the donald trump phenomenon

Ever wonder why things are so screwed up? Pure and simple, it’s the modern day church. Perhaps it got its birth with the Ronald Reagan, era and has been dangerously growing over the decades. Fearfully it might plateau, if, Brett Kavanaugh is elevated to the nations highest court. Kavanaugh is dangerous! Kavanaugh is a Trump theoretician, who will work tirelessly to protect Trump. Giving evidence during his confirmation hearings that Trump could constitutionally protect himself from attempts to disrupt his governance. By suspending any measures adverse to him. Giving Trump a presidency like that of Russian President Vladimir Putin or Recep Tayip Erogan of Turkey.

Many churches in significant numbers align themselves with political candidates, and parties that hold to political ideologies that mimic their’s. They are rich and powerful institutions, who own and operate many avenues of communications such as television networks. Who use those avenues to mesmerize their followers into hypnotic obedience to the drum beat of their agenda’s. So when, they collectively give credence to Donald Trump. They enthusiastically obey blinded to any realities or truths.

Donald Trump understands their power and influence, and has aligned himself with them. Making the combination of religion and politics a very dangerous threat to American democracy.