Dumbness is in a name

On the world stage stood someone dumber than dumb. And dumbness was is in the personage of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Responding to the bloody slaughter of a British soldier by two Muslims using a machete and a meat clever. Saying in defense of Islam, “There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.” Concluding by asserting, “That more Muslims lives have been lost to terror acts than any other religion.”

So lets see, if he got it right about Islam. Along came the birth of a boy. Then the Angel of the Lord said to her, “I will multiply your descendants exceedingly, so that they shall not be counted for multitude.” And the Angel of the LORD said to her, “Behold, you are with child, and you shall bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael. Because, the LORD has heard your affliction. He shall be a wild man; his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s against him. And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.” (Texts:Genesis 16:10-12, NKJV).

Ishmael was the son of Abraham, a birth other then by the woman, who was to to give birth to his heir. Which occurred because Abraham questioned if God would provide him with an heir to inherit the covenant promises He had made to him.

The Arab Muslim world traces their lineage to Ishmael. And from Ishmael, eventually came the birth of a boy. Who would shape Islam to fulfill the wildness of Islam, as prophesied by Moses in Genesis 16:12. The world knows this boy, who became the most reverenced person in Islam, as Muhammad. Muhammad said this, “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah.'” To the Muslim world Muhammad is recognized as a prophet. Because it is accepted that Allah gave him what is considered to be sacred revelations to govern the world under Islam. Those revelations are now contained in a book that is known as the Qur’an. Here is a passage, among many from the Qur’an. “When you meet disbelievers in battle strike them in the neck …. God could have defeated them Himself if He had willed, but His purpose is to trust some of you by means of others. He will not let the deeds of those who are killed for His cause come to nothing.” (Qur’an:Muhammad-Book-47:4).

And echoing Muhammad, and his sacred writings from his Qur’an. The two Muslim butchers who slaughtered a British soldier declared, “We swear by almighty Allah, we will never stop fighting you.”

The Apostle Paul, prophet to the Christian world warned by saying, “Nevertheless what does the scripture say? Cast out the bondwoman (Hagar mother of Ishmael and thus Islam) and her son (Ishmael, father of Islam and the lineage to Muhammad). For the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son (Isaac of the lineage to David to Jesus Christ) of the freewoman (Sarah).” (Texts:Galatians 4:30-31).

So, David Cameron, proves himself to be dumber than dumb. Because he failed to understand the evils of Islam. Supported by the wildness of two Muslim butchers. Who said they slaughtered in accordance to the way of Islam. Drowned in blood by Muhammad’s vocal endorsement. And making it to their war manual, the Qur’an.

David Cameron, and the Christian world should follow Paul’s advice which is cast out Islam.

Cameron got it right, when he said, “More Muslims lives have been lost to terrorist acts than any other religion,” Perfect examples the Syrian debacle and ISSI. And so did the foreseer Moses, when he said Muslims are against each other, and all others.

Why Muslims slaughter

Another voice though gone, did her best to awaken the West to the dangers from Islam. Which she felt, was more dangerous than any other form of despotic tyranny. In death her voice still speaks and here are some of her insights and urgings.

Oriana Fallaci, during her lifetime earned the distinction as a distinguished journalists and author. She died, 15 September 2006. After a lifetime of reporting, and writing on the abuses of power. She gained her preoccupation with the subject having experienced Mussolini’s fascism and the Nazi occupation of Italy.

She saw some parallels between Fascism, Nazism, and Islam. Such a connection made her an instant enemy of Islam. So much so, that the, Italian Islamic Party, ordered her “murdered,” in the name of Allah. Hopefully! Muslims will never gain such power in America to become a powerful political broker. Or even dare to publicly through some Islamic party issue a death order upon an American, as they do through out Europe.

There is only one way to prevent either occurrence which is to collectively organize and shut down their military fortresses which they call mosques. But from which Muslims merge to attack our nation. While the U.S. government stands by, and makes excuses for such attacks. For many, And even a plotted attack, is an open aggression of war. And must be dealt with by our Judeo-Christian community because it’s us they are seeking to destroy. Knowing that when, we are gone the government is theirs.

Sure seems like that fourteenth century Christian Emperor knew what he was talking about. When he argued, “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman.” Another voice centuries old, shouts his warnings! Along with that of Oriana Fallaci, suggesting that wisdom never dies.

They are gone, and the world needs new voices warning people that there is no greater evil than Islam impacting our communities. The Islamic war upon the United States has been ratcheted up a level. When the FBI arrested two men in New York City, Muslims Medunjanin and Abdulmutallab, who were  connected with Muslim Najibullah Zazi, an airport shuttle driver from Aurora, Colorado. Whose specialty was making explosives from hair products and household cleaners for use in bombs in the United States. And when the dust finally settles, it seems likely that the Boston Marathon bombers. Managed to pact their bombs with those ingredients. So what is their connection, and how does that ratcheted up the Islamic war against America? It works this way. They come to America and become naturalized citizens or they are the children of Muslim immigrants. Eventually they find their way to Islamic training camps located in Arab/Muslim lands in who knows how many different countries. Upon returning to the United States they form ‘Sleeper Cells.’ Go to school and and become employed. Then waiting instructions from some Islamic cleric they attack some significant site hoping for the maximum kill.

These kinds of threats, according to agencies like the Homeland Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. They seem to see these operations as probably the most serious threat that the United States faces since 9/11. Authorities inside and outside of government declare that, “A U.S. resident , or someone with a pass port to get into the U.S. is the ‘CROWN JEWEL’ for these terrorist organizations.” We had, Fort Hood, then the Christmas day near fatal crash of Northwest flight 253, with 279 passengers and eleven crew members. All these people associated with these crimes were in one way or another the ‘CROWN JEWELS’ of the Muslim communities. As were the brothers who were responsible for the Boston Marathon massacre.

Though not on our shores, that’s what the London slaughter was about. As two Muslims literally slaughtered a British soldier with a knife and meat clever. And screaming, “We swear by almighty Allah, we will never stop fighting you.” And that’s how the Muslim war in America is being  ratcheted up to a more intensified level. More like what what London and  Europe has experienced for decades. Now it’s coming to the U.S.A., and its time for Americans to put an end to this Islamic menace. Because the government, either will not or can not.

Oriana, found much fault with Islam. She argued that Islam does not allow for freedom of thought. And Islam, does not accept, or tolerate free speech. Ms. Fallaci, was extremely critical of the teachings about women. By the male dominated political religious system of Islam. And so should every American because America has no room for such ideologies.

She feared for her life, and was provided with twenty four police protection. Finally, she fled, and found refuge in the United States. Muslims are relentless with their violence. Most can recall an international incident in 2005 that propelled Muslims to seek the death of one of their critics. Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard because they found his cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed offensive. In 2010, a Somali Muslim attempted to carry out that death sentence. By breaking into the cartoonist home with an ax and a knife. And shouting “Revenge!” and Blood!” What saved the cartoonist and his five year old grand daughter was a reinforced bathroom door where they took refuge. That Muslim, like all Muslims well in time fulfill their destinies as wild and unmanageable people. We get that declaration from our Judeo-Christian scriptures. Where we find these words, “… call his name Ishmael …. And he shall be a WILD MAN; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him …,” Genesis 16:11-12. It is from Ishmael that Muslims trace their lineage. By the way, Denmark tried to deport this Somali Muslim to the sewer he came from, but the court said no!

She saw Islam as a threat to Western civilization. Oriana was a vocal critic also of the West. Which did not bare her many Western friends either. Accusations that the West was drowning in the practice of Anglo Saxon hypocrisy steeped in false politeness. Today we know those diseases as “Multiculturalism” and “Political Correctness.” Ring a bell of truth anywhere out there folks. Voices are needed to replace Oriana’s voice.

She wanted to know why Western governments failed to understand that Islam was determined to silence freedom of thought and free speech in the West. The very foundation for a free society. She accused Europe of having sold its soul to the Islamic invasion. As time passed she would scold Europe for continuing to sell itself to the Islam like a prostitute. Describing Europe as “Eurabia.”

American publications wrote about her, and called her “The Agitator.” Because she claimed Europe was becoming nothing more than a colony of Islamic extremists. Describing the invasion of Islam into the West, as an army of immigrants. Arguing that for now, they will not carry out the acts of terrorism like the West expects. Terrorist acts like blowing up historic landmarks, bridges, roadways, and other such places. They know they can not win that kind of a war. As they have proven, they can immigrant into our cities; and become citizens. With the intent of ignoring our customs and traditions. Muslims, world wide have one goal. That goal is to conquer the West. Then to subjugate the free world to Islam.

She was also a critic of the Roman Catholic church. Whom she accused of failing to stand up to Islam, and expose Islam as a religion whose people “multiply like rats.” And as children of Allah, a people, “who spend their time with their bottoms up in the air, praying five times a day. She meant no disrespect to anyone, but of course, Muslims were offended. What she was attempting to do was wake up the Catholic church and Western society. As to the threat of Islam to Christianity, and Western values and traditions. She knew her remarks would inflame the Muslim world, and the West which she wanted. Islamic clerics ordered her murdered. Italy took action against her. The court charged her with the crime of denigrating Islam.

What she really wanted, was a audience with emeritus Pope Benedict the XV1. Though she was an atheist, she admired this Pope. She felt they shared alarming insights into what the West can expect from this ruthless Islamic invasion. She received her audience with the Pope. Who then went to Germany, to make his infamous speech by Muslim standards which stirred the Muslim world to act violently against Catholics. Resulting in the death of a nun. One wonders, if Pope Francis will ever try to energize his church to see Islam for what it is, pure evil.

What America and the rest of the Western world needs is more AGITATORS like Oriana Fallaci! No Eurabia for America!

We are all different in what we can do. But we all can do something, consider this, “The world is moved not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but by the aggregate pushes by honest workers,” Helen Keller. 1880-1968. Collectively we can destroy this Islamic menace. We must before it destroys us!

How 1947 is impacting 2016

Playing the game, how geopolitics and religious applications steer the course of history.

When did the Muslim rage against the United States begin? According to Aljazeera, in 1947. This rage will continue until the United States comes to grip with the reality of its history. And accepts, the concept for the creation of a new nation in the Middle East. A concept proposed by an American from Boston without endorsement from Muslim nations. But Aljazeera reports, “Would the Muslim world respond to a New Canaan with enough enthusiasm to bring an end to terrorism? I am confident that their positive response would be overwhelming … but there’s an easy way to find out … we would ask them.”

According to Aljazeera, the planes that flew into the World Trade Center in 2001. They were the planes that took of from Boston only in a superficial sense. Boston was just a long lay-over for the planes that took off from New York’s U.N. plaza in 1947. That is the day that the United States forced the United Nations to carve Israel out of Palestine. Making the Palestinians pay for what the Germans did to the Jews in World War 11.

In addition, to stealing Muslims lands for a Jewish state. The United States has been busy committing additional crimes against the Islamic world. Forcing governments to accept the Jewish state as legitimate. Crimes according to Aljazeera that will never be forgiven.

The Arab/Muslim world reports that there is way to end the mounting crisis in the Middle East and the American quagmires through out the region. The way is for the United States to to accept, and support a one state solution for the Israeli/Palestinian problem. It has been suggested that this new state could be called New Canaan. This new nation would be composed of the lands of Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. With the Shaaba Farms be given back to Lebanon. Lands captured from Syria during the 1967 six day war. Syria would take control of the Golan Heights.

It is thought that such a plan would secure the support of the Arab/Muslim world. Including Iran and Muslims in the United States. It is also thought that this would provide an exit for the United States without additional blood shed. For the Palestinians, it would help ease the crimes committed against them. This would result in an instant melt down of the crisis in the Middle East.

In this newly created state of New Canaan, Jews and Palestinians would be instant citizens with equal rights. It is thought that some Jews would not accept such a state. These Jews would move to the United States where citizenship would be immediate.

With such a solution in place the Muslim world would fix Iraq. With trillions saved from the war and the elimination of Home Land Security. The United States could help the Muslim world rebuild Iraq and Palestine. The department of Homeland Security would not be needed because the Muslim world would be at peace with America.

Aljazeera says, “We need to act forthrightly … and soon before the compound interest on the debt … over takes us in the form of terrorism … terrorism that is ultimately … payback … payback from the people who are extremists because they have been driven to extremes … driven to extremes by the craziness of Christian and Jewish belief that there is a god who gave Israel to his Chosen people …the craziness of billions of Christians who think that they get heaven points … when they force the rest of the world to accept Israel.

With that being said, why would the United States or Israel, and those nations referenced accept such a lame brain notion of a New Canaan? For the United States and Israel it would be nothing more than the capitulation to the Qur’an as demanded by Muslim clerics. It’s also a reasonable assumption that the Islamic world would also consider such a plan unacceptable. Because coexistence with Jews is intolerable to the Muslim world, despite the rhetoric aforementioned.

But the bigger problem is the suspicion that, far to many in the West, fail to accept the reality that the world is engaged in a world war with the Arab/Muslim world. But it is not a notion that escapes many in the Muslim community. With some of them living within the United States. Building one mosque after another, as launching pads for deadly attacks upon the United States, when the time is appropriate.

Western governments will not admit to such a scenario because what it would do to the international marketplace. Partly because this is a very differently fought war, the West can promote the propaganda that global terrorism is the work of a few Islamic extremists. Which is sweet sounding music to Muslims nested in cities through out the West. Whose goal is to Islamize the West, as demanded by Muhammad.  Picked up by the revolution launched by Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Khomeini in the 1970’s. Which was said by them to be the result of crimes committed by the United States in the 1950’s.

And it reached America’s door step in Boston, in what has been tagged as the Boston Marathon bombing. It started, so the authorities thought with two brothers, who committed this tragedy. A hideous crime orchestrated and executed by them alone. Not so! Here’s a chance for the feds to start wiping the American slate clean of Muslims. They will not! So more soon!

Governments are not the friends of the governed. Especially when it comes to surgically eradicating a disease diagnosed as Islam. “We the people,” better wake up and accept our constitutional responsibility and fix this problem.

Colliding worlds means disaster

Our world is slowly being given a new face and it is Islamic. Only a renewed church can send this Islamic movement in retreat. Because the world, is on a collision course. Being steered by forces outside of individual or government control. Two forces are propelling themselves with greater and greater velocity. Which can only erupt with greater, and greater global calamity. These forces are represented by good and evil. With the force of good being represented by Christianity, and the force of evil by Islam.

What makes these forces difficult to identify is that they are embodied in nation states. So the world sees global unrest and wars as being between secular states. To a certain degree this is true. But the real danger, of collision will manifest itself more. As Islam moves to make Islamic states out of nations, as they move west. Make no mistake, the United States is in the hunt.

While not a great subject of conversation from the news media, or the heads of western states. That is exactly what is going on in the world today. Because Islam, will not allow states to exist that are not Islamic.

It is by prophetic design. With Israel, the United States as the center piece of many prophecies. Reference to the Jewish state is well documented in the Bible. That is not the case concerning the United States. It is not directly mentioned, but the nation can be traced to historical biblical passages. Which this padre has discussed, during our journeys through biblical prophecy.

The existence of these two nations as a people is in grave danger because of their religion. Which has targeted them for extinction by certain Islamic states and peripheral organizations like ISSI.

President Washington’s America has changed. In 1783 while in Ireland, the President described the goodness of America. He said, “The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and prosecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment.” What the President said was part of what made America the force of good. Its goodness was embodied in a biblical system of ethics. Commonly, known as our Judeo-Christian heritage.

The people who were responsible for creating this force for good should be studied. For a better understanding of our Judeo-Christian history. Which has its bases, in biblical literature.

The west needs, and in particular the United States needs renewed leadership. People who govern from the history of our heritage, but separate from the church.

The church needs to get its act together if the west is going to defeat this Islamic challenge. It is not Christ who has failed, but those of us who name Him as our Lord and Savior, who have failed. To many Christians put on the face of Christ, but have failed to pick up His cross; a requirement for all Christians. A failure to advance the cause of Christ has resulting in the Christian church becoming an institution of mockery, and Christians, a people to be scoffed at, and a source of ridicule.

John, in the book of Revelation said this more than once. Those who have an ear, hear what is said about the church and the future. Perhaps the church at Laodicea is picturesque of our 21 century church, Revelation 3:14-17. The church is a disgrace but with Christ saying, I love the church. Acknowledge My rebuke, and correct your ways in a zealous way, verses 18-19. That is what this prophetic journey will be mostly about. Hear with your ears the prophetic revelations for tomorrow from the distant pass, verses 20-22.

When trying to understand prophetic events, it is important to recognize the character of the historians who wrote about the future. The Bible should be thought of as a unique collection of literature. Written by ordinary people like us, but over a time span of many centuries. Representing a host of different cultures and customs. With very dissimilar agendas, considering the varying times that separated their lives. Yet they were able to put together a prophetic story that reverberates with stunning accuracy.

They wrote about the conflict surrounding Israel as a state which did not exist at the time. Then, the Jews were a collection of tribes just trying to exist. Usually dominated by an opposing kingdom. Swirling around the Jews has been the holy city of Jerusalem. Fast forward to the 21st century with the controversy concerning Israel as a state. That along with the struggle for Jerusalem. Seems to indicate a connection of unusual insight from centuries of prophetic history worth considering as valid forecasting. Especially, as the prophecies show a connection between scriptural history and secular events of today.

Paul wrote that scriptures resulted by inspiration from God. Making those scriptures instructional for life’s experiences. With the intent being that the people of God may know how to do good. The ultimate good is for Christians to respond and protect his church, 2 Timothy 3:16-17. That in itself is the material of a high intensity responsibility which should unite Jewish and Christian communities. Because our common heritage is under siege, by this formidable Islamic surge. Foremost in working together is a respect for our differences because we have so much in common which will allow us to defeat this Islamic menace.

Many historical prophets reveal direct contact with God, or His angels for inspirational direction. Later they recorded their experiences. To what degree of accuracy was this accomplished?

Despite possible reasons for errors based upon perhaps culture, customs, and values during that time. When they recorded, their supernatural revelations. Enough accuracy seems to exists to suggest a predictable historic future. Which should arouse most skeptics, to at least consider the relationship between biblical prophecy and unfolding world events of today.

There is a lot of prophetic material available that never became apart of the canonized Bible.The canonized Bible has been in dispute for centuries. Meaning that mortal powerful people gathered, and determined what constituted the word of God. That along with various translations. Combined with personal agenda’s of powerful politicians. Including corrupt church men leave us with reason to doubt the authenticity of the Bible.

Despite all of those possible barriers for lack of biblical authenticity concerning religion and current events. There is a remarkable correlation between the two. The challenge will be, can we unveil them in a convincing manner? So as to convince a skeptical public wanting to be convinced because they see a world that is becoming unglued.

Good, and evil is seen from the converse position from the Islamic perspective. What Muslims have largely done is to have piggy back upon Jewish And Christian scriptural accounts. Creating an alternative self serving account to challenge the authenticity of our Jewish Christian heritage as dispatched by our scriptures. And those of you, who have read previous discussions know how Islam came into existence in the first place.

But for now a dose of evil, a great evil is over taking not just Israel and America but the rest of the world, also. If there is a devil, it is embodied in Muslim clerics. Who influence people, to do evil as converts to Islam. Because it is demanded by the Qur’an, with the end result of violence being the GARDEN of ETERNITY, the SUPREME TRIUMPH, Qur’an,9:38-40, 61:11-12.

Muslim behavior by such commitment has excluded them from President Washington’s. “Bosom of America.” For the President said, “if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment.” Islam, and Muslims have failed the test.

Recall the criminal complaint against four men, one a Muslim cleric. Charging them with plotting to blow up JFK airport. And the prosecution of Muslim men, plotting to kill American soldiers at Fort Dix. Excludes them from President Washington’s notions about “decency”, “propriety of conduct” as prerequisites for enjoying the “bosom of America.”

One benefit of America’s “bosom is the freedom to practice ones religion. Muslims have violated that privilege with their open call for destruction. Mosques are nothing more than hide outs for Muslims waiting for the right moment to inflict death upon Americans. Today Islam, is the perfect example of the forces of evil working through a local mosque. Waiting for the right moment to strike the innocent.

The Department of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, heightened airport security were designed to protect the nation from the Muslim community. Those people build mosques in our communities. Walk our streets and enjoy the hospitality of the country. Then they allow devils to slip in among them, who share their goals for Islamic conquest. From there they lay plans to attack our institutions, our people with the intent to destroy our nation. Enough is enough America!

Americans need to become informed, and work to expose those Islamic devils. The government needs to be encouraged to close down those havens of iniquity known as mosques. Before there numbers mushroom with the death of Americans, who die is in proportion to there growth.

The odor is foul must be sewer rats

The free world is in great peril. Put in that state by Muslims determined to destroy every society for Allah and his prophet. Only an awaken, and determined public can preserve western culture, and values from those Islamic devils.

Here are some Islamic declarations as to their intent.

“I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah,”’ Prophet Muhammad’s farewell address, March 623.

In that I am an American, and each must understand this for their own country. The most reverences person in the United States Muslim community is the Prophet Muhammad. To offend the Prophet is to offend each Muslim in a very personal way. Resulting in some Muslim cleric, issuing a death warrant for the offender’s life. This can not be allowed to happen upon American soil. The only way to prevent this is to rid the nation of this Muslim menace. Suggestion. Organize and meet in small groups and work developing workable strategies to rid America of its Muslim communities. Failure means the following!

“I shall cross this sea to their islands to pursue them to there remains no one on the face of the earth who does not acknowledge Allah,” Saladin, January 1189.

“We will export our revolution through out the world … until the calls, ‘there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah are echoed all over the world,” Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, 1979. And, the message has not changed.

“I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah, and his prophet Muhammad,” Osama bin Laden, November 2001. (quotations source, Islamic Imperialism: A history, Robert Karish, Introduction, Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 2006. And we Americans felt the burnt of his statement on 9/11. With the nation intercepting additional plots to harm Americans since 9/11. And more are sure to follow, unless Americans act out!

Peacefully, the Jesus way, an eye for eye, tooth for tooth, until all say Jesus is Lord and this earth is His entire kingdom. I think somewhere it is called the great commission. Where Jesus said, “…. all authority is given to me in heaven and earth. Go, you, therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all things, whatsoever, I have commanded you. And Lo! I am with you always, even unto the end of the age,” Matthew 28:18-20.

How important is this commission? The answer is found in Revelation 14:6, “And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue and people.” It is called by some, the Muslim world, and others, American arrogance. Becoming an embarrassment to the government who substituted our commissions language with less arrogance. Preferring the concepts of political correctness and multiculturalism as the way to go. And consequently that is part of the reason for the nations crumbling economic and military standing among the community of nations.

The United Kingdom’s, TV channel 4 purchased a video at a bookshop at the largest mosque in London, the Regents Park mosque. A city in itself with up to 50,000 Muslims swarming there. It demonstrates the hate ideology of bigotry that obsesses Britain’s Muslim’s community.

The Islamic plan is to create small cells within a nation centered around a mosque. The strategy as how to accomplish this has also been discussed. Madness can be triggered over wide assortment of causes. For instance, the Muslim community in India did not like the way the Indian government treated them. Being small in number, they enlisted a Muslim nation to launch an attack upon the people of India. So from Pakistan, in the name of Allah, and his prophet Muhammad came an army of Muslims. Reeking considerable mayhem, injury and death putting the two nations at the brink of war.

Muslim numbers and strength and influence is growing in Great Britain. And when the time is right, Great Britain will become a Islamic state. When that occurs that new Islamic state will have a single, life-time ruler with no opposition party explains the narrator. That statement was captured on film by channel 4 as it went underground to get a better look at Islam inside England. (source by transcript, journalist, Yaakov Lappin).

For most, complacency is our Achilles’ heel so to speak, an using an idiom. Meaning for most putting off until tomorrow what will be disastrous. It applies to individuals right up though to the community of nations. It is the rational that reasons that this annoyance can be put off until later. Always secure in the belief that later, they will get the task accomplished. And, as most know that often occurs. But sometimes at severe consequences and cost.

Sometimes the Western nations are hesitate to take action that might be controversial and offensive to the Muslim community within their nation. That is often good and the way it should be between the constituents and its government. It should not apply to Muslims because of their announced goals which is becoming the free world’s Achilles’ heel.

Here is another part of the transcript from the purchased video from the Regents Park mosque. A young , Saudi trained Muslim cleric, Sheikh Fraiz was seen saying: “Kafir (infidel),” as he drew an imaginary line on his forehead. “The worst word that can ever be written. A sign of infidelity, Disbelief, Filth. The sign of dirt.” The preacher calls Jews “pigs,” and said they would be “killed when the end of the world comes.” These creatures with their buts in the air, noses to the ground. Sniffing quietly around as sewer rats, spreading vermin like things and toxic diseases.

“This creature will say, O! Muslim, behind me is the Jew, come and kill him,” the preacher shouts, before carrying out the impersonation of a pig sound, saying, “all of them,” to the laughter of the audience.

Any religious cleric, who preaches such rhetoric directed at the Jews and the rest of us “infidels” would have to be a creature escaped from hell. Furthermore, any god, prophet, shekh, or followers, must also have found away to escape from hell. In the twenty first century such rhetoric can not be tolerated.

The free world, made up of liberal pluralistic democracies must wake up to this “Achilles’ heel.” Before the consequences, are so severe and to expensive to fix. Knowing what we know about complacency within government. This Muslim menace may not be fixable. So as usual, the task is left up to people. Who value freedom, and the right to choose, or not to choose. Unfortunately, to many will choose the latter. But! that is what it means to be an American. Something that escaped Allah and his messenger Muhammad. Along with the community of world Muslims.

Keep in mind what this British documentary, and the purchased video revealed, is not just the expressions of Britain’s Islamic community. It’s a global strategy promulgated by Allah, his prophet Muhammad, and Islamic clerics, for England, Israel, the United States, and around the globe. And if they can not do it, then they will settle for helping to end this world. Yes, Muslims believe that a spiritual leader will descend upon Jerusalem to end the world as we know it. Another reason not to allow the, Islamic Republic of Iran to get even one nuclear weapon.

Truth known by Donald Trump not Hillary Clinton

What your about to read is unprecedented in world history. Unprecedented because it’s global, resulting in all nations being infested with the cancerous ideology of Islam. Which knows no boundaries, and does not distinguish between Muslims and non-Muslims, until it has swallowed its victims in death. Then this Islamic disease declares itself victorious, and moves on to infect its next victim. Because, that is the biological nature of all cancers, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
And what is to follow, is playing itself out in some community somewhere in the world right now. If not in actuality, then by good fortune because it has been temporarily interrupted. Because that is the best that can be done with any cancer, unless the disease is eradicated. Which should be the primary mission of the world community, and especially our Judeo-Christian world. The only power that can defeat Islam because it’s Christ centered.

Here’s an Islamic episode from history by Muslims in Pakistan which played out this way. Declaring that they launched an attack on the UN World Food offices in Islamabad which killed five people. That is in addition to sixteen other people they killed on another day. Why would they commit such a heinous crime? Especially when the food distribution center fed Muslims, who otherwise would go hungry.

Here is the answer from a Muslim spokesperson, Azam Tariq, who said the UN and foreign aid agencies were “infidels.” He went on to say that the food agency was not in the interest of Muslims. So they sent a Muslim suicide bomber dressed in a military uniform to blow himself up. End result, task accomplished! Because it’s the Muslim way which is mayhem, destruction and murder.

So, who cares in America? Unfortunately not many, after all that kind of madness does not happen in the United States. Except for 9/11, the attempted Fort Dix massacre in 2007, and the shooting massacre by, Muslim Major Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood in 2009. Then at the finish line of the Boston marathon, and more recently in San Bernardino. All of which are becoming a distant memories. I’m here to tell you it will happen more frequently through out the United States. As Muslims, within the United States become greater in numbers. After all, look at the European experience, if you need a history lesson. So it’s time for non-Muslims in America to wake up. And rid ourselves of this cancerous like menace, before it intensifies its claims on America as unstoppable prey. And when Muslims can do that, then the world will belong to Muslims.

Do not allow the voices who chatter the mantras of peace seeking and peace loving Muslims. Asserting that troublesome Islamic slaughter is the behavior of a few radicals. The many, not the few have altered the way commerce is conducted around the world. Go to any airport and there you’ll experience the results of Muslim peace and love. Or watch your freedoms evaporated because of Muslim peace and love.

They are predisposed to violence and can’t help themselves. For that truth is recorded in our holy scriptures which unveils their thirst for violence. In Genesis 16:12, this truth is found, “He shall be a wild man; his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him. And he, shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”

Muslims trace their ancestry to Ishmael, and Genesis 16:12, is referring to Ishmael. The illegitimate son of Abraham, suggesting that Islam is an illegitimate way of life. Damaged from birth, and consequently, infectiously cancerous to everyone it comes into contact with.

The Apostle Paul warned the Church about this Islamic menace. Few listened then and fewer now, one suspects. There Paul was talking about the struggle between Ishmael and Isaac. Or Islam and Christianity, saying, “But as he who was born according to the flesh then persecuted him who was born according to the Spirit, even so it is now.” Asking, “Nevertheless what does the scripture say?” Answering, “Cast out the bondwoman and her son, for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman.” (Scriptural texts:Galatians 4:29-30).

Cardinal Sean O’ Malley

He is part truth and part fiction and in every way a walking contradiction. Who is that person? He is Cardinal Sean O’ Malley, Archbishop of Boston. This is what makes him a walking contradiction.

On Thursdays, 18 April 2013, the Cardinal said at an interfaith service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. Which was designed to help Boston and all of America to come together and heal after the Boston marathon bombing.

The Cardinal said, “We must be a people of reconciliation, not revenge. The crime of two young men must not be the justification for prejudice against Muslims or against immigrants.”

The Cardinal got it right when he said, “We must be a people of reconciliation.” And he was right, when he said, “The Boston bombing was a tragedy. And it must not be the justification for prejudice against immigrants.” The Cardinal got it wrong, when he included Muslims in that statement.

Some truth and some fiction and that’s why he’s a walking contradiction. Here’s why, The Bible declares that unto us is given the ministry of reconciliation. From the only book that matters, this is recorded, “And all things are of God, who has reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation; to wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.” (Texts:2 Corinthians 5:18-19). The only way Muslims can be included in O’ Malley’s statement is if they are reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. And, that’s our job! Are we up to the challenge? Because O’ Malley was saying, reconcile Muslims into our community, as one of us. They are not one of us. Unless they have been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. That lack of reconciliation is what makes Muslims evil.

Muslims are evil because the Bible declares them to be problematic and therefore evil. Moses, inspired by God recorded, “… and shalt bear a son, and shall call his name Ishmael.” Muslims trace their lineage to Ishmael and see him as the father of Islam. “And he will be a wild man; his hand against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.” (Texts:Genesis 16:11-12). A perfect scriptural truism which is easy to prove. Because, it’s so observable globally everyday. Reaching America 9/11, in Boston at their marathon finish line on, 15 April 2013. Then devastating the United States with their San Bernardino massacre on 02 December 2015.

God inspired Paul to warn us to get rid of Islam. What follows is strategically important for understanding our world today. “For it is written, that Abraham had had two sons. The one by a bondwoman.” Hagar the mother of Islam. The other by a freewoman. Sarah Abraham’s wife and the mother of Isaac, who inherited the covenant promises God made with his father, Abraham. But he who was born of the bondwoman was born according to the flesh,but he of the freewoman was through promise. Which things are an symbolic, for these are two covenants. The one from Mount Sinai, which genders to bondage, which is Hagar. For this Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia, and corresponds to Jerusalem which now is in bondage with her children. But the Jerusalem above is free, which is the mother of us all.” Those reconciled unto God through Jesus Christ.

For it is written, “Rejoice, O barren You who do not bear! Break forth and shout, you who are in labor! For the desolate has many more children than she which has a husband.” In the end the Ishmaelites will be the most populace people on the planet. Giving the worlds people reason to cry, and in particular, Jews and Christians. Because, it means even greater Islamic violence.

“Now we, brethren, as Isaac are the children of promise. But, as he who was born after the flesh then persecuted him who was born after the Spirit, even so it is now.” Muslims manifested their persecution of Jews and Christians during 9/11. Again in Boston at the finish line of the cities historic Boston marathon. Then attacking the innocent of San Bernardino. Muslim violence is about replacing our Judeo/Christian heritage, as the worlds answer to God’s covenant promises to Isaac.

The centuries old solution. “Nevertheless what does the scriptures say? Cast out the bondwoman and her son. For the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son the freewoman. So then, brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman, but of the free.” The difference between Islam and Christianity is easily understood. Christianity is of God by promise and Islam is of Satan. God’s historic nemesis through the centuries. And fewer believe that than any other time in American history.

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty by Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” In other words reject O’malley’s call for reconciliation with Muslims. Because, he is a walking in contradiction to the word of God. (Texts:Galatians 4:22-Galatians 5:1. With emphasis through out by this padre).

Somewhat surprised that presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton has not sought Cardinal O’Malley’ endorsement. They share identical positions about Muslims. Clinton took a get out of jail card by declining such endorsement, one suspects, for fear of angering her Muslim constituents.

If elected as president, she plans to extend President Obama’ presidency on all fronts which includes the furtherance of Muslim acceptance nationally and internationally. While denying the nations one time wealth and military superiority through our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Muslim Terror in the United States-How it works

Muslim, Mohammed Hossain, came to the United States from Bangladesh. He became a naturalized U.S. Citizen. Why did Hossain leave Bangladesh and immigrate to the United States? And you can rest assured that there is a striking similarity between Hossain and a host of other Muslim devils. Like the Boston marathon bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, or the San Bernardino  shooters Tashfeen Malik and Rizwan Farook.

The larger question is why do these people flock to our country? Then become determined to remake America to their taste. And even a larger question begs to be answered, why do we Americans allow this to occur? Why not find ways to force these people to return to places like Bangladesh, and Chechen heritage of the Tsarnaev’s. So they can live in the darkness of centuries past. With all of its associated misery. Because once rooted here in the United States, they become an incurable cancer. As Bostonian’s would discovered, on marathon Monday several years ago As did Californian’s more recently from the senseless rampage shootings by Malik and Farook.

It is impossible to know for certain their intentions. We the Christ community of the United States are left to deductive reasoning as to their real intentions. It was certainly not their intentions to leave behind in their Islamic religion, culture, or politics. Rather their intentions were to bring their Islamic religion to our country. Then through their religion, they would attempt to force their Islamic culture and politics upon us. Until we say, there is no god but Allah.

They say that Bangladesh is a democracy with Islam being its state religion. A majority of the population is Muslim. Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists represent other religions throughout the nation. But Bangladesh, is free of Zionism. Islams most despised religion. With Christianity, as its second most despised religion. There one finds a similarity between that devil from Bangladesh and the devils Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Other Muslim devils are sure to imitate Malik and Farook, who hate Jews and Christians. Hoping that random shootings send a clear message, as to their real targets.

Christianity most likely was at the top of brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hate list. Along with assassins and Malik and Farook. So perhaps their marathon bombing and San Bernardino shootings was meant to signal a hate for our Judeo Christian foundation. After all, Muslims complain that Israel only escapes Islamic annihilation because of the United States. Think what that would mean, if Islam became the dominant religion in the United States. After all, Islam is the worlds fastest growing religion. Which includes growth in the United States. And as the dominant religion, they would form the dominant political party. Life would be most difficult for Jews, and Christians should the country fall into predominantly Muslim control. So the West, and particularly the United States, should wake up, and put some restraints on this modern day Muslim genocidal inclined menace.

We are told that the world is facing refugee crisis because of the war in Syria. So why don’t these refugees immigrate to countries like Bangladesh? It would seem that Muslims would find contentment in countries like Bangladesh. A haven for Muslims having what every devout Muslim demands. A nation that recognizes Islam as its state religion. With its jurisprudence based upon Islamic law. There they would enjoy the company of people who share their cultural and political beliefs. And to top things off, no Jews to hate which is a Islamic preoccupation. So it would hold true for Muslim devils featured in this discussion one suspects.

Yet they are driven to come to America. With Mohammed Hossain settling in Albany, New York. There he accomplished several things. He became the owner of a pizzeria. Then the Mohammed Hossain, became the founder of the Masjid As-Salam mosque in Albany. Finally, Mr Mohammed Hossain and Imam Yassin Aref were convicted in a United States Federal Court for supporting terrorism. The federal government charged Mohammed Hossain with 27 crimes. He was convicted on all 27 counts. Imam Yassin Aref was charged with 30 crimes and found guilty of 10 crimes. Both men were sentenced to long prison terms.

These two Muslim devils were found guilty of 37 crimes out of 57 in an indictment that charged them with supporting terrorism. The F.B.I. learned that Imam Yassin Aref had close associations with a known terrorist leader Mullah Krekar while he was in Syria.

Who is Mullah Krekar, some may ask? Quickly concluding, just another person among billions of people without name recognition for most. This is a guy born in Northern Iraq. The founding leader of a Kurdish terrorist organization, Ansar al-Islam, meaning “helpers of Islam.” And he is known as having mentored two al-Qaeda leaders, Usama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri both now dead.  Krekar is credited with being of strategic importance in the development of al-Qaeda’s international perspective of global domination.

Here in the United States, a Muslim from Bangladesh. Who founded a mosque on American soil. Then a Kurdish refugee becomes the spiritual leader of the mosque founded by a naturalized U.S. Citizen. And this Islamic cleric, is associated with Krekar who developed the war strategy for al-Qaeda. Which has as one of it objectives, the destruction of the United States.

If anyone thinks, that these two Islamic terrorist. Convicted in a United States Federal Court, had any other intentions, but to contribute to the furtherance of the goals of al-Qaeda. Then, our deductive reasoning runs in different directions.

So what about the devils Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnave? Most have concluded that they were just an unfortunate pair who were radicalized and made evil. Making the likes of the brothers a constant American threat.

While Americans, anxiously wait for the justice departments ultimate discoveries. Concerning Malik and Farook and their Islamic relationships here in the United States and abroad.

No matter the outcome this is certain. The spin the Obama administration will be that one or two misguided Muslims don’t represent real Islam. To the glee of the greater Islamic community because most Americans will buy that spin hook line and sinker.

But a few of us no better because Muslims have no intentions of integrating themselves into the greater Judeo Christian heritage of America. Which is ever so sadly being disassembled, and declared to be a relic of the past. And it’s why America which was known globally for its exceptionality as a prosperous economic and military power. To use a biblical phrase the land of milk and honey. (text:Exodus 3:8). Signaling a people content and blessed by God. Because it’s recorded, “One man of you shall chase a thousand, for the LORD your God, He it is that fights for you, as He has promised.” (Text:Joshua 23:10). And as America puts such experiences as relics, so will God turn America into a relic.

Exquisite etiquette prerequisite for Muslim terror

Generally speaking, the Muslim community likes to present itself as a people of exquisite etiquette. Appearing to be just nice people, who want what every other person in American wants. Which is life, liberty and justice, but for Muslims it’s an artificial front, as a means to an end. The end result being absolute conformity to Islamic demands in every aspect of American culture.

Muslim behavior is governed by numbers. The greater their numbers in any community will correspond to their demands. They hoard themselves in their military fortresses that they call mosques. When they determine their numbers are large enough to coach conformity, they emerge to strike fear through terror. Niceness being the means while death is the end for non-Muslims. Study world events involving Muslims, and the pattern of niceness turned violet is rather striking.

Muslims in America, are not here wanting life, liberty and justice under God, the American way. They could care less about the American way. It’s the Islamic way through the Quar’an that they demand. Which they will live to die for, as is evident around the world.

Such behavior has been evident through out Europe, especially in France, Great Britain and Norway. Where their sheer numbers are enabling jihadist to emerge from Mosques with deadly force. When said countries, refuse to make concessions as demanded.

Americans can expect the same patterns to engulf the nation. It’s just a matter of time before the United States feels the European experience. But for now, their trump card remains exquisite etiquette.

What other patterns could emerge from Muslims. Who are ordered by the Qur’an to avoid friendships with non-Muslims. While at the same time being ordered to fight non-Muslims to their deaths. In civilized societies, treaties represents friendships between people and nations. Here is what the Quar’an teaches about such friendships and you! “The worst creatures in the sight of Allah are those who reject him (Allah) and who will not believe; who, wherever you make a treaty with them, break it, for they do not fear Allah. If you meet them in battle, make a fearsome example of them to those who come after them, so that they may take heed,” Qur’an book 8:53-57.

It’s from those verses where we learn that when Muslims do battle with non-Muslims. Fearsome examples are to be made of them. To the extent of embedding Islamic terror in their consciousness. That eventually societies will do any thing asked of them in order to avoid future thrashings.

What is to be learned is that there are different ways to extract fearsome battles scares upon those of us, who are non-Muslims. With one mode of battle being through exquisite etiquette. Which works this way, they blend themselves into communities with politeness while staying a comfortable distance. With Muslim children multiplying like mosquitoes upon stagnant water. Hoping that by their sheer numbers the battles to Islamitize the nation will require less violence. And of course, the Islamic cause is richly advanced, by the numbers of Islamic immigrants that keep coming to America by the thousands.

They work like ants building ant hills of military fortresses that dot the American landscape as mosques. Working quietly and secretly pretending to build those fortresses as centers of worship. When they are fortresses for war, enabling them at any given time to sweep across a community with devastating precession of violence. And then, retreat quickly to their ant hills. And as quickly, emerge condemning the insane violent behavior of a few. Pointing out that they don’t represent Islam. But those worker ants live, work and survive as one colony. A Muslim is a Muslim making them all dangerous. Don’t be tricked by their exquisite etiquette because it could mean your death.

How can it be any other way? When Islam teaches that lifestyles other than those sanctioned by the Qur’an represents decadency. Here we are talking about more than just dress and sexual preferences. It includes a primitive legal system, the confining of the function of woman in society back to the dark ages and completely redefining how commerce functions. With Islam not being an option to practice or reject, as it is in America today.

Our non-Muslim community here in America better wake up. Because shahadat or martyrdom by suicide bombers will sooner than latter knock on the American door step. As it has rocked, numerous communities around the world on a daily bases.

Concerned citizens might want to engage knowledge Jews and Christians in discussion type lectures. Who can teach the ins and outs about Islam and the threat it presents. With the ultimate end of ridding our selves of this Islamic menace. Interested? Hope so! Do a web search, and invite them, and learn how to kick start your Islamic eradication process.

Muslims traversing the land sheltered by menacing mosques

A history, and why there will be more Islamic carnage beyond 9/11, Fort Hood, the near fatal tragedy of flight 523 and the Boston marathon bombing.

Americans, and the world community learned of a major plot by Muslims, to attack New York City. One plotter, a Muslim American, another a Muslim cleric.

That followed on the heels of a disrupted plot by the FBI. By another group of Muslims, attempting to attack the army’s Fort Dix, New Jersey compound. Hoping to kill as many American soldiers as possible.

Then another target, New York’s JFK airport. An airport that provides service for nearly 50 million passengers yearly. On a daily bases, more than 1,000 flights depart daily. One of the defendants provided the authorities with this rational. Blowing up JFK would devastate the United states economy. While striking a blow into the psychic of Americans because JFK was an idol.

That statement is key to understanding Muslim behavior in the United States. I don’t know about striking a blow into the American psychic. But devastating the U.S. economy, there is no doubt. That with the billions having mushroomed into trillions, we the taxpayers are the recipient of that devastation. A major contributor to the banking and Wall Street collapse. But the government would never admit that because of fear. Fearing that the Americans would take their wrath out on those menacing Muslims. Who traverse the land sheltered by military fortresses that they call mosques.

And with just cause American’s should engage themselves in a self study of Islam. Then act upon that study to inform family, friends and politicians of the threat Islam brings to America.

Message for Secretary Kerry and like minded ilk

Playing the game, how geopolitics and religious applications steer the course of history.

When did the Muslim rage against the United States begin? Some say, in 1947. Saying this rage will continue unabated, until the United States comes to grip with the reality of its history. And accepts, the concept for the creation of a new nation in the Middle East. Like a new nation called, New Canaan. Some say it would create enough enthusiasm to bring an end to terrorism

It is thought that the planes that flew into the World Trade Center in 2001. They were the planes that took of from Boston, only in a superficial sense. Boston was just a long lay-over for the planes that took off from New York’s, U.N. plaza in 1947. That is the day that the United States forced the United Nations to carve Israel out of Palestine. Making the Palestinians pay for what the Germans did to the Jews in World War 11.

In addition, to stealing Muslim lands for a Jewish state. The United States has been busy committing additional crimes against the Islamic world. Forcing governments to accept the Jewish state as legitimate. Crimes the Arab/Muslim world say will never be forgiven.

Some Arab/Muslims report that there is a way to end the mounting crisis in the Middle East. Along with the American quagmires through out the Muslim world. The way is for the United States to accept, and support a one state solution for the Israeli/Palestinian problem. It has been suggested that this new state could be called, New Canaan. This new nation would be composed of the lands of Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel. With the Shaaba Farms be given back to Lebanon. ( land captured from Syria during the 1967 six day war) Syria would take control of the Golan Heights. If Syria survives its own quagmire, as the Syrians seemed to be on their way to fulfilling a prophecy issued by Isaiah. Which declares, “The burden against Damascus. “Behold!” “Damascus will cease from being a city, and will be a ruinous heap.” And who, allowed Isaiah to prophecy that ruination? The very God, who said, “The kingdom of Damascus, and the remnant of Syria; they will be as glory of the children of Israel,” says the LORD of hosts. (Texts:Isaiah 17:1;3b).

It is thought that such a plan would secure sufficient support from the major powers in the Arab/Muslim world. That it would provide an exit for the United States from the region without additional blood shed. For the Palestinians, it would help ease the crimes committed against them. This would result in an instant melt down of the crisis through out the Arab/Muslim world. Because the regions primary instigator of melding in the affairs of the Arab/Muslim world would agree to cease such behaviors and make reparations for their crimes.

In this newly created state of New Canaan, Jews and Palestinians would be instant citizens with equal rights. It is thought that some Jews would not accept such a state. These Jews would move to the United States where citizenship would be immediate.

With such a solution in place the Muslim world would fix Iraq and Afghanistan. With the trillions saved from the war and the elimination of the Home Land Security. The United States could help the Muslim world rebuild Iraq and Palestine. The department of Homeland Security would not be needed because the Muslim world would be at peace with America.

Advocates of such thinking see a need for urgency. Saying, “We need to act forthrightly… and soon before the compound interest on the debt … over takes us in the form of terrorism … terrorism that is ultimately … payback… payback from the people who are extremists because they have been driven to extremes … driven to extremes by the craziness of the Christians and Jewish belief that there is a God who gave Israel to his Chosen people … the craziness of 2 billion Christians who think that they get heaven points … when they force the rest of the world to accept Israel.”

With all that being said, why would the United States, Israel, and those nations referenced accept such a lame brain notion of a New Canaan? For the United States and Israel it would be nothing more than the capitulation to the Qur’an, as demanded by Muslim clerics. It seems that the Islamic world would also consider such a plan as unacceptable. Because coexistence with Jews is intolerable to the Muslim world, despite the rhetoric.

But the bigger problem is the suspicion that, far to many in the West fail to accept the reality that the world is engaged in a World War. But it is not a notion that escapes many in the Muslim community. With some of them living within the United States. Building one mosque after another, as launching pads for deadly attacks upon the United States, when the time is appropriate.

Western governments will not admit to such a scenario because of what it would do the international marketplace. Because this a very differently fought war, the West can promote the propaganda that global terrorism is the work of a few Islamic extremists. Which must be sweet sounding music, to the likes of the Osama bin Laden’s. And for the adherents of the Iranian revolution, launched by Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Khomeini, in the 1970’s. Which was the result of crimes committed by the United States in the 1950’s.

And unnoticed occurrence by most, is an every day happening in our public schools. Young bin Laden’s and Khomeini’s are being educated in our schools. With some being released on Friday’s to go to a Mosque for Friday prayers. But tossed into the mix is the superiority of Islam which is destined to rule America and the world. Time bombs waiting to be exploded.

Governments are not the friends of the governed. They lie, and commit unspeakable crimes. For which, the innocent people of the world ultimately must endure as “pay back.” In the United States, “We the People” better wake up, and accept our constitutional responsibility, and fix this problem.

Protect your gun rights

Frankly speaking, as for myself, I need heavy firepower, like that of an armored vehicle with massive destructive power. Why? Because I’m convinced that President Obama, at best is a Muslim sympathizer, and at worse, a devout practicing Muslim. Whose end game, is to see the United States ruled by Islamic jurisprudence.

The best weapons are the apparent harmless ones. Like his deadly Muslim immigration polices. It needs to end! Presidential candidates like Trump and Cruz need to mobilize the voters to make it happen. If we fail, what’s appears harmless will become harmful to our death.

We need blogger’s, each, who have some truth to share. In order to offset untruths peddled to us by Obama and his hit men. Through the uniforms of ABC; CBS; NBC; NPR; CNN; New York Times; Time and Newsweek magazines and the list is endless. The press is no longer free because it must cater to the whims of Obama. And we the people aren’t free because politicians and judges have rendered our constitution to sub sets of federal laws making the constitution into something it was never meant to be.

Today on NPR, I heard this crap talk more than once. “If Americans don’t support Muslim immigration, than we risk offending the many good Muslims here. Making it much easier for them to become radicalized by ISSI.

What such pundits don’t understand is that their war manual, the Quran demands their radicalization. And now they have Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi providing them with the means and ways. Watch out world and in particular the United States. Defend yourself. Defend your country. So that your family and friends will have an America to enjoy.

Hell holes called Mosques

France did the smart thing by closing 5 Mosques because they severed as military fortresses to attack the people within Paris, France. If Obama was smart, he’d do the same thing for the same reason, from shore to shinning shore, all across America

He isn’t smart, so Christendom will have to start the process. For your viewing, “Obsession,” it’s the DVD that presidential candidate Clinton says caused the Islamic attack upon our embassy in Libya. Arrangements made through the contact tab. For authentic info, GOOGLE IT!

Muslims don’t want the DVD shown because it unveils the truth about Islam. Arrange to see It! Because most Americans, aren’t savvy to the real threat Muslims pose to the United States.

No place like a desert 4 a muslim

A young Arab/Muslim asks his father. What’s this weird hat we are wearing? It’s a ‘checkia’ because it protects our heads from the sweltering heat in the desert. And what is this type of clothing that we are wearing? It’s a ‘djbellah’ because it protects our body from the soaring temperatures in the desert. And what about these ugly shoes that we have on our feet? These are ‘babouchers’ which keep us from burning our feet when crossing the hot, blistering sands of the desert.

Tell me, Papa? Yes my son? You know that there’s no desert in Dearborn, Michigan, right? (source unknown)

While the  title is a play on words with the intro a short parody. It really is serious stuff because Muslims do not belong in America. It’s God’s country! If Americans don’t wake up, and rid itself of its Muslim population. America will look more Islamic then its God intended purpose. The early settlers inspired to flee the religious persecutions of Europe. Embarked on a two month journey across the Atlantic Ocean. But they needed a source of inspiration to keep them focused, as they crossed the sometimes cruel and treacherous Atlantic. So this scriptural verse gave them the courage and strength needed. “But now they desired a better, that is, heavenly country. Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them,” Hebrews 11:16. The moment they stepped of the Mayflower and touched the shore line. The City of God was born. Riddled with tragedies, YES! The fault of man, not God. Enshrined in its God given Preamble to our Constitution is this holy phrase, “in Order to form a more perfect Union.” That was, is, and will the continual to be the American struggle.

But its current struggle, is perhaps its greatest. Because the Muslim American community is determined to destroy the City of God. There is no out right public declaration to that end. The devil is far to subtle than to allow that to happen. You discover it by bits and pieces.

Recall the firing Juan Williams long time news analyst with NPR. Because he crossed the forbidden line of ‘political correctness’ for saying what millions also fear. Here is what he said, “But when I get onto a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried, I get nervous. Now I remember also that when the Times Square bomber was in court. He said the war with Muslims in  America is just beginning. I’m just the first drop of blood. I don’t think there’s any way to get away from these facts.”

SURE THERE IS! It’s C.A.I.R. or Council of American Islamic Relations way. Which is designed to silence free speech. And that’s exactly what they did by intimidating National Public Radio to fire news analyst Juan Williams.

Here is just a little that should be known about C.A.I.R.. It’s an organization with close ties with the (IAP) or Islamic Association for Palestine. The IAP functions in association Hamas.  A public relations and recruitment source in the United States. And as most, know Hamas has been declared a terrorist organization. This trio, CAIR, IAP and Hamas share a common goal which is annihilate Israel and conquer the world for Islam.

Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman is quoted as saying, “I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United Stares to be Islamic sometime in the future,” Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

CAIR founder, Omar Ahmad is on record as saying, “The Koran should be the the highest authority in America.” “Islam isn’t in America to be equal with to any other faith but to become dominant.” Google there names and learn lots more.

Fifty six Islamic states, officially known as, The Organization of the Islamic Conference. Managed to win passage of a United Nations resolution calling  on countries to criminalize speech that ‘defames’ religion. Two nations the Netherlands and Austria have enacted such laws. Such legislation is a back door method of creating sharia law. With its central provision prohibiting speech that is construed as ‘defaming’ Islam or the prophet Mohammad. Such speech is a criminal offense under sharia law and punishable by death.

There is no point in appealing to, or thinking that the government can save the City of God which we solemnly call the United States. It’s up to us, who make up the Body of Christ, His church. Christians need to learn how to act up, so they can act out. Learned from the Art of Warfare, developed by Sun-Tzu. Which in part states, “Be extremely subtle to the point of formlessness. Thereby you can be the director of your opponent’s fate.” There are many ways to win this war against Muslims. One way is through our high school, college and university youth. It just needs a plan to be put in place. For that read the discussion hunkering down, “X marks the Spot.”

And for the not so sure of you out there. Teaching discussions are available discussing the scriptural history of America, as the City of God. All designed to prove that Isaac was the child of promise which eventually led to our City of God. While Isaac’s nemesis Ishmael, the child of the flesh, as the founder of Islam. Who served as the persecutor of Christians during the Apostle Paul’s time and reaching us today. It’s why America is under attack today by Islam. Paul’s advice, “Get rid of Muslims,” Galatians 4:30. This is the stuff of war that Christians need to know.

X marks the spot

Islamic mosques in America present themselves as an unparalleled threat to our national safety. With more than 2000 such institutions corrupting the American landscape. A danger discovered by the Center for Security Policy. As they sent undercover agents into mosques like the Dar al-Hijrah  Islamic Center in the nations capital. To discover the real nature of their business. Discovering their desire to over throw the United States government. And establish an Islamic state governed by sharia law. Islamic clerics there advocate, “jihad quital.” Meaning the Islamic clerics expect devotees of Islam to incite hate and violence against the United States.

Another mosque in the D.C. area, according to the agents for the Center found. That this mosque, the Adam Center, teaches the Islamic theology of Wahhabist. Which is the advocacy, of anti-Semitic and anti-Christian hate. This represents the results discovered by former federal agents working with Center.

Which brought one response from a person in congress. Who said, “We have to many mosques in this country. There are to many people, who are sympathetic to radical Islam. We should be looking at them more carefully,” said Rep. Pete King.

Here is this writers response to Rep. King and a whole lot more. So, hunker down, and put on your thinking caps. Hopefully, you’ll be motivated to do your own research. Arriving at conclusions that will be truly owned by you. And not just the opinions of others, or this writer padre. Owning material about secular findings, and absolutely, there spiritual associations being discussed. Because the secular, gives credence to the spiritual accounts. Understand that relationship because its a jewel of great value. Because it adds credibility to the Bible, making it a trust worthy source of information. Proving to be a powerful tool for the understanding of our world. Giving people an understanding of where history is taking us, from centuries in the past.

I once had an acquittance with a clergyman, who had an associate, who sat in close proximity to this preacher, as he delivered his sermons. Periodically, as the preacher preached, the word ‘amen’ would echo threw the sound system. Earning the associate the nick name of amen Charlie. These discussions do not need any amen Charlies. Because amen Charlies, who mindless agree. Are not going to change the sorry state of affairs which most of these discussions address.

Muslims assume that they have the moral authority to challenge and war against the United States. They already have at least two military bases in the nations capital which they call mosques. With hundreds more scattered across America. They get their moral authority form the Qur’an. Made available to Muslims by their prophet Muhammad, who wrote the Qur’an as Allah directed him. So Muslim scholar’s would have us believe.

Happy hunkering down and come out fighting. Based upon your own research and investigations. Because that is what it is going to take to defeat this Islamic evil which is trapping us within the confines of our own nation. Like innocent ducks swimming in the water. Unsuspecting of the danger lurking from the hunters nest.

And when you concur, a battle is out there to be won. Organize and mobilize for battle. With a determination to see how many ducks can be save, and how many Darth Vader’s  can be slayed. Employing the arts of violence non-violently.

The challenge was to hunker down and come out fighting. What were you doing when hunkered down? Hopefully researching, so the attack is validated. The greatest non-violence weapon to be used is the education of those closest to you. Then expand outward. And the one becomes a few, then the few become many. And gradually, America is made safe.

Fight Allahu Akbar Allah Is Great Is Not So Great

This is a discussion to revolt against your government because Satan the beast is on the move through ISSI to initiate an unstoppable rampages of horror, mayhem and terror never before experienced by the global community. And the global community will be rendered helpless against ISSI. We get a glimpse of this with these sacred words. “Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw the beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns and on his horns ten crowns and on his heads a blasphemous name.” Why is ISSI unstoppable? Seven heads representative of cunning mobility and intelligence. Ten crowns representative unforeseen loyalty and power. And a blasphemous name. Perhaps, “Allahu Akbar,” God Is Great!

Our response is as follows. There was a man born around 6 AD. He was one the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. It is inferred that John was the disciple that Jesus loved more than the other eleven. John was the only disciple who joined the women observing the murder of Jesus by the Romans. (scriptural texts:John 19:25-27. Later we have this discussion recorded between Peter and Jesus. Peter seeing Him, said to Jesus, “But Lord what about this man?” Jesus said to him, “If I will that he remains till I come, what is it that to you? You follow Me.” John is the same disciple whose life Jesus preserved and who wrote the book of Revelation. A direct reference to what was said at the beginning of the the book of Revelation these things are believable, 1:1-2. (scriptural texts:John 21:21-24).

There is no record evidence that John ever disappointed Jesus. Indeed it was just the opposite because he offended the authorities to the point that he was convicted as a criminal and sentenced to spend the rest of his life exiled to lonely island called Patmos. Why? Because John is our brother and companion in tribulation and for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. (scriptural text:Revelation 1:9) John served as the perfect example for us today. So the question is asked, are we up to the task but at a price?

The authorities of all ilks, secular and religious, will tell you don’t revolt. “Let us handle the matter and all will be well.” A number of governors have issued statements saying we will not accept any Syrian refugees. We need a pause in refugee program altogether. With President Obama condemning it by saying it’s not the American way. Islam is the greatest threat to our American way of life. More so than the Nazis ever were! No more refugees period! Did we admit Nazi refugees? No! We wouldn’t admit even Jews fleeing the Nazis. Americans must work to eliminate Islamic war fortresses that called mosques.

Done with no violence! Follow John’s example. In these times of tribulation become exiled, if necessary for preaching the word of God for a testimony of Jesus Christ. That doesn’t mean force can’t be used in self defense. Because Muslims will emerge from their military fortresses to kill us. If the Jewish Christian movement is big enough to get the job done.

Here is a discussion for stepping outside of the established boundaries. If Jesus could do it, so can we. Let no one tell you differently because you got permission from the Man Himself. And as the authorities got mad at Him, so will it be done unto us!

And immediately the man was made well, took up his bed, and walked. And that day was the Sabbath. The Jews therefore said unto him that was cured. And that day was the sabbath. The Jews said unto him who was cured, “It is Sabbath; “it is not lawful for you to carry your bed.” He answered them, “He who made me well, said unto me, ‘Take up your bed and walk?'” But the one who was healed did not who it was, for Jesus had withdrawn, himself because of multitude being in that place.

Afterward Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, “See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto you.”

The man departed, and told the Jews that it was Jesus which had made him well. For this reason the Jews persecuted Jesus, and sought to kill Him because He had done these things on the Sabbath. But Jesus answered them, “My Father has been working until now, and I have been working.” Therefore, the Jews sought sought all the more to kill Him, because He not only had broke the sabbath, but also said that God was His Father, making Himself equal with God.

Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner.” (Scriptural texts:John 5:9-19).

A Christmas tale of truth

So that you may know the truth of the season. Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD GOD had made. (scriptural text:Genesis 3:1). Eighteen words for understanding our yesterdays of havoc and our today’s of turmoil.

Think in terms of what happened the other day in France. When a minority of Muslims staged six simultaneous attacks killing 129 and injuring more than 350 people. Carried out by three highly coordinated Muslim teams, according to French authorities. ISSI the new superpower on the world scene issued a statement calling the attack a “blessed invasion.”

President Obama’s issued a statement saying, “No credible threat to U.S. after Paris.” For Obama and his National Security Council, it’s the stuff fairy tale wishes. Because the FBI has reported that ISSI is recruiting jihadist nation wide. Meaning Muslims can launch an attack anytime they want too. The world is living in fear of ISSI because they know the world powers have been rendered helpless against this satanic evil.

This war with ISSI, and all Muslims world wide is being waged from a perspective of ignorance. Because this war, can only be understood from a biblical perspective. A perspective global leaders soundly reject. Causing most of their people to follow their Pied Piper’s entertaining tunes to their eventual death.

So here’s the truth from the only source that matters. It’s a war that had its beginning in a place called Eden. Giving the world a war between the serpent and his formidable foe Jesus Christ. It revealed as the war of the ages in which evil loses, but not without extracting a cost. God said to the serpent, Satan, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed. He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.” (scriptural text:Genesis 3:15). Exegesis: The woman is Mary the mother of Jesus. The enmity between the two are those who find redemption through Jesus. And the redeemed through Christ, will always bruise his head. While those outside of the redemption of Christ will bruise the heal of Christ and His church, the redeemed. We the redeemed are the seeds of redemption as we evangelize the world. Satan also has his seeds of evil, and right now it appears that the seeds of Satan are prevailing. But ultimately, we know that isn’t so, if the seeds of Christ fight for His cause. Christianity is about be willing to die in order to bruise evils head through Christ.

Enuf of ISSI and our Muslim communities of evil. Time to armor up in defense our Savior’s values. Remember Christ is the dormant germinating seed within us waiting its time to sprout into a new life. And when it does we become capable of bruising the heels of evil. What is His chief weapon? It’s the life sharing transforming explosive power of the gospel. It ends with this explosive experience. “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, they become new creations; old things have passed away; behold, all things become new.” (scriptural text:2 Corinthians 5:17). Nobody ever experienced the newness of life through violence. That’s the difference between Christ and His seeds and Satan and his seeds. For now, Jesus wants us to bear fruit worthy of our salvation through peaceful means. It is so noted in Matthew 3:8, “Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance.” Then we become like John the Baptist, “The voice of one crying in the wilderness. Prepare the way of the LORD; Make His path straight.” The Baptist, and others did so for His first advent. Let us do so for His second advent.

Benghazi and its untold truth

Events swirl and people become confused because they can’t understand world reaction upon the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Killing the U.S Ambassador there and others. Allegedly because of a crude anti-Islamic video.

Why such outrage over an amateur made video whose producer was just an obscure person on the world stage. Without religious or political affiliations. Other than to demonstrate the global threat of Islam. Suddenly this obscure U.S. video makers video is propelled onto the world stage. One would think that such obscurity would make the video a local community event and hardly noticed beyond the city limits from where it was produced. But it became global, why?

ANSWER: It’s the stuff of the supernatural which people need to learn about, if they want to understand world events. Even when it originates from the most unlikely sources. Like from an obscure amateur video maker.

Generally anything about the devil generates curiosity. So here’s some devil stuff that will amuse some, make others angry and spin others into action. Founded upon truth because it’s from the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of God. (scriptural text:Revelation 3:14). Powerful statement from Jesus that His faithful servant was told to write.

So expect to see some very dramatic and dangerous events unfolding as Muslims pound the world with their barbarian behaviors. Showing where these various events that are indeed dramatic and dangerous are leading us.

Everything that is occurring in the world today is of a supernatural struggle that had its origins centuries ago. And can be summed from the book of Galatians 4:22-23, where we find this, “For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by a bondwoman and the other by a freewoman. But he (Ishmael) who was of the bondwoman was born of the flesh, but he (Isaac) was by promise.” Which led to birth of Jesus, who offered eternal life to all through His spilt blood.

As the boys grew, and became adults, they would become shakers and makers of history. Because Ishmael, though an ordinary person by birth, was predestined by God to be an influential person. With the following stamped on the walls of history forever from Genesis 17:20. “… and multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation,” From that promise came what is known as the Ishmaelite tribes that made up the Islamic world engulfing the Middle East and Africa.

But Isaac, was the son of promise, as the son of promise God said, “But my covenant will I establish with Isaac,” Genesis 17:21.This is the difference between Isaac and Ishmael. Both of Abraham’s sons were destined for great mundane accomplishments. But only Isaac, would inherit the spiritual promises God made to Abraham. And that frustrates Muslims, who are determined to snatch the promise and become the worlds savior. It’s the source of Islamic violence. God knew it and said so in Genesis 16:12. Telling the world that Muslims would be wild and violent. A proven fact, as Islamic history moves upon the world stage today.

With the most significant element of the promise being this, “Therefore, the Lord Himself shall give you a sign. BEHOLD! A virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and you shall call his name Immanuel,” Isaiah 7:14. With Immanuel being interpreted is God with us, Matthew 1:23? Yes! “And she shall bring forth a son, and you shall call his name Jesus; for he shall save his people from their sins,” Matthew 1:21.

Those fourteen words would twist that Immanuel promise into a tragic plunge of global disorder. “So then brethren, we are not children of the bondwoman (Ishmael father of Islam), but of the free (Isaac heir to Abraham and the Christ promise),” Galatians 4:31.

Understand that this disorder has manifested itself many times since, 9/11, and the forte that manifested itself in Benghazi is just one such instance. It was not a manufactured spectacle that captured global attention. But rather, the struggle between Ishmael and Isaac. Between the sons of the flesh Muslims, and the sons of promise through God, the Jews and the Christians. So very significant for understanding world events.

Muslims wants that covenant and is using the force of religion to gain it. Of the players involved, Jews, Christians and Muslims. As gifted proprietors of the mundane that they are. In and of themselves, they are not capable of such an offensive to capture the promise or of a defensive capabilities to maintain the promise. Because of the three, only Christendom through Jesus are able reach beyond mundane accomplishments to the spiritual. As the people of promise, who offer Jesus to the world. Offering the only solution for what troubles the world.

Then the conclusion, who the ‘hell’ really cares? Because most Jews, Christians and Muslims don’t see Jesus as the solution. A shape shifting character that we know as Satan that’s who. Because of his shape shifting character, Satan, and his entourage of followers care. Because they all know that Jesus Christ is the answer. So do you think that there could be more truth than fiction to that funny adage, ‘The devil made me do it?’

So engage this padre and discover how all this shape shifting works. As Benghazi, Libya managed to catapulted itself to the four corners of the earth with its attack from the ‘children of the flesh’ And they ALL responded vehemently scolding the maker of that video. Telling us this, when the devil whispers the earth shakes. He will yell again, and the earth will fold in unimaginable disasters, as history progresses upon the world stage.

One interesting aspect about the Benghazi event is that the *sons of the promise* were mostly silent. Maybe because its known that this forte belonged to the Devil and the ‘children of the flesh. Like many others from the past and those still to come.

Knowing also, that the best way to destroy such fleshly shenanigans is through the Word of God. Like what you’re reading. To learn tons more engage this padre in some spirited discussions and leave with better understandings of world events. Including the viewing of that controversial DVD, Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West. To make arrangements click upon the *contact us* tab associated with the navigation link.

Never say no

When you live in a civilized western country like the United States, it’s impossible for most to imagine a time when it could be different. Think twice because under Islamic dominance, meaning by sufficient numbers, it hard to imagine civility ever occurring. Should Islam ever become a political power broker in the United States, lack of civility will increase. Islam in America is well on it’s way with 2 members of the United States Congress being Muslims. And their numbers in congress are sure to grow because most Americans, either don’t care, or do not know anything about Islamic power within any government. For those interested, in having the contents of the aforementioned taught. From the perspective of our Christian scriptures, the Muslim Quar’an along with secular history matched with current events. Then engage this padre in some spirited discussions by clicking upon the ‘contact us’ tab associated with the navigation link.

Here are a few examples of what Americans can expect should Muslims become a dominant influence by their numbers. Advancing or blocking legislation as political power brokers, as part of the government. Then Americans will eventually see enactments of barbaric cruelties occurring in America that routinely occur in Muslim countries. Where honor killings frequently occur because a male was humiliated by a female. Where daughters are subject to marriages arranged by their fathers. And should a couple elope to avoid an arranged marriage. The penalty in Muslim lands is death by stoning. Which is the penalty for sexual improprieties. Where divorce is governed by Islamic law. With women being in subjection to their husbands wishes even in divorce. Meaning women have no rights to the custody of their children or property without the consent of their husbands.

Never say no it can’t happen here. Because that is the universal goal of Muslims everywhere. Because, its been predestined for Muslims by their prophet Muhammad. Who made holy his sanction in March 632, during his farewell address. By saying, “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘there is no god but Allah.'” And that has been the Muslim design for the world ever since. Only to be beaten back and destroyed by their opponents. But always regrouping to fight more battles.

This is the echo from histories long struggles with Muslims. That echo was expressed by Emperor Manuel 11 Paleolgos or Palaiolgos, who said centuries ago, “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” Proven to be true repeatedly because evil knows no other way.

Today Muslims have picked up Muhammad’s command and added this twist to it, “We will export our revolution throughout the world. Until the calls, ‘there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah’ are echoed all over the world,’ Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

And on our sacred lands, Muslims bring their war. Lands destined by God to be America. Through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob to his son Joseph and the great great grandson of Abraham, Manasseh has arrived histories foremost evil, Islam. Determined to remake America in the image of Allah and his prophet Muhammad. For those, who do not know the predestined scriptural history of America. And its premier enemy, Ishmael the father of Islam. Refer to the aforementioned contact information for an awakening journey.

There is no such being as a moderate Muslim which is the propaganda line being fed to Americans. That’s why Americans must continue to deny the establishment of a mosque at Ground Zero. Don’t be fooled by a name change to Park51. It’s just that some Muslims are more timid than others. They are the so called moderates. Islamic clerics know that and it suits their thirst for an Islamic America. Because every time Muslims strike America successfully or not, those timid devils can be heard condemning the violence. When just last night, they congregated together in the same mosques, as those who emerge to attack us.

It’s not just no mosque at Ground Zero but no mosques anywhere in America. It’ll be a hard struggle but Islam has a history of being defeated.

The time is right to learn how to act up so you can act out. Employing the surreal arts as taught by this padre that allows practitioners to non-violently be violent. Riding the lands of Abraham and Jesus of the devils handmaidens, who dwell in military fortresses called mosque. Who, should have no first amendment rights to the practice religion. Because Islam is nothing more than a brutal oppressive military/political system of Islamic laws which is camouflaged as a religion.

Lots to learn with lots to teach, if interested, make contact through the above aforementioned directions.

Wikileaks type secrets

America is sliding into the hell hole of the abyss where the creatures of evil dwell. America had been dragged there by the proxy of its government. And there in the pit of evil, or hell, they took a liking to some very deadly creatures, Muslims. Who had been chained there for centuries for unspeakable evils.

Evil is always crafty, so evil bartered with the Americans promising. That if released, they’d come to America, and remake America the envy of the world that it once was. For politicians, who have only appetites as office holders and glory. Each seeing themselves, as the one instrumental to returning America to what it once was. This barter they couldn’t resist, and agreed. To date its estimate that American politicians have freed about 7 million Muslims from those chains.

These Muslims have crisscrossed the nation and established over 2000 military fortresses that they call houses of worship or mosques. They have over 100 of these fortresses in New York City alone. But the grand fortress is to be built almost next to Ground Zero. That they have proudly tagged, ‘The Cordoba House.’ Meaning Muslim supremacy which shocked President Obama and New York City, emeritus, Mayor Bloomberg. So they quickly whispered in the ears of all the power brokers from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Iran and Hamas. That if word got out about the origins of Cordoba that the advancement of Islam in America could be in jeopardy. And worse yet for the politicians, their careers would be over. Because the public would learn that the $100 million for the construction of ‘The Cordoba House’ was coming from those power brokers. Something all felt must be kept secret. So they quickly gathered, and said scrap ‘Cordoba’ and choose something more American, like Park 51, and so it was done. Which allowed Obama and emeritus Bloomberg to emerge and praise the intentions and goals of Park 51. (read history of ‘Cordoba’ click calendar date, 20 September 2015).

President George Washington clearly established the requirements for coming to America and becoming an American. He laid this out for the world while in Ireland in 1783. Where he described the Goodness of America. He said, “Everybody was welcome to America but it was conditional upon the following behaviors. First you have to earn our American privileges by virtue of ones decency and by ones propriety of conduct.”

Muslims by their lack of decency and propriety of conduct do not merit the enjoyment of American Goodness. Because President Washington was referring to our cultural, ethics and biblical morals binding us together through our Judeo-Christian heritage. Muslims do not value our culture, ethics or our biblical morals. So perfectly crafted by God, to bring Jew and Gentile together in an inseparable bond.

Learn about that inseparable bond because its what once made America the envy of the world. America must return to its roots, if America is to return to what it once was. Because of you you are you can do it. All it requires is self indulgences in the in depth study of the scriptures. Or, you can engage this padre in some spirited discussions on the subject by clicking the ‘contact us’ tab associated with the navigation link.

Instead Muslims are committed to remaking America in the image of their culture, ethics and laws as crafted from their war manual the Qur’an.The Qur’an serves three purposes one of which is how to fight non-Muslims, followed by the necessity to oppress people through oppressive laws. Then using religion to scare people to fear the afterlife experience, if they don’t support fighting non-Muslims and accepting Muslim laws. Islam is not a religion. It’s a militaristic legalistic political system of governess. Ultimately Muslims should be stripped of their religious standing in America. Which would make it must easier to rid the nation of this Islamic menace, and return them chained to pit of hell, from which they emerged.

All that is Islamic is foreign, as to what represents our Judeo-Christian heritage, and what is American. For over two hundred years, people have been coming to America, disagreeing with our Judeo-Christian heritage. But they assimilated themselves into our culture. While honoring their own ethic traditions, without demanding the abolishing of the nations Judeo-Christian heritage, as do Muslims.

With this fixed mind set among Muslims which is to destroy every thing non-Muslim, there is no way the two cultures can abide together in harmony. Which means, our different worlds will collide in disaster. Then the call must be, America, get rid of Muslims within our communities, before they get rid of us!!!

Time to fear and time to act. How many new mosques are springing up in your community, where you live? Along with their Islamic propaganda machines which constantly sputter out falsehoods about the intentions and goals of Islam. With each new mosque, what we value as non-Muslims is put at risk.

Some would have you think that American greatness was the result of American ingenuity. Such thinking is foolishness because it fails to take into account the following. “He gives power to the faint; and to those, who have no might he increases strength. Even the youth shall faint; and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall. But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; the shall mount up with the wings like eagles, they shall run, and not be weary; and the shall not be faint,” Isaiah 40:28-31. That has always been America’s ingenuity and strength.

America has drifted far from her dependence upon our Creator. Secularism, multiculturalism with its peripheral trimmings of greed pride and selfishness. Which has resulted in the sweeping of American dependence upon God under the carpet. America is in need of a great spiritual revival, if she is to regain her rightful place in the world community. And such prominence will be needed, if America is to defeat the forces of Islamic evil. Because Islam was born from evil, and has survived by being evil, and will never rest until evil has prevailed.

People are always impressed by magic but there is nothing magic about the aforementioned verses of Isaiah 40:29-31. It’s the result of a spiritual revival which fills one with the spirit of God. Allowing one to see President Washington’s Goodness of America and the evils of Islam.

There you have it, Julian Assange, type secrets. With this distinction, Wikileaks are mundane and in the long run useless and will change nothing. But what you’ve read is supernatural in origin, (Isaiah 40:29-31)  and therefore, forever useful and can change everything.