Little numb but not bleed out

This is what happened in Albany, New York, though dated its important as to how Muslims are slowly bleeding Americans to the point numbness. Where a pulse hardly registers nationally or globally to Islamic mayhem.

So, defendants, Mohammed Hossain, and Islamic cleric Yassin Aref, a former immigrant, the latter a refugee, both well educated, and each man competent in there professions. Both free of criminal histories making them ideal candidates for participation in the American dream. However, 37 guilty findings out of 57 from a federal criminal. Condemns them as unworthy participants in the American dream.

This is how their war strategy works. Bring the troops in as educated professionals, and when things go wrong, the public relations campaign kicks into operation. Because these convicted Muslims were able to ignite the fires of propaganda using the machinery provided by, The Council of Islamic Relations.

Muslim cleric, Yassin Aref, at sentencing complained about the treatment of Muslims. Also saying, “I never had any intention to harm anyone in this country.” “And I do not know how I am guilty,” continued the Muslim holy man.

Followed by mosque founder, and business man, Mohammed Hossain, who said, “I knew nothing about bombs and terrorism,” Also asserting, “I do not know why I was chosen. I am not a criminal.” Continuing by saying, “I was not thinking of committing a crime.”

Both men most likely spoke the absolute, and perfect truth from their perspective. Because it can not be a crime to honor what the Qur’an teaches, and thus honoring Allah, and his prophet Muhammad.

The battle cry from the Qur’an, Allah, Muhammad, and all Muslims, “I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah.” In tears, men were insulted by being labeled and sentenced to long prison terms. This paragraph is so important to the understanding of the mind set of Muslims. And any possibility of expecting Muslims to assimilate themselves into America, which means acceptance of our Judeo Christian culture is just wishful thinking. Because, everything about our culture is in opposition to what it means to be a Muslim. And until Americans understand that, they will remain at risk in ways only Muslims can inflict upon them.

(7) When it comes to determining a world at war propaganda is a significant factor. In it’s least common denominator, it’s reduced to an art of selling a product. That product is Muslims are peace loving people. Muslims violence occurs among the few, who operate outside of what Islam teaches. And those who see it differently, suffer from Islamophobia. All designed to make the public think that their critics suffer from a mental disorder and need help. However a quick glance around the world exposes their product as a hoax. Proved by Muslims violence in their own homelands where they slaughter each other. Syria severs as one of many examples. The other six points can be found in the previous two discussions. Know them and know your danger.

All the aforementioned, including the previous discussions about the intentions of Muslims puts the United States at great peril. Because most Americans, and their government have bought into the Islamic sales pitch. The smarter public outside of those influence know better. They have come to grips with all this and have a sense of reality that America is under siege by a determined and deadly enemy.

The Christian response knowing this, Genesis 16:11-12. Ishmael the father of Islam, the creator of terror. Do this by decree of the Apostle Paul, Galatians 4:30, get rid of Muslims. Why, because Muslims persecuted Christians then and now, verse 29. Because Christianity is of God and Islam is of the flesh, verses 28;29.