A teddy bear named Muhammad

August 7th, 2017

An incident in the news occurred a few yesterdays ago that reverberated around the civil world but was puzzle for most. Causing people to wonder, why all the fuss over a teddy bear? Which from many aspects, it is tragic. Because it indicates a lack of appreciation, for the real horrors facing the world. And worse yet, the horrors that unsuspecting people might someday experience in what use to be a free and open western society. It has nothing to do with people being stupid to occurring world events. But it has everything to do with far to many people marginalizing the influence, and threat of Islam. This is especially true for far to many Americans. Many Americans think of Muslims as being “weirdos and sickos.” Therefore, posing no threat to the United States, which is a dreadful mistake.

The teddy bear teacher was, Gillian Gibbons. She is from Liverpool, England. She taught school in Sudan at a Muslim school. One day the class decided to name a teddy bear Muhammad. She was arrested, and charged with insulting Islam’s Prophet. Soon she was convicted and sentenced to 15 days in jail; followed by deportation. The civilized Western world found this to be unconscionable in the 21 century. More shocking was the reaction of Muslims in Sudan. Who took to the streets demanding her execution over a teddy bear named Muhammad.

The west, and in particular, the people of United States, excluding the government, needs to learn, and understand how Islamic theology and sharia law functions. Excluding the U.S. government because it has hopelessly drowned itself in the pluralism of multiculturalism.

If America is to be saved from this Muslim menace it will be because of an awakened American public. It must come from within the determination of believers in Christ, who exist outside of traditional church mainstream or otherwise. Categorized as denominational churches, who exist under a particular umbrella or free lancers of suspicious ideologies called non-denominationalist. Both divisions represent one of Christendoms greatest curses because it inhibits across the board cooperation which is desperately needed if Islam is to be defeated.

And as people are awakened, they will discover that more than one billion Muslims populate 57 countries. These Muslims are moving in unification to impose sharia rule and Koranic values wherever they reside. This should be a major concern for each of us in our individual homelands. This is according to Bat Ye’or, born in Egypt and now a British citizen living in Switzerland. Who is the author of several books about Islam. One of them, The Dhimmi:Jews and Christians under Islam. But like many others, she is like the hen who calls fox in the hen house. With no one taking the situation seriously, until they come for a hen only to find the hen house empty. Let us hope that is not what happens to our western style democracies with our open societies. Both of which are repugnant to Islam

It’s a very different world out there today. It use to be that differing political ideologies caused global conflicts and wars. Today it’s the ideologies of religion that are causing global conflicts and wars through nation states. In a way the varied, and complex mixtures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam empower these states to defend a religious ideology and not a political one. However, it’s a paradigm the west can’t understand and it puts them in great danger. But it’s clearly understood by Israel that their nation is not in danger because of its political ideologies. Rather its their religion that puts Israel at risk. And, the Arab/Muslim world clearly understands this shifting paradigm as a shift in their favor. Giving them a determination to destroy everything that isn’t Islamic.

Much more is to learned about this Islamic phenomenon that is gaining momentum as it races across the years of the 21 century. Forcing once powerful nations to bow in humble servitude to Islamic demands. Can the United States be spared from such Islamic servitude? The answer is yes, if people, who make up the body of Jesus Christ become determined to deny Islam its conquests.

So mobilize, as home churches, and deny Islam what it wants most, America. Lack the know how? Help is available through diligent web searches.

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