Why the November Elections will not Matter

The Brave Tin Soldier: Hans Christian Anderson

There were once five and twenty Tin Soldiers, who were all brothers. For they had been made out of the same tin spoon. They shouldered arms and looked straight ahead, and wore a splendid uniform of red and blue.

The first thing in the world that they ever heard were the words, “Tin Soldiers!” uttered by a little boy. Who clapped his hands with delight when the lid of the box in which they lay was taken off. They were given to him as a birthday present.

He stood them up.They were exactly alike, excepting one, who had only one leg. He had been left to the last, and there was not enough of the tin to finish him. So they made him stand firmly on one leg, and that caused him to be very remarkable.

Well, the United States Supreme Court has struck again. This time they set aside a Vermont law that attempted to create a level playing field for candidates seeking political office. The Vermont law put strict limits on the spending of money. Therefore, allowing candidates without much money, but with good ideas, a chance to compete with big spenders.

Unlike Anderson’s fairy tale, this tale is made up of money and privilege. But there is commonality with the twenty fifth soldier. This elitist court, which has nothing in common with ordinary Americans, has in effect, put candidates without financial means, and clout at a serious and unconstitutional disadvantage. It means Americans must stand more firmly, and with great resolve in order to end elitism that controls this country. Like Anderson’s remarkable Tin Soldier this tale of money will indeed require some remarkable people to usher in change. Candidates for political office must be afforded an equal playing field.

The question as always-when are we the majority (poor and middle class) going to end this minority rule (rich upper class) by putting an end to money as speech?

Here is why this must be done. Federal law as it now exists prices out the political candidacy of people with good ideas but without money to promote their ideas.

The United States Supreme Court says money is speech. As speech it has, First Amendment protection of free speech and assembly. One suspects most Americans would disagree.

Which is erroneous because money is power and has no constitutional protection. Furthermore, money as power buys access and favoritism from political office holders. Consequently, we have a government of political inequality. With laws that favor the rich over the poor. It should, and must be the converse. It’s impossible to have fair political competition unless all candidates have equality in promoting their platforms. Money must not play a role in the political process

American elitism has always suppressed the majority view in favor of their own. Recall how hard elitism fought to contain the civil rights movement in this country. The right of women, and African Americans to have equality in voting. Safety in the work place. A work environment free of sexual harassment. They did this knowing that we would remake America in accordance with our needs and not theirs, The power of money! That is why they fear us! That is why they declare that money is speech. They know this will silence the power our remarkable person hood. Also, knowing that such struggles would have been a lot easier, if the political office holders represented working class Americans. For them, money as speech is good. For the majority of us, it must be declared power that buys access and privilege. Used against the interest, and needs of the majority of Americans. Enuf is enuf time for change, America!

The struggles that lie ahead which includes government sponsored health insurance, livable wage of at least $15. per hour, free higher education, affordable housing, complete revamping of the tax system, and more. In that the spending cap in Iraq is going beyond the billions to the trillions. Do not allow the elites to declare such programs as to costly. The war in Iraq is good for them and not us! They have the most to gain while we have the most lose. So say no to their war!

And of course the undoing of the many wrongs American elitism has reeked upon the world community. Putting American citizens at great risk for harm. We need to send these elite criminals to face a court of proper jurisdiction.

What is it going to be America? Do we collectively have the remarkableness of Anderson’s Tin Soldier. We’ll need it if we assume the task of change. For just as Anderson saw his twenty five soldier as brave. Bravery one might conclude will be a prerequisite for a campaign of change. If we can be as focused looking straight ahead as Anderson’s twenty five Tin Soldiers, and with the combination of bravery, and remarkableness, we can prevail. While Anderson’s Tin Soldiers looked alike except for one. We are all alike because we are human. In need of a government that serves our interest.

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Justce O’Connor

Most know that O’Connor was the first woman to serve on the nations highest court. This writer opposed her nomination, and confirmation to the peoples highest court in the peoples national capital. As time passed, court observers referred to the court as the O’Connor court because of her decisive vote. True to her tag as the “swing vote.” She propelled the current White House occupant to power, in the peoples house, with her decisive tie breaking swing vote. Her vote may go down in history as the vote that ended America’s experiment with democracy. For, George W. Bush, is marching this country toward imperial dictatorship. Far from the concepts of integrity, and a principled democracy.

Now some are asking, why did Justice Sandra Day O’Connor resign from the Court? Was it because, she was mentally exhausted from the pressure of being the “swing Vote” on so many delicate and highly charged issues? Or, was it because she was privately threatened? Did she retire because she feared for her life? Maybe someone provided her with a copy of the fictional book, Pelican Brief, where two supreme court justices were mysteriously murdered, and she decided to hang up her robes. Rather than risk the fulfillment of a fictional tale.

She must have known that, John G. Roberts, was no admirer of free speech and assembly. He is on record as saying, that he was disgusted with the speech, and assembly practices of those opposed to the Vietnam war; as a college student. He claims that free speech and assembly were the driving factors for his conservative leanings. She surely knew her replacement would work and vote to undo her efforts to maintain the status quo of American jurisprudence.

Suddenly, out of retirement, she appears at Georgetown University to address an audience of lawyers. There she allegedly droped some hints that America was headed for a dictatorship under George W. Bush with the support of his congressional allies in the senate and house. According to O’Connor, this march to a dictatorship is helped along the path by the power and political influence of the nations corporate oligarchy. Allegedly because the press was not invited. With the exception of Nina Totenberg, from National Public Radio. Justice O’Connor has refused to release any published accounts of her speech. It seems that everything about her lecture is speculation. Sure creates a lot of curiosity as to why the secrecy? Seems that is the way a closed society works. Maybe Justice O’Connor prefers a closed society. Perhaps she is only opposed to a closed society based on the religious instincts of Delay and Sen.John Cornyn and Sen Bill Frist. After all her, political mentor Ronald Reagan was no admirer of a free speech and assembly.

No matter how the coin lands, heads or tails. Freedom in America is at risk, in our Tampa Bay community, and all across the nation.So this writer is available to lecture on a wide variety of topics. Controversial topics are welcomed Full opportunity welcomed for intellectual challenge of subject material. Available to write for your publication.

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U.S. Supreme Court rules against public interest

In a case decided,Tuesday, May 30, 2006, Garcetti v Caballos, two prosecutors squared of in the hallowed halls of the peoples highest court. Prosecutor Richard Ceballos was asked to investigate misconduct by the police as to whether the police misrepresented the facts on a search warrant. He concluded that such misconduct had indeed occurred. He advised the District Attorney for the City of Los Angeles not proceed with the criminal prosecution. His recommendation was ignored, and he was removed from the prosecution team. Eventually, prosecutor Ceballos testified for the defense.

Prosecutor Richard Ceballos experienced the harsh hammer of his employer. Which forced him, to seek relief through the federal courts. There he encountered differing rulings. Consequently, his case reached the nations highest court which ruled against him and the public interest. The public needs to know when their servants misbehave while conducting public business at public expense.Honorable employees should not be punished for serving the public interest by exposing misdeeds. The public has a right to know that such public servants will be protected by the courts. Which this current court, under John Roberts is incapable of doing. What will the nations people do about such an inept court?

Unfortunately, for the people of Tampa Bay and the nation. The peoples court in the nations capital has lost its perspective of people directed jurisprudence. With huge legislative bodies and powerful executives the people have little chance to prevail with their grievances without the intervention of the courts. The United States Supreme Court has abandoned its obligation to,We the People, there primary obligation.

This is how attorney, Bonnie Robin-Vegeer, for Public Citizens Litigation group summed up the court’s decision.This ruling means… public health and safety will be compromised if public employees who perceive corruption feel chilled when exposing such behavior. The people who are best able to expose such misconduct will have no recourse from retaliation without the Court’s constitutional protections. The consequences for the public will be grave, said lawyer Vegeer.

This ruling is clearly against the interest of the public. Senator Nelson of Florida voted to confirm both John Roberts and Samuel Alito who joined the court’s majority against the people. This writer mentions Nelson because he is up for reelection in November. Hopefully the people of Florida will defeat him for helping to perpetuate such an injustice.

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Opportunity to understand senate rules on “cloture” and “filibuster”

Some readers of these postings place little confidence in what the Bible asserts. Which is a position, this clergyman writer shares with those readers. But there are nuggets of truths to be found between those pages which are applicable today. As most know, we have a new associate justice on the United States Supreme Court. He sits there only because of the influence of money and power. Money in the Bible is portrayed as a means of betrayal and deception. Judas Iscariot had been thinking about how he might turn over Jesus to the religious authorities. They were not happy with Jesus because he had found fault with their religious teachings. They were committed to finding a way to silence Jesus. To the delight of the chief priest along comes Judas. The chief priest called the 71 members of the Sanhedrin together. So that they could hear for themselves that someone from the revolutionary’s inner circle was willing to turn Jesus over to them. All it took was money to make it a done deal. Jesus himself said that it was impossible to serve two masters. He went on to say people will learn to love one master over the other. In this instance he was talking about fairness and justice verses money and power.

Recently we saw that scenario play out in the United States Senate with the confirmation of Alito. All of us who opposed Alito’s confirmation knew that his nomination could only be defeated if the Democrats banded together to prohibit a vote to end the floor debate on his nomination. There are 44 Democrats and and one independent Senator in the nations Senate. In order for the Republicans to end the floor debate on Alito they needed 60 votes. If the 44 Democrats and the independent senator voted together they would have prohibited “cloture” by five votes. Thus allowing the minority party to “filibuster” the Alito nomination until it was withdrawn by Bush. The Republicans successfully used that tactic against a Democratic nominee Abe Fortas.

When the Republicans called for a vote of “cloture,” only 24 Democrats, and the one lone independent Senator voted against “cloture.” That guaranteed that Alito would be come the nations next associate justice. With “cloture” Alito’s nomination went before the Senate for a yes or no vote. Then an additional 17 Democrat Senators joined the other 25 Senators who voted against “cloture” a meaningless vote. In the end the Senate vote was 58 for confirmation and 42 against confirmation.

Senator Nelson of Florida voted for “cloture” then on the motion to confirm Alito he voted against Alito. We needed his vote against “cloture” and we did not get it. Hopefully, Florida democrats will remember that he voted against our interest when it mattered most. Which for Senator Nelson is not new. He should not be allowed a second term in the senate. This writer will work for his defeat. Hopefully, many others will join the campaign to defeat Sen. Nelson. In the short term this will cause people of fairness and justice some pain. In the long term if the message is strong enough this dreadful state of affairs within the democratic party can be turned around.

So why did these 17 Democrats vote against Alito in front of the full senate, when they could have prevented “cloture” by voting against cloture? That is a matter left to speculation. As a matter of speculation, this writer suspects that these Senators know that most of the public does not understand the process of “cloture” and the use of the filibuster rule. This made it safe for them to vote for “cloture” but safe to vote against Alito when it did not matter because all the Republicans now needed was 51 vote instead of 60 for “cloture.”

This allows these senators to tell the people who wanted Alito defeated that they did what they could to defeat Alito by voting no for his confirmation. But they will not announce that they could have prevented his confirmation by voting against “cloture” thus creating a filibuster.

Here is the rational for Tampa Bay and the nation for the betrayal of these Senators with their vote for “cloture” and their vote against Alito on the motion to confirm. To many Democrats value money and power over fairness and justice. All those institutions like corporate America who provide the money for those democrats to retain power must bow to the wishes of their corporate bosses. Money has murdered fairness and justice not just in Tampa Bay but through out the nation. And of course, those democratic senators can not any longer offend the demonic influence of Christian fundamentalism or the religious right. Our Democratic senators know what far to many ordinary citizens fail to grasp. The voting power base of the religious right can defeat any Democratic senator anywhere in the country at any time they target that senator.

With Alito on the nations highest court just watch him decide in favor of issues of importance to the corporate world which will have an adverse effect upon ordinary hard working Americans. In addition watch Alito in his ignorance advance the cause of Christian fundamentalism or the religious right against those of us (the majority) who oppose such religious dogma.

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The devil’s henchman

A very slim chance exists that the people of Tampa Bay and the nation can deny Judge Alito from becoming the next justice to serve on the Supreme Court. This has occurred because many people have contacted the nations Senators and encouraged them to vote against Alito. They know it’s a certainty that Alito can not be defeated by a floor vote. Which has prompted a number of Senators to use the filibuster as a tool to block Alito’s confirmation. We the American public must encourage the Senators to filibuster. That gives the people of Tampa Bay and the nation one remaining tool. If you have not contacted your Senator, now is the time to do so.

This is very encouraging because perhaps America is awakening from its deep slumber. Perhaps they have heard, seen, and read enough to have concluded that Alito will not serve the interest of the ordinary citizen. Equipped with the knowledge that he will serve the interests of corporate America. Along with all those lobbyists who write legislative bills for our Congress. Sensing that our government does not belong to the American people anymore. Knowing that Senators are owned by giant corporations, lobbyists and fundamentalists religious groups that make up the religious right. Knowing now, that one tool remains, America is encouraging the Senate to filibuster Alito’s confirmation before the full Senate.

The Senate becoming aware that the individual American citizen is the most powerful voice in America through the power of the vote. They just might be willing to cross corporate America, their vast army of lobbyists, and the religious right. Who combined are destroying the social fiber of this nation. Take for instance the powerful pharmaceutical empire who were able to get congress to pass a law making it illegal for the government to negotiate with drug companies for lower drug prices. That was an act of violence against the American people which disrupts the nations social fiber. Its the kind of power against the American people that a person like Alito favors. With Alito on the Supreme Court the people of Tampa Bay and the nation can expect their pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness to be severely damaged. Contact your Senator and encourage them to filibuster Alito’s nomination. That is the only way that we the people have left to defeat Alito. Along with all those forces that work against the best interest of the common ordinary America citizen.

A President of this country many years ago had a plaque sitting on his desk which said, “the buck stops here.” We all understand that analogy to be a play on words for accepting responsibility. For this time in history, the “buck stops hear” means with us the American voter. It’s up to us to take responsibility for our country. If we fail, then we can expect a greater proliferation of special interests groups running our government. As little as a year ago the nations capital housed around 1,400 lobbyists. It’s estimated that around 15,000 lobbyists park themselves in the nations capital today. With all the perks these lobbyists provide our congress. Which includes filling their campaign banks accounts with huge amounts of money. Which all works to get corporate America favorable legislation which most often is not in the interest of the ordinary American citizen. Also making it impossible for the nation to have an independent congress free of special interest groups. Politicians know the formula which is one of having deeps pockets filled with lobbyists money, or one can not win an election. That is precisely the formula Alito favors. What we have today is a government that operates as a pay to play legislative process. Here is how one lobbyists expressed herself. Her name is Hilary Rosen. She is a lobbyists with the Recording Industry Association of America. An industry that spends around $15 billion getting its way with congress. She said, “when I give $1,000 or $2,000 to a law maker. I want him to listen to my business proposition. And when I help organize an event that raised $50,000 0r $100,000, you bet I expected their vote.” When these various special interest groups are through with our congress the cost is estimate to cost the American public $27 billion. (source Mark Shields columnist and analyst for Newshour with Jim Lehrer and the St Petersburg Times.)

That is not government by and for the people. It is government by the influential for the few. It’s time for the American people to end this charade called government by and for the people. It’s time we create a government representative of the best interest of the people, and not the influential who now own our government. The immediate step is to encourage Senators to filibuster Alito’s confirmation.

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One nation in trouble

Our Declaration of Independence announces that the “people” instituted government. For the sole, purpose of being able to direct their own lives with “… Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Shortly, the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito will come before the full Senate for a straight up and down vote. With a great degree of certainty the religious right will secure the confirmation of Alito. Corporate America will also get their man in Alito. And of course, so will the executive branch. Everybody wins except the average ordinary American here in Tampa Bay and through out the nation. He will vote and write to restrict the people’s right to pursue a life filled with liberty as we as a nation seek happiness. That is how the people will lose

This writer has written considerably on how Alito will accomplish this task. Postings are available for review. In fact this writer could write volumes on Alito as being a threat to our American life. His record shows him to always side with cooperate America against the grievances of ordinary people when seeking resolution from those complaints. He will take the side of the executive branch of government against congress and the people. Thus destroying our system of checks and balances. Furthermore, he will assist the religious right in expanding their control of America. If the reader is interested, this writer has posted material for your review as to how this will occur.

Whatever power the government has which includes the Supreme Court. They get that power from the people. When that government fails, the people. The legal right to destroy that government exists. For this writer, that time is upon the nation. However, it must be done peacefully with non violence. The people’s revolution must confine itself to the boundary of the law or it will fail.

This writer predicts that Alito will be confirmed by the Senate and sworn into office as the nations next Supreme Court justice. The Democrats can not stop his confirmation because they are controlled by the same special interest groups that have remade America in their image. Do not be fooled by all the noise and threats made by the Democrats. These same controlling forces understand that such noise and threats is a good cover for a make believe democracy. It helps create delusional perceptions that the American system of government works for the nation.

The nations people should make a list of the Senators who vote for Alito. We should then work for the defeat of that Senator when they come for reelection. This will not be an easy task because it will require a lot of networking with other people of the Tampa Bay community and through out the nation.

This writer is available to to lecture on the American Constitution. Revealing many tid bits of information hidden from many people. Who have not had the time to study the rich depth of our constitution. Lectures can include how to create a “people’s revolution.” Also, available to write for your publication. Investors needed in order to expand this ministry. Please contact this writer through the navigation tab.

The peoples pearl harbor

During the course of last week, this writer has written about the spectacle taking place with the nomination of the next culprit to become a Supreme Court justice. He will become a part of the crushing machinery that will make live far more blink and difficult for the nations people.

In the course of those postings, this writer has attempted to project a different set of consequences to Alito’s nomination. Consider the tricks of the trade used to keep Americans under wrap. Like how a Roman Catholic jurist will defeat law suits that come before the Court. Despite the fact, that the case in controversy is the product of some protestant christian doctrine. This should send shook waves greater than any earth quake, or any other national disasters ever experienced by the American people. Another way of expressing this disaster is to see it as the peoples “pearl harbor.” That tragic event on, December 7, 1941, led the President of the United States to charge the military commanders with dereliction of duty. We now have a system of government in Washington that is so destructive to the pursuit of life, liberty, happiness, and justice. Not just in the Tampa Bay community but through out America. A dereliction of duty should and must be issued by the American people. Alito on the Supreme Court only exacerbates the American dilemma. His defeat should be the peoples first priority.

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Tricks of the trade

The reflection in the mirror is very clear. It was clear the moment Samuel Ali to was nominated to replace Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court. His confirmation can not be stopped politically by the Democratic party or by there hosts of special interest groups. The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee ignited a huge fire storm in order to appease their special interest groups. They did this by seeking answers to legitimate questions which for the most part went unanswered. This posting will discuss some old “tricks of the trade” used to blind the American public. Senator Dur bin wanted to know if Ali to understood the “crushing hand of fate?” The Senator had noticed a disturbing pattern in Alto’s appellate opinions. According to Dur bin, the Judge ruled against ordinary people. Who sought redress; for their grievances from the court. Dur bin suggested that Ali to sided with established institutions, powerful corporations, or with the government with such regularity that it made the doctrine of “redress for grievances” mute.

Here is an issue of resonance. A coal company had been sited by a federal regulatory commission for “violating mine safety.” The Court ruled that the federal regulatory commission had the power to protect workers. Ali to dissented arguing that the coal mine did not technically fit the definition of a mine. This is what ordinary hard working Americans can expect with Ali to as a Supreme Court Justice. More cases like that are sure to reach the nations highest court because the Republican controlled government has cut funds to federal regulatory agency’s responsible for worker safety.

No matter where workers labor, whether in the Tampa Bay community, or elsewhere through out the nation. We can all expect to experience greater risk at work. The loss of a string of important benefits. With a greater expectation to work longer days. Employees will earn less money for a days labor. That will not change their annual income because they will be working more hours. Expect time and half for overtime work to be a employee entitlement of the past. In many places holiday pay will be non existent. That is the case here in Tampa Bay; as well as elsewhere across the nation. Recently this writer was talking with a Pub lix employee. She said, that she was forced to work holidays at her regular hourly rate. In the past employees who worked holidays were paid extra for the holiday work. Expect the water to become more dirty, and the air to become more polluted.

Sometimes this writer wonders, what percentage of the American public is cognizant of how the nations work force gained the few entitlements sited in the above paragraph. Usually they occurred as a result extreme working conditions and other abuses that caused workers to form labor unions. With a united work force employees were able to collectively bargain for a complete salary packet with the benefits mentioned above. Such gains were not the result of the benevolence of grateful employers or the government. They were earned through the sacrifice of the American worker. Sometimes those sacrifices cost workers mush split blood and even the loss of life.

Seek out any unionized worker and compare your employment package with their employment package. Without doubt, you will discover the supremacy of the union package with that of the non union package.

What corporate America did, when they discovered the power of a unionized work force. Was to a limited degree match those employee benefits. They did this just enough to starve of the unionization of their work force. It is an old “trick of the trade” that has served corporate America well. Since they are under no obligation by contract to maintain those benefits. They can scale back or even eliminate those benefits at any time. Which has been occurring, for some time.

With Samuel Ali to, as a Justice on the Supreme Court, the nations work force will have less of a chance for successful redress of work related grievances. That is precisely why corporate America supports Alito. It’s precisely why the nations work force should and can defeat his nomination.

What the public must understand is that all governments are self serving and extremely oppressive. The founders of this country knew this from their European expedience. That’s why our Constitution was designed with a system of checks and balances which included the Bill of Rights. Our government has always found multiple ways around this dilemma. One such way is the manner that Alito is handling the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee. It’s another “trick of the trade.” Judge Alito could admit to the truth of the Senators accusations. However, that would outrage the nation, and certainly defeat his confirmation. So the Judge is playing this game of charades with denials, forgetfulness, and silence because he might have to decide such an issue. This pacifies far to many people. It causes the public to side with Judge Alito. Concluding that the Democrats, are just crying sour grapes because they are not in power. Its a “trick of the trade” as old as time itself.

Illusionary and oppressive government American style is a subject this writer is available to lecture upon through out the Tampa Bay area or across the nation. Also, available to write for your publication. Investors needed to expand this ministry. Please contact this writer through the navigation tab.

Ticket for failure

With a country so rich in cultural and ethnic diversity one would think the nation would reflect such diversity in our Supreme Court. Considering the culpability of our species its the only way to protect democracy for the nation. If one recalls the 2000 election, the person who lost the national election by half a million votes. Ended up being installed into the office of the presidency by the Supreme Court. The Justices interpreted the law as republicans (5) and democrats (4). It proves the axiom of Chief Justice, John Marshall, who said the law is what the court says it is, Marbury v Madision (1803). That is only true to a certain extent. The nation has the law than it has Republicans and Democrats on the Court. They then decide the law along partisan lines. As clearly, demonstrated in Gore v Bush. So first, in addition to understanding the law as either a Republicans or Democrats. They will then decide what the law is purely as partisan jurists. Lastly, they will decide what the law is according to ideology.

Ideology is what causes the heated debates during Supreme Court confirmations. Every politician on the Senate Judiciary Committee expects Alito to vote first as a Republican. They also know that the vote will fall along conservative party lines. But there is always the element of personal ideology which the nominee hides from the committee. That is always the controversy before the Senate and the American people.

Once confirmed the Justices ideology emerges. As was the case with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Her personal ideology caused her to be considered the swing vote on the Court. That is why pundits called the Court the O’Connor Court. Lawyers knew with great certainly how the other eight Justices would vote. So, lawyers would tailor arguments to capture her vote.

Now many think the swing vote will be that of Justice Kennedy. What pundits fear is that his window of ideology is much smaller.

That what makes Alito’s nomination so very important. His window of ideology is not just closed. It’s nailed shut with shutters firmly placed on the outside of the window. Meaning no lawyer trying to convince Alito to cast a swing vote will succeed. That does not mean Alito is without judicial ideology. It means he will vote as a Republican jurists. That he will also vote the strict partisan line. It is is what is meant when pundits refer to Alito as a strict constructionists.

All this makes the religious right very happy. They really smiled when Alito told the committee that if confirmed that he would be his own man. Some worry that as a Roman Catholic; his vote might be influenced by his religion. That was his way of signaling to his vast cast of supporters that they can depend upon his strict constructionism to carry his vote. Strict constructionism is an American idiom. Meaning I’ll vote ideologically according to Christian doctrines.

It’s also what worries the religious right about Justice Kennedy. They know that he is influenced by European and international law. So, when a case of significant controversy arrives at the door step of the Supreme Court. Reason for alarm rings among strict constructionists. For example, if a case concerning euthanasia is to be argued before the Court. Lawyers think Justice Kennedy will be the swing vote. Because he is influenced by European and international which allows patients to be euthanized with a doctors assistance.

That is what the Terri Schiavo fiasco was all about. She was euthanized by medical science. The religious right called it murder along with many conservative republicans. Where ever religion is the dominant influence science suffers. Through history that has always been the case. It is emerging as the dominant influence in this nation. Because science will be suppressed in accordance with religious dogma, the nations people will suffer.

Should you or a family member experience a tragic event that places someone in a permanent comatose state like Terri Schiavo. The question boils down to this reality. Do you want a doctor to able to euthanize the patient? Or, do you want a brain dead patient to be kept breathing on a life support system for a decade or more? That is what the nation will experience with Judge Alito on the nations Supreme Court.

Mr Samuel Alito is the wrong jurists for the court at this time in the nations history. Please get in touch with your Senator and encourage a no vote for Alito’s confirmation.

Another area that will cripple the nation with Alito on the court will be breaking down of Jefferson’s wall of separation between church and state This a big issue for the religious right. Of all their missions none is greater than to destroy that wall. In so doing they will be a step closer to Christianizing the nation. ( note yesterdays posting on legislating religion)That is something else the nation will get with Alito on the bench. Another reason to contact your Senator for a no vote.

This writer is available to lecture on various religious trends that will impact the nation in a very negative manner through out the Tampa Bay Area and the nation. Also available to write for your publication. Investors needed to expand this ministry. Please contact this writer through the navigation tab.

Religion, politics, corporate America, the court, how they work together

It seems rather unquestionable to this writer that that the nation is in the awkward grip of some very potent forces.The primary force is the evangelical Christian fundamentalism or the religious right.The other is conservative Republicans. They team up with corporate America. To complete the plan they need Judge Samuel Alito and the package will be completed.

Consider the 2000 Bush-Gore campaign which ended a virtual tie. Then in 2004 the Bush-Cheney turned that virtual tie from the last election cycle into about a half million plus victory. The large blow out surprised many experts. They considered Florida a swing state. It was no surprise for this writer. This writer had written that Florida is no longer a swing state. It is solidly in the hands of the religious right.

Among the candidates competing in this years Florida gubernatorial race the winner will be the candidate who gets the most support from the Christian right. How important is that vote for the candidates. Take a look at one Republican candidate who has been spending considerable time courting the power base of the religious right. None other than Charlie Crist, Attorney General for the State of Florida. He clearly understands the power and influence of the religious right. On his campaign web site you’ll find a picture of Crist with a influential member of the religious right here in Florida. His efforts most likely will not amount to very much because he was not very supportive of the Terri Schiavo fiasco much to the disappointment of the religious right. Despite giving the religious right the silent treatment with Schiavo. He knows that at the present time a person can no longer win a state wide race without the support of the religious right. To get the support of the religious right he will have to do something to merit their forgiveness. Should he as a candidate place within his platform a constitutional ban on gay marriages that would earn the forgiveness of the religious right.

The issue here for Tampa Bay and all of Florida is that elections are now won by supporting a Biblical doctrine found in the Bible. Voters will not here it said during a campaign but that is the bottom line. Keep in mind points established in recent postings. The goal is to Christianize Tampa Bay and the nation. It starts by capturing one community at a time. The religious right is relentless in its efforts. They own enough communities in Florida to now own the state of Florida. The Florida base will help the capture the Nation. That is why Judge Samuel Alito is so important to the religious right. They know their controversial positions in the form of legislation will make it to the Supreme Court. Pure and simple they will get his vote. Let there be no doubt that should a constitutional ban on gay marriages from Florida reach the Alito court. It will not be struck down.

What the people of Tampa Bay and the nation must very soon decide. Is whether they want protestant Biblical doctrines in the form of legislation enacted into law, and eventually upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. Alito will be confirmed because not enough Americans believe such an occurrence is possible.

Another potent force that will put Alito on the Supreme Court is Corporate America. This writer is not going to discuss this because it was discussed with the Roberts hearings. It very mush applies to the Alito hearings. Interested readers can type in Roberts in the find tab and read those postings. Note in particularly the, 26 July 05 and 15 August 05, postings. However, the other could be helpful because both men are cut from the same piece of cloth.

What makes this so important is that other forces come into play with Alito. Corporate America cares very little whether or not Biblical doctrines are legislated into law as long as the legislation does not effect corporate America. The religious right supports many of the issues important to corporate America. Then to put this picture to together we have judges like Alito who are taking over the Supreme Court. They do not see cases before them as being framed around religious doctrine. Nor do they see cases before them as a means pacify corporate America. In very simple terms it comes down to this. As mush as possible, this court will defer to the states cases wrapped around social issues like abortion and gay marriages to name a couple. With cases involving corporate America. This court will strike down many regulatory laws that corporate America opposes.

Alito will join the a court that favors the imperialism of the office of the presidency. This court will not support our nations system of checks and balances. Such a court presents it self as a real threat for democracy.

That pretty much summarizes why Alito should not join the supreme Court. These are real dangers that threaten our democracy. Get in touch with your Senator and encourage them not to confirm Alito.

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The religious right and Judge Alito

Democracy in America is being reshaped by a powerful force that has been around for a long time. They arrived on these shores intent on building one nation under God. The God they worshiped revealed himself through the King James version of the Bible. From that Bible, they inaugurated a journey to Christianize this land through the establishment of protestant churches. They would pray and preach the gospel. People would embrace their version of God found between the pages of the King James Bible. The end result would be one nation under God.

The vision of a christian nation under a protestant God never materialized. No one really paid much attention to them. They were thought to be well intended. Few took them seriously. Just a large group of people espousing a whole lot of very strange doctrines. It was okay because that strangeness was confined inside their churches.

It was not okay with them. Somewhere along the way they realized that building of churches, praying, and preaching the gospel was not Christianizing America. Maybe it was Roe v Wade, or the emancipation of African Americans, or the equality of women. Whatever it was, they realized the conquest to Christianize needed a different approach. They turned to politics to Christianize the nation. They have always acknowledged that if people can not be influenced by the moral principles of the Bible through their preaching. Then the moral virtue of society is lost. To them it is then the moral duty of legislators to enforce such moral virtue through the legislation of appropriate laws.

Usually they work to expand their influence through a local city council, county commission, or the school board. They then move on to state legislatures. They have done all this very successfully. Not even the White House is absent of their control. What is left for them to conquer is the courts. For this conquest, they are concentrating on the Supreme Court. They want Judge Alito confirmed as the next Supreme Court Justice.

Adaptability is the key to the survival of the species. As a religious species, trying to Christianize the nation, the protestant movement was just about extinct. So they adapted, and now are a powerful movement. There adaptability is evident by their support for Judge Alito. Judge Alito is a Roman Catholic. Judge Alito, and the religious right doctrinally have little in common. A few decades ago the religious right would not been so eager to support Alito because of his religion. They made the adaptive switch understanding that Judge Alito’s conservative positions on secular social issues could, and will advance their religious quest.

If one examines Alito’s record it be will discovered that he favors the imperial power of the presidency. Alito and Bush will give the nation an America that most will not be happy with. Both are not a supporters of the constitutional system of checks and balances. The notion of the separation of church and state is ridiculous to both men. Neither values worker safety laws, or workers rights. Both favor relaxing the environmental pollution laws. Decades of civil rights legislation will be placed in jeopardy with Alito. America will once again become a white man’s palace. At the expense, of the nations vast minority population. Women will see the progress they have made over the decades dramatically weakened. Bush sees himself as a imperial leader. Alito, supports that role for the presidency. So with Alito, Bush will have a strong ally. As he snubs his nose at international law, He’ll be able to do the same with any prohibitions legislated by congress.

None of this good for the Tampa Bay community or the nation. Please contact your senator and encourage a no vote for his confirmation.

However, this writer thinks his confirmation is secure. A slight chance exists that his nomination will not make it out of the Judiciary Committee. For this to occur the Judiciary Committee must be flooded with millions of emails, or telephone calls in opposition to his nomination. If his nomination reaches the full senate, the nation will have Alito as a Supreme Court Justice. Because the senate houses maybe 45 senators who are either christian religious extremists on the far right, or they identify with the religious rights ultra conservative social agenda. Merging the two as one powerful unbeatable force in the senate.

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Good bye, Judge Alito

The courts are often thought of as the last place citizens can go to find redress for grievances. However, a citizen can not find redress in the Supreme Court, if the court will not accept the case. A dangerous special interest, the religious right has been able to breathe new life into the doctrine of strict constructionism. It has not happened over night. The journey has taken several decades. It will be complete should the Senate confirm Judge Samuel Alito as the next Supreme Court Justice. His jurisprudence of strict constructionism is not good for the nation for all the reasons stated in recent postings. With strict constructionism as the prevailing jurisprudence of the court, citizens will have less access to the Supreme Court.

For several postings this writer has been writing about the darkness of originalism or strict constructionism as a means for constitutional interpretation. Dark because it limits access to the Supreme Court and defers to the states for resolution of the peoples grievances.

The alternative approach would be an non originalism or an expansive interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Most things change with time. What is useful for dealing with something today. May be considered obsolete tomorrow. It’s fair to say that in some instances it may even be illegal.

Consider that the some of the founding fathers owned plantations. The people who owned those plantations employed people kidnapped from Africa. Those Africans were bought here in ships that provided living quarters not fit for human habitation. Once here these Africans were sold to the highest bidder. Once bought, these human beings were considered the property of their purchaser. Most were forced to provide free labor for their masters and plantation owners. With the exception of owning property, all the above behaviors today are constitutionally prohibited. In short, illegal meaning criminal. All because of a jurisprudence that viewed the constitution as a document that was expansive in its jurisprudence. Other examples exists, like the liberation of women as property of their husbands. The long battle women fought to earn the right to vote. Separation of church and state will shrink unless any notion of strict constructionism is defeated. Good bye, Judge Alito!

Basically a non originalists or expansive jurisprudence’s for constitutional interpretation has this for its foundation. The authors of the nations constitution could not anticipate the extent that the government might extend itself in the future to oppress the people. Therefore, the Supreme Court justices must at times step in, and be the protector of the people.

Soon the Senate Judiciary Committee will take up the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito as a candidate for the Supreme Court. He will be asked lots of questions concerning his jurisprudence. He will give many reasons as to why he can not answer those questions. He’ll do that for fear of being “BORKED.” The senators need an answer to one question. Judge Alito, are you a strict constructionists? He will not directly answer that question. The Senators will have to secure the answer from his writings and how he answers questions. Of course, the answer is already known. Judge Samuel Alito is a strict constructionists. He should be rejected by the committee. And of course, that is going to occur either. So, it is up to the American public to mobilize, and persuade the full Senate to reject Judge Alitio nomination.

Samuel Adams fought against British colonial rule and a signer of The Declaration of Independence had this to say about the art of persuasion. It does not take a majority to prevail. It takes a irate tireless minority. Keen on setting brush fires of liberty in the minds of the people. That is what it is going to take to defeat Alito. A conviction that liberty is at risk with a Supreme Court majority whose jurisprudence is of strict constructionism.

Why defeat Alito?

The United States Supreme Court provides the people with the best opportunity for addressing their grievances. That is because the justices once confirmed serve for life. They do not have to concern themselves with the re election cycles. The politics of special interest groups offering campaign money in return for favorable legislation. While at the same time, having to defer to the loudest voices of their voting constituency. The arena of the politician is picturesque. Like the Roman amphitheater where public spectacles took place. So it is in the arena of the congress, where the modern politician stages public spectacles. Which result in careers, all about glory and power. At the expense of the people!

Because politicians, have insatiable appetites for glory and power. Congress often fails to fulfill its constitutional mandate under Article one section eight by not providing for the general welfare of the people. For instance, national health insurance, A livable wage for working America. State provided higher education funding beyond high school which would provide better options for education than the promise offered through military service. Or the Johnson v Bush case, recently discussed; state legislature failure. Which ended up at the Supreme Court, and failed. Those are just to a few failures by the congress for the provision of the general welfare for the people.

In that our politicians in the congress so often fail the people of the United States. Resolution is found in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights which allows for the people “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” From the last several postings, readers discovered that the ability to petition the government for redress of grievances is in jeopardy. That is because special interest groups like the religious right. Have successfully been able to infiltrated the congress and executive branch with candidates committed to fulfill their agenda. The last conquest is the U.S. Supreme Court. The religious right has insisted that the executive in the White House nominate only candidates. Whose jurisprudence is based upon strict constructionism which forces the court to defer to the states. Unless the issue before the court is expressly found in the constitution. This is a dangerous precedent in American jurisprudence. It makes for a disruption of national unity. What is lawful in one state is illegal in a neighboring state. The nation has been there before which resulted in horrific consequences for the nation. Such jurisprudence resulted in the civil rights revolution. Which has shamed the nation, with the loss of many lives. That jurisprudence of strict constructionism, results in a nation of social welfare disparities between the states. Such disparities are most evident in civil rights, education, employment, standard of living, health care, and the environment. The states who resists legislation to enhance the above will lag further behind in social welfare for the people in those states. They will do so because the Supreme Court will not allow the peoples grievances to proceed for hearing before the Justices. They will defer to the states. The people will experience greater social welfare injustice under justices who embrace strict constructionism. Judge Alito is a strict constructionists. His nomination to the Supreme Court must be defeated.

A major concern for some women is to have control over their reproductive lives. Roe v Wade provided women with a liberating liberty. Allowing women to make reproductive decision for themselves. Many are concerned that if Judge Samuel Alito becomes a justice on the Supreme Court Roe v Wade will be overturned. This writer expects Alito to be confirmed for reasons stated in previous postings. However, this writer does not think Justice Alito will vote to over turn Roe. Should such a case make its way to the Supreme Court. Reasons exist for this conclusion. One reason is that justices do not like to overturn settled law. They feel it disrupts national unity causing unnecessary social tensions. Roe is safe! Because, strict constructionism is now the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court. Meaning when a case challenging Roe arrives at the door of the Supreme Court. They will simply defer to the states with their ruling. That will give the states the legal authority to destroy Roe v Wade. That means reproductive choice and liberty will be legal in some states and illegal in other states. But the legality, for reproductive liberty in scattered states through out the nation will be under attack from the religious right.

The religious right is aware that Roe is safe in the Supreme Court. They know they have won the bigger battle. Influence and control of the Supreme Court. They are happy to take the battle to destroy Roe to the States. They most likely will succeed. Because they have control over many state legislatures. All they have to do is conquer one state after another. There is no formidable opposition to stop them. And, its not just Roe that is at risk. But all legislation, that does not meet with the approval of the religious right. That includes religious freedom which will be discussed later.

It’s so important that people become mobilized to defeat Judge Alito. The nation is about ready to step into a time line that will toss us backwards to former dark days of our history with his confirmation. This writer has no confidence in the democrats in congress to defeat his confirmation. It’s up to we the people to provide a ground swell of emotion to energize the democrats to work for his defeat. Much is at stake!

This writer has decided to conclude this series of postings later. It will be a posting concerning an alternative jurisprudence to strict constructionism and state rights. That was intended for this posting.

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With Alito the Court is complete

With the previous posting concerning Johnson v Bush, a case that sought restoration of civil rights, for convicted felons who have fulfilled all obligations to society. As stated, the case ended when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to accept the case. The court did not state its reasoning for not accepting the case. Therefore, the public must be given to conjecture as to why the court refused to accept the case.

For this writer, the conjucture is simple. This court has been moving to the right of center for a few decades. Justices who are right of the center interpret the facts of a case based on what they call original intent of the nations founding fathers. For example, because the U.S. Constitution does not address the loss of civil rights for convicted felons. The Supreme Court can not decide the case. They see it as a responsibility of state legislatures to address restoration of civil rights for convicted felons.

The doctrine of original intent and state rights has not served the nation in the past. Such doctrines of jurisprudence allow legislatures to enact laws that resulted in the Johnson v Bush in the first place.The loss of civil rights in Florida for convicted felons was made part of the Florida Constitution over 130 years in the past. Right after the end of the civil war. Along with many other laws better known as Jim Crow Laws. States like Florida left to their own devices have a history of disenfranchising certain people in this state. Those who have suffered most under the Florida legislature have been African Americans and women. Of course Jews and many others have their own horror stories to tell. To qualify for disfranchisement in Florida; you just had to be a minority. That tragedy of the states past has not been completely eradicated. The state is on the verge of being locked in the past for decades to come. Dominated and controlled by the evils of original intent and state rights. When Samuel Alito, is confirmed and joins the Supreme Court. The several decades of struggles to move the court to the right of center will have been accomplished. That will halt and reverse the jurisprudence of an expansive constitution.

An effort was made by, State Senator Frederica Wilson, D-Miami, who proposed a constitutional amendment to the Florida Constitution. The bill never made it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee chair is Sen. Daniel Webster, R-Winter Gaeden. Senators who support such an amendment to the Florida Constitution plan on introducing the legislation again. As suggested in the last posting, it would be helpful if people contacted our legislators offering support for such a amendment to our constitution. A good place to start would be to contact Sen. Wilson and encourage her to reintroduce her legislation. Hopefully, people will also contact Sen Webster, and express disapproval for his holding of the legislation captive in committee.

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Johnson v Bush

It has been said, that to error is human but to forgive is divine. In a country that asserts itself as one nation under God. It would seem reasonable to expect forgiveness for those who error. That is not the case in the State of Florida. For sometime a case known as Johnson v Bush has been making a journey through the state and federal courts. The journey ended when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to accept the case. The citizens of this great state can do for our fellow citizens what the State of Florida, and our courts refused to do.

The case is about the restoration of civil rights for convicted felons who have fulfilled their obligation to the people through the criminal justice system. The control of this state is the obligation of its citizens. The entire criminal justice system is the property of we the people. Citizens allow elected, and those appointed to state and federal office to hold office in order to conduct our business.

Here are the issues at controversy:

The Florida Constitution Article 6 section four reads. Disqualifications.- No person convicted of a felony, or adjudicated in this or any other state to be mentally incompetent shall be qualified to vote or hold office until restoration of civil rights or removal of disability.

The Plaintiff, Thomas Johnson, is a married man with a family living in Gainesville, Florida. Thomas is the executive director of a organization that runs a residential program for people released from prison. He has held that position since 1996. His program is very engaging. It not only provides housing for people released from prison but also provides mentors who help these people reintegrate back into society. The program also helps the residents find employment.

Experts in the field of criminal justice and other academic disciplines have written volumes on the absolute necessity for such programs. The longer people are incarcerated the more they need such programs the experts conclude. This writer concurs because he has worked in the criminal justice system, and did a tour as warden for a penal facility. Remember to error is human to forgive is Divine. A society that can not forgive is bound to see the errant person hopelessly trapped in the path of error. Forgiveness is packaged in programs directed by Thomas Johnson.

Thomas Johnson served eight months in prison on a felony conviction in 1992. He was released in November 1992. He has paid back society for his crime by serving a prison sentence.

Now it’s time for Florida to amend its constitution. Restoring voting rights to citizens who fulfill their debt to society for crimes committed. Encourage the Florida legislature to enact legislation to restore voting rights to people who have fulfilled their obligation to society.

One voice

Surely, there is nothing more wretched than a man, of all things that breathe and move upon the earth. Homer

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9

Whether Homer or Jeremiah accurately describe the human condition is for each reader to decide. They are after all, just one voice.

But would you allow, the executive in the White House be the sole arbiter for what is best for the nation.? How about the justices on the Supreme Court, or the members of the congress? This writer suspects certainly not. However, with every election cycle, and Supreme Court confirmation the nation moves toward one voice in government. That one voice could picture the image painted by Homer and Jeremiah.

Senator Coburn and his America

In the United States Senate sets a republican senator from Oklahoma. His name is Tom Coburn. This man is on a mission. His mission is to Christianize America. He is a member of a extremists religious denomination where he serves as Deccan. He has associations with organizations who share his vision. One of those organizations is a group called the Promise Keepers. It’s an all male group. Meaning women can not join. People like Coburn believe women should have careers only as wives and mothers. Which of course makes him a threat to women, who may have an agenda outside of the home. They may as well want to be wives and mothers. It’s a decision in modern America that women make. They do so while very young; as school girls. Which is what school age boys have always done. For Coburn, and his kind, women could work outside the home only with their husbands permission. Employment would have to meet with his approval. Such an ideology would roll the nation back to dreadful times in America history.

The Promise Keepers just finished the twentieth conference for men and boys. During those 20 conferences they claim to have had 177,000 in attendance. They heard such themes as, Awakened Lives to Divine Purpose, Hearing God’s Voice, and Discovering Your Unique Design. The Divine purpose is to bring the nation to accept the religious right extremists doctrines. They are taught to accept those doctrines as divine because they have a biblical foundation, according to the Promise Keepers; and Sen. Coburn. They hear God’s voice through the Bible. During these conferences they were encouraged to reject evolutionary theories for the origin of the species. Speakers employed humor where the audience was told that if they saw a beached whale they were not to return it to the ocean because it’s trying to evolve. Keep in mind that Sen. Coburn is a member of the Promise Keepers. He shares their mission, and has brought it into the United States Senate. Please do accept what this writer writes about Sen. Coburn. Rather study the legislation he sponsors. Pay attention to the questions he will ask Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. Follow the speeches he gives. To give the reader some perspective for Coburn’s thinking here what he has said. I favor the death penalty for abortionists and other people who take life. He thinks that the gay community has infiltrated the centers of power through out country. They represent a threat to our freedom. He asserts that the gay community has great political power. To Sen. Coburn the gay community is behind the abortion movement and multiple sexual partners. All this to the Senator makes the gay community a threat to the family. With Sen. Coburn, and people like him, any notion that that does have a biblical foundation is a threat to the family and the whole of society.

Among other things, this writer thinks Sen. Colburn suffers from a severe case of homophobia. Senator Thomas Allen Colburn most likely could benefit from some long term psychiatric treatment. He is a danger to the Senate and the American people. He has already said abortionists should receive the death penalty. The power to enact such laws is not currently possible for the extremists religious right in this country. For now, they know that they do not have the people in the congress to write such legislation. Nor do they have the required justices on the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold such laws, today. Having Samuel Alito on the high court is important to the religious right. They are hoping that he would support such a law. Should such legislation someday be placed on the Supreme Court docket. For them, it’s a gamble worth taking.

On Meet the Press with Tim Russert today. Clips were reviewed of John Roberts confirmation hearings. Sen. Coburn, said he trusted Roberts because he could see from Roberts body language that he was a truthful person. Russert asked him if he thought as a physician he could tell whether a person was telling the truth. Sen. Coburn did not take the bait. The senator just replied that anyone could be trained to see truthfulness in body language. In this writers opinion Sen. Colburn was suggesting that the Holy Spirit was telling him that Roberts was a acceptable candidate for the Supreme Court. Sen. Coburn knew that saying he was led to accept Roberts because of the Holy Spirit would not play on national television, yet. If the trend towards religious fundamentalism continues to gain members in the senate, the American public will hear such language on national television from such senators.

This writer decided to write a little about Sen. Colburn not only because he is a member of the Senate. More importantly because he is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He will be one vote for sending Judge Alito to the full senate for confirmation. America needs to know the kind of danger that lies at there door step. Now is the time to act and reverse this religious attack on fundamental American liberties.

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Third world life for Ameicans

Recently the U.S. Senate attempted to do something it had not done in eight years. Raise the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.25 over the next nineteen months. (Read carefully what is to follow because what is to follow impacts all of us, and not just low income workers.) It was voted down along party lines. However, the republicans offered a counter proposal. They said they would support the democratic proposal upon two conditions. Further reductions in taxation upon corporate America , and a change in the law reducing the burden of overtime pay for the business community. For most Americans, that is not breaking news. Most are aware that republicans are the legislators for the interest of the business community. The position of the republican party and corporate America was perfectly summarized recently. A spokesperson for Oppenheimer and Company in New York said, a good corporate citizen does not work for the betterment of the America.. The republican party and corporate America do not care what hardships the hard working American citizen encounters. The reader does not need this writer to list possible hardships people are facing. Each of us can express our own hardship(s) that we are attempting to overcome. Two things are certain. We can not expect help from our government. Nor can we expect help from our employers. They have an enhanced bottom line. Extract as much from the work force as possible. In return give the employee as little as possible. The demand is that each worker must be more productive even at the expense of good health and safety. They will put the final touch to the Oppenheimer and Company doctrine. A good corporate citizen does not work for the betterment of America.

In order to discover how sour the economy really is and how it effects the buying power of Americans consider this. For a reference point, the federal minimum wage was last raised in September of 1997. In the years that have passed since 1997 up to today. The buying power of $5.15 is worth $.17 less on the dollar. In the last eight years since 1997 the U.S. Senate has raised its pay by $28,000. How many employees do you know who are making $28,000.00, let alone an increase of 28,000. ? In addition what the government denies it citizens it provides for itself. Lifetime health insurance and healthy retirement pensions. Those retirement pensions are not 401 plans. There retirement plans are secure moneys not subject to the moods of the stock market. That is just the opposite of what they want for the American work force. On top of that, the government announced that when consumers buy something that product has experienced the greatest price increase of this generation. That is all inclusive for all products. Prices for wholesalers, according to the governments consumer price index like department stores, and super markets have increased has much as 2 percent. In order to enhance their profit they pass a 5 percent increase on to the consumer. As most know, the value of the dollar has been decreasing for months. It has been reported that 80 percent of the workforce saw their dollar buy 1.2 percent less this month than last month. To make things worse their dollars buy 3 percent less today than last year at this time.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we were not in the midst of an economic recovery. That is what our government tells the public. But even economists like Jared Bernstein of the Economy Policy Institute question that recovery because of the great loss of the buying power of your hard earned dollars. That is not in dispute for people on fixed incomes or for people struggling to etch out a living. More and more people are taking on second and third jobs just to barely get buy.The question is, how bad do things have to get before the American people put an end to this sorry state of affairs? Keep in mind that corporate America is experiencing record profits and paying less in taxes. The tax burden continues to be shifted upon the average employee in ever so subtle ways. For example, when your telephone bill increases so does your federal tax on that bill. When you go to the department store to buy something, as noted above, it cost more. With the increase in prices; all taxes to the state and federal government increase. In Florida, our state government is proud of their huge slush fund for a rainy day. The rainy day is upon us and our government is silent. In Florida our republican government is busy making corporate Florida richer and its citizenry more poor.

Little doubt exists in this writers mind that the federal and state government are well aware that capitalism as we know it has exhausted its usefulness. That is why they are backing corporate America as it pushes for employee concessions across the board. That is all the public hears from from the sound, print, and vision media. They insists that in a global community Americans must be willing to adjust their lifestyles to those of the rest of the world. Which means work more and earn less. However, corporate America executives have no intention of adjusting their lifestyles to reflect the lesser standard they demand.

The federal courts long have been a stumbling block to the republicans in congress and corporate America. Corporate America invested record amounts of money in support of the elevation of John Roberts as Chief Justice. They described Roberts as a “darling” of big business. Now they will campaign for the elevation Judge Samuel A. Alito, another darling of big business. They will succeed in seating Judge Alito on the Supreme Court for the reasons stated in previous postings. What that means for America is the end of democracy (civil rights) and (economic fairness) for Americans.

Along with all this, people on fixed incomes social security and pensions earned while working will be placed in jeopardy. The republicans and corporate America have been throwing out the eliminations of those entitlements for some time. Up to this point the republicans and corporate America have lacked the support of the federal courts. Soon that problem will be eliminated. If any hope exists for America; it rests with the ordinary Americans. Who must unite and take action. As a start, we must work for the defeat of Judge Alito.

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The great Satan rules America

The political and judicial trends in the United States are in serious trouble. The far right religious extremists own the Republican party. So powerful, is their control over the party. It could be referred to as the Republican Church of America. People like Karl Rove, White House adviser seek counsel and approval from the leadership of religious extremists in this country. The White House and the Congress can no longer act independently from the dictates of this group. Soon they will have the last seat on the Supreme Court necessary to complete their judicial sweep of the nation. That seat will be occupied by, Samuel A. Alito. The Republican party sold their soul to the devil, and the nation will pay dearly for the sins of capitulation to the extreme religious right in this country.

The nation can not depend on the Democratic party to rescue the nation from this pending onslaught. The October 31st. posting provided some suggestions as to why.

There is a whole lot of detail to be written between the lines of the above paragraphs. This writer is available to spell out those details as a public speaker. Available to write an article for your publication. You can contact this writer by email or phone.

A guy dubbed Scalito

In the United States, many strive with a sense of pride that we are a nation of religious, ethnic, and cultural differences. With many others, this writer values our free devotion for tolerance. Tolerance not because its coerced by religion or state. Sheer tolerance for the aesthetic beauty that is gained through association with other people.

In this land of ours all of that is under siege. Under siege by religious extremists of both the catholic and protestant churches. A movement that has a history here and around the world for the suppression of religion, ethnic, and cultural differences (note yesterdays posting) to their own. They own the congress and the executive branch of government. They acknowledge that they just need one more Scalia / Thomas on the Supreme Court, and then they will own the Supreme Court. Now, in praise of the President, the religious extremists of the catholic and protestant churches have announced that they have their nominee. A guy dubbed “Scalito” because his judicial views parallel those of Justice Scailia. It’s not just Roe that is under siege. It’s every case that comes before the highest court that falls outside of their christian perimeters.

Here are a few lines these religious extremists have released. Bush needs to step up and combat the pervasive culture of death that has gripped the nation. Of course, those extremists are not talking about the six American soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq today. Because of the criminal terrorists war being conducted by this American administration.They are talking about life that does not yet exist. They like to quote Jeremiah 1:5, as a biblical source of authority for their stance. I knew you before you came forth from the womb of your mother. However, Christians who believe in reincarnation use that same authority to support their stance that we are reborn many times. Most Americans believe that Christians have the right to accept as sacred either one of those interpretations. However, most Americans believe that they do not have the right to legislate from the bench of the Supreme Court religious doctrine that will place the nation under christian religious extremism.They refer to senators and others who support a women’s right to control her reproductive life as water carriers and stalking horses for the abortion industry.

We must to preserve the constitutional mandate for the absolute separation of church and state. People of religion in America should be free to practice their religion. If religious extremists favor one interpretation of God for themselves, and their followers that is wonderful in America. But by American constitutional law, they do not have the legal or moral authority to do so for the rest of America. The rest of America happens to be the majority of Americans. Some of whom do not recognize the existence of any God. That too is wonderful because it is also what makes America wonderful.

This is a battle that religious extremists must experience defeat! The democratic party is powerless on its own to derail the goal of the christian religious extremists. Politicians love power, and their power comes from corporate money. They will be careful not offend corporate America. Not that corporate America cares about Roe or the religious rights attempt to Christianize the nation. What corporate America cares about is the defeat of any cases before the court that might effect capitalism in an adverse manner. Which is as you know from yesterdays posting, is the third leg of the conglomerate of Americanism. That has in the past has been so successful around the world. Which also is the needle in the hay stack that will not allow Democrats to do anything put make some loud noise when it comes nominee Alito’s senate confirmation hearing. So the people outside of congress must step up and really pressure the democrats to defeat the nomination of Samuel A. Alito. Not only is liberty at risk which encompasses far more than Roe. But also, the aesthetic beauty of differences from the christian religious extremists perspective.

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