The Ass in the White House

An Ass once found a Lion’s skin which the hunters left out in the sun to dry. He put it on and went towards his native village. All fled at his appearance, both men and women. He was a proud Ass that day. In his delight he lifted up his voice and uttered the loud harsh cry of the donkey. Then everyone knew him. His owner came up and gave him a sound beating with a club for the fright he had caused.

And shortly afterwards a fox cane up a to him and said, “I knew you by your voice.

So it can be said, fine clothes may disguise, but silly words disclose a fool. Source: Fables of Aesop

And from the White House earlier today came a fine clothed man who ushered silly words lacking creditable substance, thus, accepting disclosure as a fool.

It was reported by Dubya that the American people are enjoying a strong economy. One that is delivering prosperity to working Americans. Dubya cited several reasons for his glowing report. First, the low rate of taxation upon American workers. Next, rising wages resulting from greater productivity of American workers. Lastly the creation of 5.3 million jobs since August 2003. That is more than all the twenty five nations of the European Union combined, reported the occupant of the oval office.

From Dubya’s, perspective things are getting even better. The economy is headed into summer on the fast track, reported Dubya. Saying one of the best ways to keep the momentum going is restrict spending in Washington, D.C. He asserted that Congress took an important step by passing his emergency spending bill. This according to the President Bush will allow him sufficient money to reek military havoc around the world. He put it this way, “The bill includes necessary funds for high priorities, such as equipping our military.” Need more be said?

Yes, because seeing reality from a donkey’s perspective is very different from the experiences of the American worker and consumer. Or, for that matter, the world community. If, we are to take seriously what we read in Dubya’s state controlled media

Congress needs to with hold funding for George W Bush’s criminal war. That should be the first step the Congress takes. Next, he should be removed from office, Then he should be turned over to the court of proper jurisdiction and prosecuted as a war criminal.

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A nations only hope

Today Bush during his national radio address which was also televised said that he had no greater responsibility than to protect the American people. Which included protecting our freedom and the American way of life.

Of course, this writer can only speak for himself. This was my instant reaction. No person in the history of the nation is less able to protect the American people than Bush. Furthermore, because of his tour in the White House America has less freedom. And, he wants to take away more of our freedoms. America must say no! No other person in the history of the nation has done more to put the American way of life in greater jeopardy than Bush. For every soldier that dies in Iraq, it’s a life lost based on lies and deceit. The longer the war continues the more the world hates the United States. The greater there hate the more at risk is the nation. Bush is incapable of calming world hatred toward the nation. There is only one solution that might possibly work. He must be removed from office. He surely has committed high crimes and misdemeanors which are grounds for his impeachment. What will give the nation even a greater measure of forgiveness from the world community. Is for the United Nations to form a special tribunal to prosecute Bush as a war criminal. His crimes have not only been against the people of the United States but also against the world community.

In Washington we have a government that can not protect our brooders from illegal immigrants. Who only come to the United States seeking a better life for themselves.They bring no ill intent to harm American citizens. So, this writer does not think this government can protect the nation from terrorists. Who may be armed and might be here with the intent to harm American citizens. As stated, in a previous posting. The nation is not without the tools to protect itself from criminal intent. The federal government had the tools to prevent the attacks of September 11, 2001. It was through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. All this rumbling by Bush, to get the Senate to follow the house and reauthorize the Patriot Act. Is nothing but an attack on our liberty and freedom. September 11, 2001 occurred because our government was at sleep. Just like the government was asleep for Pearl Harbor! Most likely the government will again be asleep should another catastrophic event come knocking at our door. Just like the government was at sleep to the events that lead up to Cuban Missile Crisis.

When all is said and done, the Senate will capitulate to Bush and join the House and reauthorize the Patriot Act. We need to wake up the nation to the realization that we really only have a one party system. All that noise in the Senate over the Patriot Act is just that noise. It’s done to create an national illusion that we have a two party system. Listen to the pompous wrangling between the Senators. The wrangling is over certain aspects of the Act. The debate should be over eliminating the Patriot Act altogether.

A favorite ploy by the government is to instill fear that something awful will occur if a government edict is not authorized. Its usually a combination of tricks and lies that are rather persuasive. Like Bush’s reference to his authorization of the National Security Agency to gather intelligence. The trick here was his condemnation of the news media for making this public thus alerting the nations enemies. The nations enemies already know that they are in a cat and mouse game with America. A free press is another freedom Bush wants to eliminate. Americans need to encourage greater freedom of the press. What we need is a constitutional amendment for the freedom of the press. It would go beyond what we now have in our constitution. The news media must be free of the government and corporate America influence. Plan to write more on that in the future. The lie here was Bush’s reference to the hijackers who flew a jet into the Pentagon. He said that while here they were in communication with other terrorists overseas. Again the government already had the tools to monitor those communications. That tool again, existed through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Our government was once again at sleep. This government has never been held accountable for the loss of lives, or the financial damage because of September 11, 2001. The government in order to protect itself shifts blame. Then calls for new laws like the Patriot Act. Which will not protect us, but will take away our liberty and freedom.

The nation is going to need a lot of Shadrach’s, Meshach’s and Abednego’s. Are you up to the task that lies before the Nation? This writer is available to help you along the way. Available to write for your publication. And, thanks students for your interest. Need help writing your papers. Get in touch because help is available. You are our future stay tuned and involved. Remember hate is good when directed at evil.

Trash the Act, Prez

A school teacher assigned projects to her students that required teams. Like all school assignments the projects had due dates. For this project, December 31, 2005, is the due date. It seemed that the teams would not make the due date because they could not agree on very much. She addressed the class as a group about working together in order to succeed. That approach did not work. So, she meant with the teams individually concerning the usefulness of cooperation. Still teams seemed doomed to failure. As a last resort, she decided to provide the class with an object lesson. She brought to class two bundles of sticks. She picked a team that was sure to fail because the members were always at loggerheads with each other. The team was told that if they could break the bundle of sticks in half. Saying that she would exempt the team from the project assignment, and give the team an ‘A’ for the project. Try as they would they just could not succeed. Next, she untied the bundle of sticks. She handed the sticks one at a time to each student. They were able to break the sticks with ease. Guess it could be said, that getting ones act together could make a world of difference. The goal of the project is to sunset the Patriot Act. Lets see if the students can succeed.

For this, allegory think of the nations citizenry as the ‘teacher,’ and the ‘government’ as the students. The government has two teams of students the executive branch and the congress. For reasons, the teacher understands.The students are not cooperating with each other. Over the renewal of the Patriot Act which is due to expire at the end of this month. This of course is cause for alarm among the student leaders.

We the teachers must give our students an object lesson concerning the Patriot Act. This is done by telling our elected students to allow the the Patriot Act to slip into the sunset. Never again to rise with the sun of a new day. It’s an important project. Seems that the students are a bunch of loggerheads meaning stupid fools. That’s the reason the country exists in a state of fear. Students know that they are the targets of the nations enemies. We teachers also know that we are not the real targets. But for vengeance sake, we may also have to pay the price of our students misdeeds. Somehow we must reign in our delinquent students. Turn them over to the proper authorities for justice. The World Court is not available meter out justice for these student felons. Wonder if the United Nations can help? Before it is to late, will our students seek the council of their teachers? Could be the only way to avoid another national tragedy. Teachers know that these students are responsible for tragedies around the world. Out of sheer fear our students need the Patriot Act. In order to shut down every ones liberty rather foreign or domestic. What it all boils down to is that the Patriot Act is all about self perseverance of the government. They present the Patriot Act like it’s for our safety. Can the students once again convince the teachers? Or, will the teachers announce enuf and flunk the students?

As we all know, governments are tyrannically. Every government is designed to serve it own self interest at the expense of most of the people under its jurisdiction. Liberty is a freedom that is very difficult for the people to secure. The start of our own American liberty dates back nine centuries and is still evolving. When in 1215 King John, of England, was FORCED to grant a collection of civil liberties known as the Magna Carta. One of those liberties was the habeas corpus. Which allowed individuals, to challenge detainment in jails in a court of law. Hidden in the renewal of the Patriot Act is something called the “Procedures Act” If this becomes apart of the Patriot Act, habeas corpus procedures would be drastically changed. The sponsor of this act is student republican senator John Kyl of Arizona. He wants to take habeas corpus procedures out of the hands of the judicial system. Place the habeas corpus procedure under 50 different state attorney generals who are basically prosecutors. When it comes to habeas corpus procedures those people will in the business of keeping people in jail. One never knows when misfortune will knock on ones door. Habeas corpus procedures have set many innocent people free. This Procedure Act has far reaching applications and must be defeated. Along with the entire Patriot act.

Another of our students Dubya that guy the Supreme Court illegally put in the White House against the vote of the majority of Americans. That guy, who is straight out a liar, is urging the students of the other team to come together and renew the Patriot Act before it sunsets.

Here are a few of his lies from his recent radio address. He said the Patriot Act protects civil liberties. It’s a lie! It purges many civil liberties. It guts most of the Bill of Rights in our Constitution, and will destroy decades of case law.

He said it was easier to track the phone calls of drug dealers than it was the phone calls of a terrorists. A lie! The ability track phone calls of terrorists exists under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

The Prez said, before the Patriot Act it was easier to get the records of a tax cheat than those of an al Quadea bankroller. Not so! Government agencies could investigate al Quades bankrollers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Student Bush asserts that the government needs to “sneak and peek” without tipping off terrorists which can only be done through the Patriot Act. Another,”falsehood,” the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act allows the government ” sneak and peak” authority for both foreign and domestic suspects.

We the citizens of this country, as teachers, need to find a way to send our students in government an object lesson. Give us liberty not the Patriot Act. Work with the people and the country will succeed in accomplishing the project of liberty for all Americans before we miss the due date and liberty expires into the sunset. Never to see the sunrise of a new day.

In his last radio address on 10 Dec. 2005, concerning the renewal of the Patriot Act, the Prez said, “… to combat dangerous spread of methamphetaine abuse throughout our country.” What does drug abuse have to do with terrorism? Nothing! Someone needs to inform student Bush that ample federal laws exists to combat drug trafficking like Rico and the FISA. Then why refer to drug abuse as part of the Patriot Act. Simple. It scares parents and employers causing them to connect with the war on drugs. It’s a simple play on a theme that certain constituencies identify with. They’ll call people in the congress and tell them to vote for the Patriot Act. Thinking it will help eliminate the nations drug problems. It’s nothing but spin but it works. Our students use it all the time. Hope it does not work for you; as one of Americas teachers!

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The White House: The worlds master of terrorism

The Prez with his weekly radio address today seems to think progress is being made in Iraq because the Iraqi Election Commission certified the passage of the Iraqi constitution.

He said that despite the continued resistance of Iraqis. With the help of coalition forces from through out the region determined to expel U.S. terrorists forces with their terrorists counterparts from Iraq.

Let us not forget that the United States has been exporting terrorism through out the world for a very long time. Remember that at one time the government of Saddam Hussein was a good friend an ally of the American government. The Prez bragged that just 30 months after the fall of the totalitarian government of Saddam the people of Iraq will now be able to elect their own leaders. He went on to assert that the new Iraqi government will be an all inclusive political process. However, he failed to mention that the women of Iraq were better off under the the government of Saddam Hussein. Seems that should be expected from American exported democracy because that was also the experience of American women here in America.

Also, it must be remembered that the terrorists forces in Iraq under American leadership are fighting to prevent former ally in Afghanistan, Osma Bin Ladden. From establishing a foothold in Iraq to attack moderate Muslim nations in the region, according to the Prez. If according to the White House he should succeed, he will use Iraq as a base to attack the United States. Of course, that is exactly what the world fears from the United States. It’s the fear that the Iraqi government will be puppet regime serving American interests. Not only in Iraq but throughout the region. With the establishment of American military bases and with abundance of Iraqi oil it will be easier to attack other nations. Not to mention an abundant oil supply for American oil companies.

You can bet that the Exxon’s of America love this war for they see even greater profits despite the loss of American and Iraqi lives. You see, democracy in Iraq, is a facade which creates an illusion of freedom. The real goal is to establish the predatory economic system called capitalism. Americans should be able to identify with that because while they have make choices between gasoline or food and other necessities. The Exxon’s of America record record profits.

Today the Prez boldly announced that more Americans will have to die so that government can accomplish it goal in Iraq. Americans should say a resounding no to more deceit and loss of life.

Death and dying in Iraq will continue unless Americans come up with a bold plan to end the war. Americans should consider boycotting the mid term elections. With all the trouble in the Dubya White house, democrats are drooling as they contemplate replacing republicans in the congress. Voters should deny the democrats that opportunity because they are complicit with the White House and the republicans in congress with aggression against the Iraqi people. WE as Americans must remember that the democrat of today are one and the same as their republican colleagues.

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Bush’s Saturday radio address

The Prez went before the nation this morning to announce that a “momentous time in the history of the middle east” was taking place. The Iraqi people were going to the polls to vote on a democratic constitution. Here we have another prezidential distortion. How could a constitution be democratic, when it leaves women with less liberty than what they enjoyed under Saddam Hussein?

The Prez goes on to say that Iraq will decide its future at the ballot box and not through a “violent insurgency.”Again the Prez, offers the world another distortion. First, the United States must be considered the agents of a violent insurgency. As commander and chief, he has forced American military personnel to invade a sovereign nation. Which led to the murder of innocent women, children, and men through America’s superior military might. He has terrorized the Iraqi people through the mass destruction of their homes, schools, hospitals, and parks. Finally, he has destroyed Iraqi museums that housed ancient artifacts that established Iraq as the cradle of civilization. Very valuable archaeological discoveries lost to the world because of a liar and power crazed person, george w. bush. The nation should hold “w” accountable for those crimes of war. And insist, that he stand trial for those crimes.

Dubya, claims to have intercepted a letter from an Al Qaeda’s leader, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, sent to his chief deputy in Iraq. In that letter it is claimed that the Muslim world faces “the greatest battle of our day.” That is the tragedy of our day. The world is faced with perhaps the greatest battle of our day. The nation and the world owes that battle to the stupidity of, george w. bush. The Prez says the Muslim community has several goals in stages. Drive the United States out of Iraq. Establish an Islamic authority in Iraq. Spread this fundamental Islam to more moderate Islamic nations in the region. Dubya asserts that the letter states that Iraq is to become a “terrorists haven” and “staging ground against other nations, including the United States. Once again, if of that occurs the nation and the world can put the blame on george w. bush. Another reason why he should stand criminally charged and face trial in a court of law. Prez “w” should well understand the goals of the Muslim world in Iraq. After all the U.S. has trained foreign nationals on our soil in Georgia to carry out the governments agenda all over the world. World governments have been overthrown in order to establish puppet regimes. And, that is why the United States invaded Iraq. To establish a puppet regime that would allow the United States to steal the Iraqi natural resources like oil. To establish military bases in Iraq. So it would be easier for the United States to attack neighboring Muslim nations. It seems that “w” and clan failed to understand that there would be strong opposition to such grandiose American schemes from neighboring countries like Iran and Syria. The United States could indeed make the situation a lot more difficult by not considering the Russian factor in the region. Especially with its ties to Iran.

This is a fascinating subject with a lot more implications than my brief comments. This writer is available to lecture and expand the details of this troublesome topic