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hodgepodge of nothingness or somethingness

April 30th, 2018

How did it happen that the Second World War was won? Was it because the United States entered the war? It happened because America held to this underlying principle. “You are My witnesses,” says the LORD, ‘and My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am […]

the authenticator

April 18th, 2018

Some think that Muslims are the bearers of bad fruit that must be cut down and cast into the fire. See Mathew 7:15-20. Then from the man, who saw it coming, and so announced it, “And the angel of the LORD said to her, … and you shall call his name Ishmael,” Genesis 16:11. Who […]

a buggy ride worth taking

April 11th, 2018

When the hoof hits it the ground, the buggy gets going. The Christ buggy never got going because what is to follow wasn’t for you or me. Instead what is to follow implement those instructions given by Jesus. Experiencing failure don’t be discouraged, or think that you have proof that this Jesus stuff is misleading, […]

north korea u s words of war

August 10th, 2017

From the barbarianism of Islam discussed yesterday to the rogue regime of North Korea today. The world is becoming more unsettled and dangerous. Here’s why!
Therefore, just as through one man sin, entered the world, and death through sin, and death spread to all men because all sinned. See Romans 5:12.
Explanations for understanding.
And the LORD God […]

wars won and lost

June 3rd, 2017

Then the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision. So Daniel blessed the God of heaven, and said, “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and might are His. And He changes the times and the seasons. He removes governments and raises up governments. He gives wisdom to the […]

trend carefully

May 24th, 2017

Truly the light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to behold the sun; but if a man lives many years and rejoices in them all, yet let him remember the days of darkness, for they will be many. All that is coming is vanity.
Rejoice, O young man, in your youth, and let […]

perilous times

May 21st, 2017

The nations military during these perilous times is on constant high alert to protect the homeland from foreign invaders. Quickly coming to mind some might wonder, if North Korea might carry out its threat to missile attack the United States with or without nuclear warheads. Should that occur, North Korea would be obliterated from the […]

what is going on in heaven strange happenings

May 17th, 2017

Then the temple of God was opened, and the ark of His covenant was seen in His temple. And there were lightnings, noises, thunderings, an earthquake and great hail. See Revelation 11:19.

b careful of what u say cas it might haunt u

May 7th, 2017

Then Sarah said, get rid of Muslims. because Ishmael will not be heir with my son Isaac. See Genesis 21:10. Then God chimed in, and what He said, slammed the door on Ishmael the father of Islam, as being Abraham’s heir. See Genesis 21:11-12.
God told Abraham that through him a great nation would come into […]

Histories greatest mistake

February 21st, 2017

This happened a long time ago but it’s relevance has not been diminished through the centuries. But it’s acceptance has been eroded because of an institution called the church. Such a shame but a truth. So we have to get around that by showing what was destined to be for the welfare of humanity.
The Jews […]

Octopus lady verses the man of concrete

February 15th, 2017

Which is worse, a president with feet planted in concrete around recognizable ideologies? Which seems to be the way of the Trump presidency.
Or a president, who seems to have octopus like arms. So that he/she could wrap themselves securely around as many contrasting and conflicting ideologies as possible? Which seems to have categorized the Obama […]

Overcoming Trump or Clinton

October 4th, 2016

What we know about today’s world is occurring because of a Jew, named Jacob and later renamed Israel, Genesis 48:16. Who served God, by anointing his grandsons, Ephraim and Manasseh with his birthrights. Inherited rights of passage from Abraham, Issac to Israel as a nation. And the English speaking world, who profess an association with […]

Fancy you said the fox the light of the world to a gathering of monkeys

May 9th, 2016

A monkey made a great impression by dancing before an assembly of animals, who elected him their king.
The fox was jealous. Noticing a snare with a piece of meat in it, he took the monkey to it and said, “Here is a choice tidbit that I found. Instead of eating it myself. I have kept […]

Is it a treat or trick

May 1st, 2016

A farmer who was dying wanted his sons to become good agriculturalists. He summoned them and said, “I, my boys, am about to leave this world. You must search for what I have hidden in the vineyard. You will find there all that I have to give to you.”
They thought there was a treasure buried […]

In the light of chaos who is this Jesus

April 29th, 2016

Putting the chaos to rest once and forever.
Who has believed our report? And to whom has the way of the LORD revealed?
For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant, and as a root out of dry ground. He has no form or comeliness; and when we see Him, there is no beauty […]

The world spins around 8 numbers

April 8th, 2016

With a series of discussions around Holy Week. Those interested in Christ were given an opportunity to better understand the Christ purpose and mission. Not just for Holy Week but for a greater depth and understanding of the future.
Followed by a short series about death published recently. Designed to provide information as to what death […]

A world within a world yet 2 bcome a world

November 21st, 2015

There is a world visible to everyone. And within that world, are hidden treasures of unexplainable value. Pearls of unimaginable worth which if invested wisely would make the owner wealthy. And sea ferrying fisherman determined to catch of one of every kind. But as for the sea ferrying fisherman at days end would separate the […]

Ancient truth modern effect

September 30th, 2015

A rabbit being pursued by an eagle was very much in need of help. It happened that the only creature in sight was a beetle, to which the rabbit appealed for help. The beetle said take courage! Seeing the eagle approaching the beetle, he begged the eagle to spare the rabbit, who had sought its […]

3 tiered world of war

September 19th, 2015

Global conflicts with its crippling effects are constantly stunning the world community. For most, there origins are difficult to understand. Prayerfully, perhaps what is shared here will erase those difficulties.
Abraham, and his wife Sarah were old in age. They fretted because they didn’t have a male heir, who would inherit their vast family dynasty. Despite […]

Y Jeb Bush is not qualified 2 b President

September 6th, 2015

It takes stature and courage to be president of the United States! Substances that are absent from the leadership of Bush.
Most are aware of the jailing of Kim Davis, Rowan County Kentucky, Clerk of Court for her refusal to issue marriages licenses to same sex couples. She did so upon her belief to do so […]