2 twinkle what it means

Twinkle twinkle little star-How we wonder, who you are-What follows is some of who I am-So if I sit atop your tree-Think of me forever-cause I got some secrets to share.

Ever wonder, says i, atop ur tree-Why i twinkle the holiday season. It’s all about his birthday, Well u know, no 1 knows his birth date. Cause it’s a family secret. If u modern day guys haven’t gotten the message, then here’s an i opener.

In his day, as well as yours, governments r naughty. So with Mary, and the baby Jesus, in hiding 4 fear that the government would kill him. There had 2 b a way 2 celebrate his birth and sneak 1 past the government. Now there’s a novel challenge 4 his followers 2day.

And there was! U c , says i, twinkling atop your tree. Late December, was the x the Roman government allowed the Romans 2 celebrate Saturnalia. It was a Roman festival in late December to honor the god Saturn. So they did with marvelous festivities 2 celebrate merry making. Complete with banquets and the xchanging of gifts. And 0! How happy Rome was. Cause governments then and 2day keep the focus on the dark side, away from the light. And says i twinkling atop ur tree, so does urs. That u have learned from WikiLeaks a time ago.

And what u have not learned, says i, twinkling atop ur tree. Is that America is God’s city on a hill, and like me a light. To b protected from the darkness. Lots of work to b done celebrators.

But more 2 the point, honoring the God of Saturn, the deity of darkness served us well. And maybe it’ll do the same 4 u. Like us, and 4 u, it’ll take ingenuity and bravery, an in born Jesus trait.

Cas says, i atop ur tree, twinkling. To be a Christ worshiper in those days was dangerous, not like ur day, unless a Muslim devil gets a hold of u. Cause Christians were being vigorously prosecuted by the Romans. Like your government, says i atop ur tree twinkling. Who reveal government secrets, in order to make 4 a better world. And u know, that God frowns upon same sex marriages. And u know, that Jesus doesn’t need gays in his military to keep America safe. And u know, that Muslims have made war against the son of promise, Isaac. Through 2 Jesus 2 us and beyond. And u know, that a safe America must b a Muslim free America, says i twinkling atop ur tree.

Some think this celebration of Saturnalia lasted up 2 a week. Like the celebration of ur Christmas 4 most, says i atop ur tree twinkling. But this twinkler has a message from the family of Christ, revolt! Darkness is sweeping the land and the light is in danger. Don’t let darkness stop my bright twinkle, says Jesus. Because, that’s the Christmas story.

Here’s a secret from my family twinklers. The winter solstice was moving towards the greater light. And says i atop ur tree twinkling Those who knew that a Savior had been born. Also knew that he was the passing of the darkness of the winter solstice, as it  moved towards the light. Cause Saturnalia, was really the celebration of the unconquerable SON. Says i, appreciate this, twinkling atop ur tree. Darkness and death will always give way 2 light and life.

Atop ur tree, i share this secret, twinkling brightly. We did the 25th thing cause we were being vigorously persecuted by the Romans. And light can always use darkness to its advantage. We wanted 2 mark his birth, but the cost was already great. Some of us were beaten, imprisoned, tortured and beheaded. So it was best to slip in among darkness, and thus mock the darkness, by celebrating the birth of our Christ. And another reason, why i twinkle upon ur tree, is that we knew all about merry making. So party u Christ Souldiers, in honor of his birth and triumphs.

Now i know u what 2 know his actual birth date, So very sorry, as i said at the beginning, it’s a family secret. After all, we concluded, more important is 2 concentrate on the Christmas message. Which is to ruin, the darkness by exposing it 2 the light. Go get um, u real people of Christmas. And! Make ur Savior proud.

So now you know, why i want u to remember me 4ever, as i, atop your tree, twinkle. Glory to God cause we have a victory message of light to celebrate. Which will, after some battles, b this 1. “Among the god’s there is none like you. O Lord, neither are there any works like unto your works. All nations, whom you have made shall come and worship you. O Lord, and shall glorify your name,” Psalms 86:8-9.

And as u take me down, and should i manage a twinkle, would u think me just about a burnt out bulb? Hope not, cause twinkling his message is ur job season to season. The Christ way, and darkness b dammed, in all its Saturnalia forms.

Legacy of Christmas and its associated tragedies

Determining the birth date for the baby Jesus is impossible. The Bible does not provide a date for his birth. As the life of Jesus unfolded, revealing him to be a person of astonishing talents. Defying governments, and religious officials, healing the sick, and even returning life to the dead. His murder by the Jews and Romans. Most astonishing his own return to life. Which he said was symbolic to the experience most humans would encounter. But like himself, they would never taste the second death. Because, they too, would be resurrected to life.

For reasons unknown, his followers never marked his birth date. One would have thought, that they would have wanted to commemorate his birth for all posterity. The birth of such an unusual man.

Just as remarkable, nor did any contemporary historians of his time date his birth.

So why the twenty fifth of December? Was there something special about that day? Yes! many think that our celebration of his birth on the twenty fifth is associated with the celebration of the Roman Saturnalia. It was a Roman festival held in late December to honor the God Saturn. The festival was celebrated by merry making of large banquets and the exchange of gifts. Some think that this celebration lasted up to a week. Saturn being associated with darkness and death. The darkness of Saturn was behind the Romans now with the solstice moving towards greater light. Saturnalia was really a celebration of the unconquered sun. Darkness and death would always give way to light and life. It did not matter, if it was associated with farming or human life. Light and life prevailed!

By now, the early Christians were being vigorously persecuted by the Romans. Christians picked the twenty fifth because they could easily celebrate the birth of Christ with great festivity, and not be noticed because of Saturnalia. It was easy for Christians to blend in and celebrate the movement of the sun from darkness to light. Of course they celebrated the advent of Christ as the son of righteousness with all of its associated meanings.

It is thought today that concept of festivity and gift giving among Christians had its roots in that Roman celebration. That is not entirely true. In those days it cost something to be a Christian. Costs like prosecutions, torture, imprisonment, and executions. Executions resulting from your head being removed from the rest of your body. Torture by being placed in the gelatin. With the executioner making sure that the neck was properly placed on the cutting block. Wondering if the cutting blade would gracefully makes its descent without jamming. If it did jam, the executioner would just host the blade back up and try again.

All because the condemned, of that time, professed Christ as Savior and Lord. Savior because they recognized their state of sin. Lord because they renounced their sin, and bore the cause of Christ.

No fashionable clothes or fancy buildings called mega churches today. Because as many as ten thousand may gather at any one time to be entertained. Fine musicals, and talented orators keep the flock faithful. Free from persecutions or prosecutions because of their belief in Christ.

It took a while, but the civil authorities finally wised up. They knew they could not defeat these committed Christians. They knew these Christians would succeed in turning their world up side down and inside out. so they legalized Christianity and today we have a wimpy church.

Rome had made it a crime to be a Christian. Christ was murdered because he violated both civil and religious law. Even in Christ’s time the civil authorities feared Jesus. Today we have a church neither feared or respected my millions. They found no reason to murder him. So they turned him over to the Jews, who did. But the guilt is equally shared by the Romans because they controlled the legal system. And the Romans, could have prevented his murder. Today we Christians could be the controlling authority, if we wanted it bad enough. Thus preventing paganism from sweeping the country.

Making a long story short this what the civil authorities learned. Recognize religion by giving it a prominent place in society. With that recognition comes two results. First, the government has a mechanism for the control of the people. Their old nemesis the Christians. Last, but not least in importance, the state rendered Christians a useless threat to civil rule. Which is really a tragic history, for the church which started around the third century. With each new century making the church a little more ridiculous.

Another tragedy is banging at the door of the church! It is the Muslim community, who will never accept Christianity as having a vital role in their own world. That is what the conflict in the Middle East really boils down to. Turkey, a Muslim state not allowed membership in the Christian European Union. The failed conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq two more examples. Added to the heap an even greater danger, ISSI.

The merging threat to Christian dominance around the Horn of Africa, The conflict between Christian Ethiopia and the Somali Islamic militia. Islam is obsessed with a disease diagnosed as jihad. It is beginning to spread through out the United States. Unless this germ is destroyed, it will render all resemblances of meaningful Christianity to the death of ashes.

In order for there to be any regional peace Christian countries are going to have to abdicate all business as usual in Middle Eastern countries. Get out is the mantra there! Moving to Africa, Ethiopia is a much a Muslim nation as it is Christian. Islamic forces like the Somali Islamists make it impossible for Christians survived there let alone practice Christianity there. That is the goal wherever Muslims are in the majority. And they will succeed despite being told differently by the United States. The most hated government in the world by Muslims. Except for Israel. Think not! That this not the ultimate Islamic goal for Christianity in America.

This object lesson, Americans need to put people in congress, who will pass laws, to get rid of the Muslim presence in the United States. Based upon Paul’s advice to all the churches in Galatia. Paul asked? Nevertheless what does the Scriptures say? “Cast out the bondwoman and her son, (Ishmael), for the bondwoman and her son shall not be heir with the son of the free-woman, (Issac), ” Galatians 4:30; Genesis 21:10. Why? Because, “Now we, brethren, as Isaac are the children of promise. But he, who was born according to the flesh then persecuted him who was born according to the spirit, even so it is now,” Galatians 4:29.
Since we do not know the exact date for the birth of Christ this sheds a little light on how Christmas became so commercialized and neutralized. We Christians need to move away from the darkness of Saturn to the light of the Son. Failure to do so may once again see Christians celebrating the birth of Christ in the shadows of yet another oppressor, Islam.

Black Friday

Ever thought about the origin of Black Friday. Some say the term originated in Philadelphia because of poorly behaved pedestrian and vehicle traffic. As everyone rushed to start their Christmas shopping. Others say the expression was coined because the day after Thanksgiving lunched the business communities journey into the black journals of profits. After being stuck in the red, for most of the year.

Black Friday, is indeed a journey into the black but from a different perspective. Black as not being able to see that the rush to commercialism and consumerism has misplaced what the season is about.

God in his divine providence has seen such scenarios play out on the world scene from many different perspectives over the centuries. For modern America here is how God summed up such folly. Why do the heathen rage, and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and rulers take counsel against the Lord, and against his anointed. Saying, let us break their bonds in pieces, and cast away their cords from us. (Texts:Psalms 2:1-3).

Make no mistake the kings of commercialism have taken counsel against our Lord. And for profits, they will do anything to destroy any awareness that the season should be a time of remembrance of a King born into a world for the forgiveness of sin. And that the people should reflect upon that journey with vigilance. Making things right between themselves, and Jesus, and their neighbors. For the sake of the King of Kings, who said, “But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteous; and all these things shall added unto you.” (Text:Mathew 6:33).

It has been said, he who laughs first doesn’t get the last laugh. And so it is because, “He that sets in the heavens shall laugh. The LORD shall have them in derision. Then he shall speak to them in his wrath, and distress them in his deep displeasure.” (Texts:Psalms 2:4-5). Anything, and everything that breaks asunder the cords that bonds the people to their creator will be distressed. Including the people, who participate in such follies. Look at your America! Because it’s just a faint shadow of what it once was, and that shadow will get longer and darker.

For the faithful in Christ, this is what merry making should be about. Because God said it, “Yet I have set my king on my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree, the LORD has said unto me, You are my Son; today I have begotten you. Ask of me, I shall you give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron; you shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.” (Texts:Psalms 2:6-9). Not to fast, slowly absorb prophecy fulfilled and prophecy waiting. And ponder, will America be dashed in pieces like a potter’s vessel? The answer is forthcoming in another discussion.

Our God is merciful, and with every breath of harshness comes a plea. “Now therefore, be wise, O you kings; be instructed you judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son lest he be angry, and you perish in the way. When his wrath is kindled, but a little. Blessed are those that put their trust in him.” (Texts:Psalms 2:10-12).

In the end, it’s all about choice, whether it’s about commercialism and consumerism and the many other follies designed to destroy the purpose and intention of divine providence.

Obviously, there is nothing inherently wrong with commercialism and consumerism because they are gifts from from God. They become problematic, when selling and buying becomes the means for existence. Denying God his due reverence, as the maker of all avenues for successful selling and buying.

Perhaps another look, with a long reflection upon Matthew 6:33, might be helpful. Allowing God’s spirit, to help, to do, what God yearns to do. Which is to guide the seeker to learn, what needs to be learned. Because seeking the kingdom of God, and his righteousness is a complex walk. And, one is not likely to come upon it by accident.

Celebrating Christmas Everyday

Now that that the Christmas celebration is over for the millions, who observe the day. Mostly from the perspective of *halls decked with holly* and *mistletoe.* Unaware or unwilling to know that Christmas is an every day celebration with the beginning of each new day.

But before going on, it should be understood that I am not opposed to seeing the halls decked with holly. With bright lights flashing with ample mistletoe. I always find it very magical with its impact most relaxing. Merry making is part of life and has a necessary and proper place in our lives because it is a way of recuperation. Although difficult because of work and other responsibilities, people should find time for merry making every day. It’s almost as important as Holly Communion in the rejuvenation of our spirit, from this padre’s perspective. It is that in so many ways, people fail to comprehend the everyday aspects of Christmas. Which is the design of this posting-hoping to provide a glimpse into our Christmas celebration.

And so, hear are some every day aspects of Christmas. With the providence of time, God sent the angel Gabriel to visit a rather ordinary women named Mary. Gabriel made some rather astonishing remarks to Mary. Telling her that she would conceive in her womb a baby. Then the angel told her that she was to name the baby Jesus. Then hearing from Gabriel the greatness of this person. A person who would inherit his father’s (David) not Joesph’s household which plays a significant and often unnoticed place in the Christmas story. Here we have the before Christmas pageant of enormous historical significance impacting us today. First we have the supernatural and natural coming into play together. Joesph plays a surrogate role as provider for his family which includes his son Jesus. As he cares for Mary, and the baby Jesus, as though he was the natural father. Family and responsibility is one of those neglected aspects of Christmas for modern day father’s. Which then, extends beyond Christmas day.

The supernatural always intersects with the natural or human nature. It is that most are unaware of this supernatural/natural phenomenon. Most likely because of a complete lack of interest and because this phenomena moves across our time line of life very slowly. And then at the end, makes a sudden burst to complete the circle of the clock. With it then being to late to benefit from its lessons because of death.

Now the historical, in which Gabriel announcing that Jesus would inherit David’s throne, his father which is a supernatural declaration described in Matthew 1:1. And reigning over the house of Jacob, (Israel) and his kingdom forever which shall have no end. Obviously, this kingdom is a future occurrence. And is a far more complex discussion, one not designed for this discussion. Other than to say that there will be no peace between Israel and the Palestinians which includes the entire Arab Muslim world. Despite the hype which keeps coming from the United States and the nations media conglomerates. The only way the Arab Muslim will ever deny Israel all of Palestine is by force. That is the most likely scenario from the Old Testament prophets. Which will be the historical event, that will trigger the events necessary to return Jesus to the throne of his father David in Israel’s Jerusalem.

But hearing all this from Gabriel, all that Mary could do was to respond to the angel saying, “How shall this be, seeing that I know not a man.” With Gabriel responding, “With God, nothing shall be impossible.” With Mary saying, “behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.”

In short summary here are a few every day aspects of observing Christmas everyday in a practical way. Of how the supernatural through God with his agents like Gabriel are intersecting with the natural, humanity. With Christmas also meaning being responsible and faithful to our families as emulated by Joesph. Next, we Christians, should offer our support to Israel for control of all of Palestine which includes territories occupied by the Palestinians. Never surrendering Jerusalem to Muslim jurisdiction. Finally, we Christians should always submit ourselves as did Mary, “… be it unto me according to your word.” And that in a nut shell is the meaning of the days prior, during and after Christmas for a modern world.

This discussion was developed from the following verses, except for Matthew 1:1 from Luke 1:26,27,31,32,33,34,37 and verse 38. For those interested in reading the scriptural account for themselves. Still a lot was left unsaid about the history of past, current and future historical developments. For those interested in learning more, please refer to the navigation link for contact information and other services provided. Private and confidential consultations are also available concerning this postings contents, or of maters of personal concern. Financial contributions are excepted from those willing to make such a donation.

Know your History know your God

The fourth Thursday in November, here is what it means. “Oh! That people would give thanks to the LORD for his goodness. And for his wonderful works to the children of men. For he satisfies the longing soul with goodness,” Psalms 107:8-9.

But it had its expressive origins, to a Jewish celebration, ordained by God, and known as the Feast of Tabernacles. Recorded in Deuteronomy 16:13-15. “You shall observe the Feast of Tabernacles seven days. When you have gathered your threshing floor and from your wine press. And you shall rejoice in your feast, your, son, daughter, male, female servant, the Levite, the stranger, the fatherless and the widow, who is within your gates. Seven days you shall keep a sacred feast to the LORD God in the place which your God chooses. Because the LORD your God will bless you in all you produce and all the work of your hands, so that you may surely rejoice.”

In the providence of time a persecuted people, who had migrated to Holland and later to the new world of America. Emulated the customs set forth in Deuteronomy. Here are some interesting parallels.

Those early American settlers, the Pilgrims were the literal fulfillment of a series of promises made to  Abraham. “And I will make you exceedingly fruitful and I will make nations of you, and kings shall come out of you,” Genesis 17:6.

With Jacob calling his sons together to tell them about some future time, Genesis 49:1. One of his grandsons Manasseh was promised to become a great people, Genesis 48:19.

When those Pilgrims reached these American shores they possessed this innate awareness of truth. These Pilgrims saw themselves as the descendants of Abraham. Which they were, as are we, that’s why evil hates us so much, evil being Muslims, the devil knows his victor, and wants him destroyed. Who like the Israelites were promised  deliverance from the pharaohs of Egyptians. Making their way to cross the Red Sea to the promise land that would flow with milk and honey. Likewise the pilgrims who saw the Atlantic Ocean as their Red Sea to the promise land of America. Escaping the Kings of England, who symbolically were  their pharaohs.

History records that the Pilgrims celebrated their version of the Feast of the Tabernacles, ‘Thanksgiving for three days, on the last Thursday in November. Which in 1939, would have fallen on the 30 November 1939. But President Franklin D. Roosevelt change the holiday to the fourth Thursday in November. For the benefit of commerce because it would allow a few more shopping days before Christmas. Surely you have noticed all the hype over fewer shopping days this year before Christmas. Causing corporate conglomerates to jump start the commercialization of Christmas earlier. A colossal mistake because the season is about reverence for God, who would have liked to have provided spectacular success for individual riches, good will and peace. Which spills over, and shapes how the states and federal government govern. That influence is absent today by most of the American population. And the nation is decaying, you know it, as I do. But the nations power brokers say it isn’t so. Part the solution is found in Revelation 3:18, whose theme will be developed before the year ends.

Now the contrasts: It was President Abraham Lincoln, 1863, who signed into law the last day of November as the nations solemn day to give thanks to God for another bountiful harvest of food. Saying, “we have been recipients of the choicest bounties of heaven. We have grown in numbers, wealth and power, as no other nation has ever grown, but we have forgotten God.”

America needs to do two things. Reestablish the knowledge through out the land, that America is indeed the promise land. Commissioned to preach the gospel to a perishing world. And then, to return America to the Lincoln proclamation. Because his last sentence is what is plaguing America. Not this scuttlebutt, or nonsense, coming from the White House.

America future lies with its youth. American youth need to learn the contents of this discussion. And much more about the nations spiritual origins, and destiny. Therefore, churches are encouraged to teach their young people the contents of this discussion.