Islam is at war understanding that to win a new warfare is needed

The United States is engaged in its Third World War. Like the two previous world wars, the free and civilized world needed, and depended upon the United States for victory. In this war, nothing has changed. Except that the United States is not up to the task this time.

This war is being waged by Islamic Mullahs. A collection of men from Islamic countries. Who are well educated with some possessing PhD. degrees. As Mullahs, they are Islamic clergy. Experts in the teachings of the Qur’an. They are extremely well educated in Islamic traditions and Islamic law. Busy motivating Muslims to become vehicles of violence and mayhem.

In order to simplify the parameters of this war, it has a very simple denominator. All people of every nation will bow, and acknowledge that there is no god but Allah. There is one exception, which is the state of Israel and Jews everywhere. The state of Israel must be destroyed, and Jews where ever found must be murdered.

Such an attitude links Muslims with Nazism. The Nazis wanted the world to bow, and acknowledge Aryan superiority, and the death of all Jews where ever found. Islam and Nazism, should be considered by the free, and civilized world, as cousins and bedfellows.

Nazism represented in its time an unparalleled evil. Nazism was destroyed by the free and civilized world. Islams destruction is waiting for the free and civilized world to wake up, and put this Islamic evil to sleep for ever. It is a simple as this. We the free, and civilized people of the western world. Must recognize this Islamic evil for what it represents and destroy it. If we do not, it will destroy us.

The problem is that few are aware of this global conflict with its looming consequences. Even with those who are aware but refusing to accept such a proposition as having any merit. Shrugging off such assertions of a global conflict as the insane behavior of a few radical Islamic extremist. Who will eventually be contained and destroyed. Which is exactly, what these Islamic warlords want to hear. For they know, that militarily they can not out gun the West.

Islam with its global ambitions for world domination. Clearly, understands that in order to win this war a new warfare must be fought.

The next disussion will discuss a few of their strategies. Which are factors necessary in order to have a world war. Which resolves around propaganda, having the effect of creating illusory perceptions. After all, it is the stuff that just might end life as you know it.

But keep in mind, the factors from this discussion in determining the existence of a world war. A war with global parameters requires that certain prerequisites exist. Which consists in a plan for world domination. Muslims every where have such a plan. Namely, all nations and their people will bow, and recognize that there is no god but Allah. And a determination to exterminate an entire race of people no matter where they live.