zigzag by purpose 2 kill Americans

The government looked at this Muslim war tactic. Ranking it as one of the more serious plots to kill Americans. It was a hydrogen peroxide bomb plot that led to its exposure in September, 2009. It was big news than, and should not be allowed to be put to sleep. Because it shows what your Muslim neighbor has planned for your future. And hardly an American blinked an eye lid then, and less so today because such news was the expected then and more so today. Which of course, puts Americans at great risk. If the risk is to end, it’ll be the American people, who will end this Muslim threat to our lives. And not the government, of Donald Trump!

I have said it before over the years, so I’ll say it again. America is at war with the Islamic world. With their combatants safely entrenched on our sacred American soil. Camouflaged in military fortresses they call mosques.

Meaning that Muslim war tactics have come to the United States. With the government being fully aware but not making this clearly understood. Because if they did, they fear the repercussions of an angered American public against them, and more importantly to them in the Muslim community.

WHY? Because, America needs their Black Gold from Islamic oil fields. And they know they can survive an enraged public against them, after all, they have been doing it for a very long time. They also know that it’ll be a different outcome, if the American public discovers a foreign insurgency is safely camped out upon American soil, with government awareness, all because of oil.

Thinking that they could manage such a scenario hidden from the public. Which is a securely entrenched enemy behind military fortresses, called mosques. Able to come and go to make war against Americans. Always arguing that the nation is only troubled by a few Islamic radicals. And, that seems to work, for now.

It’s difficult for me to determine the American reactions, if and when, they are either told, or discover for themselves that Muslims are warring against us. As for me, I long ago came to the realization that the government is a useless bunch of thugs, who are a self  serving lot, at best. Just a necessary evil that must be tolerated just for the sake minimal community sanity. And that they’ll sell the nations safety and welfare for Islamic black gold.

Public reaction against the Muslim community, should Americans discover the full range of Islamic war tactics here. Well, that would result in the people doing what the government should have done. A self serving politicians greatest fear.

Their war tactics haven’t changed abroad because they have been fighting their wars tactically for centuries. With vigor against non-Muslims, as well as against Muslims. Which is clearly amplified upon the world stage, as record breaking truth, even today. Muslims are just a wild and unmanageable people. It’s just that their war on American soil is just in its infancy. But aging quickly, and if Americans don’t wake up, and eradicate this Muslim menace before their numbers multiply beyond our ability of eradication.

Then Americans might be saddled with the European experience making the best of the worst of things. Meaning compromise after compromise to Islamic demands or face the threat of road side bombs and hoards of suicide bombers. Two of their favorite weapons of war. Along with a slick propaganda machine that would have been the envy of Nazi Germany. And rich in cash, from Islamic oil producing states.

Here is an example, as how the Islamic war tactics are being used against Americans. A Muslim home grown, or a foreign import, finds shelter through a mosque. Emerges to secure employment, as did Najibullah Zazi. Who found work in Denver as a shuttle bus driver, until arrested by the F.B.I. Zazi, was the mastermind behind the making of that hydrogen peroxide bomb. Designed according to the F.B.I. to kill scores of Americans. Such people consider themselves holy warriors because they are following the mantra of the holiest of all Islamic warriors, who said in his farewell address in March 632, “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah,'” Muhammad.

So the question, what are you going to do, to eradicate this Muslim menace? Interested in some dialogue, get in touch.