the government announced that when consumers buy something that product has experienced the greatest price increase of this generation. That is all inclusive for all products. Prices for wholesalers, according to the governments consumer price index like department stores, and super markets have increased has much as 2 percent. In order to enhance their profit they pass a 5 percent increase on to the consumer. As most know, the value of the dollar has been decreasing for months. It has been reported that 80 percent of the workforce saw their dollar buy 1.2 percent less this month than last month. To make things worse their dollars buy 3 percent less today than last year at this time.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we were not in the midst of an economic recovery. That is what our government tells the public. But even economists like Jared Bernstein of the Economy Policy Institute question that recovery because of the great loss of the buying power of your hard earned dollars. That is not in dispute for people on fixed incomes or for people struggling to etch out a living. More and more people are taking on second and third jobs just to barely get buy.The question is, how bad do things have to get before the American people put an end to this sorry state of affairs? Keep in mind that corporate America is experiencing record profits and paying less in taxes. The tax burden continues to be shifted upon the average employee in ever so subtle ways. For example, when your telephone bill increases so does your federal tax on that bill. When you go to the department store to buy something, as noted above, it cost more. With the increase in prices; all taxes to the state and federal government increase. In Florida, our state government is proud of their huge slush fund for a rainy day. The rainy day is upon us and our government is silent. In Florida our republican government is busy making corporate Florida richer and its citizenry more poor.

Little doubt exists in this writers mind that the federal and state government are well aware that capitalism as we know it has exhausted its usefulness. That is why they are backing corporate America as it pushes for employee concessions across the board. That is all the public hears from from the sound, print, and vision media. They insists that in a global community Americans must be willing to adjust their lifestyles to those of the rest of the world. Which means work more and earn less. However, corporate America executives have no intention of adjusting their lifestyles to reflect the lesser standard they demand.

The federal courts long have been a stumbling block to the republicans in congress and corporate America. Corporate America invested record amounts of money in support of the elevation of John Roberts as Chief Justice. They described Roberts as a “darling” of big business. Now they will campaign for the elevation Judge Samuel A. Alito, another darling of big business. They will succeed in seating Judge Alito on the Supreme Court for the reasons stated in previous postings. What that means for America is the end of democracy (civil rights) and (economic fairness) for Americans.

Along with all this, people on fixed incomes social security and pensions earned while working will be placed in jeopardy. The republicans and corporate America have been throwing out the eliminations of those entitlements for some time. Up to this point the republicans and corporate America have lacked the support of the federal courts. Soon that problem will be eliminated. If any hope exists for America; it rests with the ordinary Americans. Who must unite and take action. As a start, we must work for the defeat of Judge Alito.

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