Death with Dignity

Part Six

John Locke in his Second Treatise of Government said, “where the law ends, tyranny begins.” We humans seem incapable of escaping tyrannical behavior unless governed by the law. So with our natural predisposition for arbitrary dominance, we surrender to the rule of law. Walk into any law library. You will soon discover how desperate society is to be controlled. Only the law can provide fairness throughout society. The problem for many is how to influence the law to ones personal advantage. To that end is the purpose of this discussion.

For a practical example, this writer well discuss Gonzales, Atty. Gen. v Oregon. This case was chosen because it has some implications for the entire country. Secondly, it illustrates the danger of religious influence in government. Equally important is how non lawyers or ordinary people can influence the law.

Some years ago the people of Oregon placed on the ballot for voters to decide whether they wanted the law to allow for doctor assisted euthanasia. On two separate occasions the voters said yes. For approximately eight years Oregon had a law known as “Death with Dignity Act.”

Then in November 2001, Attorney General Ashcroft issued a directive that said if doctors participated in doctor patient assisted suicide they could be criminally prosecuted. In 2019 that directive is the prevailing opinion governing death in most states.

John Ashcroft, a former attorney general is a prime example of what occurs when religion and government mix. He was a government official, who conducted prayer meetings in his office. He did so as a christian fundamentalists with an extreme right wing political religious agenda. Though he is gone, his legacy is very much with us today.

Who as a lawyer should have known that it was legally wrong to bring his religion into the government work place because it violated the highest law of the land. It didn’t matter than and it doesn’t matter today.

The constitutional requirement for the separation of church and state among religious extremists like Ashcroft are dangerous because they think that their religious beliefs supersede constitutional law. They then act upon their right religious extremism, as if it’s the governing law of the land. It was upon such convictions that Ashcroft wrote his directive halting Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act.

That is this writers opinion having observed the behavior of people like Ashcroft who hold extreme religious convictions. Furthermore that’s exactly what’s occurring today. Mostly observable during confirmation hearings to fill supreme court vacancies.  As extremists to the right politically, in conjunction with evangelical protestant religious extremists pool their resources with the Federalist Society to bring about the horrors discussed through out the previous five discussions.

People who are not lawyers can impact the courts by filing an Amicus brief which is known as a friend of the court brief. What people need to do is learn how to write such a brief. It requires following a format as established by the court which is learnable. It’s not any more complicated than writing university papers which require a certain standard writing formula.

As an alternative to submitting an Amicus brief there is nothing illegal prohibiting people from writing letters directly to judges stating their personal opinion, as to why a court should rule a certain way on a issue of concern.

Previously in this series this writer discussed the Terry Schiavo incident and how the religious right interfered with the desires of her husband. Death and dying should me a matter between family and their doctor. Religious superstition must be excluded from the process which includes all matters relating to privacy.

Old history never fades with time because it is given new life through simular incidences. Usually from religious and political extremist. Determined then, and today to make choice conform to their religious political perspectives.

This writer is available to teach the technique of writing an Amicus brief. Along with how to style a letter for the court. Also available to discuss personal legal concerns. All discussions protected through clergy privacy relationships.

Why feds fail

A wolf which had made leader of the other wolves established a law that each of them should put into a pool everything he caught in the chase and share it equally with all the rest, so they should not be driven by hunger to eat one another.

But an ass came forward, and shaking his mane, said, “Out of the mind of the wolf has come forth a noble thought. But how is it, wolf that you yourself laid in your den the quarry yesterday? Put it in the common store and share it.” This exposure shamed the wolf into annulling his laws.

The very men who pretend to legislate justly do not themselves abide by the laws which they enact and administer, (source:Penguin Classics-Fables of Aesop-“A Communist Dictator”)

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it and then misapplying the wrong remedies,” Groucho Marx, 1890-1977.

“The government consists of a gang of men and women, not like you and me. Collectively, they are one and the same with no special talent for the business of government; they have only one talent which is getting and holding office,” H.L. Mencken, 1880-1956.

If America is to return to its once respected stature, several things must occur. The people (electorate) must get rid of these career buffoons, called politicians, who are pros at getting and holding office. The longer they are around the deeper America sinks into the cesspool of nothingness. Because their sewage, stinks, though they call it legislation. Solution review yesterdays posting.

Then forthwith, meaning sooner is better than later, the nation must return to the roots of our Judeo-Christian heritage. And, proudly proclaim the answers to what plagues America is found through Jesus Christ. For those, who don’t like it, then follow Allah to the hell holes of Arab/Muslim nations. After all, if you know your scriptures, there is no such thing as an Arab/Muslim American.

Continuing with the cleansing process, the nation must declare homosexuality for what it is, an abomination unto God.

In the end only militancy works because the ballot box is rigged by career politicians.

Live better hold Trump or Clinton accountable

Political disgust for presidential candidates Trump and Clinton has reached boiling temperatures.
Collectively the electorate has also realized that city councils, county commissions to state legislatures all refuse to listen the people. They do as they please, when they please with complete disregard for the opinions of the people.

Complaining to politicians about their disregard for the electorate in the past has accomplished nothing. When politicians get the slightest whiff of electorate unrest they mobilize  to snuf out electorate unrest. Politicians have lots of weapons at their disposal. Which includes money from those, who would benefit the most from never seeing the electorates grips satisfied. In their arsenal are corporate conglomerates who are all to eager to keep the electorate checkmated. And greatly aided by the Chamber of Commerce, the best friend of corporate conglomerates and governmental oppression of the people.

Finally after decades of the aforementioned shenanigans the people get to decide between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as their change makers. Both Trump and Clinton are asking the electorate for permission to authenticate them as change makers for the satisfaction of their grips. Promising not ravishing their lives with politics as usual. Because they’ve gotten a whif that the electorate just might resurrect some Paul Revere’s, or Patrick Henry’s willing to take the quest for liberty into their own hands. Because the electorate is tired of being vomited upon by special interest groups and their cronies who hold political office. Which has in the past perpetuate their personal interest, at the expense of the electorate.

For decades American democracy has been defined as self serving governing power at the electorates expense.

Totally eradicating the American electorates exercise power that belongs to us constitutionally because the politicians over time have pirated the peoples authority, and make it, their own. And, that is what is wrong with America today.

POLITICS who got it right

Election Day across America represents a ancient truism from an experienced neighborhood political observer. Who noticed that people generally hope for change by making a trip to their local voting precincts. But in reality voting usually means exchanging one burden for an additional ones. A truth Illuminated with the following little anecdote.

Instead of going to the polls to vote, a usually enthusiastic voter, decided boycott this election cycle. Deciding to graze his donkey in a nearby meadow. When all of a sudden, he was alarmed by the shouting of some voices. Saying run to the polls, cast your vote for change, this time its real! You still got time to cast your vote. Persuaded by their political rhetoric, he decided that he should hurry to the polls before they close.

Now the donkey also served as his mode of transportation, so on its back he jumped. Encouraging the donkey to get moving at a faster pace or the polls would close before they get there.

But the donkey replied, “Are you ever going to learn that elections in America have become meaningless. All you keep doing is exchanging one group of incompetent politicians, for another group, worse than the first!” After all said the donkey, “Research has proven this truth about politicians. Government consists of gangs of people, who are very different from normal people, who gravitate to jobs that they can do well. Not politicians because they are a group like no other animal. They have no particular talent for the business of government. They only have a talent for getting elected. Then by hook or by crook, usually by crook, they get reelected.” And you want me to rush you to the polls, sorry good sir, but this time, I’ll fail you.

The only thing certain about this election cycle is that the American electorates burdens will only become more burdensome. It will remain that way until the electorate determines that enuf is enuf. And that enuf can take place at any time, that the electorate decides that the time is now.

But politicians have learned this from the nations founding fathers. Who wrote the following in the nations Declaration of Independence. “Mankind are more inclined to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” It’s time to prove to our founding fathers wrong this time.

But we got a problem because both presidential candidates in the personages of Trump and Clinton are choices the electorate would rather not have. So who got it right our founding fathers, or the opinionated donkey? Or, are they one and the same?

Gangsters ask the right questions

After the near hit upon Sonny, in the movie the Godfather. The Don recuperating from an assassination attempt upon his own life. Arranges a meeting with the five crime families of New York and New Jersey. And presents this question, how did things get so bad?

So, I thought the following might shed some light on the political arena. By asking the question, how in the world did things become so politically bad in America? And! With an answer!!!

After listening to Obama, and his collection of Democrats trying to explain what’s in the electorates best interest. A war monger in the senate packed his bags and contemplated a trip to England. Thinking that the queen might be able to help him turn the tables legislatively on those democrats. After all, look at the good that had emerged from a republican controlled government of not so long ago. Pondered this senator of war, and more war, and irresponsible federal spending. With an unapologetic belief, that the market place is the perfect cure for a troubled economy.

So, the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, did more than just pack his bags, he made the journey. And, once in the presence of Queen Elizabeth. He asked her, ‘How do you manage such an efficient government? Are there any tips you can give me?’

Well says the Queen, ‘the most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people.’

Mitch frowns, ‘But how do you know that the people around you are really intelligent,’ he asked?

O that’s easy says the Queen, ‘You ask them a simple riddle.’

Just than David Cameron enters the room.

‘David your mother and father have a child,’ says the Queen. ‘It’s not your brother and it’s not your sister, who is it?’

Cameron answers, ‘Oh! That would be me, your majesty.’

‘Yes!! very good,’ says the Queen.

When Republican McConnell returned to Washington D.C. Mitch asked the Republican Whip in the Senate, John Cornyn R-Tx, the same question. ‘John your mother and father have a kid. It’s not your brother and it’s not your sister. Who is it?’

‘I’m not sure,’ says Cornyn, ‘let me get back to you on that one.’ Cornyn goes to his advisers and asked everyone, but no one could give him the answer. Finally he ends up in the men’ room. And he recognizes, Barack Obama’s shoes in the next stall. “Mr. President! Can you answer this for me? Your mother and your father have a child and it’s not your brother or your sister, who is it?’

Obama responds, ‘That’s a tough one.’ Cornyn smiles to himself, and says, ‘Thanks!’

Then he goes back to speak with Mitch. ‘Say, I did some research and even consulted the President. I have the answer to that riddle. ‘It’s a tough one.’

Mitch gets up, stomps over to Cornyn, and angrily yells in his face, ‘No! You idiot! It’s David Cornyn!’  (modified by this writer from Patriot Humor)

And now, you know how things got so politically bad in Washington. But the larger question is, what to do about it?

The answer is nothing because it’s the American way. Explanation next disussion.

Quar’an terrorize them until they say-no God but Allah

There will always be war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria as long as there is an American presences in those countries. Because ISSI will make it so. And it will be so even if America exits the region. ISSI is the beginning of a new world order as the world marches into the Day of the Lord. Meaning the last great battles of the era. Resulting in Jesus Himself intervening less the coalition led by ISSI should destroy the entire world, as noted in Matthew 24:22-24.

It can be taken further because there will be no peace in the Middle East as long as Israel exists. Taking the community of nations even deeper into the tunnel of the unknown. Terrorism by Muslims will increase in the United States, as long as the government supports Israel. And, as long as there is any resistance to the dominance of Islam in any non-Muslim country. Two profound books make this very clear, our Holy Bible and Islam’s Quar’an. Even if both religions are figments of ones imagination With both books being the stuff of wishful thinking, it does not matter. Because millions of practitioners from Christianity, and Islam believe what their respective books teach.

Several Muslim groups have warned Americans. That by supporting Israel’s war crimes and massacres. Americans have turned themselves into a legitimate target for all Palestinians and Muslims. Muslims must deal “merciless blows” upon Americans wherever they are found. The American-Zionist enemy understands only the language of blood and force. (source:The Jerusalem Post)

According to the American Muslim Council, “An exact figure of the Muslim population in the United States is very difficult to estimate.” They estimate the Muslim population in the United States to be between 5 and 8 million. Saying that at least 5 million of these people identify Islam as their religion.

In the United States they have 843 Mosques / Islamic Centers, 165 schools, 426 associations, and 89 publications.

The construction of mosques in the United States has experienced about a 42% growth rate in recent years due to generous funding from abroad.

Should any of this be of any concern to non-Muslim Americans? The answer is yes. If Americans take seriously a report released by the Center for Religious Freedom. They produced an 89 page report detailing the dissemination of hate ideology filling American Mosques. This hate propaganda is being supplied by Saudi Arabia. The center notes that the Muslim sect responsible is a group known as Wahhabi. They appear to be the extremist arm of Sunni Islam.

This same report condemns the government of Saudi Arabia for committing human rights violation within the borders of the United States. Because the propaganda, is reaching Mosques in the United States with the full support of the government. And the propaganda, urges a totalitarian ideology of violence directed at non Muslim Americans. If that is not enough, the United States considers Saudi Arabia an ally. Seems to this writer that the nation would be better of with one less friend. Of course that is not going to occur because the nation is dependent on Saudi oil. So Americans, are put at risk because these Muslims within our borders will strike, but not with out permission. They must the Qur’an demands that they strike.

Islam does not tolerate freedom of thought, expression, or speech. Muslims as a people are pretty stagnant. Before any American target is hit, whether one person, group of people, or some structure. An Imam must order the strike. The Qur’an makes it very clear what the duty, and therefore, the obligation of all Muslims are under.

Here are a few quotes from the Qur’an. Sura (meaning chapter) 5:33, ” Those who would wage war against God and his Messenger and strive to spread corruption in the land should be punished by death ….”

Sura 5:51, “You who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians as allies: they are allies only to each other: Anyone who takes them as an ally becomes one of them-God does not guide the wrong doers.”

Sura 8:12-13, “Your Lord revealed to the angels: ‘I am with you: give believers firmness; I shall put terror into the hearts of the disbelievers-strike their necks and strike all fingertips.’ That was because they opposed God and His Messenger, and if anyone opposes God and His Messenger, God punishes severely.”

Here is the Muslim ultimate battle cry or “Jihad” as they say. Sura 8:38-39 “Prophet, tell the disbelievers that if they desist their past will be forgiven, but if they persist, they have an example in the fate of those who went before. BELIEVERS FIGHT THEM UNTIL THERE IS NO MORE PERSECUTION, AND ALL WORSHIP IS DEVOTED TO (ALLAH) GOD ALONE.”


Hopefully, this discussion and the others on the subject of Islam will provide reader with the credits needed to support the thesis that our Muslim neighbors are a threat waiting to be launched until everyone proclaims that their is no God but Allah. And that we as an American Christian nation are engaged in a world war for our survival.

Needed a new face for America

Matthew reported that Jesus had a knack of teaching his material with authority. Just the opposite of the way that people were accustomed to hearing from their leaders, Matthew 7:29. Jesus was teaching a very done to earth practical lesson. A lesson that would endure forever. He said, “Anyone who hears what I say and practices them. Will be likened to those who build a house upon a solid rock foundation. And when hard times come, the worse imaginable the house will survive.”But for those, who do the contrary, the opposite will occur. Jesus likened this behavior to foolishness. Guaranteeing that when the unimaginable occurs the house will fall. Sending shock waves around the world because so great will be the fall, Matthew 7:24-27.

The Bible discusses those times as the most horrific of history. Describing them as a time when it will be impossible for humanity to survive. Leaving Jesus with one option which is to shorten those days and return, Matthew 24:22. Are those days upon us now? I do not think so, but they might serve as a prelude as to what to expect.

Consider these national and international headlines screaming for resolution because the byline is that it will get worse. Earlier in this century the world experienced its first global recession since WW11. With at least 46 million people being pushed into poverty during the course of the first year. And here we are, years later, and we are still feeling the hardships of from that recession.

The American workforce lost five million jobs in the first fourteen months of that recession. At the time President Obama call the job loss astonishing.

The nation set a new record for food stamp recipients that reached 32 million. Demand for food from food banks also hit record highs. Vicki Escarra, head of Feeding America put it this way. “We are in the middle of truly a crisis for average Americans.” And, it continues today!
Though the government says the recession is over and the nation has recovered. That hasn’t been the experience of most Americans. Because new jobs are paying less than those same jobs paid before the recession. With more and more Americans being dependent on welfare programs for survival.

And the news just keeps getting worse. Muslims have ratcheted up their attacks through out Europe targeting France and Belgium. Moving beyond the customary war zones of the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan. Which is a prelude of what Americans can expect on their streets unless this infectious disease of Islam is eradicated. Americans need to hold Allah, his messenger Muhammad and devotees in check.

Including most American politicians who need to held accountable for their crimes against Americans, and thew world community. For that bunch of criminals has only made life miserable for millions. Some of which is spilling over to households very distant from what they thought would be a controlled war zone. Yes indeed we should place troubles, and head aches upon the desks of the nations politicians. Who are singularly responsible for bringing the United States and the community of nations to a time in history that Jesus said would be the worse ever.

End American meddling in foreign affairs now! Where there are countries who are regional problems, then let the region deal with them in their own way. Or suffer the consequences. For those nations who are an international problem let the international community deal with them. Minus the United States involvement. And should any of those counties jeopardize the nations safety, and well being. We should end the threat by reducing those nations to ashes. The center piece of American domestic and foreign policy should center around American exceptionality which should be rooted in the nations Judeo-Christian heritage.

Americans need to relearn the role of our Christian heritage if she is ever to return to her standing as an economic and military powerhouse. If the United States is not careful, we will not be able to contain or win the wars engulfing the nation from within. Which have both of a economic and military face.

And if the current crop of politicians in our congress come to their senses, the best that can be expected is contained mayhem. Meaning ISSI fighters striking at random when all appears to be contained. It may take awhile to materialize, but materialize it will. That is the experience of Europe, with Muslims. So why should the United States be any different from any other country, who has allowed their Muslim population to grow unchecked.

It is eradication time! Its twofold! A checked Muslim community. And a Christ centered United States Congress which includes the oval office. America has a history where that scenario worked. So why not let history repeat itself.

America a thing of the past

“WHEN you see that trading is not done by consent, but by compulsion. When you see that in order to produce, you need permission from men, who produce nothing. When you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors. WHEN you see that men get richer by graft and pull then by work, and your laws don’t protect against them, but protect against you. WHEN you see corruption being rewarded and honesty a self sacrifice, you know that your society is doomed,” Ayn Rand, 1905-1982.

A thing of the past because, “The government consists of a gang, who have been taken one with the other, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office,” H.L. Mencken, 1880-1956.

“Champions are built to over come adversity,” General G.S. Patton, 1885-1945.

Any champions out there? Churchwomen and churchmen work best. Because America is becoming more adverse to God’s edicts with every passing day. There is no hope for America, apart from a championship effort to starve off the inevitable through the preaching of the gospel.

Humpty Dumpty Father’s Day

Pithy rhymes have a way of capturing occurrences; often in mocking fashion. Centuries ago the phrase, “Humpty Dumpty,” was used to mock fat people. Then an event occurred in history to tell another pithy rhyme in mocking fashion. As two armies massed for battle upon a lofty hill. One led by King Richard 111 of England, the hunched backed monarch. Opposed by Henry Tudor, head of the house of Lancaster. To battle for the kingship of England. King Richard sat posed upon his horse,Wall, directing his troops war efforts. When he fell from his horse, and what a great fall it was. Because he was immediately surrounded by enemy troops. There he was butchered with his body hacked to pieces. Despite the valiant efforts of all Kings horses with rushing soldiers upon them. From that incident came the emergence of the rhyme, Humpty Dumpty often seen egg shaped mocking the hunch backed monarch. And today shared with little children, as a humorous cartooning of a rhyme. Little do the children know the symbolism of this pithy rhyme. So here we go:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall;
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the King’s horses
And all the Kings men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again!

Maybe not hunched backed, nor sitting upon a horse, but certainly ridiculed. The Humpty Dumpty mocked this time, were the Republican party candidates McCain then Romney. With both, having had great falls. And all the Kings men, could not put McCain or Romney back together again.

Then new conqueror emerged, the Democratic parties valiant crusader, Barack Obama. He too fell! And all the Kings men, though trying, will not be able to save him. But the deeper concern should be, can America survive when his failed presidency ends? Clinton or Bush, God help America.

Debt ceiling Secrets

What you are about to read is a crisis that never was, but became one, that was not necessary. A little truth telling would have spared the public considerable anxiety. But the politicians waged an unnecessary campaign attempting to persuade the public that their party was better at governing the nation than the other, called gamesmenship or oneupmenship.

“How America got itself into the debt crisis.” By Zachery A Goldfarb, Washington Post and published in the St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Edition. Sunday, 31 July 2011.

The United States isn’t broke. The government collects $2 trillion in tax revenue a year and has been able to borrow even more at very low interest rates.

Beyond government, U.S. companies led by giants such as Apple and General Electric have saved nearly $2 trillion at home and $1 trillion more overseas. U.S. banks have up to $2 trillion available to lend. Yet the U.S. government confronts  a debt crisis, and fears  are mounting about a possible default. How can that be?

The answer comes down to the math.

While the U.S. government’s $14.3 trillion debt is an eye popping figure, the country has plenty of resources. It’s just that over the years Americans and their leaders have chosen not to tap them to pay the government’s growing bills. So the United States could be deemed an international deadbeat for a debt load that it has the financial wherewithal to pay off.

Consider the government’s debt. Almost half, or $6 trillion, trillion is money the government doesn’t owe anyone but itself, for instance to the Federal Reserve or Social Security. An additional $3.9 trillion is owed to U.S. Investors, investment funds and companies.

So what does the government owe to the rest of the world?

It’s about $4.4 trillion. But when the government, U.S. businesses and individuals are taken together, the country as a whole owes the rest of the world only a far more modest $2.5 trillion on balance. That’s because of the trillions of dollars that Americans have invested in foreign companies, gold and other assets, offsetting much of the debt.

As a share of the country’s total wealth-or of what Americans produce every year-the country’s debt to the world is small. And it has remained constant over the past decade.

The Unites States is a lot like a rich businessman who owns two homes, a yacht and millions of dollars in stock but is in debt because he took out a big loan to buy a private plane.

The United States is a lot a rich businessman who owns two houses, a yacht and millions of dollars in stock but is in debt because he took out a big loan to buy a private plane.

The fellow could always have used some of his wealth, for instance his stock to pay cash for his plane. But he didn’t want to. Now, with the weak economy, he’s finding it hard to pay of the plane simply out of his salary. By putting most of his wealth beyond reach, he has boxed himself in.

Likewise, U.S. politicians have made a value judgment that they shouldn’t tap much of the country’s wealth to pay for government programs. That judgment, in turn, reflects the preference that Americans have expressed over the years for leaving private resources in mostly private hands.

Political leaders have actually reduced taxes-personal and corpora-to some of their lowest levels in generations and carved out a series of loopholes and policies to allow American companies and individuals to save money. And some of this money ends up leaving the country altogether.

Corporations, likewise, have enjoyed preferential tax treatment through a range of loopholes and breaks that allow many large companies to pay far below the 35 percent corporate tax rate. Again, some of these corporate savings end up invested overseas. Money generated by companies abroad isn’t taxed until it is returned to the United States-which companies are loath to do.

Frank Warnock, a professor at Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, said government decided to make major expenditures-such as two wars-without coming up with the money to pay for them. But while the country is flush with assets, it doesn’t mean the government can seize them to pay public debt. “I don’t think you can say there are buckets of money and lets grab it,” Warnock said.

The United States finds itself in a very different situation from Greece, Portugal and other European countries that are struggling with debt and trying to avoid default. These Europeans have far less wiggle room, owing the vast majority of their debts abroad while owning relatively few assets. End Goldfrab.

Then why have the nations politicians painted such a colossal picture of financial ruin? Because, as I have tweeted and said elsewhere, it’s a capital hill game of oneupmenship. Where one side works to make the other side look bad for political gain. Knowing all the time that they will reach a compromise with one side claiming to be the real hero and accusing the other side as being the villain.

And O! how it heats up, NOW, and during the hunt for the White House by all those wanna be presidents. Scrap them all and start over-coming soon.

Hobgoblin’s haunt the U.S.

A fox entered an actor’s house and rummaged through all his properties. Among other things, he found a mask representing a hobgoblin’s head. The work of a talented artist. He took it up in his paws and said, “What a fine head! A pity it has no brains in it.”

Aesop reminds, us that some people of impressive physical appearance are deficient in intellect.

Over time the United States work force has produced a stunning $14.6 trillion in economic productivity for the nation. But they have less to show for it then they should. Because, their government thinks that the workforce has deep pockets. Taking upon itself over the same period to spend more than the work force has produced. We all know that the only way that that can be done is by borrowing money against the productivity of the workforce.

Their productivity, federal economist have tagged as the nations domestic product or GDP. It’s estimated that the federal debt is over $13 trillion or about 89 % of what the workforce produces. That’s up from the GDP for 1988 which was 51 %.

From that, we can see the workforces woes are steadily increasing. The question, what happens when the government borrows 100%  of what the workforce produces. It’s that 11% differential that allows the government to pay interest on our debt. Which according to the U.S Treasury, was a walloping $383 billion for fiscal year 2009.

It’s that 11% differential from the workforces GDP or $14.6 trillion. Against the national debt of $13 trillion which allows for the paying of the interest on our national debt. Once the feds have eaten up that 11% differential, the future of the nation is unknown. Because which one of the nations creditors, like China or Japan. Will lend money to the U.S.with zero dollars in GDP equity?

The whole point is that the feds consisting of democrats and republicans are nothing more then a group of hobgoblin’s with deficient intellects to have allowed themselves to assume so much debt, over the decades. Each party blames the other, but both are responsible, and both parties share the blame.

Upon us soon will appear the nations mid-term elections. In Florida all the candidates for national, state or local office are hobgoblin’s. Worse then just deficient in intellect but in enough instances ethically and morally decadent. Which one suspects is the same where you live. Forcing this voter, in Florida, not to vote for any of the candidates on the ballet.

If anything is evident, it’s that the nation is in drastic need of change, change of a revolutionary type.

In Florida there are referendums on the ballot. Rule of thumb, vote NO, if its supported or advocated by any government entity. It’s a red flag alert, when the Chamber of Commerce advocates a yes vote. Of course, the same rule applies, when the business community supports a yes vote. But of course the converse is necessary, when they advocate and support a no vote.

They too are of the hobgoblin class. Because these referendums serve the needs of special interest groups aforementioned and not the concerns and interest of the public. And generally speaking, they increase the public debt. Despite the fact  that local communities through out the state don’t have any money.  Reaching the treasuries of the federal and state governments, who promise to pump money into these referendums or constitutional amendments, if they pass. Money not available, unless borrowed, which brings dooms day that much closer to the American workforce.

Around the corner it repeats itself

Alexander Hamilton wrote in his contribution to the Federalist Papers in 1787. It seems to have been reserved to the people of this country. By their conduct and example, to decide the important questions. Whether societies of men are really capable of establishing good government from reflection of choice. Or whether they are forever destined to depend on their political constitutions by accident or force. If there be any truth in that remark, the crisis at which we are arrived may with propriety be regarded  as the era in which that decision is to be made. A wrong election on our part. And it shall be seen from this view, to be considered the general misfortune of mankind.

Obama 1 term President

A series of reasons could be provided, as to why, Obama must be denied a second term. But for this posting, just two will be mentioned. Far more important, is a little know truth, for Americans that is over two hundred years old. And no doubt, has served politicians very well, and could secure a second term for Obama. If it occurs, it’ll be because of that truth.

The U.S. Military reports that its Afghanistan war has claimed 1,099 U.S. troops, as of, 17 July 2010. Which represents the lives of 1,099 people, who should not have died in Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan serves several purposes. It’s about bin-Laden hunting and payback. Coupled with empire building and launching pad, for when the government decides to attack Iran.

This is pretty much accepted among the people. If a national referendum on the wars future was put before the people, the government would have to end the war. Two thousands valued and important lives sacrificed against the will of Americans is why Obama must be denied a second term.

And then, we have Obama’s health care legislation. During the ferocious debate over the administrations approach to reforming health care. It quickly became apparent that all Americans would have to purchase health insurance or pay penalty And just as quickly, opponents to the Obama approach to health care reform labeled it a ‘TAX.’

Foul cried Obama! Out right refusing to to accept any arguments that any financial penalties was equivalent to a ‘TAX.’ In September on ABC news program, ‘This Week.’ President Obama said this, “For us to say that  you have got to take a responsibility to get health insurance is absolutely not a ‘TAX’ increase.” Finally after a spirited debate be the shows host, George Stephanopoulos, who said, “The penalty appeared to fit the dictionary definition of a ‘TAX.” The President exploded, saying, “I absolutely reject that notion!”

Now that the bird is out of the cage. Guess what? The bird has learned to sing a new tune. With the President singing this tune of truth. It’s a ‘Tax!’ With people being forced to report it on their tax returns, as an addition to their income liability. The President is now singing that the penalty is a tax that will raise $4 billion in new revenues in a few years. Which according to Obama, falls under the Congressional power to impose taxes for the general welfare of the people. With the administration bluntly announcing that the taxes will be collected through the Internal Revenue Service.

So what does this make President Obama? A talented bird, who learns to sing different tunes quickly or a liar. BOTH, and another reason reason why Obama must be denied a second term.

Here is what allows politicians like Obama to deceive and lie to the public and get away with it. For they know this truth from a very different time but applicable today. “… and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed…,” THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, July 4, 1776.

Maybe not this time, but it’s difficult because Americans are accustomed to suffer evils while ills are sufferable. By exchanging one presidential deceiver and liar for another. O honest Abe, if you could visit us again, a nation would be great full.

Clowns at a Circus our Congress

Unless one is sleep walking, it’s pretty hard not to notice that the halls of congress are ripe with congressional discontent.

Today, a historical day, as Obama’s bipartisan health care summit swings into action. Don’t expect anything significant to emerge from this summit that will benefit the people. Unless the people swing into action.

In the senate a movement has emerged to secure a public option to health care reform. Through what is called, ‘budget reconciliation’ which requires a simple majority of 51 votes. So far 23 democratic senators have publicly signed in support of a public option. So call your senator and urge them to get on board. I have called Senator Nelson of Florida, who is undecided urging him to sign on publicly. Call you senator! It’s the only way the people have any chance for meaningful health care reform. But the man who said, “yes we can,” President Obama, doesn’t support a public option. Saying it lacks ‘political support’. Wonder why? Find out from the following.

The congress finds itself in a very precarious situation because they have to do a juggling act, like clowns in a circus. This acrobatic act of using their left hand, representing the people, is to give the people a **single payer health plan which most Americans want** Which means that it’s their sworn duty to legislate such Health Care Reform into law. Because we have a government by the people, for the people, according to our Declaration of Independence. And not a government, for the government which is really what exist today. A collection of self serving amusing circus buffoons, at best. But on the bright side, it’s the best circus act on stage. Giving us the electorate, the only logical reason for the country being in such a mess.

Here’s part of the problem. These acrobatic clowns using their right hand, as they serve their masters, the health care industry. Who have invested millions in congressional re-election campaigns. With the largest benefactor from the health care industry generosity, or as I prefer, corporate bribing. Shouting to the congress in like manner, ‘see it our way’ or plan your exit from the congress. They bow in surrender because they have no real talent for governance. Apart from sticking together and getting re-elected. It’s also why they become lobbyist where truth telling isn’t a prerequisite for employment. There they have the opportunity to perpetuate the nothingness of congress. Where someday, the sooner the better, Clown, Max Baucus, D-MT, is sure to find successful employment. But for now his place as circus ring master of the Senate Committee on Finance is secure. Because he has accepted his millions from the health care industry, and promised nothing will damage their profit margins, even if it cost American’s their lives. After all, what’s a life, when you’re the circus ring master.

And of course, Baucas, Clown of the Senate Committee on Finance, has plenty of help. With the likes of GOP clown leader, Mitch McConnell, R-Ky, who argues that Americans have the best and most affordable health care in the world. And since it’s not broken, there is no reason to fix it. Also arguing any kind of reform would hurt the economy. The good clown, and his colleagues must be working to hard on their juggling act. As they clown around to be acceptable buffoons in the circus arena of acrobatics for their corporate masters. Because studies have shown, that a major reason for the nations economic troubles is the result of a broken down health care system. Where profits in health care supersedes patient care. That is the way of congressional economics across the spectrum of corporate greed. When it comes to the needs of the people, who are over taxed, under payed, but are expected to pay more for health care. Enuf America enuf!! Got to get rid of this administration and its congress, one player at a time.

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Up Front:In their Face

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf,” George Orwell. Some say that was an Orwellian diagnoses in behalf of the American people for national security. With Americans filling that prescription by giving the government a blank check for war making.

But it seems Americans aren’t sleeping as well anymore. Their economy has long ago tanked. Unemployment plagues many. People with families have lost their heath insurance. The prized jewel of the American dream; home ownership, has also tanked. And the news keeps getting worse public school funding has taken some hard hits. The once affordable college education is no longer affordable. With people beginning to take notice that their cities infrastructures are crumbling. Cities and states are threatening to cut essential services even further because they can’t balance their budgets. Because their rainy day slush funds have evaporated in order to meet budget short falls. And the only future many are being able to see, is no future. All that topped of with seniors discovering recently that they would not be getting a social security cost of living increase for 2010.

Yet big daddy in Washington wants to continue to get up front and in their faces in Afghanistan. Obama says, war making in Afghanistan is in our national interest. Afghanistan is not about national interest, it’s about Osama bin Laden. Who may, or my not, be in Afghanistan, according to U.S. intelligence.

And at a cost, of at least one trillion dollars in future costs over the next ten years. The same cost for Obama’ health care reform. Will congress fight that cost with the same savageness as they are doing with health care reform? With Obama’ troop surge of 30,000 more troops, plus support apparatuses like equipment, costing $1billion a year. According to the Washington Post, “Congress: How to pay for the plan, 02 Dec. 09.

Just think how much that war money could buy for Americans here at home All those very tangible hurts mentioned above. Could get a good dose of fix-um-up-medicine from having one prescription canceled and another one filed.

The nation really needs to send those tough guys in Washington a message. Get out of Afghanistan, your not wanted there by Afghans or Americans! Then maybe Americans can go back to sleeping peaceably again. Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, put it this way, “The people of Afghanistan don’t want to be saved by us, they want to be saved from us.” So we have one vote against the war. Why not write your congressional representatives in the house, and senate? And tell them not to fund the Obama troop surge. I did, and every protesters voice counts. It gives people like Kucinich, the ammunition needed for saber-rattling the peoples displeasure with their war.

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The Swiss way:When gov’t says no do it

It’s the month of December. The month of glad tidings and good news. With the Swiss people giving the world, a perfect tiding of good news. By a referendum vote of nearly 60%, the voters said no to the construction of Muslim minarets. A minaret is a revolving tower attached to the top of a mosque. Which serves the function of calling Muslims to prayer. The electorates opposition to those prayer towers is that they symbolize a ‘political religious claim to power.’ Right on! Because Islam is mostly about political power gained through the image of religion. And the world has the proof from their own sacred, and honored prophet Muhammad. Who set their political agenda forever, when he said in his farewell address to the world in March 632. Saying, “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah.'”

Switzerland a nation of 7.5 million people has an unpleasant relationship with Muslims within their nation. As does everyone, in all nations, wherever a Muslim is found. Even in Arab/Muslim lands with each other. Pick any nation, and show the world where the people there are not in an unpleasant relationship with the Muslim community.

They can’t help themselves because it’s the way they are born. We get this truth from the only book that provides truth, the Bible, God’s Holy Word. Case in point, “you shall call his name Ishmael.” “And he will be a wild man, and his hand will be against every man’s hand, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren,” Genesis 16:11-12.

Those who have the most to lose, like Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz in a vedio broadcast said this, “Muslims should be able to practice their religion and have access to minarets in Switzerland too. But the call of the muezzin (person who calls Muslims to prayer) will not sound here.” Meaning of course if he wasn’t successful in persuading voters to defeat the referendum. Which to the glory of God, he wasn’t.

Just a quick observation, the West is always defending Muslims, when Christian crusaders move to squash Islamic goals. You have to read between the lines because Islam is more of a political movement much like Nazism than a religion like Judaism or Christianity. Furthermore, In Islamic nations it’s pretty much a death sentence to be a Christian. So publicly for a Islamic official to advocate rights for Christians would also be the kiss of death for him. Islam is a most intolerant political/religious movement which is based upon violence. Or haven’t you noticed the world weeping because of Islamic mayhem? Because should Muslims get their way, non-Muslims like the Swiss president will not even be allowed to run for a political office. That’s another Islamic global fact.

Then the Swiss people have to listen to rhetoric like the following. Switzerland’s Commission Against racism said the campaign defamed Muslims. Stirred up hatred and could threaten public peace. He was making reference to a campaign poster. In which the poster depicts a burqa-clad woman against a background of a Swiss flag upon which several minarets resembling missiles are erected. Sparking an uproar of protest from Muslims and their Islamic sympathizers. One wonders why? Because blowing up people, who do not agree with them is a standard Islamic tactic. But before that will occur, the death threats will echo. Another Islamic tactic to encourage compliance with their wickedness. Watch for such eruptions to splash across the news wires.

Why is it that Muslims get away with such behavior? Because they got Lucifer in their corner and more. For the book of truth puts it this way, “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him,” Revelation 12:9.

So cheers to the Swiss for your perfect gift of glad tidings and good news. In time, this is how all this will play out. “The nations were angry, and your wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that you should give reward unto your servants, the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear your name, small and great, and you should destroy them, who destroy the earth,” Revelation 11:18.

God’s speed be with those who will follow the Swiss lead.

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Top Cop hopes to bring down Obama

Neil Sankey, retired Scotland Yard police officer, who specialized in investigating organized crime for nearly two decades. Now has his investigative sights on U.S. president, Barack Obama. But he’s doing it from California, where he operates his own detective agency. His mission is to prove that Barack Obama is not a true American and is ineligible to be president.

He came to a personal realization that Obama just wasn’t who he said he pretended to be. Describing his behavior as extreme even for a democrat. So he started doing some investigating of Obama’s foreign roots. Looking at his questionable birth certificate and rather suspicious multiplicity of social security numbers. Then discovering that the White House had spent $2m to cover up any questions about his birth certificate and the multiplicity of his social security numbers.

That was enough for Sankey to try and block his inauguration. He contacted all 538 electoral college representatives. The people, who formally elect the president. But he discovered that $2m goes along in preventing the public from discovering the truth.

Not deterred by his failure with electoral college. Most recently while carry out an exhaustive search of databases, he found at least 140 different identification numbers and addresses for one named, ‘Barack Obama.’ So what does that prove? According to Sankey, nothing but suspicion, that demands, and will get more investigative time. Because that what good cops do, they get leads and track them down.

Conspiracy theories surrounding Presidents is not new. Such theorists suspected that President Bush, was the organizer of the 9/11 attacks. While president, Clinton had to contend with them, because they thought he had his friend and White House legal adviser, Vince Foster, murdered. But Sankey, is different because he is not focused on what Obama does. But rather, he is focused on who Obama is based upon his citizenship.

He is not alone because Orly Taitz an emigrant from Israel now a Californian. Who is both a dentist and a lawyer, has filed numerous suits in federal courts. Attempting to block troop deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. On the grounds that troops should not be taking orders from an illegally serving commander-in-chief.

President Obama is the only President, who has had his citizenship called into question. And there are those, who say, that people who challenge his citizenship, or his political polices, are plain and simple racists. Which of course is a tactic used to shut down challenges, and inquires about a persons legitimacy to serve along with their political agenda. (source material for Sankey and Taitz from the, as reported by Ed Pilkington, 22 November 09,19:45 hrs, GMT, from New York)

My hope is that people like Neil Sankey and Orly Taitz succeed because the country deserves better than what it’s getting from Obama. And the focus must be on, who Obama is and not on what he does.

For me, that is the question, who is President Obama? I see in him as a President far to sympathetic to Islam and its agenda. I see a President, who sides with Arab/Islamic nations against Israel.

God has spoken clearly about that, when he said, “I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curse you; and in you (Abraham) shall all families of the earth be blessed,” Genesis 12:3. And from the genealogy of Abraham, we have our Judea-Christian relationship with Israel. And the nations long history of support for Israel, has been part of the foundation for American strength and prosperity. Obama is tinkering with that support to the hoots of Muslims everywhere, and Obama loves it.

And Obama’s open support for gay rights, is another prohibition issued by God, and found in Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13. God declares it to be an abomination. We are ordered by God to keep his statutes and not commit any abominations that offends him. Not the nation, nor its people, Leviticus 18:26. The consequences are clear, the nations strength and prosperity will end, Leviticus 18:25 and Leviticus 20:22.

And such prohibitions are carried over to The New Testament in Romans 1:24-27. The nations destiny is pictured in verses 28-31. With this God’s personal condemnation, “Who, knowing the judgment of God, that they who commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same but have pleasure in them that do them,” verse 32. Note ‘worthy of death’ because death in our scriptures does not always mean physical death. It can mean the death of the strength of a nation and its prosperity. Which seems for now, the path the United States is traveling under Obama’ presidency.
And that is what I meant when I said, America, deserves better than what it is getting from Obama. And may God grant it through any means acceptable to his divine judgment. Remember, God gave of himself in his own death, John 10:30. To institute the church, Matthew 16:18, I, Christ will build my church, and upon this rock and the gates of hell will prevail against my church. So a revitalized church can restore the nations strength and prosperity. Or it can continue to sleep, and be held accountable, Revelation 22:12.

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Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha:What it means to Obama

As President Obama, proudly announced to the world, his congratulatory wishes for a successful celebration of Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha. Which is taking place Mecca, Saudi Arabia. A commemoration, according to the President of the shared Abrahamic roots of the worlds major religions. With one of those religions being Islam.

But what he failed to announce, is that Moses in the book of Genesis 16:12, found Islam to be a despicable religion. For he wrote, “And he shall be a wild man; his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell among his brethren.” Who is this wild man? Ishmael, according to verse eleven. And the founder of Islam, and the man Muslims trace their lineage back to.

And how wild, and despicable are these Muslims. Apart from 9/11 and scattered instances up to and including the Fort Hood massacre. Not to omit their global carnage all over Europe, upon non-Muslims and Muslims. Traveling right to the doorsteps of their own lands. Where we’ll find behavior that goes beyond being wild and despicable to being the pure manifestation of evil.

Kanwal Kayum, age 25, had been burned by acid which was thrown in her face. Why? Because she had rejected a marriage proposal.

Then we have the sick instance of then a 15 year old girl, named, Saira Liaqat. She was married to a relative but living with her parents. Based upon an agreement between the families that she remain with them until she completed high school. But the husband insisted that she should live with him, now! Because it didn’t occur, he threw acid on her, severely burning her face. Saira has undergone plastic surgery nine times in an attempt to remove the scars from her face.

Najaf Sultana, at the age of five had her face burnt with acid while sleeping, by her father. Why? Because he didn’t want another girl in the family. Najaf became blind and was abandoned by both parents. Najaf has undergone plastic surgery 15 times attempting to recover from her scars. (source:St. Petersburg Times, Perspective, Sunday, 22 Nov. 2009)

Disgusting for an American president to pay homage to celebrants, who behave globally as wild people and without shame, they exhibit their despicable character.

So why is the President being so congratulatory towards a celebration that’s not American? And, in every sense is non-American. Well for one reason, a relative is there. Having had her expenses paid by the King of Saudi Arabia. And because many Muslim are there from the United States. To celebrate the seven rituals over 5 days, inaugurated by the prophet Muhammad. Who while there said, “I was ordered to fight all men till they say, ‘There is no god but Allah.'”

Maybe the President from a perspective of ignorance, or more likely with full awareness. Knows that the celebrants in Mecca, Saudi Arabia are really celebrating the demise of Israel and the United States.

In America, Thanksgiving is a day set aside for prayer, reflection and praise because of His bountiful provisions. And let us pray that President Obama will be a term President. Then he can return to Indonesia, and practice his religion of Islam. And make plans to journey to Saudi Arabia as a participant of Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha.

Some truths are so simple that they need no explanation, like this one, “By their fruits you shall know them,” Jesus Christ, Matthew 7:20. Jesus in verse 16, asks the question, “Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles?” The Presidents conduct suggest his grapes are full of thorns and his figs thistles. Therefore, not providing anything nutritious. As seems, to be the case with his presidency. It’s lacking substantive nutrition necessary for American safety and prosperity.

Next a cop, who wants to bring down Obama! With some help from a determined woman, who is both a dentist and a lawyer. She’d have to be determined to have doctorates in to very diverse fields.

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The season of ghosts-n-goblins has slipped away with the prize

Festive October, having caused party enthusiasts to reinvigorate themselves. As celebrants of a month, where the brewing of strange things is expected. But it is all make believe, mostly, where houses are haunted, with a ghost or two. Along with some goblins, who might whiz someone away to the underworld. Where the normality of life is forever changed.

This whole Halloween season can be said to be giant exhibition of metaphors. Suggesting the unreal to be very real and in an unusual way that is true. Making “all the world a stage,” Shakespeare, for the brewing of the strangest of things. Where ghost and goblins are whizzing people away to the underworld. While above all seemed secure and invincible just months ago. But that was a Halloween illusion because with this scenario of Halloween. Planet earth is the underground, and the ghosts and goblins are the politicians and their worshipers, who have turned away from God’s solutions for light, growth and prosperity, briefly discussed the last few postings. And now the pay master, is calling in his debt, and woe to the inhabitants of the earth.

But now, whizzing globally through multiple news wires are the politicians. Coming together, and promising to work together to rescue the world from their dimly lit and steamy place where darkness and evil rules. For it is from world capitals, filled with self glorifying politicians, who were easy prey for ghosts and goblins of yesterday. Who whizzed them away to the underworld. And later released them with promises of the peoples glorification of them. As if they themselves, where really the god’s of creation. But there was a catch, they had to promise to send the worlds citizenry to the underworld. And so these politicians brewed some really strange substances that we know have ruined the economy. Brought upon the world community global warming. With the very real threat of global food shortages. A place where wars are endless, despite their promises to make every war the last war. And that is how the ghosts and goblins of darkness hope to expand the underworld.

To cap off this story, lets drift back to memories of old. And take a look at a long forgotten dream for America. It started on an ocean voyage led by John Winthrop. Who was determined to reach the shores of America’s Northeast. Once there, he helped establish what became known as the Massachusetts Bay colony. It was the dream of Winthrop and his associates to create a godly colony that would spread and be observed by the world community. For this to occur America would have to be seen as a *City of Hope* and spread Westward capturing the land for Jesus Christ. But not without shame, for we know the Salem Witch hunts represent some of our horrid history. As does the dehumanizing and senseless slaughter of the lands indigenous Indian population. And of course the dehumanizing of a people through forced servitude to white masters. And nonetheless evil, the immoral brutality inflicted upon women. It is why this clergyman favors four branches of check and balances for America’s disappearing democracy. Which are the checks balanced by the congress against the executive, and the courts against the executive and congress. Leaving the church with the responsibility to make sure the congress executive and courts function according to God’s edicts. And because the church can be all to human, the government is needed to keep the church balanced.

So they lifted, a few metaphors from the book of Matthew which where applicable for the founding of America. And without question applicable, and now crucial for the survival of America. Because a significant part of God’s plan for America is the following, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill can not be hidden,” Matthew 5:14. This is how this city is to survive, “Therefore, whosoever hears these sayings of mine and does them, I will liken him unto a wise person, who built a house upon a rock. And the rain (more metaphors) descended and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon the house, and it fell not; for it was founded upon a rock, Matthew 7:24-25. Those words when applied individually and accepted nationally result in a prosperous people and nation.

America has lost its way, as a people and as a nation. And because America was destined to be that city of hope on a hill. The results are catastrophic America’s ghosts and goblins dragging the nation deeper and deeper into the underworld of despair. Another metaphor pictures the climatic undertow.
“And everyone that hears these sayings of mine, and does not do them, shall be likened unto a foolish man, who built his house upon sand. And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon the house, and it fell; * AND GREAT WAS THE FALL OF IT,* Matthew 7:26-27. America’s fall is having profound consequences for the world community. The question is how many can *feel it,* *see it* and are willing to do something about it? I leave you with this from Joel 2:28, for this clergyman has had his share of visions and dreams, and I fear for the nation. And I fear God because of my many failures, Psalms 18:30. My only hope is my rock, who is my redeemer, Psalms 18:31-32.

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It is more than ghosts-n-goblins-it is worse

There will always be war in Afghanistan and Iraq, as long as there is an American presences in either country. It can be taken further because there will be no peace in the Middle East as long as Israel exists. Even deeper into the tunnel of the unknown. Terrorism by Muslims will increase in the United States, as long as the government supports Israel. And as long as their is any resistance to the dominance of Islam in any non-Muslim country. Two profound books make this very clear, our Holy Bible and Islam’s Holy Qur’an. Even if both religions are figments of ones imagination. With both books being the stuff of wishful thinking, it does not matter. Because millions of practitioners from both Christianity, and Islam believe what their respective books teach.

In this struggle, Islam should prevail for several reasons. First, they have the better war strategy, inspired by their prophet Muhammad. Closing with scores upon scores of Muslims willing to sacrifice their lives for their Islamic cause. While most Christians scoff at the notion of the existence of Islam being a threat of any kind. Having bought into Western governments tag, *Islamic radicalism is the work of a few misguided extremists.* Because of that Christians are without a war plan to preserve either church or country. Lastly few Christians would be willing to sacrifice very much for Jesus, let alone their lives.

Muslims have correctly identified a crippling flaw about Christianity and Western governments. Which is our moral and spiritual decadency, played out with our unrestrained self gratification and self indulgence. Aptly demonstrated with the collapse Wall Street and the banking industry. And equally displayed through out Western societies by the majority citizens. Leaving Christians and Western governments easy pickings for even moderate Muslims. The only difference between moderated, and radical Muslims is that radical Muslims get all the blame and attention for Islamic eruptions. With moderate Muslims being equally dangerous because they walk among Christians as an accepted neighbor. Allowing them to infiltrate freely the infrastructures of business, academics and government. Building one Mosque after another on Western soils which become fortified command centers for fund raising and deadly launching pads for their radical counterparts.

It is a changing world where the complexities of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as forces under God. These three religions at this particular time in our history will determine the future of the world.

It will not be the United States, or some other world body like the European Union or the United Nations. Because politicians and diplomats with an agenda of diplomacy and conquest for political gain, simply do not understand this 21 century paradigm. As it relates, not only to the Middle East, but to the rest of the world and its Islamic problem.

Muslims represent the most imminent threat to global economic security. Fueled by the ignorance of Western governments, and the people who make up those societies through out the world. In addition, Muslims are responsible for the currant global insecurity which will grow like an incurable cancer. Unless the world community, specifically the United States wakes up to save itself from this Islamic menace. But there success will be determined by a revitalized body of believers who represent the church of Jesus Christ. Believers must remember this: the political arena is no substitute for securing God’s blessings upon the United States. A peoples redemption reaching to the highest levels of government streams from the faithfulness of believers to the eternal teachings of Jesus Christ.

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