God can not bless America

This is the next to the last posting concerning obstacles that we as a people must overcome. If we to make freedom, and the American way of life work for we the people. Having argued that we must excuse ourselves from the corrupt and diabolic influences of corporate America. WE must also excuse ourselves from the equally corrupt and diabolic influences of the religious right. Meaning to make sure the constitutional guarantee for the separation of church and state remains unabridged.

What gives our nation the potential to live up to its promise of greatness can only be realized through the constitutional doctrines of three separate but equal branches of government. We know that theory as the doctrine of “checks and balances.”Human nature being what it is must always be kept under restraint. The tendency for evil is just to great to leave the human species unrestrained.

Watch the creatures of nature for an object lesson. The cat will always inflict harm upon the mouse. The mouse is incapable of restraining the cat. The point being, all creatures of nature are predatory. The most dangerous predator of natures creatures is the human species. But, we humans have an advantage over the mouse. We have the ability to think and reason. From our ability to reason, we have established clear legal restraints upon our self. Collectively, we know governments must be restrained. Thus, we have our system of checks and balances. The problem we have today is that some very dangerous predatory people have found ways to inflict harm upon our system of checks and balances. It’s the old cat and mouse game in which the cat always wins. All those cats in our government today are mostly of one species; white males. They have enough predatory power collectively to have rendered our system of checks and balances mostly useless. The guilty parties to this destruction of our system of check and balances has been corporate America and the religious right.

Many people are not aware of the over whelming tragic effect evangelical protestant christian fundamentalism has had on this nation. Today we recognize this tragedy as the Christan Right or Religious Right. This religious movement is extremely predatory and dangerous.

It is the source for the following notions. Such as the mysterious hand of God in the market place steering the financial affairs of human kind for the betterment of society. They assert that wealth, and general prosperity of individuals were representative of a individuals closeness to God. A persons wealth and prosperity were symbolic of ones intimate relationship with the Son of God, Jesus.

It has helped coin such terms as the United States as being a beacon of light for the rest of the world. It is what drives the nations foreign and domestic policy. Democracy is about seeing the christian God in the person of Jesus Christ in the government, the market place. And, in the lives of individual people of each and every nation on the face of this earth.

Should life be discovered in other galaxies outside of ours. This nation will initiate war on those people with the intent to bring democracy, capitalism, and Christianity to those people. Because the Christian God, must control government. in order for the hand of God to be observable in the market place. They think that is the only way individuals in any society can prosper. So blinded is the nation, that it can only see its way as the only way. Destruction is the American way. It does not matter if its at home, abroad, or with worlds not yet discovered. If change is to occur, with this pattern. It must come from ordinary American people. Remember the the fourth person in Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery furnace? The collective consciousness from times past, or from unknown worlds to us mere mortals.

Where ever, people with that American ideology have gone they have reeked havoc in the form of mass slaughter and murder. It has happened all over the world. Now it is occurring in Iraq. It will not succeed in Iraq! Because, Iran will not allow it to occur. If the United States is not brought under control by the world community the prophecy of Saddam Hussein maybe realized. He said, war with Iraq would be the mother of all wars. Americans laughed at that notion. Laughed even louder, when Bush announced that the war had been won. Bush was brought to his knees recently, when he had to admit to the world that the task of winning the war in Iraq was harder than the government had anticipated.

Then look at what the people with that ideology have done here at home. The slaughter and cold blooded murder of Native Americans. The enslavement of African Americans because of the color of there skin. Women as property of men. The utter disregard for human welfare and dignity is so outrageous it must be an abomination to God. For anyone, to think that God could bless America knowing America’s history at home and around the world is a clear demonstration irrationality by so many.

That onslaught continues among us here in the United States. One very visible effort is the constant attack by the religious right to Christianize the public schools and public places such as parks and government buildings.

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A right by birth

In my last posting, I touch upon, what this writer considers to be one of the worlds greatest documents. The Declaration of Independence. It is great because it is a people’s document. It’s fair to say that it was our birth certificate as a nation. It was a declaration to King George the Third of England of our intentions. It’s a living document because it comes to life when we the people exercise its authority. We as Americans have not surrendered our rights to make such a declaration to this current government.

Then we as a nation put forth to the people of this nation and all future generations the United States Constitution. From which we the people provide direction for those elected as our servant representatives as to what we expect from there appointment. In order to maintain control of the peoples government we created three distinct and separate branches of government to serve the people. We have always known that power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. In order to prevent corruption. We wanted each branch to have the authority to monitor and control the powers of the other branches. We call that the doctrine of checks and balances.

The founders of our Constitution still were not satisfied. That the people were sufficiently protected from tyrannically powered thirsty brokers. So, they added additional Articles or Amendments to the Constitution. Some them, we know as our Bill of Rights. Many aspects of our rights under this bill are under attack by this current government which involves all three branches.

We the people have allowed for the erosion of our Constitution buy permitting the government to be controled by one party. Most of us understand that this was not an intentional laps in our oversight of our government. It was mostly the result of believing that our government would appreciate the peoples trust and govern appropriately.

The thirst for corrupting power had to much appeal for those people elected to represent our interest. They resented being accountable to people that they felt were inferior to them. They had to find away to over throw the peoples government. Without the people being aware of the transition of power.They have done that very successfully. Now, we the people must find away to take our government back. In the process, we the people must return it to be a government for the people and by the people.

To begin to recapture our government, we must remove obstacles like the notion that money is speech. And as speech, according to the U.S. Supreme Court, it has the protection of our Constitution. To grasp this insult to the people it is necessary to understand what in legal circles is known as the Buckley Principles. The B.P. is the result of a 1976 Supreme Court decision. So, significant is this case that is considered the Bible for money as speech. Here are two principles from that case. Money is the same as speech.To regulate money in politics is tantamount to regulating speech. Because money is speech according to the Court. It has the same protection as any other form of speech under the First Amendment. Those two notions must be destroyed. Because it has resulted in a government by the rich and powerful for the rich and powerful at the peoples expense. Money is not speech! Money is power! As such, it corrupts and is unconstitutional as speech.

Power has put the inept into presidential office in 2000 and repeated that ineptness in 2004. The power of money allows special interest groups like corporate America, and the religious right to become the power brokers for Constitutional law in this country. They now have the money, and the power to make the Constitution mean what they want. This will continue to get worse. Because without the backing of the money from corporate America a candidate is not likely to succeed. Every election cycle, we hear from the press. That elections are determined by the amount of money in a candidates war chest. Elections should be about ideas not money. Money has led to a monopoly in all three branches of our government. There can not be any real dissent in our government under current circumstances.

Money as speech will protect Bush from a declaration of guilt from the Senate for high crimes and misdemeanors. The money and power brokers know this chatter taking place in the press and congress about high crimes and misdemeanors is good. Because it gives the public a feeling that the system of checks and balances works in this country. When in reality they plan to continue committing high crimes and misdemeanors. Because in the end, its all about power and money. It has nothing to do with democracy or the American way of life here at home. That is also true for Iraq. With one exception, in Iraq the U.S. will have additional military bases from which to launch other attacks.

You know the nation is in trouble when Bush repeatedly announces that he will continue to make war in Iraq. Trouble continues, when he says he has the authority to spy on Americans despite the prohibition of such behavior in the people’s Bill of Rights; which states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and efforts against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons to be seized,” Article Four. The purpose of the Patriot Act is to destroy Article Four. You know the nation is in trouble when a federal judge resigns because Bush will not honor the Fourth Amendment. And the evidence continues to mount when the government slashes money from basic programs for the common good of the people in order to reduce the huge budget deficits created by the governments high crimes and misdemeanors.

The nation is vulnerable to hate and aggressive attacks because greed and power has obsessed our government. Bush makes the nation less safe. Only we the people can recapture the government and return it to the people. Any Shadrach’s and friends around out there? ( note other postings) Get in touch and lets talk in lecture form or workshops. Available to write for your publication. Investors needed.

A nations only hope

Today Bush during his national radio address which was also televised said that he had no greater responsibility than to protect the American people. Which included protecting our freedom and the American way of life.

Of course, this writer can only speak for himself. This was my instant reaction. No person in the history of the nation is less able to protect the American people than Bush. Furthermore, because of his tour in the White House America has less freedom. And, he wants to take away more of our freedoms. America must say no! No other person in the history of the nation has done more to put the American way of life in greater jeopardy than Bush. For every soldier that dies in Iraq, it’s a life lost based on lies and deceit. The longer the war continues the more the world hates the United States. The greater there hate the more at risk is the nation. Bush is incapable of calming world hatred toward the nation. There is only one solution that might possibly work. He must be removed from office. He surely has committed high crimes and misdemeanors which are grounds for his impeachment. What will give the nation even a greater measure of forgiveness from the world community. Is for the United Nations to form a special tribunal to prosecute Bush as a war criminal. His crimes have not only been against the people of the United States but also against the world community.

In Washington we have a government that can not protect our brooders from illegal immigrants. Who only come to the United States seeking a better life for themselves.They bring no ill intent to harm American citizens. So, this writer does not think this government can protect the nation from terrorists. Who may be armed and might be here with the intent to harm American citizens. As stated, in a previous posting. The nation is not without the tools to protect itself from criminal intent. The federal government had the tools to prevent the attacks of September 11, 2001. It was through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. All this rumbling by Bush, to get the Senate to follow the house and reauthorize the Patriot Act. Is nothing but an attack on our liberty and freedom. September 11, 2001 occurred because our government was at sleep. Just like the government was asleep for Pearl Harbor! Most likely the government will again be asleep should another catastrophic event come knocking at our door. Just like the government was at sleep to the events that lead up to Cuban Missile Crisis.

When all is said and done, the Senate will capitulate to Bush and join the House and reauthorize the Patriot Act. We need to wake up the nation to the realization that we really only have a one party system. All that noise in the Senate over the Patriot Act is just that noise. It’s done to create an national illusion that we have a two party system. Listen to the pompous wrangling between the Senators. The wrangling is over certain aspects of the Act. The debate should be over eliminating the Patriot Act altogether.

A favorite ploy by the government is to instill fear that something awful will occur if a government edict is not authorized. Its usually a combination of tricks and lies that are rather persuasive. Like Bush’s reference to his authorization of the National Security Agency to gather intelligence. The trick here was his condemnation of the news media for making this public thus alerting the nations enemies. The nations enemies already know that they are in a cat and mouse game with America. A free press is another freedom Bush wants to eliminate. Americans need to encourage greater freedom of the press. What we need is a constitutional amendment for the freedom of the press. It would go beyond what we now have in our constitution. The news media must be free of the government and corporate America influence. Plan to write more on that in the future. The lie here was Bush’s reference to the hijackers who flew a jet into the Pentagon. He said that while here they were in communication with other terrorists overseas. Again the government already had the tools to monitor those communications. That tool again, existed through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Our government was once again at sleep. This government has never been held accountable for the loss of lives, or the financial damage because of September 11, 2001. The government in order to protect itself shifts blame. Then calls for new laws like the Patriot Act. Which will not protect us, but will take away our liberty and freedom.

The nation is going to need a lot of Shadrach’s, Meshach’s and Abednego’s. Are you up to the task that lies before the Nation? This writer is available to help you along the way. Available to write for your publication. And, thanks students for your interest. Need help writing your papers. Get in touch because help is available. You are our future stay tuned and involved. Remember hate is good when directed at evil.

A tribute to resistance

Continuation from the previous three postings.

When the news was brought to Nebuchadnezzar, that three of his governors refused to obey his edict. His rage was published throughout his vast kingdom. He ordered the army to bring Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego immediately to the palace. From there, we have the early origins of modern day diplomacy. Summon the offender to the imperial palace like the White House or elsewhere. Offer them a chance to recant. And agree that the imperial wizards, like Nebuchadnezzar Bush with their God induced knowledge. Thinking that they know God’s perfect plan for the world. What is desired from such diplomacy is that the two will emerge to announce agreement has been reached. The imperial golden edict will be held in reverence and obeyed. Just like King Nebuchadnezzar’s 90 foot pure golden statue was honored by most. The world saw that scenario play out just recently. When Sec. Rice reversed the role slightly by going to Europe. There she meant with disgruntled European leaders expressing concern over America’s torture of prisoners. They emerged in unison, and in agreement with Nebuchadnezzar Bush’s edicts concerning torture. Of course, the world knows Bush tortures prisoners. Amnesty published a long detailed report on America’s torture of prisoners. Organized “ghost fights” known as “extraordinary renditions” for the purpose of secretly moving prisoners to certain countries to be tortured has been all over the European press, and even got some press here in the states.

All week the world has listened to Nebuchadnezzar Bush. As he issued, his edict to preserve America. from terrorism. By exempting the C.I.A. from scrutiny or penalty concerning the torture of prisoners. V.P. Cheney and C.I.A. director Goss told the Senate that the C.I.A. needed the flexibility to use “harsh tactics.” To this government it makes no difference if those “harsh tactic’s” are in violation of U.S. or international law. Time will tell if the nation or the world has any people of resistance in the Senate. We the people do not have any such people in the peoples house; the House of Representatives. They have endorsed Nebuchadnezzar Bush’s golden edict on torture.

But back in Babylon, the soldiers brought Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego before the King. He gave them a chance to recant by bowing to worship his golden statue. The statue was a tribute to his conquests and greatness as an imperial leader. Non could be exempt from this recognition. Especially his trusted governors. The men refused because it violated their sense of right and wrong. So Nebuchadnezzar order the furnace to be fired up. They were to be heated seven times hotter than usual. The three men were tied up and taken to the furnace by the King’s most able soldiers. The three men were to be tossed into the furnace. When the soldiers opened the furnace door. They threw the men into flaming fire. So hot were the flames, that the soldiers were instantly killed. Later Nebuchadnezzar rose and went to the furnace. He was astonished by what he saw. The three men were not harmed. They were still alive. More astonishing was that Nebuchadnezzar saw a fourth person with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

This fourth man is our mystery guest from previous postings. This person is genderless! And is representative of all the people of history. Women and men who would not bow and pay tribute to rulers who issued edicts that violated their conscious. It is these fallen heroines and heroes that “motivate a society to end the wrong and create something better. For America, the time has arrived to end the many wrong and create something better.

All the postings in this four part series represent lectures given before a secular audience. However, other interpretations exists for what has been written. It deals with prophetic visions for world empires and the end of history for planet earth. This writer can approach the book of Daniel as a political scientist philosopher or theologian. If interested. please contact this writer. Investors needed. Contact this writer for information.

The tale of the 7 continued

This posting is kind of fictional because it comes from the Bible. It’s application though is rather historical and current. You can take the characters of the Bible and weave them into a modern story. This is done to illustrate a particular truth. It makes an old book come to life. For this writer theologian, that is what the writers wanted. A living evolving Bible. That is why the Bible is allegorical in its revelations. To many clergymen theologians try and make a book written by so many different people. From different cultures and time spans a literal piece of writing to be interpreted as written. Human beings with a special agendas accepted certain books of the Bible as canon like documents while rejecting others. Like the writings of Mary who was thought to have been the personal adviser to Jesus. Any guesses as to why? Do you think it might have had something to do with the notion of male superiority? Why is this a difficult concept for some to grasp? History demonstrates that some of our fowlest characters from ancient times up to our current time have been religionist of all sorts. Like the current occupant in the White House.

He is, the fourth character from the last posting. He comes right out of the third chapter of Daniel. There he is known as King Nebuchadnezzar. Now this king wanted his imperial empire worshiped for its global accomplishments. His military was the envy of the world. Never tasting defeat while gathering vast wealth from their conquered opponents. Dictating to the world proper decorum to be shown to his mighty Babylonian imperialistic empire. So he built a magnificent statue of pure gold. It stood 90 feet high and nine feet wide. He gave orders that all the other world leaders, and the people within the boundaries of those lands were to bow down and worship his golden statue. After all, God provided him with the moral authority and power to rule the known world for 37 years. Is not this the very perception most of the worlds rulers own. Most have seen themselves on quests directed by some God. Those quests have left millions upon millions dead! But as history teaches, kingdoms come and go. So it was with the great and magnificent Babylon empire.

So it will be with the great kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar Bush. A king driven with evil intent. A king elevated to the throne by a very dangerous religious movement; the Christian right. A movement that shares the Nebuchadnezzar image. A movement driven to roll back decades of civil rights, at home, because they perceive them as being anti Christian. At the forefront of their pagan assault is a mighty weapon of evil. It has been used used to humiliate and impoverish Americans and leaving many suffering. Even death can come calling without mercy. Because, America’s Christian God demands payment in full. If God is to heal the sick. It is through the economic doctrine of laissez-faire capitalism. Suggesting that an invisible hand moves and stimulates the market place. That invisible hand is the Christian God working through people. The idea goes something like this. Wealth is generated by people based upon ingenuity and inventiveness based upon imagination and cleverness.The more wealth a person owns indicates they are blessed by this invisible hand. For Christians that is often a sign of spirituality. If a person, or society is poor that indicates they are not very spiritual. The wrath of the Christian God is upon them. Like their inability to buy health care in order to experience the healing hand of God. Which is the real reason why the American government has so little respect for working Americans and the poor. Why life is so difficult and hard for so many. The refusal for universal health care provided by the government is just one example. Such a program would not allow the invisible hand of God to manifest itself in the marketplace. This scenario can be applied to public services like education or transportation. That’s why certain public services should be provided without the drive for profit but is not. Utilities like electricity and heating fuels fall under that category. In some instances they should be free. Without question it is the Christ doctrine of economics. Any other approach to economics is against the teaching of Christ. The power structure in America is based upon religion but not Christ. To the surprise of some, America is very anti Christ.

The Christian God of America will rush to help corporate America when headed for financial disaster while pilfering the general public. That is why the government makes collective bargaining difficult for the work force. Or, why a state like Florida declares itself to be a “right to work state.” With all rights invested with the employer corporation. It’s why corporate America and the government hate unionized work places. It’s the reason the government most often sides with the business community against working people. It is all about the invisible hand of God in the market place. That invisible hand favors the business community against all other people. It was all apart of the design of the nations founding fathers. They created the nations constitution. OUR CONSTITUTION IS PRIMARILY AN ECONOMIC DOCUMENT. It is also the bases for much human suffering in this country.

All of this is what causes the United States to see itself as having the moral authority to become an imperialistic world power. Those same doctrines are applied to world governments. When the United States interferes with a sovereign nation or invades a sovereign nation. It sees itself as God’s beacon of light for the entire world through Nebuchadnezzar Bush. Several things are necessary before a nation can be considered conquered. A nations military must be destroyed. Under the ruse of democracy laissez-faire economics will take place. Lastly, but most important the people must embrace Christianity. This scenario is occurring now in Iraq. It is being meant with great resistance. Much suffering and death will occur on both sides of the fence. Where ever Nebuchadnezzar Bush goes he brings suffering and death. He will not leave Iraq because like Nebuchadnezzar he thinks God has given him the moral authority for his quest. Furthermore, it is what the Nebuchadnezzar Christian right is pushing and supporting for the people of Iraq. Look at his war in Iraq.The Kings use of secret prisons for the torture of prisoners. His declaration that he is above international law because he is engaged in a new kind of war. The world can expect Nebuchadnezzar Bush to unleash even greater destruction to bring about his moral God given conquest in Iraq.

Now, that the world has another Nebuchadnezzar on its hands. With the name of George Bush. George inherited his empire from a previous crop of rulers dating back more than two hundred years. Each in their own way have managed to kill, pilfer, and take what they had no right to take. Doing great harm to millions of people around the globe. Of course along the way good was done. Like the victory of the North over the South in the civil war. The defeat of Germany in the first and second world wars. But when all is said and done, history will show this empire of the United States. With its Nebuchadnezzar type empire being continued by the Bush dynasty guilty of more evil than good.

The next posting will conclude with the task of the three remaining characters and a guest of mystery.

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A tale of seven men

Some years ago this clergyman departed from official Christendom. This was done for two basic reasons. We could not agree on doctrinal issues or social issues. As a theological student, I had lots of questions about the basic tenets of the Christian religion.Tenets like the doctrine of a place called heaven and hell. The purpose of baptism and holy communion, and even marriage. The place of women in the church and society as a whole. Especially the role of the Christian church as the only true path to the knowledge of GOD.

Then there were the complex social issues. Like the jurisprudence of separate but equal doctrine between the black and white races. I go back to a time when all to many Christians accepted the separate but equal doctrine. Only to discover that that the jurisprudence of separate but equal is gone as a matter of law. But is not gone as a matter of conscience, for many. This young clergyman after ordination did not accept such a doctrine as having any legal, moral, social or spiritual validity. Yes, as a student, I sought answers from the holy church fathers about the major tenets of the Christian church and those social issues. Only to be told, my son pray, and God will reveal the truth. The answers came, but in ways I did not expect.

Since this is a tale of seven men. With the first being none other than this writer. The second is my spiritual mentor. The late Bishop James Pike, His Eminence of the Diocese of California. Who started me on the journey for the understanding of the tenets of the church. Then came Fr.Thomas Ashton, parish priest, who showed me how the church tenets and social issues merged for resolution.

This clergyman often makes himself available as a speaker in public or private forums. Meaning sessions for friends, neighbors, and strangers. As some know, this clergyman travels to homes  and selected private neutral locations. If I may suggest, you may find it interesting to explore in your home or elsewhere the contents of the above aforementioned. Especially as to how it can be applied to your life. Might even answer some troubling tenets of religion. Not necessarily just Christian. Could even open up a path for social justice.

In the next posting this writer will explore the God of George Bush. Which must be truth because it comes from the heavens. Along with the tales of the remaining four men. Well three at least because the fourth could well be genderless. It’s tough being a theologian because some of us ponder the heavens and wonder if genderless beings can reproduce. Or whether the stars really influence heavens and earth. You know those stars from Aries through Pisces. Remember the star that guided the wise men to that manger in Bethlehem. Was it the constellation Capricorn? Hey! It’s the season of Advent. (Gotta get my web master to change the the color to royal blue. It’s the color of Advent) The season of hope and anticipation. This writer is hoping for the expulsion of Preident Bush from the White House. And anticipating a government, that will serve the people. See you next time.

Trash the Act, Prez

A school teacher assigned projects to her students that required teams. Like all school assignments the projects had due dates. For this project, December 31, 2005, is the due date. It seemed that the teams would not make the due date because they could not agree on very much. She addressed the class as a group about working together in order to succeed. That approach did not work. So, she meant with the teams individually concerning the usefulness of cooperation. Still teams seemed doomed to failure. As a last resort, she decided to provide the class with an object lesson. She brought to class two bundles of sticks. She picked a team that was sure to fail because the members were always at loggerheads with each other. The team was told that if they could break the bundle of sticks in half. Saying that she would exempt the team from the project assignment, and give the team an ‘A’ for the project. Try as they would they just could not succeed. Next, she untied the bundle of sticks. She handed the sticks one at a time to each student. They were able to break the sticks with ease. Guess it could be said, that getting ones act together could make a world of difference. The goal of the project is to sunset the Patriot Act. Lets see if the students can succeed.

For this, allegory think of the nations citizenry as the ‘teacher,’ and the ‘government’ as the students. The government has two teams of students the executive branch and the congress. For reasons, the teacher understands.The students are not cooperating with each other. Over the renewal of the Patriot Act which is due to expire at the end of this month. This of course is cause for alarm among the student leaders.

We the teachers must give our students an object lesson concerning the Patriot Act. This is done by telling our elected students to allow the the Patriot Act to slip into the sunset. Never again to rise with the sun of a new day. It’s an important project. Seems that the students are a bunch of loggerheads meaning stupid fools. That’s the reason the country exists in a state of fear. Students know that they are the targets of the nations enemies. We teachers also know that we are not the real targets. But for vengeance sake, we may also have to pay the price of our students misdeeds. Somehow we must reign in our delinquent students. Turn them over to the proper authorities for justice. The World Court is not available meter out justice for these student felons. Wonder if the United Nations can help? Before it is to late, will our students seek the council of their teachers? Could be the only way to avoid another national tragedy. Teachers know that these students are responsible for tragedies around the world. Out of sheer fear our students need the Patriot Act. In order to shut down every ones liberty rather foreign or domestic. What it all boils down to is that the Patriot Act is all about self perseverance of the government. They present the Patriot Act like it’s for our safety. Can the students once again convince the teachers? Or, will the teachers announce enuf and flunk the students?

As we all know, governments are tyrannically. Every government is designed to serve it own self interest at the expense of most of the people under its jurisdiction. Liberty is a freedom that is very difficult for the people to secure. The start of our own American liberty dates back nine centuries and is still evolving. When in 1215 King John, of England, was FORCED to grant a collection of civil liberties known as the Magna Carta. One of those liberties was the habeas corpus. Which allowed individuals, to challenge detainment in jails in a court of law. Hidden in the renewal of the Patriot Act is something called the “Procedures Act” If this becomes apart of the Patriot Act, habeas corpus procedures would be drastically changed. The sponsor of this act is student republican senator John Kyl of Arizona. He wants to take habeas corpus procedures out of the hands of the judicial system. Place the habeas corpus procedure under 50 different state attorney generals who are basically prosecutors. When it comes to habeas corpus procedures those people will in the business of keeping people in jail. One never knows when misfortune will knock on ones door. Habeas corpus procedures have set many innocent people free. This Procedure Act has far reaching applications and must be defeated. Along with the entire Patriot act.

Another of our students Dubya that guy the Supreme Court illegally put in the White House against the vote of the majority of Americans. That guy, who is straight out a liar, is urging the students of the other team to come together and renew the Patriot Act before it sunsets.

Here are a few of his lies from his recent radio address. He said the Patriot Act protects civil liberties. It’s a lie! It purges many civil liberties. It guts most of the Bill of Rights in our Constitution, and will destroy decades of case law.

He said it was easier to track the phone calls of drug dealers than it was the phone calls of a terrorists. A lie! The ability track phone calls of terrorists exists under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

The Prez said, before the Patriot Act it was easier to get the records of a tax cheat than those of an al Quadea bankroller. Not so! Government agencies could investigate al Quades bankrollers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Student Bush asserts that the government needs to “sneak and peek” without tipping off terrorists which can only be done through the Patriot Act. Another,”falsehood,” the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act allows the government ” sneak and peak” authority for both foreign and domestic suspects.

We the citizens of this country, as teachers, need to find a way to send our students in government an object lesson. Give us liberty not the Patriot Act. Work with the people and the country will succeed in accomplishing the project of liberty for all Americans before we miss the due date and liberty expires into the sunset. Never to see the sunrise of a new day.

In his last radio address on 10 Dec. 2005, concerning the renewal of the Patriot Act, the Prez said, “… to combat dangerous spread of methamphetaine abuse throughout our country.” What does drug abuse have to do with terrorism? Nothing! Someone needs to inform student Bush that ample federal laws exists to combat drug trafficking like Rico and the FISA. Then why refer to drug abuse as part of the Patriot Act. Simple. It scares parents and employers causing them to connect with the war on drugs. It’s a simple play on a theme that certain constituencies identify with. They’ll call people in the congress and tell them to vote for the Patriot Act. Thinking it will help eliminate the nations drug problems. It’s nothing but spin but it works. Our students use it all the time. Hope it does not work for you; as one of Americas teachers!

This writer is available to speak on the Patriot Act, or to write for your publication.

An American Illusion

As the sun was setting, a wolf looked over his shoulder, and noticed the long shadow cast by his body. He swaggered with a pompous gait. Imagine a big powerful fellow like me being afraid of a lion. Why as huge as I am, I’ll replace the lion as the king of the beasts. Then I’ll rule the world. Not long after a lion caught up with him and devoured him.

The moral of the story is that illusion will bring about ruin. America is about to be shamed into ruin by the way it treats its own citizens and the world community. Leading this charge are the war criminals in the government, President George W. Bush, V.P. Richard Cheney, Sec. of Defense Richard Rumsfeld, and Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice.

It seems that those folks who sit in the nations capital as court jurists, congresswomen and men, and those of the executive branch see themselves as creatures of eminent proportion. On the world stage they all strut with a swagger and pompous gait of invincibility. Just like the king of the beasts.

In reality those folks in Washington mirror the caricature of the wolf. They have fooled the world by casting a long shadow. Hoping the world would see America as a beacon of light on a mountain top. Showing the world the superiority of the American way of life. The lion is closing in on the wolf, and is about to devour it. This sitting group in Washington is the worst the nation, and the world has ever known. Because, they have put the entire world at risk.

They came into office based upon fraud. This fraud was endorsed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Congress stood by in silence. By being silent they acted in complicity with this fraud upon the American people. Even the election of 2004 was steeped in fraud. Now, even John Kerry the Democratic nominee, who ran against Bush understands that truth. So, we have an illegitimate government in Washington reeking havoc through out the world.

We know the war in Iraq was launched based upon lies. Acts of criminality have been perpetuated upon the people of Iraq. For every death, their blood sacrifice represents a war crime committed against humanity. The world community understands that this American government has used chemical weapons against the Iraqi people. Human rights organizations, and the world press has provided the necessary evidence showing that this government tortures its prisoners. Launches ghosts flights for the purpose of extraordinary rendition. All this is done, with the full understanding and support of the congress and the courts here in America. Which suggests, that many others in the government join this administration as war criminals.

This leaves Americans and the world community with a dilemma. Because the world does not have a forum to either condemn or exonerate these culprits. Because, the United States failed to ratify the treaty. Which would have brought the United States, under the jurisdiction of the World Court. This leaves the citizens of the United States vulnerable to attacks. Like those that occurred September 11, 2001. The world community will get justice for this nations crimes against humanity. The sad thing about this condition is that innocent people will have to suffer because of a wolf like government. The question is how close is the lion to devouring the wolf?

We as a nation are not without solutions. This writer is available to lecture on the topic by expanding upon the subject matter with an emphasis on the the solution aspect. This writer is also available to write an article for your publication.

Hopeless in America; unless

About 50% of the American workforce is without employer provided health insurance. Corporations complain that they can not remain competitive because of the high costs of employer provided medical and pension plans. They assert that getting rid of those obligations will help cure their lack of competitiveness. (note yesterdays postings for other reasons) They argue that it’s the responsibility of the workforce to go out into the market place and purchase health insurance and retirement plans. In order for the workforce to be able to afford health insurance and retirement plans. Corporate America is going to have to increase the wages for working America. The reason 50% of the workforce is without health insurance is because they can not afford to buy health insurance.

This writer is available to lecture to any size group concerning the multiple problems facing working America. This writer will come and talk on a topic of specific interest to you. The number of people in attendance is not important. What is important is group interest and how to work for change.

Major social polarization is occurring throughout the country as millions of workers struggle to make ends meet. While this is taking place the number of families with assets of at least $20 million grew by 3,000 just last year. The old adage, “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” represents a way of life for the most of America. In America how can you become rich if you have to pay taxes? The answer is you can not. That is why corporate America hires lobbyists to write favorable legislation to reduce their tax burden. Those 3,000 families who saw their wealth increase by $ 20 million will have to pay 15% less in taxes. While a families making $15,000 or less, will not be graced with such good fortune. The government considers families making $15,000 or less to be poor. Families who are considered poor by the governments own standards should not have to pay any federal taxes.

The United States government has no shortage of money. The republicans in the congress and the executive branch complain that Americans pay to much in taxes. So, why not free the poor from paying any federal income taxes? Why this government has so much money it can fight a war in Iraq that has cost the nation over $ 222,695,190,850 and soaring by the second. The war has cost the people of Florida $11,756,288,105 and soaring by the second. While the citizens of Hillsborough, have paid $769,709,875, and soaring by the second. What to discover what that money could purchase in pre-school, kid’s health, college, public housing. Or, to fund some international problems like aides and world immunization. Check out the National Priorities Projects web site. They can be found at www.nationalpriorities.org.

Really, there is not any reason for not eliminating the federal tax obligation for all workers making $15,000. or less. The next step up from millionaire status is the step to billionaire. The world population houses 691 billionaires. That represents an increase in the billionaire family by 100 in about a year. It gets better folks these unfortunate people have a combined wealth of 2 1/4 trillion dollars. They have had to suffer with a meager increase of wealth of $300 billion over the same time period. These 691 billionaires were forced to exists on 3 1/5 billion on average.

Out of this world family of billionaires 272 live in the United States. However, as a result of hard working Americans, the worlds most productive workers. This family of billionaires increased by 69 in the United States for a total of 341. Thirteen members of this billionaire club are American citizens. It seems that New York City is their favorite place of residency. New York City mayor is one of those billionaires worth $5 billion. The person just ahead of him is billionaire natural gas tycoon Daniel Ducan with $5.1 billion. So, what do think folks, should people have to pay more for natural gas for heating and cooking? Seems with that kind of wealth, the industry giant should help people by reducing the cost this fuel.

In contrast to the rich and poor comes a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers which reports that America’s drinking water, waste water treatment plants, and power plants are sub standard. They report that public schools, public transportation are in the same sorry state. Along with America’s highways and bridges. They report that nearly $2 trillion will be needed just to bring the nation’s infrastructure up to minimum standards. Watch out working America! The tax man will be knocking on your door asking for money.

What’s wrong with this picture?

General Motors announced that it will eliminate another thirty thousand jobs. Those eliminated jobs represent 25% of its work force. The employment cut in the workforce is not temporary because of a weak economy. At least 12 plants were cars were built will be turned into parking lots or maybe parks. Some will be left to urban blight to house illicit activities. Representing another step in reducing the American work force to third world status.

Capitalists auto analysts for the industry warn that the job cuts are not enough. Remaining workers must accept reductions in wages and other benefits. Overtime pay must be eliminated! Vacation and sick leave must go! Workers must be prepared to work more hours per day and week. The expectation for the normal work week will increase to 50-60 hours a week. They say the standard of living Americans are use to will not be compromised. By working more hours, they will make up the difference in reduction in salary. In the mix of all this the workforce must be more productive. Leading this charge for worker concessions are company investors like Kirk Kerorian who is a BILLIONAIRE and owns 10% of General Motors.

The United States is home to 8 million millionaires with a combined wealth of $11 trillion in combined assets. That’s a growth of 1/5 over the number of millionaires in the country last year.

Wages for workers fail to keep pace with inflation. Yet, workers will be expected to work longer hours for less money. And to be more productive, as the workforce slips closer to third world status. Of course these, workers will be expected to pay more in tax’s because this current government has reduced the tax burden for millionaires and billionaires. Actually, some argue that individuals earning less than $15,000, a year, should not pay any taxes. Today job seekers can knock on the doors of the nations finest companies seeking employment. If offered a job, they can expect part time work. They will earn less than $7 an hour and work up to 32 hours week without any of the traditional benefits like vacation and sick leave. When the company doors are closed in observation of a national holiday. The part time workforce will get no holiday pay.

In America life just got worse. More on this trend with next posting.

Life is good

The other day this writer had the opportunity to join hundreds of other people for dinner. After dinner, we jointly participated in an inter faith public service of praise for the blessings of God. This event was hosted by the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay and the Brandon Area Interfaith Coalition. This was the tenth year that the Inner Faith Coalition has brought the community together for a holiday festival of worship. This years festival was special. For the first time, it was hosted by the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay. The Islamic Society is located on Sligh Avenue and Orient Road.

This writer was emotional touched by the sincerity and humbleness of our host. They opened their home, and welcomed the Tampa Bay Community. In the most gracious manner possible, our Muslim neighbors exhibited what makes us one as a people.

During dinner I had the pleasure of dinning with a Muslim gentleman by the name of Syed. He is a Muslim from India. He regularly worships at the Mosque were the event was hosted. Two men sitting across from each other discussing religion, and discovery our commonality as a Muslim and a Christian. There was no attempt by one to convince the other that one path to God was superior to the other. It’s fair to say, I think that we both knew that each of us had found the perfect path to God. For this writer, it was magnificent.

We talked about modern technology. He has a daughter who lives in Thailand. He talked about her with great affection. Modern technology permitted father and daughter to converse verbally for long periods of time over the internet. He explained this technology to me with excitement. We agreed, that today we really live in a global village.

The mosque’s imam, Mohammad Sultan spoke correctly we he said,” food brings people together.” A very special thank you, Sir for a wonderful dinner, and blessed interfaith festival of praise to God. At the end of our responsive reading, in unison, with these words, we said, We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters, or perish together as fools. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Good bye, Judge Alito

The courts are often thought of as the last place citizens can go to find redress for grievances. However, a citizen can not find redress in the Supreme Court, if the court will not accept the case. A dangerous special interest, the religious right has been able to breathe new life into the doctrine of strict constructionism. It has not happened over night. The journey has taken several decades. It will be complete should the Senate confirm Judge Samuel Alito as the next Supreme Court Justice. His jurisprudence of strict constructionism is not good for the nation for all the reasons stated in recent postings. With strict constructionism as the prevailing jurisprudence of the court, citizens will have less access to the Supreme Court.

For several postings this writer has been writing about the darkness of originalism or strict constructionism as a means for constitutional interpretation. Dark because it limits access to the Supreme Court and defers to the states for resolution of the peoples grievances.

The alternative approach would be an non originalism or an expansive interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Most things change with time. What is useful for dealing with something today. May be considered obsolete tomorrow. It’s fair to say that in some instances it may even be illegal.

Consider that the some of the founding fathers owned plantations. The people who owned those plantations employed people kidnapped from Africa. Those Africans were bought here in ships that provided living quarters not fit for human habitation. Once here these Africans were sold to the highest bidder. Once bought, these human beings were considered the property of their purchaser. Most were forced to provide free labor for their masters and plantation owners. With the exception of owning property, all the above behaviors today are constitutionally prohibited. In short, illegal meaning criminal. All because of a jurisprudence that viewed the constitution as a document that was expansive in its jurisprudence. Other examples exists, like the liberation of women as property of their husbands. The long battle women fought to earn the right to vote. Separation of church and state will shrink unless any notion of strict constructionism is defeated. Good bye, Judge Alito!

Basically a non originalists or expansive jurisprudence’s for constitutional interpretation has this for its foundation. The authors of the nations constitution could not anticipate the extent that the government might extend itself in the future to oppress the people. Therefore, the Supreme Court justices must at times step in, and be the protector of the people.

Soon the Senate Judiciary Committee will take up the nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito as a candidate for the Supreme Court. He will be asked lots of questions concerning his jurisprudence. He will give many reasons as to why he can not answer those questions. He’ll do that for fear of being “BORKED.” The senators need an answer to one question. Judge Alito, are you a strict constructionists? He will not directly answer that question. The Senators will have to secure the answer from his writings and how he answers questions. Of course, the answer is already known. Judge Samuel Alito is a strict constructionists. He should be rejected by the committee. And of course, that is going to occur either. So, it is up to the American public to mobilize, and persuade the full Senate to reject Judge Alitio nomination.

Samuel Adams fought against British colonial rule and a signer of The Declaration of Independence had this to say about the art of persuasion. It does not take a majority to prevail. It takes a irate tireless minority. Keen on setting brush fires of liberty in the minds of the people. That is what it is going to take to defeat Alito. A conviction that liberty is at risk with a Supreme Court majority whose jurisprudence is of strict constructionism.

Why defeat Alito?

The United States Supreme Court provides the people with the best opportunity for addressing their grievances. That is because the justices once confirmed serve for life. They do not have to concern themselves with the re election cycles. The politics of special interest groups offering campaign money in return for favorable legislation. While at the same time, having to defer to the loudest voices of their voting constituency. The arena of the politician is picturesque. Like the Roman amphitheater where public spectacles took place. So it is in the arena of the congress, where the modern politician stages public spectacles. Which result in careers, all about glory and power. At the expense of the people!

Because politicians, have insatiable appetites for glory and power. Congress often fails to fulfill its constitutional mandate under Article one section eight by not providing for the general welfare of the people. For instance, national health insurance, A livable wage for working America. State provided higher education funding beyond high school which would provide better options for education than the promise offered through military service. Or the Johnson v Bush case, recently discussed; state legislature failure. Which ended up at the Supreme Court, and failed. Those are just to a few failures by the congress for the provision of the general welfare for the people.

In that our politicians in the congress so often fail the people of the United States. Resolution is found in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights which allows for the people “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” From the last several postings, readers discovered that the ability to petition the government for redress of grievances is in jeopardy. That is because special interest groups like the religious right. Have successfully been able to infiltrated the congress and executive branch with candidates committed to fulfill their agenda. The last conquest is the U.S. Supreme Court. The religious right has insisted that the executive in the White House nominate only candidates. Whose jurisprudence is based upon strict constructionism which forces the court to defer to the states. Unless the issue before the court is expressly found in the constitution. This is a dangerous precedent in American jurisprudence. It makes for a disruption of national unity. What is lawful in one state is illegal in a neighboring state. The nation has been there before which resulted in horrific consequences for the nation. Such jurisprudence resulted in the civil rights revolution. Which has shamed the nation, with the loss of many lives. That jurisprudence of strict constructionism, results in a nation of social welfare disparities between the states. Such disparities are most evident in civil rights, education, employment, standard of living, health care, and the environment. The states who resists legislation to enhance the above will lag further behind in social welfare for the people in those states. They will do so because the Supreme Court will not allow the peoples grievances to proceed for hearing before the Justices. They will defer to the states. The people will experience greater social welfare injustice under justices who embrace strict constructionism. Judge Alito is a strict constructionists. His nomination to the Supreme Court must be defeated.

A major concern for some women is to have control over their reproductive lives. Roe v Wade provided women with a liberating liberty. Allowing women to make reproductive decision for themselves. Many are concerned that if Judge Samuel Alito becomes a justice on the Supreme Court Roe v Wade will be overturned. This writer expects Alito to be confirmed for reasons stated in previous postings. However, this writer does not think Justice Alito will vote to over turn Roe. Should such a case make its way to the Supreme Court. Reasons exist for this conclusion. One reason is that justices do not like to overturn settled law. They feel it disrupts national unity causing unnecessary social tensions. Roe is safe! Because, strict constructionism is now the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court. Meaning when a case challenging Roe arrives at the door of the Supreme Court. They will simply defer to the states with their ruling. That will give the states the legal authority to destroy Roe v Wade. That means reproductive choice and liberty will be legal in some states and illegal in other states. But the legality, for reproductive liberty in scattered states through out the nation will be under attack from the religious right.

The religious right is aware that Roe is safe in the Supreme Court. They know they have won the bigger battle. Influence and control of the Supreme Court. They are happy to take the battle to destroy Roe to the States. They most likely will succeed. Because they have control over many state legislatures. All they have to do is conquer one state after another. There is no formidable opposition to stop them. And, its not just Roe that is at risk. But all legislation, that does not meet with the approval of the religious right. That includes religious freedom which will be discussed later.

It’s so important that people become mobilized to defeat Judge Alito. The nation is about ready to step into a time line that will toss us backwards to former dark days of our history with his confirmation. This writer has no confidence in the democrats in congress to defeat his confirmation. It’s up to we the people to provide a ground swell of emotion to energize the democrats to work for his defeat. Much is at stake!

This writer has decided to conclude this series of postings later. It will be a posting concerning an alternative jurisprudence to strict constructionism and state rights. That was intended for this posting.

This writer is available to lecture on the problems that strict constructionism create. Also available to write for your publication.

Stagnation stinks! A nation in it’s grip.

With the last two postings, this writer has written a little about American jurisprudence. Its failure and what to expect when Judge Alito is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. Along with suggestions for citizen actions.

This posting is a continuation of the above themes with another approach for the restoration of civil rights for convicted felons who have fulfilled their obligations to society. It’s an approach held in disdain by the Florida legislature because it allows citizens to accomplish for themselves what the legislature will not do. With the last posting this writer touched upon the problems with jurisprudence that is centered on the original intent of the founding fathers of this nation and state rights. The next posting will discuss a more enlightened jurisprudence. With a emphasis on why Judge Samuel A. Alito must not be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.

In that the Florida Legislature failed to restore civil rights to convicted felons who have fulfilled all obligations to society. And with the nations highest court refusing to hear the Johnson case, little hope exists that either one of those institutions will reverse themselves.

The people of Florida have a great tool in the Florida Constitution for legislating law. It’s article eleven section three which reads in part… constitutional revision by initiative is reserved to the people. State Senator Mandy Dawson D-Fort Lauderdale is interested in processing a citizens initiative for the restoration of civil rights for convicted felons through a citizens initiative. She faces two problems. First a citizens initiative is expensive and 600,000
signatures must be collected. If you are interested in helping, Mandy can be reached at dawson.mandy.web@flsenate.gov.

This writer has written other postings concerning citizens initiatives. Type citizen initiatives in the search tab. You will be able to read those postings. One thing you’ll discover is that the Florida legislature wants to make citizens initiatives much more difficult. Reasons for this are multiple. Special interest groups within corporate Florida resent citizens initiatives. For example, they opposed the successful citizen initiative that raised the minimum wage in Florida. The Florida legislature resented the successful citizen initiative that forced the state to fund smaller class size in public schools. Citizens initiatives work. Hope you’ll contact Sen. Mandy.

In the last posting, some thoughts were shared about the dangers of originalist and state rights jurisprudence. People who embrace such a jurisprudence call themselves strict constructionists. They basically see the United States Constitution as a stagnant document. Unable to address modern issues on a national level because it must defer to the rights of the states. That is why they are upset with Roe v Wade. Roe became the law of the land based on the jurisprudence of choice or liberty. Strict constructionists argue that those themes are not addressed directly in the constitution. Therefore, the Supreme Court should have deferred to the states. They argue this from the Amendments to the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Amendment Ten, Reserved Powers of the State. Which states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states, or the people.” Those few words for conservatives form the bases for the jurisprudence of strict constructionism, and original intent, and state rights. Of course, they ignore the clause, “or the People.”That is why this Supreme Court rejected Johnson v Bush. For a conservative court, the restoration of civil rights is reserved to the states. Florida is one of seven states that deny convicted felons the restoration of their civil rights once they have fulfilled all obligations to society. If the United States Supreme Court had accepted the case, and ruled in favor of Mr. Thomas the laws of seven states would have been declared unconstitutional. A free people must be allowed the right to vote. Furthermore, the changing of the laws in those seven states would have effected a small percentage of the population. Florida has the largest population of former felons. Estimated at around 600,000 people. So, nationally maybe less than several million people would have regained their civil rights. The court by rejecting Thomas v Bush sends a strong message of how they will decide cases that really have national consequences.

Little doubt exists that Judge Samuel A Alito is a strict constructionist with all the ornaments of conservative jurisprudence. For the sake of the nation, his nomination must be defeated. This writer is not very optimistic that this will occur. Because the democrats, can only make noise and create some smoke screens. They can not anger corporate America who are united and campaigning for his confirmation. Being a United States Senator costs lots of money. Most of that money for campaigns comes from corporate America. The only why Alito will be defeated is through a citizens uprising against his confirmation. No matter how much money a Senator gets from corporate America. Senators ultimately are depended upon our vote.

In Florida, I’m already on record with the Democratic National Committee of not supporting the candidacy of Senator Nelson for another senate term. This based on his voting record. He voted for the confirmation of John Roberts as Chief Justice. Which means, he voted for a strict constructionists. And a judge, who supports state rights over national unity.

In the next positing, expect the alternative to strict constructionism. Also to be discussed, what will happen to Roe v Wade.

This writer is available to lecture or teach workshops on the above topic.

With Alito the Court is complete

With the previous posting concerning Johnson v Bush, a case that sought restoration of civil rights, for convicted felons who have fulfilled all obligations to society. As stated, the case ended when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to accept the case. The court did not state its reasoning for not accepting the case. Therefore, the public must be given to conjecture as to why the court refused to accept the case.

For this writer, the conjucture is simple. This court has been moving to the right of center for a few decades. Justices who are right of the center interpret the facts of a case based on what they call original intent of the nations founding fathers. For example, because the U.S. Constitution does not address the loss of civil rights for convicted felons. The Supreme Court can not decide the case. They see it as a responsibility of state legislatures to address restoration of civil rights for convicted felons.

The doctrine of original intent and state rights has not served the nation in the past. Such doctrines of jurisprudence allow legislatures to enact laws that resulted in the Johnson v Bush in the first place.The loss of civil rights in Florida for convicted felons was made part of the Florida Constitution over 130 years in the past. Right after the end of the civil war. Along with many other laws better known as Jim Crow Laws. States like Florida left to their own devices have a history of disenfranchising certain people in this state. Those who have suffered most under the Florida legislature have been African Americans and women. Of course Jews and many others have their own horror stories to tell. To qualify for disfranchisement in Florida; you just had to be a minority. That tragedy of the states past has not been completely eradicated. The state is on the verge of being locked in the past for decades to come. Dominated and controlled by the evils of original intent and state rights. When Samuel Alito, is confirmed and joins the Supreme Court. The several decades of struggles to move the court to the right of center will have been accomplished. That will halt and reverse the jurisprudence of an expansive constitution.

An effort was made by, State Senator Frederica Wilson, D-Miami, who proposed a constitutional amendment to the Florida Constitution. The bill never made it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee chair is Sen. Daniel Webster, R-Winter Gaeden. Senators who support such an amendment to the Florida Constitution plan on introducing the legislation again. As suggested in the last posting, it would be helpful if people contacted our legislators offering support for such a amendment to our constitution. A good place to start would be to contact Sen. Wilson and encourage her to reintroduce her legislation. Hopefully, people will also contact Sen Webster, and express disapproval for his holding of the legislation captive in committee.

This writer is available to lecture on a wide range of topics.

Johnson v Bush

It has been said, that to error is human but to forgive is divine. In a country that asserts itself as one nation under God. It would seem reasonable to expect forgiveness for those who error. That is not the case in the State of Florida. For sometime a case known as Johnson v Bush has been making a journey through the state and federal courts. The journey ended when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to accept the case. The citizens of this great state can do for our fellow citizens what the State of Florida, and our courts refused to do.

The case is about the restoration of civil rights for convicted felons who have fulfilled their obligation to the people through the criminal justice system. The control of this state is the obligation of its citizens. The entire criminal justice system is the property of we the people. Citizens allow elected, and those appointed to state and federal office to hold office in order to conduct our business.

Here are the issues at controversy:

The Florida Constitution Article 6 section four reads. Disqualifications.- No person convicted of a felony, or adjudicated in this or any other state to be mentally incompetent shall be qualified to vote or hold office until restoration of civil rights or removal of disability.

The Plaintiff, Thomas Johnson, is a married man with a family living in Gainesville, Florida. Thomas is the executive director of a organization that runs a residential program for people released from prison. He has held that position since 1996. His program is very engaging. It not only provides housing for people released from prison but also provides mentors who help these people reintegrate back into society. The program also helps the residents find employment.

Experts in the field of criminal justice and other academic disciplines have written volumes on the absolute necessity for such programs. The longer people are incarcerated the more they need such programs the experts conclude. This writer concurs because he has worked in the criminal justice system, and did a tour as warden for a penal facility. Remember to error is human to forgive is Divine. A society that can not forgive is bound to see the errant person hopelessly trapped in the path of error. Forgiveness is packaged in programs directed by Thomas Johnson.

Thomas Johnson served eight months in prison on a felony conviction in 1992. He was released in November 1992. He has paid back society for his crime by serving a prison sentence.

Now it’s time for Florida to amend its constitution. Restoring voting rights to citizens who fulfill their debt to society for crimes committed. Encourage the Florida legislature to enact legislation to restore voting rights to people who have fulfilled their obligation to society.

Ten will Florida be the eleventh

Economic crime labeled as identity theft is sweeping the country. Many people have friends who have had their identity stolen. Others know the horrors of identity theft from personal experience Some know the trauma of identity theft from various news sources. Identity theft is the nations fastest growing crime. Over 10 million people last year were victims of identity theft. It’s estimated that it will cost those victims $5 billion. Once a persons good reputation has been destroyed, it can take years of very hard intense and expensive work to regain your good reputation.

Most of this writers postings encourage personal action for bringing about the kind of change desired for these United States. This posting is no different. So, a few suggestions will be shared that might some day save people the very draining trauma of identity theft plus lots of money and time.

A Florida legislator in the proposed a bill in the house that would give the people of this state an additional tool for protecting themselves from identity theft. This bill would allow consumers to freeze their credit reports. Such a law would reduce the chance of having personal financial information released without the individuals permission. Which means that if someone was attempting to open up an account in your name, it would fail because of the freeze.

Criminals who steal someones identity get possession of credit card numbers, driver license numbers, routing numbers from checking accounts and social security numbers. All to often, they get that information because of consumer carelessness. Sometimes criminals get that information from people who have access to the consumers sensitive information. They then go somewhere and attempt to open an account. And before the true owner of that identity discovers the theft, the damage has been done. House bill 37 would make identity theft more difficult. In addition that bill would allow the consumer to sue the parties. Meaning the thief, and those who were to quick to give the thief credit. Like a department store who gives instant credit to someone or credit bureaus. This indeed would be an neat tool for the consumer. However, the bill failed because the business community and credit bureaus opposed the bill. They argued that it would hurt business and lead to a flood of lawsuits. Actually the bill never made it outside of committee. Not one person on the committee supported the bill.

It seems to this writer that the committee was more concerned about the business community than the consumer. Legislators know that they can not offend the business community because the business community finance their political campaigns. That is just one of the problems that we the people need to address.

However, all is not lost, yet. House bill 37cs will be brought up again before committee in early December. This will give the writer of the bill sometime to get support from people who oppose the bill. Of course the business community will not support the bill unless it’s so weaken that the bill will do little in protection from identity theft. Unless we the consumers offer our support for the bill. The author of the bill,” Security of Consumer Credit Report Information,” is Rep. Sandra (Sandy) Adams. Consumers can email support for her bill to adams.sandy@myhouse.com.

Another suggestion for consumers to protect themselves from identity theft is to monitor ones credit reports. Consumers can get a free credit report from each credit bureau once every 12 months. There are three major credit bureaus. What this writer does is requests a report from each bureau every four months. To get free reports go to: www.annualcreditreport.com. They will try and sell other services. Consumers can decline and still get free reports.

Monitor your credit card activity. This writer monitors his activity at least once a week. Better safe than sorry.

Consumers can put alerts on their credit cards. With alerts your bank will notify you of any unusual activity.

Senator Coburn and his America

In the United States Senate sets a republican senator from Oklahoma. His name is Tom Coburn. This man is on a mission. His mission is to Christianize America. He is a member of a extremists religious denomination where he serves as Deccan. He has associations with organizations who share his vision. One of those organizations is a group called the Promise Keepers. It’s an all male group. Meaning women can not join. People like Coburn believe women should have careers only as wives and mothers. Which of course makes him a threat to women, who may have an agenda outside of the home. They may as well want to be wives and mothers. It’s a decision in modern America that women make. They do so while very young; as school girls. Which is what school age boys have always done. For Coburn, and his kind, women could work outside the home only with their husbands permission. Employment would have to meet with his approval. Such an ideology would roll the nation back to dreadful times in America history.

The Promise Keepers just finished the twentieth conference for men and boys. During those 20 conferences they claim to have had 177,000 in attendance. They heard such themes as, Awakened Lives to Divine Purpose, Hearing God’s Voice, and Discovering Your Unique Design. The Divine purpose is to bring the nation to accept the religious right extremists doctrines. They are taught to accept those doctrines as divine because they have a biblical foundation, according to the Promise Keepers; and Sen. Coburn. They hear God’s voice through the Bible. During these conferences they were encouraged to reject evolutionary theories for the origin of the species. Speakers employed humor where the audience was told that if they saw a beached whale they were not to return it to the ocean because it’s trying to evolve. Keep in mind that Sen. Coburn is a member of the Promise Keepers. He shares their mission, and has brought it into the United States Senate. Please do accept what this writer writes about Sen. Coburn. Rather study the legislation he sponsors. Pay attention to the questions he will ask Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. Follow the speeches he gives. To give the reader some perspective for Coburn’s thinking here what he has said. I favor the death penalty for abortionists and other people who take life. He thinks that the gay community has infiltrated the centers of power through out country. They represent a threat to our freedom. He asserts that the gay community has great political power. To Sen. Coburn the gay community is behind the abortion movement and multiple sexual partners. All this to the Senator makes the gay community a threat to the family. With Sen. Coburn, and people like him, any notion that that does have a biblical foundation is a threat to the family and the whole of society.

Among other things, this writer thinks Sen. Colburn suffers from a severe case of homophobia. Senator Thomas Allen Colburn most likely could benefit from some long term psychiatric treatment. He is a danger to the Senate and the American people. He has already said abortionists should receive the death penalty. The power to enact such laws is not currently possible for the extremists religious right in this country. For now, they know that they do not have the people in the congress to write such legislation. Nor do they have the required justices on the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold such laws, today. Having Samuel Alito on the high court is important to the religious right. They are hoping that he would support such a law. Should such legislation someday be placed on the Supreme Court docket. For them, it’s a gamble worth taking.

On Meet the Press with Tim Russert today. Clips were reviewed of John Roberts confirmation hearings. Sen. Coburn, said he trusted Roberts because he could see from Roberts body language that he was a truthful person. Russert asked him if he thought as a physician he could tell whether a person was telling the truth. Sen. Coburn did not take the bait. The senator just replied that anyone could be trained to see truthfulness in body language. In this writers opinion Sen. Colburn was suggesting that the Holy Spirit was telling him that Roberts was a acceptable candidate for the Supreme Court. Sen. Coburn knew that saying he was led to accept Roberts because of the Holy Spirit would not play on national television, yet. If the trend towards religious fundamentalism continues to gain members in the senate, the American public will hear such language on national television from such senators.

This writer decided to write a little about Sen. Colburn not only because he is a member of the Senate. More importantly because he is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He will be one vote for sending Judge Alito to the full senate for confirmation. America needs to know the kind of danger that lies at there door step. Now is the time to act and reverse this religious attack on fundamental American liberties.

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Third world life for Ameicans

Recently the U.S. Senate attempted to do something it had not done in eight years. Raise the federal minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.25 over the next nineteen months. (Read carefully what is to follow because what is to follow impacts all of us, and not just low income workers.) It was voted down along party lines. However, the republicans offered a counter proposal. They said they would support the democratic proposal upon two conditions. Further reductions in taxation upon corporate America , and a change in the law reducing the burden of overtime pay for the business community. For most Americans, that is not breaking news. Most are aware that republicans are the legislators for the interest of the business community. The position of the republican party and corporate America was perfectly summarized recently. A spokesperson for Oppenheimer and Company in New York said, a good corporate citizen does not work for the betterment of the America.. The republican party and corporate America do not care what hardships the hard working American citizen encounters. The reader does not need this writer to list possible hardships people are facing. Each of us can express our own hardship(s) that we are attempting to overcome. Two things are certain. We can not expect help from our government. Nor can we expect help from our employers. They have an enhanced bottom line. Extract as much from the work force as possible. In return give the employee as little as possible. The demand is that each worker must be more productive even at the expense of good health and safety. They will put the final touch to the Oppenheimer and Company doctrine. A good corporate citizen does not work for the betterment of America.

In order to discover how sour the economy really is and how it effects the buying power of Americans consider this. For a reference point, the federal minimum wage was last raised in September of 1997. In the years that have passed since 1997 up to today. The buying power of $5.15 is worth $.17 less on the dollar. In the last eight years since 1997 the U.S. Senate has raised its pay by $28,000. How many employees do you know who are making $28,000.00, let alone an increase of 28,000. ? In addition what the government denies it citizens it provides for itself. Lifetime health insurance and healthy retirement pensions. Those retirement pensions are not 401 plans. There retirement plans are secure moneys not subject to the moods of the stock market. That is just the opposite of what they want for the American work force. On top of that, the government announced that when consumers buy something that product has experienced the greatest price increase of this generation. That is all inclusive for all products. Prices for wholesalers, according to the governments consumer price index like department stores, and super markets have increased has much as 2 percent. In order to enhance their profit they pass a 5 percent increase on to the consumer. As most know, the value of the dollar has been decreasing for months. It has been reported that 80 percent of the workforce saw their dollar buy 1.2 percent less this month than last month. To make things worse their dollars buy 3 percent less today than last year at this time.

Can you imagine what it would be like if we were not in the midst of an economic recovery. That is what our government tells the public. But even economists like Jared Bernstein of the Economy Policy Institute question that recovery because of the great loss of the buying power of your hard earned dollars. That is not in dispute for people on fixed incomes or for people struggling to etch out a living. More and more people are taking on second and third jobs just to barely get buy.The question is, how bad do things have to get before the American people put an end to this sorry state of affairs? Keep in mind that corporate America is experiencing record profits and paying less in taxes. The tax burden continues to be shifted upon the average employee in ever so subtle ways. For example, when your telephone bill increases so does your federal tax on that bill. When you go to the department store to buy something, as noted above, it cost more. With the increase in prices; all taxes to the state and federal government increase. In Florida, our state government is proud of their huge slush fund for a rainy day. The rainy day is upon us and our government is silent. In Florida our republican government is busy making corporate Florida richer and its citizenry more poor.

Little doubt exists in this writers mind that the federal and state government are well aware that capitalism as we know it has exhausted its usefulness. That is why they are backing corporate America as it pushes for employee concessions across the board. That is all the public hears from from the sound, print, and vision media. They insists that in a global community Americans must be willing to adjust their lifestyles to those of the rest of the world. Which means work more and earn less. However, corporate America executives have no intention of adjusting their lifestyles to reflect the lesser standard they demand.

The federal courts long have been a stumbling block to the republicans in congress and corporate America. Corporate America invested record amounts of money in support of the elevation of John Roberts as Chief Justice. They described Roberts as a “darling” of big business. Now they will campaign for the elevation Judge Samuel A. Alito, another darling of big business. They will succeed in seating Judge Alito on the Supreme Court for the reasons stated in previous postings. What that means for America is the end of democracy (civil rights) and (economic fairness) for Americans.

Along with all this, people on fixed incomes social security and pensions earned while working will be placed in jeopardy. The republicans and corporate America have been throwing out the eliminations of those entitlements for some time. Up to this point the republicans and corporate America have lacked the support of the federal courts. Soon that problem will be eliminated. If any hope exists for America; it rests with the ordinary Americans. Who must unite and take action. As a start, we must work for the defeat of Judge Alito.

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The White House: The worlds master of terrorism

The Prez with his weekly radio address today seems to think progress is being made in Iraq because the Iraqi Election Commission certified the passage of the Iraqi constitution.

He said that despite the continued resistance of Iraqis. With the help of coalition forces from through out the region determined to expel U.S. terrorists forces with their terrorists counterparts from Iraq.

Let us not forget that the United States has been exporting terrorism through out the world for a very long time. Remember that at one time the government of Saddam Hussein was a good friend an ally of the American government. The Prez bragged that just 30 months after the fall of the totalitarian government of Saddam the people of Iraq will now be able to elect their own leaders. He went on to assert that the new Iraqi government will be an all inclusive political process. However, he failed to mention that the women of Iraq were better off under the the government of Saddam Hussein. Seems that should be expected from American exported democracy because that was also the experience of American women here in America.

Also, it must be remembered that the terrorists forces in Iraq under American leadership are fighting to prevent former ally in Afghanistan, Osma Bin Ladden. From establishing a foothold in Iraq to attack moderate Muslim nations in the region, according to the Prez. If according to the White House he should succeed, he will use Iraq as a base to attack the United States. Of course, that is exactly what the world fears from the United States. It’s the fear that the Iraqi government will be puppet regime serving American interests. Not only in Iraq but throughout the region. With the establishment of American military bases and with abundance of Iraqi oil it will be easier to attack other nations. Not to mention an abundant oil supply for American oil companies.

You can bet that the Exxon’s of America love this war for they see even greater profits despite the loss of American and Iraqi lives. You see, democracy in Iraq, is a facade which creates an illusion of freedom. The real goal is to establish the predatory economic system called capitalism. Americans should be able to identify with that because while they have make choices between gasoline or food and other necessities. The Exxon’s of America record record profits.

Today the Prez boldly announced that more Americans will have to die so that government can accomplish it goal in Iraq. Americans should say a resounding no to more deceit and loss of life.

Death and dying in Iraq will continue unless Americans come up with a bold plan to end the war. Americans should consider boycotting the mid term elections. With all the trouble in the Dubya White house, democrats are drooling as they contemplate replacing republicans in the congress. Voters should deny the democrats that opportunity because they are complicit with the White House and the republicans in congress with aggression against the Iraqi people. WE as Americans must remember that the democrat of today are one and the same as their republican colleagues.

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