2020 political change is in the air but will it matter

The writer of Ecclesiastes wrote, “That which has been is what will be. That which is done is what will be done because there is nothing new under the sun Ecclesiastes 1:9. Seems that what is out there is waiting to be rediscovered and  implemented again. For this discussion, refection, and action are the tools required, as the teeter-totter tilts back and forth through out the world of politics.

What will it take to get the people of the United States to tilt that teeter totter in the peoples favor? It’ll only happen, when enough people realize that our government nationally, and locally does not serve the best interest of us common folk. Our government, whether seated in Washington, or in our state capitals are government for the few, who are not rich and thus powerful. Against the many who are struggling to make ends meet. Reflect on the struggles of the people to secure social and economic justice in this country. Those struggles have been against the rich and powerful.

Wake up and oust those politicians, who have always been content to allow misery and suffering to occur among the general population. They hire consultants to fed the public with persuasive political jargon, as to, why a vote for a particular Democrat or Republican would best serve their needs. A collection of lies that voters buy in a majority one way or another. Resulting in the rich getting richer and the poor poorer.

A  litany of struggles could be listed. Better for the readers to use their rationality in order to identify struggles meaningful to each reader. Was the struggle resolved by virtue of your vote? If not, how long are voters willing to wait for their resolutions? If history is a reliable teacher, forever.

According to the writer of Ecclesiastes, those struggles have always been with humanity. They just get recycled millennium to millennium. However, in many instances they just returned sooner with an appropriate  timely appearance. The end result is the same economic, and social oppression for the masses of people across the nation.

Tottering the teeter in the peoples favor is a real possibility, if the electorate junks all political jargon. And elects a president that will produce what the electorate dictates. We’ll all know, who that candidate is because he or she will philosophically innately identify with the voter. One of seventeen democrats will emerge to engage trump for the presidency. Eighteen should former V.P. Joe Biden enter the fray. If he does, it’ll mean a second term for trump.

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new zealand muslim massacre

at least 50 people killed, 39 survivors remained hospitalized eleven in critical condition. The killer responsible left behind a 74 page manifesto which explained who he was, and his reasoning for the attack.

Responding, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, “White supremacist, age, 28, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, had chosen to strike New Zealand because we represent diversity, kindness and compassion.”

Madness has no sympathy for such noble attributes. Seems like madness has taken over the world. Danger mysteriously lurks everywhere. Wearing many grotesque facades.

Byword – Be careful because you can be killed for just being who you are or purposely targeted.

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muddy r the waters

Why is the nation shocked over the college admission and bribery scandal? Could this be the reason? Once read the following. “Life is not determined by consciousness, but consciousness by life.” In other words it’s the human way in more ways the one, if one can get away with it. Think Donald J, Trump and his collection if associates.

“Of all the trials of life among the greatest trial is that of being a good human being, said the Holy Man, Kicking Bird.” Source: Movie, “Dancing with Wolves”

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different season same issues

What follows, is what, is said about fairness. With fairness being very dimensional in application. Think issues A – Z! And apply those issues, for our times later on.

Matters that have escaped politicians, especially Republicans. Now there is a fresh new team in town. And they play, “Green Ball.” Giving working people hope for dimensional deliverance from the unfairness hoisted upon us.

Reaching back to the first century there was an employer, who hired seventy people. They were employed in pairs of two, and instructed to travel the country side. In preparation, for the boss, who would soon arrive.

He told his employees that the job would be difficult. Like lambs entering a city where only wolves lived. They were told to travel lightly and once reaching the city. Go house to house and greet the people by saying, “Peace to this house.” There they were to share that message that the recipient would somehow understand. And if not understood, the two would know it.

Once the conversation ended, they were to remain as guest. Eating and drinking such foods as their hosts might provide. The crux of this is what Jesus said, “For the laborer is worthy of their wages.” See Matthew 10:1-7.

Fast forward to our century and that same theory applies, as well, as do those, A – Z issues. The laborer is still worthy of their wages allegorically measured by food, comfort and shelter. And from the mutual understanding of, “Peace to this house.” Perhaps being symbolic to needs beyond food, comfort and shelter.

How is aforementioned to be accomplished? Legislatively of course! But it must go beyond that because as sure as, Rep. Alexandria Ocosia Cortez D-NY, and her associates came to town, they’ll leave. That’s politics! In the meantime, we working Americans by voting must make sure the green movement continues. With the Senate and White House being captured. Real peoples legislation can emerge.

The going beyond that must be done through unionization of the work force. Think! Why have federal, state legislators, courts and corporate conglomerates worked to destroy the unionization of the workforce. Answer! It gives workers power, equity fairness for all those A – Z issues. Which is exactly what the current power structure fears.

Rule of thumb, if the system is for it, be against it.

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the green deal

The green deal will prevail because its time has come. People are fed up with political gobbledygook.

How might it happen? Well, for starters against all odds.

Rightness has a way manifesting itself victoriously by means perhaps supernaturally. After sometimes eons of sleep. Awakening to mortals seemingly by means of, ‘O my God.’ Listen to Me, you, who sense rightness. Hearts focused upon His intergalactic ways. So don’t fear their reproach. Nor be afraid of their insults. For the moth will eat them up, like a garment. And the worm, will eat them like wool. But My rightness will be forever, and My deliverance from generation to generation. See Isaiah 51:7-8.

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weeping 4 fairness

Perpetuate ignorance! Side with Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell and his entourage of the blinded. Who legislate to prosper the wealthy, against people struggling to earn enough money to work only one job. Immediate $15. minimum wage tagged with an instant wage increase for inflation. And, fight for unionized work environment to assist in making it happen.

We all know that won’t happen, so support Rep. Cortez’s D-NY, and her progressive associates, to make their Green Deal a reality. Available to elaborate upon this discussions contents. Or any other topic of public interest. Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page.


It seems reasonable that working people labor, so that they have the ability to turn their earnings into various consumption’s. Therefore low prices are in their best interest. But low prices isn’t a gadget for profitability of capitalists because it’s a nasty word called deflation. The working peoples sustainable ally.

The American goal before its inception as a nation state was one of theft. Those early settlers took from the indigenous people on these now American lands what didn’t belong to them. They proceeded to ruthlessly slaughter a people of color that they tagged as savages. Their grotesqueness for greed and profit included indentured servitude meaning free labor of mostly Europeans. And the implementation of slavery from among the African peoples. All for profit, and not an iota humanness. Even after the Civil War because it still exists today. It’s just done in camouflaged ways, as is indentured servitude.

Succinctly here’s how the American economy works. Manufacturers allow production of goods to be exhausted. Causing what capitalist economist refer to as inflation meaning demand exceeds supply. So to make the adjustment to sustain profits they raise consumer prices. Manufacturers crank up the machinery for production. Demand continues, so they create additional jobs. And the word goes forth, WOW! More jobs more consumer spending money. The problem for working Americans is that those jobs fail to meet capitalism inflationary tactics. Resulting with people being forced to work more than one job. And of course, such a system of economics cause multiple auxiliary issues.

The mid-term elections offers change, if working Americans don’t allow themselves to be swindled by the artist of dupery, Republican! Progressive Democrats like, Rep. Alexandria Ocosio Cortez D-N.Y., and their Green Deal offers many needed changes.

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dark side of America

Many of us have heard plenty of talk about American exceptionalism as being some mysterious godly intervention into world affairs that brought about the United States. Often tagged as, Uncle Sam, the generous benefactor of relief for those in need. And that was, and still is true, and it’s something we Americans can be proud of.

But America has a very dark side that has plagued the nations peoples from its inception and it still cripples the nation today. Briefly, indentured servitude and slavery. It just manifests itself differently today.

Indentured servitude occurred through the practice of people coming to these shores from distant European lands, but of course, there were exceptions. Often such people didn’t have the money to finance such a journey. So wealthy property owners paid their fare. And in return they would work for those property owners for many years without compensation. And once the debt was paid, they hoped to become property owners themselves. But how could that occur? Indeed! Often they committed crimes and servitude repeated itself. And the nightmare and abuse continued. What drives Americans today? Property ownership. It’s not panacea often touted, as millions have discovered. In itself it is a modern form of indentured servitude, if one gives it careful thought and deeper scrutiny. What’s needed is a knowledge of the nations history and how economics works.

Now the matter of slavery because it to is very much with us today. Not like in Colonial days that led to the Civil War. Because slave owners today are more tactically shrewd. They could be property owners, financial institutions, other grand appearing conglomerates and governments at all levels through out the United States. And noticeably,  the trump administration who target specific peoples of color and of national origin. All done under the disguise of national security.

Light is persuasive to the horror of donald trump because light is illuminating. That’s why trump rails against the bearers of illumination. People like New York Congress woman, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and other members of the blue wave that took back the House of Representatives. Because trump knows that they represent the end of the many forms of involuntary servitude and slavery.

So much more to be shared and this Padre is anxious to make the light brighter. Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Gatherings in private homes is an option. Or other forums, where people can gather for spirited discussions.

trump how it happened

A turtle ask an eagle to teach it to fly. The eagle pointed out that it was ill-adapted by nature for flight. But the turtle wouldn’t let the matter go, so the eagle grabbed the turtle with its sharp hooked claws. Reaching great height and released the turtle. It fell at the foot of some rocks and was dashed to pieces.

The spirit of rivalry will often make people disregard the advice of wiser heads with fatal results for themselves. Source: Penguin Classics – Fables of Aesop – “A Waste Of Good Counsel”

Better are the people, who walk in their own integrity than people, who are perverse with their excuses and make themselves fools. See Proverbs 19:1.

For this discussion the turtle is picturesque of wanna be president trump and the eagle the supporters of trump. And history will show the disastrous presidency of trump. While the spirit of wiser heads are picturesque of the more than three million voters, who in their wisdom knew that with tine trump would fall. With fatal results for all at home and abroad.

Tip of the hat to the people of integrity a much needed ingredient because perverseness is already on the march. Saying things like, “We know trump isn’t a choir boy but that’s okay with us.” And the donald, the man of extreme perverseness loves it!

putting the package together

Remember the former things of old. For I am God, and there is there is no other. I am God, and there is none like Me. Declaring the end from the beginning. And from ancient times, things that are not yet come. Saying, My counsel shall shall stand. I will do all My pleasures.” See Isaiah 46:9-10.

In fifty four words, we have the history of God’s creation. And all interactions imaginable between the innate of creation and human interaction with it and between ourselves.

It’s what’s between those words that should prick ones curiosity. Answers to historical events before, during and yet to come. This Padre hears pundits asking, what’s happening that’s making our world so troublesome, dangerous and confusing?

Interested in having what’s between those fifty four words discussed in an abbreviated manner, or in depth, then engage this Padre within a forum where the public can gather. And, small gatherings  in private homes is another option Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page.

One might ask God, what is your counsel and pleasure towards and for me? It’s recorded. “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.” See Jeremiah 33:3. True to His word He has done that. It’s up to each of us to discover it.

experience nothingness go 2 church

“To anyone driving past the property it looks  like a farm. But it is not what it appears to be. Nothing is what it appears to be.” Source: Dark Rivers Of The Heart by Dean Koontz.

Modern day Churchmenship has found a way to popularism. Through the avenues of entrepreneurship. Unfortunately the modern day church sells the product of falsehoods through empire building. While polluting truths that people are desperate to know. And because of that people are exiting the church in droves.

If there is an institution that is nothing like it appears to be, it’s the church. And if it, were not so, why is church attendance declining?

The reasons are multiple, so if interested as to why, then engage this Padre at a forum where the public can gather. Small gatherings in private homes is another option for answers and solutions. Found through the Contact Us link of my Home page.

You will not be asked to join Church for Sanctuary because it’s a church without walls or membership. This is how it works. “Now thanks be to God, who always causes us to triumph in Christ. And through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place. For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.” See 2 Corinthians 2:14-15.

After we meet, it’s unlikely that our paths will cross again. You’ll be to busy being that diffused fragrance. It’s far more complicated than these few words reveal. Because you’ll be associated with the unknown, and thus inexperienced world around us.

a day gone by

Few knew, and more cared less that yesterday was Ash Wednesday. Annually, Ash Wednesday serves, as a memorial, for a day of reckoning of ones mortality. That death would sooner or later claim us as its prey but with a remedy, For it’s recorded, “Inasmuch as the children have partaken of flesh and blood, He Himself likewise shared in the same, that through death He might destroy him who had the power of death, that is, the devil.” See Hebrews 2:14.

Because, it’s scripted, as self evident, “In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground. For out of it you were taken; for dust you are, and dust you shall return.” See Genesis 3:19.

With such a remembrance ashes were smeared upon the forehead of the repentant, and told to go and sin no more because the journey to resurrection Sunday meant that the repentant was seen as being righteous in God’s sight. See 2 Corinthians 5:21.

During the weeks between Ash Wednesday and Resurrection Sunday. People are encouraged to give up something through fasting. And other choice enjoyments, in remembrance of Jesus’ 40 day fast prior to launching His ministry. It’s a practice worth considering but its not mandated from the scriptures.

However, if this Padre were to be asked, I’d suggest, instead of giving up food or any other enjoyment. Do something helpful for other people, as frequently, as possible. Create a behavior that will become permanent. Like what Jesus encouraged, when He said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” See Matthew 5:9. In other words be nice and do nice things for others. Our world needs a good dose of such behaviors.

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sexual identity

A senior at a Colorado high school, Brendan Johnston, forfeited the possibility of a chance to compete for a weight division state championship. Over two women asserting that they are males. “I don’t think that I am looking at woman as not being equal. I am saying that they are women and that is different than being a man.”

According to the Post, biological males who identify as female broke girls track records while winning against biological female competitors in state championships in Connecticut. Source: Washington Post.

The topic sexual identity is so frequent it’s hardly newsworthy. More, and more people are just shaking their heads and concluding it must be accepted. Because it’s be a part of our times, an issue that has no resolution.

Got news for you, this Padre after much thought and study has concluded that their is resolution for this crisis. Interested? Engage this Padre in a thoughtful discussion in any forum where the public can gather. It’s based upon fact and not wanabe fiction. Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page.

trump qualifies

“…. The kind of man you want to be looking for is one who is absolutely sure of his righteousness …. No one is more dangerous than a man convinced of his own superiority.” Source: “Dark Rivers of the heart” Novel by Dean Koontz.

A President who needs to be exited from the Peoples House. By impeachment or the power of vote. If the Electoral College doesn’t for a second time deny the peoples vote to determine whose President.

I keep hearing Republicans repeating that the people elected trump. Not so! A minority of delegates from each state determined the election.

The Electoral College is relic for discrimination against ordinary people. In favor of rich land owners. Just like today! The government is made up of very wealthy tyrants. Who often employ the euphemism, “The people we serve.” Their real intent to preserve their status, and to keep the real electorate under their control.

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stench what it smells like

First it was the Roman Catholic church where hundreds upon hundreds of children and nuns were sexually abused by its clergy. By many protestant denominations the Roman Catholic church was seen as the handmaiden of Satan.

At the very opposite end of the religious spectrum the holier than thou, Southern Baptists. Arch critics of Catholicism and most others outside of their orbit. Have been up to some of the same shenanigans for decades.

Its been reported that likely that most religious denomination are going to take a hit.

It seems that their major concern is that the controversy will boost the ranks of young people, who already are disillusioned with organized religion. Forcing many of them to collapse financially. For this Padre, that’s good news because the church is a well organized institution of mostly fraudulent practitioners. Whose various schemes have made many of them wealthy at the expense of those, who couldn’t afford to be scammed. And who apparently thought that their perceived elevation allowed them to use innocent children as their play things.

Decades ago this Padre, having discovered the hypocrisy of that institution packed his bags and left the organized church for a street ministry. This I can attest, no child was ever harmed nor any woman raped. The journey hasn’t been perfect but it has been pure. Instead hundreds have been helped. And both children, and women have been well served. To this very day.

Be turned off to churchism, but not to Jesus Christ because the Christ life is the best life to live. Note carefully. “And, without controversy great is the mystery of godliness. God was manifested in the Spirit, seen by angels, preached among the gentiles, believed on in the world, received up in glory.” See 1 Timothy 3:16. In simple words. that Christ life must be experienced to be understood. Verse 16, is the primer to that understanding.

What we are experiencing it’s recorded. “Now the Spirit expressly says that in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.” See 1 Timothy 4:1. Most likely, the church across the street or around the corner.

A whole lot more is available to be shared. Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page. Individual, or private home settings work well. As do forums, where the public can meet.

You will not be asked to join Church for Sanctuary because its a church without walls or membership. Just helpfulness at no cost to seekers at anytime or at any place.

Yes, in addition to more familiar and comfortable places as aforementioned. Other places of ministry by this Padre. Include interstate exits where panhandlers can be found. At gas stations and shopping centers and in wooded areas from where the disenfranchised emerge. Places called home for some of the homeless. And found patronizing such establishments for various reasons. They also need to experience the diffused fragrance of Christ. See 2 Corinthians 2:15-16.

Helpfulness in its many shades beats the ugliness of abusiveness in its many shades.

get it were it matters

For many, including this writer, wanting to be more than we ever thought we could be is a constant determination. Which is good, because most of us make such determinations wanting there impacts to better for self and others. In this instance its got to start with self before it can better others.

What is to follow is personal, and is not intended to be directed at any particular reader. However, if the reader finds it helpful and useful. That’s good! Drop me an email. I am interested in what readers have to say.

Call it a determination or a resolution they follow these suppositions. I am the creation of God. Within this creation resides a spirit. My spirit is my connection to God and God’s connection to me. “… saith the Lord who stretched the heavens, and made the foundation of the earth, and formed the spirit within,” Zechariah 12:1.

Other biblical writers expand upon the notion of God’s creation and that spirit the dwells within. Paul wrote in, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, your body is the place where God resides. Our bodies are because of God! You were bought with a price. Glorify God in your body and spirit. Our world would be a better place with such thought as resolutions.

Have you noticed the number of really fat people mingling around you. They are everywhere and growing in greater numbers. Without respect to age or gender. It has become a national epidemic. The federal government has issued alerts on obesity. School boards across the nation are issuing directives to modify school breakfast and lunch programs. Attempting to serve food with less fat, and more nutritional value. Instructing schools not to renew contracts with soft drink companies. Because of the high sugar content, and absent any nutritional value.

All that has provoke me to put at the top of my list the determination for the requisite of a “firmer and more toned” body. In some respects my body is already there. In other respects it needs to be taken to a higher level. I exercise by running, and pushing iron meaning lifting weighted dumb-bells. Along with full body stretches, and work on those ever so hard to control abdominal areas.

All that above stuff is ‘almost’ worthless without the proper diet. For this writer, it means a mostly vegan vegetarian diet. It means eating food as close as possible to the purity of nature. Food for consumption must be free from known carcinogens. Read and study the labels on food products. It is a shocking experience to discover the poisons allowed in our foods.

Doing so will enhance the quality of life. Which is, as stated, is at the top of my determination list. There are others, like the management of stress. But that is for another discussion, maybe.

Good success with your own determinations. If not there, maybe you’ll consider exercise and diet some where on your determination list.

Do you know that our stomachs are about one liter? Capable of expanding to three liters. Suggesting that life can be sustained on small amounts of food. And that the quality of sleep is disturbed by over eating and stress! That thought is worth placing someplace very observable, when one is tempted to expand ones stomach to the max.

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evil in our midst

The general public most likely has not given much thought as to what to expect from religious clerics of a particular religion like Islam. Especially Islamic clerics born raised, and educated in Islam. Spending their formative years in Islamic countries  similar to Lebanon. Who for reasons known only to themselves find  assignments in mosques on shores far from their homelands. Lacking the ability to speak English, and announcing that there is no reason to learn English. Even though they become citizen of some non-Islamic country Do such Islamic clerics arrive in those countries with the intent of assimilating themselves into the Western culture? And at the same time, encouraging the attendees of their mosques to do the same? The answer is no! At least that is what their sermons indicate.

Some Islamic rhetoric: “But when it comes to adultery, it’s 90% the women’s responsibility.” Why? “Because she the women possesses the weapon of seduction. If she, who takes off her clothes, shortens them, flirts, puts on make-up, and powder, and takes to the streets. Then it is a look, then a smile, then a conversation, then a date, then a meeting, then a crime.”

Muslim women associated within such mosques would not dare to dress or act in such a manner. But, other purposes exist from such sermonized rhetoric. It’s Islam’s condemnation of such dress, and behavior by women outside of the influence of Islam. It’s a method for rallying Muslims to abhor such attire and behavior. With the ultimate purpose to bring Western civilization  to a place where they know no god but Allah. Which is, the world purpose of Islam.

Sermonized Islamic rhetoric warns Muslims woman that, “Satan sees woman as half his soldiers. You are my messenger to achieve my needs. Satan tells women, you are my weapon to bring down stubborn men. They are men that I have failed with. But, you are the best of my weapons.

One must wonder how persuasive such emulations of darkness is in making sure Muslim woman remain submissive to male dominance.

Universally, Muslim clerics declare, “Our master is Mohammad. Indeed we have made the communications clear to you, if you will understand.”

And one way or another they adhere as follows,  “If they put the sun in our right hand, and the moon in our left hand. Giving us the sun, the moon, and the Western world, if we’ll give up the principles of our Islamic, Koranic calling. Then we  swear to God that we will remain all by ourselves until God makes us martyrs!”

Continuing. “My job is a sheik, my tools are my turban, and, I am a servant serving the religion of Allah. I pray to Allah, and I will die attesting to the religion of Allah and his prophet Muhammad . I do not belong to any establishment, or to any government.”

And their master is Mohammad, who said, “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, there is no god but Allah.”

This writer is available to lecture on Islam and its terrorists strategies for world conquest. Accepting engagements through out our Tampa Bay Community, the Nation, and our Global Community. Available to write for your publication. Investors needed in order to expand this ministry. Please refer to the navigation link for contact information and other services provided.

wrecking balls needed

Living in a world that requires people to craft a living from the sweat of their brow. For many an eight hour day is a thing of the past. People are working longer hours. In addition many are ‘hounded’ constantly to produce more of a particular product in less time.

Resulting in more emotional and physical strain. Which is resulting in soaring health care costs for the American work force. Then workers are experiencing the disappearance of employment benefit packages such as sick leave, vacations and health care just to name a few. This only makes the emotional and physical strain more harsh.

To make matters worse, employers are refusing to provide workers with fair monetary compensation in order for workers to sustain the crunch of severe financial hardships. Which is the only way for workers to get the money that they deserve in order to stabilize emotional and physical deterioration.

That is only one side of the story. To compound the emotional and physical stress at work and the ill consequences. Many have to return home to confront another set of emotional and physical stresses. Making life not very pleasant for all to many.

We hear a lot about the bottom line. This is the bottom line. Many corporations are showing record profits year after year. Even major insurance companies which cry and get government endorsement for higher insurance rates; show record profits. The same is the case with for America’s utility companies. Then we have big oil with their booming profits. And the bottom line goes up, and up, and up again. Until it reaches the bank account of the American worker; then it spirals downward.

Here is the rest of the bottom line. The American work force is nothing more than a ‘commodity’ to be used and discarded to the trash can when worn out.

At this point readers should be experiencing one of two emotions. The need for a tissue to dry the tears. Or out rage because America is about profit and those who fall between the cracks; well it is their fault.

This writer holds that workers should hold their oppressors accountable. Easier said than done because American jurisprudence protects the oppressor in employment law. Again its a about the bottom line. The government doesn’t need your tax dollars. Labor law in its own way advocates the worker produce or be dammed. To many workers are being dammed! There are solutions and one of them is unionize.

A Padre for difficult times. Specializing in ways to fight back. So from the Home page click the Contact Us link. Lets trade in those worn out shoes for new ones.

cohen on capital hill

Hope ur savvy about wants going on in the nations capital. Supposedly on behalf of we Americans. And that of course, is debatable depending on ones perspective.

This writer hopes that it leads to the impeachment of trump which will be very difficult. So when, all is said and done, maybe months down the trump will fail at his bid for a second term.

During yesterdays congressional examination, the top Republican on the House Oversight Committee Rep Jim Jordan said on numerous occasions that, “Americans put trump in the White House.” Which is not correct. The people elected Hillary Clinton, as their President. Hillary, beat the donald by nearly three million votes.

trump became President because of a scheme created by the nations founders. Intended to keep the people checkmated. Known as the Electoral College, it’s a beauty and has served the powerful and wealthy, oh so well.

Want to know a lot more about such a diabolic scheme for denying the will of the people. And perhaps, you in particular. Available to reveal its devilry to audiences everywhere. Found through the Contact Us link on my Home page.

revolt:it is a liars paradise

Someone said, “Don’t be fooled by those who have the power to lie.” So it is with former UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley. Who has been nominated for a seat on the board of directors for Boeing. Boeing, a defense contractor and aircraft manufacture. Their directors will deny, or confirm, her nomination at their, 29 April 2019, meeting.

So why is Haley a pearl of infinite wealth to Boeing? Because Haley the former governor of South Carolina is famous for fighting unions in their quest to represent employees, as they sought fair compensation.

The Chicago based company is so very profitable because of employee productivity. They want to make sure profits continue to soar while employee compensation dips. Haley is the person to work towards that end. As governor she declared, “Companies in my state take care of workers, and unions are not needed.” People, who believe that are a sorry lot.

To Haley, and the Boeing’s of America workers are nothing more than commodities. To be used and discarded when worn out. Unionization of the workforce prevent such occurrences. Need proof? Answer this, why are employers oppose the unionization of the workforce?

Want more info search, PBS Newshour, 26 Feb 2019, “UN Ambassador nominated to Boeing board of directors.” There you’ll find out that such ilk are not just Republicans.

The power to lie seems to be the pathway to influence and wealth. So the question, what is to be done about it? Engage this writer and get your answer. Found on my Home page and go to the Contact Us link. It’s all about not being ordinary, but becoming collectively more that we ever thought we could become.