gone in a flash usa


Biblical theorist of gloom and doom, have long seen four kingdoms and a federation European nations, as power houses for ending the world as we know it. Who are magically influenced by a sleazy trio of characters, who they say are destined for a place called the bottomless pit.

Standing in their way is a mighty kingdom called the United States. On no ones radar screen is an emerging power house called North Korea. Who just might have the capability to obliterate, Donald Trumps, United States. Few ever suspect that North Korea has the capability to do that.

Now that the war of insults between the United States and North Korea has turned into hand shakes and hugs. The worlds atmosphere is suspected to remain free from nuclear radiation. And as we all know, Donald Trump is busy gloating that the Korean peninsula will be denuclearized because of his ability, as a deal maker. Wrong because evil never surrenders to light!

But if, North Korea gives up it nukes, it’ll be because they have a superior and thus a more powerful weapon. Nations suspect that nuclear warfare today is a sure way to experience the nuclear death of their own nation.

North Korea just might EMP old glory with nuclear pulsations. Who perhaps has outlived its usefulness on the world scene.

Here’s what the experts warn us about a nuclear electromagnetic pulse detonation. If detonated 19 miles above a certain body of states, a number of them would experience consequences greater than the nuclear bombs the United States dropped on Japan.

Higher atmospheric detonation guarantees greater destruction. And if detonated 294 miles above the earth that would cripple most, if not all of the United States.

North Korea has a formidable military apparatus such as submarines. Which could easily penetrate U.S. territorial waters because its electrical grid had been wiped out. And from those waters, launch nuclear missiles coast to coast. Making the United States a fading memory.