satire and taletelling

Soon to hit TV screens nationally the bonanza of all money makers. The pairing off of the Rams v the Patriots combatants for the super bowl L111 championship. Advertisers will stumble over themselves to pay top dollar to peddle their lies to a very susceptible American public. Which will flush their bank accounts with unimaginable profits.

Allowing them to raise their prices on their deceptive products. Based on another erroneous ideology straight from the underworld. An area of expertise owned by this padre. Everyone should learn all they can about the underworld because its real and impacts lives in many unsuspecting ways.

O my golly, almost forgot to tag those devils. They’re called supply and demand. You’ll recognize them, when you experience them. They won’t be carrying three pronged pitch forks nor dressed in red. They’re to sophisticated for such simplicity for tale telling. Today their weaponry and attire aren’t designed to scare, but to appeal to ones appetite for pleasure.

We have ways to undress the ugly. Here’s one of them. Don’t buy into the world of deception. But be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and thus becoming able to sort out the differences between need and the coercive coaxing of supply and demand.

Supply and demand are capitalistic monetary expressions where supply isn’t allowed to equal demand. Thus justifying ridiculous price hikes. Proved when sales are presented with what merchants brag as give away’s. Automatically consumers should know those who bought first were robbed. Because capitalistic notions are about maximizing profits and not surrendering profits. Meaning the merchant isn’t losing any money. There’s profit in their give away’s.

The consumer should be extremely careful when it concerns to the various maneuverings of the world of commerce. Because the world of commerce is about trickery, manipulation, deceit. Often leading to consumer financial collapse. After being crushed, with injurious fees and interest rates.

bad boys rule

Some obstacles must be removed. If the nation, desires a government by the people and for the people. A government that will enrich the people regardless of economic status.

In truth, the people’s government has been hijacked by the rich and powerful. They were mostly white and protestant. In the history of the nation only one person has been the nations president who was not protestant. The congress has been controlled by mostly white protestant men. They have done this through a very sinister doctrine. It’s the notion of laissez faire capitalism. Which plain and simple, is just another way to involve God in the affairs of the American people.

This laissez faire capitalists doctrine has done nothing but manufacture grief and greed It must be destroyed. Replaced with an economic system that serves the economic interest of the majority of the people. Not just the few rich, who then become powerful and then corrupt the nation. Like many C.E.O’, of corporate America, who then hire lobbyists to write legislation for congress people in the house and senate. Eagerly signed into law Republican presidents. Most Democratic presidents are also participants in this diabolic scheme.

Collectively, they then steer the country in a direction of economic depravity for working people. Many have to work two jobs in order to make ends meet from payday to payday. They have abolished the power of workers to collectively bargain with their employers for fair wages and other benefits. Had a conversion with an employee, who is allotted sick leave. However, he can’t use them unless he finds a replacement for himself during his absence. Unionized collective bargaining wouldn’t allow that to occur.

Another obstacle that must be destroyed is the notion that money is speech Money is not speech! Money is power! Lobbyist, corporate conglomerates and politicians then use the power of money to suppress the economic interest of the majority of people. This country is riddled with unfair laws that work to the advantage of the rich and powerful. And against the people who work, sweat, and sacrifice for the prosperity of the few. T

The notion that God can be seen working through the the nations economic system is ludicrous. Such a notion has no moral bases. It doesn’t have any bases in the logic of philosophy. Need proof? observe the financial standing of most Americans. They seen to be saying that they are having more and more difficulty surviving the whirl winds of God’s hand in the economy. And they seem to be saying that they are having some difficulty hearing the voice of God in the economy. How about you?

Wonder if the people devastated inadequate health insurance are having trouble understanding how God is working economics to their advantage? Perhaps they are wondering, why they can not hear the speech of God as money for the preserving of life. Most likely, they can not because capitalism’s laissez faire economics, and money as speech was never designed for them.

Its been a great deception weaved and exercised upon ordinary people which represents 98% of the nation. The themes of the hand of God in the market place and money as speech works for the rich and powerful the 2%. They certainly are not themes that benefit ordinary citizens. The sooner the nation understands this, the sooner, we the people can bring about change. Like universal health care through Medicare and funded like social security. The very basics of life should not be for profit.

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In God’s name

People associated with conservative politics often have close relationships with America’s mostly male dominated fundamental protestant religious movement or the religious right. And at the helm, Pentecostalism. Those people can not accept that anything can exist without God’s stamp of approval being clearly visible. That is not a new notion. It’s griped the nation since its inception. That is how the nation got stuck with the notion that prosperity individually resulted from God’s mysterious hand in the market place. Sounds good but its effect has been very sinister. It created an empire for some based upon greed, manipulation while creating a literal destruction for many. Expect future discussions on that hideous doctrine.

They were not content to have corrupted the nations economics. They also understood that in order to dominate the American society. They had to control the political arena. From this movements influence, we now have an equally diabolic concept. Money as speech, with money having the same constitutional protection as people. Money is not speech. It is power! The power of corporate money viewed as speech. Has resulted in the elimination of any meaningful diversity of political ideas in politics. Candidates today need corporate money to win elections. Once armed with a bottomless war chest of money. They are then ready to attack opponents. All they need now is voter support. Which they get, when they incorporate the agenda of the religious right into their diabolical agenda.

Now the nation is saddled with two falsehoods that has completely distorted the purpose and intent of the nations constitution. Books of history have been written about its horrific evil impact upon the nation. It has resulted in scores of cases being argued in the nations courts. This has resulted in temporary setbacks to be experienced by the religious right Usually they have rebounded only to become stronger. With increasing strength they have become more dangerous. Today they own the senate and the supreme court. Fortunately, they lost control of the house. Giving the country a reprieve from their evils. But they are confident, that’s it a temporary setback. Because they are sure, God put trump in the Peoples House to secure their ideologies.

The underlining drive of the religious right is and always has been to Christianize the nation. Which means, that they have another task to accomplish which is the destruction of the notion that the constitution requires a separation of church and state. Should they succeed religious diversity like political diversity will disappear from the American scene. Hopefully the American public will understand this threat and not allow it to occur. It is an eminent obstacle to overcome. Because, the religious right is relentless in its drive to Christianize the nation. Unfortunately the rest of the nation, is not overly concerned about this prospect. Maybe this will change before its to late.

Conservative evangelical Protestantism has experience some major setbacks in recent years. They’ve had enough and are determined to secure the recitation of christian prayers in the public arena. The swearing of an oath by placing a hand only on the Christian Bible. Along with the securing the permanency of Christian relics to be displayed in public buildings or grounds. Pictures help determine legitimacy.

For this discussion, just one example will be discussed as to how the christian right mobilizes to Christianize the nation. They know that to succeed they must capture the nations youth. All totalitarian regime’s exercise the same formula.

This is a lesson from the archives of history to be observed in your community. So that action can be taken to protect our youth from their propaganda. It also serves as a lesson as to why they want to own the federal courts. It’s an interesting revelation because a federal judge exposed the real intentions of the religious right.

Certain citizens in a small community outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania decided to bring God into the class room. To accomplish that task they became members of the local school board. Prior to being elected, they probably were displeased that the school’s science curriculum did not offer a course on creationism. Upon successful election they set out to bring God into the classroom. They did this by ordering the schools to offer a course on intelligent design or God’s hand in creation. Fortunately, for the people of that community the effort failed.

Perhaps this writer should clarify some issues before revealing what the federal judge discovered. Which also comes to the very center of what is wrong with attempting to Christianize the nation.

First this writer is a devout Christian. Called to the priesthood to represent Christ in the vineyard of humankind. Therefore, it’s forgone conclusion that God created our universe and all things therein. For this writer clergyman, God chose the evolutionary theory to help us mortals understand creation. This is what the federal judge wrote, “…Intelligent design maybe true, a proposition the court takes no position… Intelligent design is not science.” Therefore, it does not belong in the classroom. A position this clergyman accepts.

This what U.S. District Judge John E. Jones said concerning the intent of the school board. He said their intentions amounted to breathtaking insanity. He accused the school board with attempting to promote religion in the classroom. He declared that some members “staunchly and proudly touted their religious convictions in public, would time and again lie to cover their tracks and disguise the real purpose behind the ID policy.” ( source St. Petersburg Times; now the Tampa Bay Times.

The United States is a secular state constitutionally. Our constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or the prohibition the free exercise thereof.” This makes our country unique among the nations of the world. Lets keep it that way. We as a people must make certain this liberty remains the property of our constitution. The religious right is evil and must not be allowed to Christianize the nation.

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the trump thing

Surely, there is nothing more wretched than a man, of all things that breathes and move upon the earth. Homer

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9

Whether Homer or Jeremiah accurately describe the human condition is for each reader to decide. They are after all, just one voice.

Watch out because donald j trump wants to become the nations sole arbiter for what is best for the nation. His occupancy in the Peoples House represents a horrible error by the electoral college. The people voted overwhelmingly against trump. The electoral college was created to assure the superiority of the ruling class. Thus denying the people their right as the final arbiter in presidential electoral matters.

trump’s goal is to create a federal court system that is bias in his favor. He owns the Republican party. They have to see things trump’s way or become extinct. Respect for tradition, and the rule of law means nothing to a tyrant like trump.

That one voice could picture the image painted by Homer and Jeremiah.

Life in the Desert

It’s estimated that over 1.5 billion people from all races, nationalities, and cultures are Muslims. Only a small percent of Muslims live in the Arab world; a fifth are found in Sub-Saharan Africa; and the world’s largest Muslim community is in Indonesia. Substantial parts of Asia are Muslim, while significant minorities live in India, China, Russia, North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe.

Islam has made a great and good impact upon the world community from its infancy in Mahhah, Saudi Arabia. Islamic influence can be thought of as a university of learning. Wherever Islam is practiced all academic disciplines have been advanced. The world is clearly a better place because of our Muslim communities around the globe. Which of course, includes our own Tampa Bay community. We are fortunate to have such a large Muslim community as neighbors.

Much good can can from our common heritage as Muslims, Jews, and Christians. All three religions trace their origins to the Patriarch Abraham. His sons are the descendants for each religion. Islam from Ishmael and Judaism and Christianity from Isaac. The three great Prophets that bind each religion to the other are for Muslims, Muhammad, for Jews, Moses, and for Christians, Jesus.

With such profound oneness for our origins, we three can be a force for the betterment of humanity. Beside our origins, we share another commonality. All three, of us have suffered much hate and persecution. When people see the manifestation of differences. They sometimes become frightened and defensive. The defensiveness becomes aggressive and all to often leads to violence. Not wanting to be targets of such hate occasionally Muslims, Jews, and Christians have retreated into the inner sanctuaries of our respective religions. Seeking to be left alone to worship our God in peace.

If history, has taught us anything. We all know, that approach does not work. Our enemies will never leave us alone. This reminds me of one of the Fables of Aesop. Traveling through a desert a man saw a women standing all alone with her eyes bent on the ground. “Who are you? he asked. I am truth, she answered. And why have you left the town to live in the desert? Because times have changed, she said. In days gone by, lying was confined to a few. But now days, whenever you converse with people you find that they are liars. HUMAN LIFE IS VILE AND A WRETCHED THING, WHEN FALSEHOOD IS HONORED ABOVE TRUTH.” Each of us through the greatness of our respective religions have always found the strength to forgive our oppressors when we journey from the desert back to the city. Governed by the elements in opposition to the reality of Aesop’s fable.

Our commonality of strength is in our respective approach to God that makes us one. Together we can defeat our modern day enemies who would vilify us separately in order to divide us. Together we are strong. Our combined strength makes us invincible to our enemies. Such strength allows us to advance the cause of God for the enrichment of society. Society must be shown that the manifestation of differences they observe are differences in culture, dress and custom. We must help society see the oneness of God that binds the Creator to humans through Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. That the falsehoods are created by liars. We are not returning to the desert. We will tell our truth together from our cities.

As a Christian clergyman, this writer is available to meet with Jews, Muslims, and Christians to advance an agenda of harmony and strength.

Casey Lynn Hathaway

Toddler who was reported missing on Tuesday and found by rescuers on Thursday Lost in the woods three year old, Casey Lynn Hathaway told his family that he had, “Hung out with a bear for two days.”

His aunt posted an update about Casey on her Facebook page. “Casey is healthy, smiling, and talking.” He said, ‘He hung out with a bear for two days. God sent him a friend to keep him safe. God is good, miracles do happen.”‘

And centuries earlier the Psalmist penned. “He shall give His angels charge over you. To keep you in all your ways. They shall bear you up in their hands. Lest you dash your foot against a stone.” See Psalms 91:11-12.

One would think a toddler seeing a bear would be terrified and screaming. Which would spoke, a predator bear to attack. But, it didn’t happen. Some might think the boy became delusional from fear, loneliness, hunger and exposure to cold weather. This padre sides with his aunt. God is good, miracles happen.

The Apostle Paul quoting the prophet Esaias penned, “I was found of them that sought me not. I was made manifest to them asked not of Me.” See Romans 10:20. Saul, who become Paul had his own supernatural experience. As a light from from heaven threw him to the ground and a voice interrogated him. While those with him heard a voice, but saw no one. See Acts 9:3-7. Perhaps like Saul, Casey is a chosen vessel. See Acts 9:15. It has been said, “We mortals are so earthly minded that we are no heavenly good.”

how freedom could b eroded or saved

In the United States, many strive with a sense of pride that we are a nation of religious, racial, ethnic, and cultural differences. With many others, this writer values our free devotion for tolerance. Tolerance not because its coerced by religion or state. Sheer tolerance for the aesthetic beauty that is gained through association with other people.

In this land of ours all of that is under siege. Under siege by white religious extremists from the evangelical protestant churches. A movement that has a history here, and around the world for the suppressing of religious beliefs that are not evangelical. They are the primary cause of racial, ethnic, cultural and monetary discrimination. Woman, especially woman of color know all to well how brutal their tactics are. There are white secularist, who don’t share their religious beliefs, but other than that, they are family. They own the congress, and the executive branch of government. They experiences a momentary interruption by losing control of the house in November 2018.

After decades of struggles, soon they own the nations judicial system. When they finish, justices like Scalia and Thomas, may well judicially be the courts liberals. the Supreme Court. Then they will own the Supreme Court for generations.

Right now, and forever Roe is safe. During the senate confirmation hearings for the last two nominees, Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, and bad boy, Associate Justice Brett Kavanugh, both pledged that Roe is a protected judicial precedent. Roe will not be overturned, but it’ll be destroyed through states right. A favorite dogma for both religious and secular extremists. And that’s how they’ll, preserve their discriminatory practices against people of color, sex, ethnicity and culture.

Trump’s wall, and his government shut down is there hope for preserving all of the aforementioned. Know that Trump is one of them. And they know that, if immigrants people mostly of color gain citizenship their dependence upon state rights will become their achilles’ heel.

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republican church of america

The political and judicial trends in the United States are in serious trouble. Religious and political extremists own the Republican party. So powerful, is their control over the party that more moderate republicans are afraid to take any action that might offend them. Often seeking counsel and approval from the leadership of religious extremist in this country. The House, and Senate republicans can no longer act independently from the dictates if this group. A spanking from donald trump, will keep them faithful to the desires of the mostly protestant extremists. movement. The party having surrender their souls to them could aptly be referred to as the Republican Church  of America.

Foaming from their mouths while sensing that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg 26 year career is entering the gates of finality. Anticipating that they will have the last seat on the Supreme Court necessary to complete their judicial sweep of the nation. Should that occur, the nation will pay dearly for capitulating to the extreme religious right in this country. Because judicial rulings will have theocratic impact upon the nation for at least a generation.

The nation can not depend on the Democratic party to rescue the nation from this pending onslaught. The October 31st. posting provided some suggestions as to why.

There is a whole lot of detail to be written between the lines of the above paragraphs. This writer is available to spell out those details as a public speaker. Available to write an article for your publication. You can contact this writer by email or phone.

Death with Dignity

Part Six

John Locke in his Second Treatise of Government said, “where the law ends, tyranny begins.” We humans seem incapable of escaping tyrannical behavior unless governed by the law. So with our natural predisposition for arbitrary dominance, we surrender to the rule of law. Walk into any law library. You will soon discover how desperate society is to be controlled. Only the law can provide fairness throughout society. The problem for many is how to influence the law to ones personal advantage. To that end is the purpose of this discussion.

For a practical example, this writer well discuss Gonzales, Atty. Gen. v Oregon. This case was chosen because it has some implications for the entire country. Secondly, it illustrates the danger of religious influence in government. Equally important is how non lawyers or ordinary people can influence the law.

Some years ago the people of Oregon placed on the ballot for voters to decide whether they wanted the law to allow for doctor assisted euthanasia. On two separate occasions the voters said yes. For approximately eight years Oregon had a law known as “Death with Dignity Act.”

Then in November 2001, Attorney General Ashcroft issued a directive that said if doctors participated in doctor patient assisted suicide they could be criminally prosecuted. In 2019 that directive is the prevailing opinion governing death in most states.

John Ashcroft, a former attorney general is a prime example of what occurs when religion and government mix. He was a government official, who conducted prayer meetings in his office. He did so as a christian fundamentalists with an extreme right wing political religious agenda. Though he is gone, his legacy is very much with us today.

Who as a lawyer should have known that it was legally wrong to bring his religion into the government work place because it violated the highest law of the land. It didn’t matter than and it doesn’t matter today.

The constitutional requirement for the separation of church and state among religious extremists like Ashcroft are dangerous because they think that their religious beliefs supersede constitutional law. They then act upon their right religious extremism, as if it’s the governing law of the land. It was upon such convictions that Ashcroft wrote his directive halting Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act.

That is this writers opinion having observed the behavior of people like Ashcroft who hold extreme religious convictions. Furthermore that’s exactly what’s occurring today. Mostly observable during confirmation hearings to fill supreme court vacancies.  As extremists to the right politically, in conjunction with evangelical protestant religious extremists pool their resources with the Federalist Society to bring about the horrors discussed through out the previous five discussions.

People who are not lawyers can impact the courts by filing an Amicus brief which is known as a friend of the court brief. What people need to do is learn how to write such a brief. It requires following a format as established by the court which is learnable. It’s not any more complicated than writing university papers which require a certain standard writing formula.

As an alternative to submitting an Amicus brief there is nothing illegal prohibiting people from writing letters directly to judges stating their personal opinion, as to why a court should rule a certain way on a issue of concern.

Previously in this series this writer discussed the Terry Schiavo incident and how the religious right interfered with the desires of her husband. Death and dying should me a matter between family and their doctor. Religious superstition must be excluded from the process which includes all matters relating to privacy.

Old history never fades with time because it is given new life through simular incidences. Usually from religious and political extremist. Determined then, and today to make choice conform to their religious political perspectives.

This writer is available to teach the technique of writing an Amicus brief. Along with how to style a letter for the court. Also available to discuss personal legal concerns. All discussions protected through clergy privacy relationships.



In part three this writer discussed the religious right scriptural authority which authenticates their drive to Christianize America.

Part Four discussed their use of politicians of both major parties to allow the practice of religion in the work place. Paving the way for the rest of America to be subservient to a belief system they may not accept as valid.

When the State joins hands with religion, it opens the gates to a state sponsored religion. Which in turn creates the possibility of unforeseen consequences. Like the directed consequences of Deuteronomy 13:6-10, “If your brother… your daughter, or your wife… or your friend who is as your own soul… let us go and serve other gods…. you shalt not consent… But you shall surely kill them….because they have sought to turn you away from the Lord your God….”

The religious right has been upset with democrats for a long time because they oppose judicial nominees for the federal bench because they do want judges making decisions based on Christian views.

For several decades a secretive  declaration of war has existed. The war will be won, when the federal courts hold a solid majority of justices inclined to favor their religious principles. With every judicial confirmation the theocracy of the courts nears fruition. Because, a sufficient number republicans are aligned with their conservative religious ideologies.

It’s the republicans, and not the democrats, who are the radicals. Because, they are using the religious right to advance their combined agendas. Which, ultimately will destroy American democracy in favor of a theocratic form of government. And that form of government will have at the helm a authoritative dictator answerable only to himself. President Donald J. Trump.

What is going on through out America, is the high jacking of democracy. To be replaced, so that one set religious values serves the entire nation. The religious values which would control America would be those religious values acceptable to the Religious Right. Which would create a nation governed by a theocracy. Exactly what the founding fathers fled from. They devised a system of separation of church and state.

Contrary to what the religious right, politicians, or members of the general public thinks. Judges should not make decisions based on religious convictions. The United States is a secular state that allows for the practice of religion. The nation will never be safe until the congress is populated with people of ethnic, cultural and religious diversity. All who hold to the principles carefully numerated our Constitution This certainly must be so for the executive branch and the judiciary.

Can you imagine the up roar if Muslims demanded that the work place be governed by their religious beliefs. That judges make decisions based on the Koran.

It will not be long when the mostly white protestant men who populate the three branches of our federal government will be a minority in this country. Why then should the new majority ( Maybe Muslim ) treat this new minority any different then they have been treated?

People of good will must oppose the Religious Right, the Republican Party. Not to do so may result in a theocratic America. Only WE the PEOPLE can bring about the protection that is needed! Embrace all Americans of ethnic, cultural and religious diversity for a better America.

democracy 2 theocracy doable


Our government is in the hands of Corporate America and the Religious Right. Because legislators of both parties have failed working people, and all of America. While the Religious Right believes the nonsense peddled by Adam Smith, over more fairer economic doctrines from people like Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The information written here is for people, who work hard to etch a living from unfair low wages. Sometimes having to work two or more jobs to make ends meet.

Workers of America you need to organize LABOR UNIONS. Compare the wages and benefits of UNIONIZED WORKERS with NON UNION WORKERS. Life is better for the UNION WORKER. It’s not fair that workers are forced to pay tax on wages up to 35 percent. It’s not fair that working people are taxed more on each dollar than those monies generated from investments?

Investors have found ways to shift their tax burdens upon working people, who can’t afford to bear their tax burdens. The unburdening of taxation upon investors has been a progressive occurrence under successive presidential administrations. To the delight of Corporate America, and people with mega bucks to invest they have been able to shifted their tax responsibility upon laboring people. Accomplished through the IRS, allowed by congress, and supported by presidents of both parties. Their unfair tax schemes have made the rich richer and working laboring people poorer.

This writer remembers the campaign of the nations first catholic presidential candidate. Who issued a statement because many thought if elected Rome would dictate domestic and foreign policy. He said he did not represent or speak for his church on matters concerning the public. And conversely he said, that the church would not speak for him on matters concerning the public. Today’s politicians need a good dose of that civic lesson.

Our Constitution states, ” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” We need to be concerned about that clause. Because, it allows camouflaged political  principles. Perpetuated by prosperity advocates of the religious right to play politics through religion. Recall what was said in a previous discussion that a America is headed for theocracy. The establishment clause is another tool in their grab bag for theocratic dominance. Because

That same Article allows for free expression, and assembly. Why that Article even says WE the PEOPLE can petition the Government for redress of grievances. Unless your government declares you to be an enemy combatant. Then your government may snatch you up. Hide you in some undisclosed place. Deny you an attorney and even subject you to torture. Bottom line there are limits for interfering with the theocracy of America. Gosh! does security exist from those once hallowed writings of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION?

The Religious Right attempted Christianize the work place with the help of ELEPHANTS and DONKEYS in the nations capital. Then the third highest ranking republican, Rick Santorum a extremely conservative elephant who is also catholic, and most likely a supporter of the Fascistic Opus Dei group. He had proposed a bill in the Senate known as, ” The Workplace Religious Act.” Cosponsoring the bill were donkeys John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. In a nut shell the bill was about denying a women the right to have a legally written prescription for birth control pills filled. This is what it meant. If a women comes into have such a prescription filled, a pharmacist could refuse to fill the prescription if it violated his or hers religious beliefs. It failed to pass but it   represented a real coup for the Religious Right. It’s various aspects are still being fought over today.

We are supposed to have separation between church and state. This writer argues it is unconstitutional for the state to legislate law that allows the practice of religion in the work place. As far as I know religion is supposed to be neutral in the work place. It is contrary to Article one of the Bill of Rights. Just think what would happen to an employee who tells his or her employer that he or she could not service certain customers because the product violates his or hers religion. Like the delivery of birth control pills to a pharmacy or beer or wine to a restaurant. Make no mistake the Santorum’s of America are still with us. And they represent a serious threat to American democracy.

From this writers perspective, if the work environment violates your religious values seek work elsewhere. Employees serving the public should not be permitted by law to practice their religion in the work place. The Constitution does not grant Congress the power to write laws for the establishment of religious practice in the work place. Article One of the Bill of Rights makes it very clear. Congress shall make no law for the practice of religion. It must drive those Elephants and Donkeys crazy in Washington to be hand cuffed by the Nations highest legal authority. Oops not this bunch because if successful the religious right, and trump will trample remake our Constitution a document of history.

Time for WE the People to take action, and establish a representative government to serve all of the PEOPLE.




They are one and the same. That is the religious Right and the american conscience. You really do not think that the religious right put the current crop of Republicans in office alone, do you? If you do, you are wrong! From time memorial the moral values perpetuated by the Religious Right, and captured by the Republican party have been drilled into the American conscience from youth. It has occurred in Sunday schools all across America, and still continues. And will continue, until the end time as taught in the scriptures. Furthermore, acceptance of these moral values are encouraged in our public schools. Across the country, and I suspect in every state, colleges and universities exist that teach what the Religious Right holds as key doctrinal issues that consist of the nations moral values or CONSCIENCE. Today it’s accomplished in camouflaged ways.

To compound matters these moral values are accepted by millions of people outside the influence the religious right through public evangelism by protestants. One can not leave out the influence of the Roman Catholic Church or the influence print media. All this along with radio, and television, and now the internet, cell phones allows for the recruitment of a huge Christian Army. All under the banner of a hymn titled, ” Onward Christian Soldiers Marching as to war.” Make no mistake, it is war.

Any and all opposition will be CRUSHED. And do not be surprised if some of the CRUSHING is retroactive. By that I mean women who have had abortions along with their doctors. Do not feel safe if you are a man. If you were the father or someone who encouraged the abortion you will also be CRUSHED. Take it to bank and earn some interest on your deposit BECAUSE IT WILL OCCUR. Even under current law murder has no statute of limitations. Especially from a biblical perspective.

Which leads me to discuss the foundation of the moral values sacred to the religious right. In part two this writer discussed some sacred moral value of the christian right. The absolute prohibition against homosexuality, gay marriages and transgender equality. In this installment this writer will expand on the topic so we will see why the ELEPHANT can stomp on the Donkey and send democrats to pasture at will, part one. Understanding how Corporate America, the republican party and the religious right have all been able to advance their agenda through mutual tolerance and cooperation, part two. While the introduction to part three is long, those statements had to be made in order to set the stage for what is to follow. It provided clarity as to why the religious right is such a formidable foe. But understanding the ‘ why ‘ is not enough, if one is to understand the influence of the religious right upon the American conscience.

The religious right gets its marching orders from the Bible. It is what provides their moral authority to make demands of the executive branch, the congress, the courts and the American public. It’s what allows a convicted terrorist of the Religious Right, Eric Rudolph to proclaim the following after receiving a life sentence. He said, Some expect to see a man languish broken and unloved in the bowels of some super max. But by the Grace of God I am still here. A little bloodied, but emphatically unbowed.” Source Associated Press, St. Peterburg Times, Sunday April 17 2005, Nation and the World. p 21A. The moral authority that leaves the consequences of behavior unbowed by the grace of God. That’s their mantra. More often, then not, expressed in nonviolent ways, but nevertheless violence is always an option.

The religious right believes that the Bible is the infallible word of God because He breathed His very Breath into the human authors of the Bible making them incapable of human error. See 2 Timothy 3:16. That the man of God (Rudolph) may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work, verse 17. For such people  God’s law supersedes all other law. Therefore, some think they can hunt you down and kill you under certain circumstances. The goal is to be able to be able to prosecute violators of God and His law through conservative courts. For example any behavior by humans that in any way ends a life in a way that is not natural is murder. Example terminal ill people euthanized professionally or otherwise fit this fit this biblical edict in modern day America. “If he smites him with an instrument so that he dies, he is a murderer; the murderer shall be put to death,” See Numbers 35:16.

Here is another perfect incident which also is dated but whose ideology is very much with us today. It was all about the removal of the feeding tube from Terri Schiavo that reached to the White House, Congress, state and federal courts. The hollow halls of the Florida State Capital where rarely a good thing occurs for We the People. Of course, the same can be said about for those folks in the U.S. Capital. That I will discuss in part four. From what has been shared with this discussion, it should be easy to understand the anger of the religious right against federal and state judges and politicians, who refused to intervene.

Those days have not been forgotten such a stunning defeat to everything sacred to them. With that defeat the religious right became determined to move the nations highest court from its liberal ideology to a ultra conservative ideology. Folks, the nation is on its way to a theocracy through the nine justices on the supreme court. They’re not satisfied with a 5-4 split. The goal is 9-0. They’ve learned their lesson from conservative justices like O’Connor and Kennedy. And they’ve, got their man to make that possible in trump. Trump prides himself, as a deal maker. He’s not one of them but he knows they’re a large voting block. So he’ll give them what they want, and they’ll give him want he wants. Authoritative power to be doanld trump no matter what the consequences.

With the scriptural admonition from the book of Numbers it is easy to understand the nations love affair with the DEATH PENALTY. And of course, the opposition to EUTHANASIA. All of this and much more is woven into the American conscience by religious and secular institutions. The religious right and the Republican party have captured this as though it is magic. From such magic, they’ll rule the nation and jeopardize the nations democracy. It must be magic because it’s the only way to explain the existing lethargy through out the nation. among the majority of voters.

This writer has only barely touched on the subject of what makes the Christian Right, so determined, successful, and powerful. It centers around subjects like the Jewish question, the rapture, the great tribulation, the second coming of Christ, the millennial reign of Christ. God’s eternal kingdom on earth. Such topics are significantly integrated into the psyche of the Christian Right. They must be understood if one wants to understand the danger posed by the Christian Right.

Minister Irish is available to lecture, or do workshops about the religious right and their growing influence through out the nation.



Think what you want about donald trump. But he, brilliantly mobilized several necessary constituencies as supporters. And in the process siphoned off key democratic voters,  all of which were necessary, if he were to have any chance of becoming president. Even that wasn’t enough to win because he was propelled into the peoples house by the working peoples enemy the Electoral College.

When you think about it, what Corporate America, the Republican party, and the Religious Right has been able to accomplish represents genius. Think of it this way the three need each other to survive and excel. They are able to put aside vast ideological differences as long as each gets what they want.

Corporate America puts politicians into office, who then write legislation that favors the business community. The Republican party in order to come to power needed a dependable constituency. Much like the Democrats and it’s dependable constituency with labor unions and the minority vote. So, they hooked up with the Religious Right. The Religious Right delivered the vote that put the Republicans in power.

They were able to siphon votes from the Democratic constituency, who identified with their moral values. When it comes to moral values Democrats are all over the map. For example, democrats as voters are not united on moral values like the Religious Right who are mostly republican voters. The moral values under discussion here are not some johnny come lately ideology meaning a whim of someones imagination that seems like a moral value worth embracing. We are talking about moral values with centuries of history. Like the prohibition against homosexuality, and gay marriages found in the book of Leviticus 20:13, which reads,” If a man lies with a man; as he lies with a women, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” This was written 1400 years B.C., and is just as important today, as it was when it was written to the Religious Right, and many moderate Christians, and voters of other religious faiths. Because of the impact of spin doctors, both religious and secular, many voters regardless of party affiliation or religious faith will and have voted for a party that takes a stand against homosexuality and gay marriages. It’s an abomination embedded in the American conscientiousness. It’s an issue that hurts Democrats. Many Democrats accept homosexuality and gay marriages as an acceptable lifestyle. It hurts them because the Religious Right is relentless on this issue especially when it is time to vote.

We know what Corporate America gets for their dollar. What did the Religious Right get for delivery of their vote? An administration in Washington championing their causes. This is done through appointments to key government positions of candidates favored by the Religious Right. Appointment of judges to the federal bench who are likely to embrace the social agenda of the Religious Right. Along with the power of the ‘ bully pulpit. ‘ And a justice department to make life tough for people to the left, or in opposition to the agenda of the Christian Right. I might write on that subject because what is going on is rather scary.

Here is what the Republican party gets in return for capitulating to Corporate America and the Religious Right? They get to reek havoc on the nation and the world. Another subject I might write on.

In part three the subject of this posting will be expanded to include other doctrines of the Religious Right that makes them a formidable foe to democracy and civil rights.




In the Senate the DEMOCRATS hold 47 + 2 independent borrowed seats. Meaning anytime the Republicans want to put a Democrat initiative out to pasture it’s a done deal.

The reason for this is simple. Corporate America owns the nations politicians. Corporate America does not care which party controls the Senate, House, or which party controls the White House. As long as those politicians produce legislation, that advances the corporate agenda. If that occurs corporate will pump millions into a candidates campaign. The Republicans are clear winners. Everybody knows Corporate America owns the nations politicians.

One problem among several to be discussed is that Democrats are falling over themselves to be like Republicans. So they can capture, some of that corporate money. Bill Clinton perfected this art for the Democrats. With the consequences of a huge and loyal power base being lost. This as everybody knows was amplified in Florida during the Presidential elections of 2000. It is difficult to conceive how ‘ W ‘ captured the White House in 2004 because his policies were so bad for the nation and the world.

But ‘ w ‘ taped into a power source in the Christian Right allowed him, and the Republican party to do as they please with the nation and world. The Christian Right loves a converted sinner. It is all about Saints and Sinners. In ‘ W ‘ they had a sinner turned saint in the eyes of the Christian Right. Of course, ‘ W ‘ is not the first politician to tinker and toy with the Christian Right. The nations first Catholic president had a close relationship with The Dr. Rev. Billy Graham a right wing christian leader with huge influences. The difference between the two presidents is that ‘ W ‘ openly and publicly announces his conversion to the complete satisfaction of the Christian Right.

Two primary issues validate the Christian movement. The first being the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The other being the conversion of sinners. Without the resurrection of Christ and conversion of sinners like ‘ W ‘ Christianity would be without purpose and meaning. Even far more moderate Christian church’s accept the resurrection of Christ as center to their theology. All major Christian church’s encourage the renunciation of sin. They are not as radical on some of the social issues like homosexuality, gay marriages and transgender issues as the Christian Right.

If the nation is going to turn the tide, and silence the power of the Christian Right, and the Republican party an appeal must be made to this moderate arm of Christendom.

It is not just Corporate America and their ability to buy politicians that we must be concerned about. Nor is it just the enormous influence of the Christian Right in conjunction with the power of the Republican party that is not only alarming but frightening. The general public must be a forth area of concern. This is a large part of the nations population, who are not partisan about religion or politics. Even though they vote and are members of some church.

They have deep rooted convictions about moral values developed by the spin doctors and grafted into the American conscientiousness. The Republican party has been able to exploit those values into a national agenda with spectacular results. Which helps explain, trump’s popularity among that voting block.

The next installment will discuss this in more detail. It could be one facet for our deliverance from the current evil that we as a nation are encountering from Trumpism, the Religious Right and the Republican party.

smarts & trump

Thomas Edison said, “Five percent of the people think; ten percent of the people think they think; and the other eighty five percent would rather die than think.”

Helps explain trumps ascendancy from hell to the peoples house because thinking people wouldn’t have voted for trump!

figuring out the unusual

Ever had an experience that what just happened  was just to unusual to be a coincidence? Like a car crash that should have happened but didn’t. Or caught in a thunder storm, when bang, and thump. Turning around, and discovering that a lightening bolt had sawed a huge branch from a tree that should have fallen on you but didn’t. Giving you an eerie felling that something mystical had occurred. As though an unknown force prevented it from falling upon you. Or the stepping of a curb, when suddenly, a stranger pulls you back from on coming traffic. Or seeing a homeless couple, when suddenly, like out of no where a five dollar bill lands on one of their shoulders. O! The tales that could be told by people but aren’t. Over concerns about being labeled crazy.

This padre has such tales to tell, as do many others. So here’s a plausible explanation from all of us to you. “Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation.” See Hebrews 1:14.

“He shall give His angels charge over you. To keep you in all your ways. They shall bear you you up with their hands. Lest you dash your feet against a stone.” See Psalms 91:11-12.

“Do not forget to entertain strangers, for some by so doing have unwittingly entertained angels” See Hebrews 13:2.

The Apostle Paul gave this explanation from Esaias and no doubt himself. “I was found of them, that sought Me not. I was made manifest to them that asked not of Me.” See Romans 10:20.

Divine providence may well well be tugging at your complete being of body, soul and spirit. Trying to communicate with you that He has something for you to do in His service for His cause.

a party for all

On a cold winters day a Lion and a Boar came to drink at a small spring. They started quarreling which should drink first. And so provoked each other to mortal combat. But stooping for a moment to breath, they looked around and saw some vultures waiting to devour whichever of them was killed.

That sight made them stoop their quarreling. “It’s better for us to be friends than to be eaten by vultures and crows,” one said to the other.

Strife’s and contentions are ill things which end in misfortune for all parties, if they have not the sense to be reconciled. Source: Penguin Classics – Fables of Aesop – “Third Party Profit.”

To be human is to argue rather right or wrong. And assumed justice waits in the wings, like vultures with nothing to lose but everything to win. So it’s better for disagreeing parties to reconcile their differences.

Some know it, but most don’t. There’s a serious set of differences between the Creator and His creation. He calls it sin. And sin, He declared makes his creation His enemies. And so He said, “When you were enemies you were reconciled to our God through through the death of His Son. Having been reconciled, you shall be saved by His life.” See Romans 5:10. Experientially it occurs as follows, “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” See Romans 10:9-10. That is God’s reconciliation process. And this advise is added, “Now acquaint with Him, and be at peace; thereby good will come to you.” See Job 22:21.


the down side of the upside

A soldier had a horse. Which as long, as he was at the wars, shared all his dangers and adventures and was fed barley. But when the war was over it was made to work like a slave. Carrying heavy loads while being poorly fed.

War was declared again; and when the trumpets sounded the master bridled his horse, armed himself and mounted. But the horse had no strength, and stumbled at every step. “You had better go and join an infantry regiment, ” it said to him, “For I am not worth being called a horse, anymore. You have turned me into a donkey, and how do you plan to change me back to being a horse?”

When you relax, in times of security. It does not do to forget the days of affliction.

Source: Penguin Classics-Fables of Aesop-“Save Us in Time of Trouble”

Avoiding the aforementioned because it works on both sides of the fence. In times of trouble, and when thing are going, oh so well. Then suddenly trouble arrives, again. “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do so.” See Proverbs 3:27. Consider it the principled life.

donald j trump

donald j trump characterized. A buffoon, who sees everything backwards when it comes ethical and moral behavior. When his presidency ends, his legacy will be wrapped around these metaphoric expressions, “Woe to those, who call evil good and good evil; who puts darkness for light, and light for darkness; who puts bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Woe to those, who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

Woe to men mighty at drinking wine. Woe to men valiant for mixing intoxicating drink, who justify the wicked for a bribe, and take away justice from the righteous people!

Therefore, as the fire devours the stubble, and the flame consumes the chaff, so their root will be as rottenness, and their blossom will ascend like dust.” See Isaiah 5:20-24a.

moron in the white house

There is a growing consensus through out the nation, that donald j trump is treating his office like a reality show with his reckless projection of threats, lies and purposeful deceit. A collective group of behaviors by trump never before seen by an American president. Insiders within the government thought a trio of generals within the trump’s administration could save the country from certain chaos. They were Generals John Kelly and James Mattis, as well, as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. They are gone, and have been replaced with trump clones. An equation that equals disaster.

So what’s going on? In taletelling expressions here’s your answer. In a placed called Eden two of God’s proteges got themselves in trouble with their Creator.

It’s human nature to placed blame elsewhere, as opposed to accepting blame. So the woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” Well her Maker must have believed her. Because God made this rather pronounced judgment which haunts humanity to this day. So the LORD God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, …. I will put stress between you and woman. And between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise His heel.”

So succinctly, there are unseen forces in this world. One of God and the other of the serpent. A designated description for the many faces of evil. All encompassed and empowered by the father of evil, the Devil.

Eventually through the seed of the woman, Mary, gave birth to Jesus And through centuries of His genealogies a nation called America was birthed. Evil is bruising the heel of the good, America.

God wants America to get her act together and be the America of old. If America gets her act together, than Jesus will bruise the head of evil. And the world will marvel as to how America overcame the impossible. It’s the taletelling of American history. Known, and despised by her enemies, as American exceptionalism. Go USA! See Genesis 3:13-15.