Bled by Islam strategies America numbed

Muslims wherever found are more than troublesome; they are deadly, but they will never emerge collectively as a power block of nations for world dominance. As will the to be born one last time, the Roman Empire. Configured with ten nations rich in economics and military might. And allowed by Jesus Christ to emerge under the auspice of a false prophet, the anti Christ, and who will be empowered by Satan. Don’t blame Jesus, he’s just allowing earthlings to have what most want. A kingdom free from divine inspiration and intervention. A kingdom so dysfunctional that it’s will annihilate itself, so said Jesus, Matthew 24:22, intervening for mercies sake.

On with American shame, as a people mostly convinced that God doesn’t matter anymore. So that evil can strategize its havoc on a mostly shameless people. Allowing Islamic evils to manifests itself this way. Get it because your life might depend upon it someday.

Continued from the previous discussion.

(5) This new war plan makes the enemies movement of troops difficult to recognize because the troops are not uniformed. You do not see huge armaments, ships and aircraft which are sure signs for an identifiable war campaign. Islamic troop movements move as refugees and immigrants as noted yesterday. Often well educated professionals, with families. Claiming to be seeking a slice of the American dream. But pursuing a dream not American. This a new factor for determining a world war. Which is very different approach from previous world wars.

(6) This new and very effective war strategy is wrapped up in a smooth propaganda campaign. Propaganda is a war time expression which this Islamic foe has turned into a public relations act. More skilled than the Nazis propaganda machine ever imagined and much more deadly. Well financed from rich oil producing Arab Muslim countries. Head quartered in Washington D.C. with chapters through out the United States. This Nazi like propaganda machine exists as C.A.I.R. or the Council of Islamic Relations. When their soldiers have to face American justice. They count on C.A.I.R. to cry foul. And, then they provide  the best criminal defense that money can buy. Usually high powered American law firms. But the evidence is so over whelming that the accused become convicted criminals.

You know the devil got it, when conversing with God about self serving law firms, and others, that jeopardize American interest, Satan answered the LORD, and said, “Skin for skin, yes, all that a man has will he give for his life,” (Text:Job 2:4). And guess what? American politicians are in that mix, too. Anything goes for prestige and money because that’s how they save their skin. And America is bled, and numbed, end it America. Become the masters of your destinies, the Jesus Christ way; and thereby practicing what it means to be an American.

Next, how all these strategies bleeds and numbs America.