Bled to death America numbed

Muslims have engaged themselves in a world war, but despite the evidence, most say its just a few, who step outside the boundaries of Islamic teachings. As long as people accept that rational. Muslims will continue to ravish their communities. And by the continued shock of death here, and abroad a psychological numbness has overtaken the nation and the global community.

What needs to be understood is that Muslims don’t fear the United States with its world premiere military might. Nor does its superior intelligence gathering agencies make the United States a more formidable foe for Muslims. It just intensifies the numbness through continued bleeding.

Muslims learned a valuable lesson from Americas’ Vietnam war. There the United States negotiated a save facing exit, so as not to have to admit to being defeated. By agreeing to leave, but contingent upon the North ceasing hostilities against the South. Two years later, the North invaded the South and now the Vietcong rule all of Vietnam. And bled to death, America was numbed.

So then came the infamous Iraqi war, same scenario different players. And, America bled to death, America numbed into excuse making rhetoric.

And now before us, America in order to find another save facing exit for a war another war lost. Continues negotiates with the Afghan Taliban. The very Islamic power that America went to war to defeat. With their pants down and with red faces the Taliban has delivered another ass kicking blow of humiliation. Want peace, first release five of warriors from Guantanamo. And in exchange, we’ll release one of your soldiers. And bled to death, America numbed.

Muslims have engaged the United States in a very different war but highly efficient war. So successful is their plan that an unidentifiable army of Muslims troops are camped out in American neighborhoods. Pretending to be law abiding people while being engaged in shrewd schemes to change America. And the world community, as directed by their Islamic founder Muhammad. Who said, “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah.'” Until this is clearly understood the people of America and our global neighbors will see their communities ravished by the evils of Islam. After all, with Muslims ravishing their own communities because they aren’t Islamic enough. It’s silly to think that they will not continue to so in America. And more so, as their numbers grow.

And while waiting, America bled to death, and survivors were numbed.

To be continued