mysteries and secrets of war

August 2nd, 2017

He who is the boss is sometimes replaced by one who is the most unlikely replacement. How it works. At will an entity moves across the varied plateaus  of earth. Reeking havoc for some and pleasures for others. That manifestation has endured centuries from the past, and extending itself into the unknown future. It is said that this entity changes the times and guides history. Able to remove the most seemingly invincible of leaders. And then raising up leaders most thought to be the most vincible. Wisdom is given to the unlikely, and knowledge to those who are thought to be ignorant. He reveals to them deep and secret things. The end results is that the darkness is made light and the light darkness. See Daniel 2:21-22.

I will put enmity between Satan and Israel. And between your followers and her followers. Israel will bruise your head, and you shall bruise the heal of Israel. See Genesis 3:15.

The United States could well be the worlds second most hated nation in the world, after Israel. If the United States fails to keep Israel safe, from her overwhelming entourage of enemies. Then God may well release His vengeance against America through the emerging miracle of Islam. Think that’s a joke?  Study what was written above. Then watch carefully for its manifestation. Pay no attention to secular ramblings to the contrary. They are just noise makers trying to camouflage their fears. They know that the last thing they need is rattled public.

It could be said that God has a grudge against Israel and the United States. That grudge has been inflicted upon Israel a number of times. Nevertheless Israel will endure another severe beating before she returns to that Hen forever. Who had promised to take her under Her wings for enduring protection. See Matthew 23:37. This time Israel will not refuse. Ending centuries of suffering for the worlds most punished people.

Which one would think, would have caught the attention of the nations. That’s it not wise to get on the bad side of God. Which is especially true for the United States because she had a spiritual birth, as the bearer of responsibility to make straight a roadless road in the desert as a highway for our God.

God has been merciful to the United States punishing her in ways not noticeable by most. But not seriously enough to put her statehood in danger. That’s about to change for several reasons, but  primarily for not standing with Israel against the Arab/Persian/Muslim world. With the powers of the North and East smelling her vulnerability. Exposing Israel to a global attack designed to completely erase the Jews and their nation from the community of nations forever.

God had provided, the United States, His hammer of the earth. His battle-ax for military purposes with superior weapons against multiple adversaries. Always being miles ahead of her enemies in the development of the newest of weapons to keep evil check mated. But her most powerful weapon is contained in the words of Genesis 12:3, bless Israel, failure was to be cursed said God Almighty. Whose eternal intent was that through Israel, all the families of the earth would be blessed.

The United States has had a glorious history, but not without serious imperfections. Many overcome, but with others needing urgent attention. Like the aforementioned discussion featuring Genesis 3:15. It seems that evil is bruising the heel of Israel’s descendants the United States. As the United States moves further and further from her spiritual responsibilities. And as such, it seems inevitable that the following will be her fate. For thus says the LORD of Hosts, the God of Israel, “They shall hold  the bow and the lance. They are cruel and shall not show mercy. Their voice shall roar like the sea. They shall ride on horses, set in array like a man for battle. Against you, daughter of Babylon.” Modern day America. See Jeremiah 50:42.

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