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whirlwinds of contractions settled

March 31st, 2017

From the whirlwinds of contractions emerges information that you can count on. From yesterday it was said that the Jesus declaration of, “Whatever you ask, I’ll do it,” is an erroneous expectation for today.
It is often erroneous thought that the New Testament replaced Old Testament Jewish customs. It didn’t! The following writers were primarily talking […]

a game changer

March 30th, 2017

It was said in closing from yesterdays discussion that there is a sickness found in John’s gospel. And that, Paul provides the cure.
Though the sickness is recorded by John, it’s compounded by Jesus himself. And for emphasis He repeats Himself. Saying, “And whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father […]

attitude is everything

March 29th, 2017

If you are politically savvy, then you know the migration by Muslims from their hell holes to European countries. Has led to nothing but violent disruptions. Raising up a new brand of politicians saying enuf is enuf. Causing one candidate, to comment and ask, “There’s something I just don’t understand. People who come to France, […]

a change in attitude

March 28th, 2017

After a back and forth discussion between Divine Providence and Ananias. Finally Jesus said to Ananias, “Go for he is a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name before Gentiles, kings and the children of Israel. For I will show him many things he must suffer for My names sake.”
From apprehension, and fear, Ananias […]

a street called straight

March 27th, 2017

Experiences don’t get any more bizarre than what happen to Saul and his associates during yesterdays discussion. But it will, as events continue to unfold.
Saul blinded, and his associates spooked out after seeing their boss mysteriously tossed to the ground. Seeing no one in the vicinity that could have done that to Saul. All they […]

people of the way

March 26th, 2017

Jesus is dead! But the scourge remains, as His followers continue to promote His causes. Troubling to the authorities was that Jesus had declared Himself to be their liberator. Telling His followers that whatever they asked of Him, He would do it. What did they ask of Him? Did their questions have anything to do […]

trump jr jumps into the mix

March 25th, 2017

Unfortunately, London has a Muslim mayor. Mayor Sadiq Khan, responding to the events that saw madman, Khalid Masood, do what Muslims do best which is to injure and kill.
It’s their centuries of history. It’s not going to change in our twenty first century. It’s only going to intensify making mockery of politicians who say, as […]

no greater evil

March 25th, 2017

“Saudi embassy confirms UK terrorist had been in Saudi Arabia. There embassy says while there he taught English.” Source:The Times of Israel.
What The times didn’t inquire about was what Khalid Masood was doing there while not teaching? Easy answer! Being radicalized! He learned his art well driving his Gray Hyundai 140 over the Westminster bridge […]

what manner of people ought we 2 b

March 25th, 2017

From yesterday the heavens have exploded with a loud noise and everything on the earth has been burned up. So the aged emissary for Jesus asked this question, “Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of a persons ought you to be?” Peter says, “Be in holy conduct and godliness.” See 2 […]

Upping the ante Muslim Khalid Masood

March 24th, 2017

Driving a gray Hyundai 140, he plowed through through a crowd of people on the Westminster bridge, as he headed towards the Houses of Parliament. A witness provided this account. “A guy came past my right shoulder with a big knife and just started plunging it into a police officer.” The police officer, Keith Palmer, […]

foray of indulgence

March 24th, 2017

“ISIS is a terrorist organization, but it is not just a terrorist organization. It is a mafia adept at exploiting decades-old transnational gray markets for oil and arms trafficking. It is a conventional army that mobilizes and deploys foot soldiers with a professional acumen that has impressed members of the US military. It is a […]

todays islamic drama explained

March 23rd, 2017

Abraham realizing his mistake by fathering a child out of wedlock. Gets up early in the morning. Putting some bread, and and a container of water in perhaps a duffel bag. Sending her, and his son away from his household.
So Hagar left with her son in tote and just wandered aimlessly. Perhaps distraught that her […]

enduring ideas never die

March 22nd, 2017

So apply this one, and protect your liberties and freedoms, or Muslims will steal them from you.
President George Washington’s America has changed. In 1783, while in Ireland, the President described the goodness of America. Saying, “The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and prosecuted […]

an idea for all time

March 21st, 2017

Some ideas catch on and then become global. Like the thoughts of Marine Le Pen of France. Who said the following while being interviewed recently by the U.S. news show 60 Minutes. She was disputing French pollsters assertions that she couldn’t win the French elections. She responded, “Think again!” Admonishing the world to look at […]

muslims predisposed psychopaths

March 20th, 2017

A young mother had a lot to absorb concerning the birth of her infant child. But it’s not over yet, as she was about to learn that her son was to be a psychopath. See yesterdays discussion. The following must have been shocking to Hagar. As she was told, “He shall be a wild man. […]

twelve princes of islam

March 19th, 2017

After the hit upon Sonny, in the movie the Godfather. The Don recuperating from an assassination attempt upon his own life. Arranges a meeting with the five crime families of New York and New Jersey. And presents this question, how die things ever get so bad?
Many probably ask the same question in regards to world […]

the patmos experience

March 18th, 2017

This isn’t a suspenseful journey on the orient express, as some novelist have suggested. But rather, a some times infamous journey into a time yet to come reported by an author named John. Who was one of twelve, who traveled with Jesus. After the murder of Jesus, he got himself into trouble with the governing […]

Donald Trump a walk with God

March 17th, 2017

Why is the presidency of Donald Trump so different from that all other American presidents? Hitch hiking on what was discussed yesterday. Is he, being what he is because of an awareness of his own divine unction? Maybe, maybe not because divine unction is very individualized. There is no way for we mortals to know […]

divine unction what is it

March 16th, 2017

If you want to eradicate world trauma that explodes violently in the home, the market place, or wherever people of significant numbers are found. Look to the theater of the Muslim home, market place, or wherever people of significant numbers are found. There they’ll behead their own kind, or you, or blow them up, or […]

the business of the church

March 15th, 2017

During the last couple of days two discussions addressed what we cherish most and what most fear which is life and death. On occasions biblical scriptures were used. So this needs to be said, this writer is not a churchman. Though he is a devout Christ follower. Educated in theology and ordained.
Because most churchman are […]