Angelic encounters

July 29th, 2017

The ways of Elijah’s Ravens, are best understood from yesterdays discussion because of their mysterious wonderment. Could they have been angels or God himself?

We know that birds when directed serve the interest of their Creator, like all of us do. We know that these Ravens were more than just ordinary birds. Because they were able to receive directives, think and react, and then obey them.

And astonishingly, they knew Elijah, and where able to find him. And could it be that in light of, 1 Kings 19:5-10, that it’s possible that the Ravens from the previous discussion were angels?

This is shared because of this padre’s fascination with angels. Because as a toddler, this padre had an angelic encounter through the personage of a woman. Who told me that I was to become a priest. For decades, she would appear looking after me. Especially, after a demon murdered by mother. I knew it, nobody else did, and I wasn’t talking, or they would have had me committed to an insane asylum.

Being called to be a priest, and being a priest are vastly different. The latter requires the birthing experience of Romans 10:9-10 and 1 Corinthians 5:17. That demon that killed my mother was determined to destroy me. And it almost succeeded, as I was well on my way as a willing participant in the deepest abyss of darkness imaginable. When unexpectedly, and not seeking deliverance, I was delivered. The presence of light drove me to my knees to confess my sins which is best described through Romans 10:9-10.

Upon rising the next morning, I knew something was very different. Securing a Bible, I began searching for answers, and when I found 2 Corinthians 5:17, I had found my answer.

Having said that, lets see where we find Elijah. Of all places, he’s sleeping under a tree. When he was touched by an angel, who spoke to him, 1Kings 19:7. And in verse 7, we discover that it happened a second time. During those times he ate and drank, this padre suspects Elijah consumed a supernaturally charged food. Because what he was about to undertake, was beyond his physical abilities. Which was a 40 day journey to the mountain of God. Only to be asked when he got there by the word of the LORD; “What are you doing here? And he answered, “I’m zealous for you.” The people are turning from your ways. Destroying everything that represents you, and what you expect from them. Going as far as to kill those who defend you, and only I remain.

For tomorrow, ancient lessons for a modern world, as the supernatural strikes.

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