Christine Blasey Ford v Brett Kavenaugh

For those who watched the latest episode for the confirmation of kavenaugh, it’s easy to discern that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was truthful. And kavenaugh, a product of privilege, and secret fraternity societies, lied. He may have been so drunk which seems to have been a reoccurring experience for him. But aware enough, to think that woman were his play things to be abused. as he saw fit. kavenaugh shares that trait with a guy called trump Two nuts from the same shell.

As for Dr Ford, if you know anything about traumatic experiences. Then you know that such experiences are forever engraved in ones brain. Relived constantly as a memorial experience that will not go away. Even though one wishes that it would. Dr. Ford, said she was 100% sure that supreme court hopeful kavenaugh violated her. And, enjoyed the fun he was having.