The unexplained explained

“I returned, and saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread bread to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding, nor favor to the men of skill; but time and chance happened to them all,” Ecclesiastes 9:11.

Bible tells its own story best

The following is a picturesque journey about the people of America and their global compadres, who will condone carnal behaviors offensive to Jesus and His Father. Such behaviors and attitudes will create mundane illusions that prosperity and world peace can best be attained by destroying Christendom and Israel.

Establishing a world government seated in Jerusalem with an Assyrian leader from the revived Roman Empire, suspected to be  German. Creating one last fling at world dominance, as the false prophet. Because of an inertness to worship, a false god will be tolerated by the false prophet. He is thought to be the anti Christ, a Roman Pontiff, some suspect. This duo gain their authority and power from the beast thought to be Satan.

For thus, has the LORD spoken unto me. “As the lion roars, and a young lion over his prey, when a multitude of shepherds is called forth against him. He will not be afraid of their voice, nor be disturbed by their noise. So shall the LORD of hosts come down to fight for mount Zion, and for its hill. Like the birds flying about, so will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem. Defending it; He will deliver it, and passing over it; He will preserve it.” (Texts:Isaiah 31:4-5).

And so, from the previous discussion, “Is a turnabout for America possible? Short answer, no!” Also a declared “Long answer tomorrow.”

The long answer:”Turn you unto Him (God Almighty and His LORD (Jesus) from whom the children of Israel have deeply revolted.” (Text:Isaiah 31:6). There is ones turnabout individually and nationally.

When that occurs the following happens, “For in that day every man shall cast away his idols of silver, and his idols of gold which your own hands have made own hands have made for yourselves.” (Text:Isaiah 31:7). Picturesque of those carnal behaviors and mundane alliances discussed. The gospel of repentance and Christ belief is offered to individuals and not nations. Nations are doomed, even our beloved America, but individuals can be spared.

“Then Assyrian shall fall by a sword, not of man, And a sword not of mankind shall devour him, shall devour him. But he shall flee from the sword, and his young men shall be become forced labor. He shall cross over to his stronghold for fear, and his princes shall be afraid of the banner,” says the LORD, whose fire is in Zion, and whose furnace in Jerusalem.” (Texts:Isaiah 31:8-9).

The Egyptian experience

For You! “You may only be someone in this world, but to someone you are the world,” The Sunshine Committee, King High School.

Such expressions, though well meaning, are tantamount to a declaration of going life’s way on ones own. In other words independent of God. Which today is a plague, effecting both individuals and the nation as a whole. Bringing with it dire consequences manifesting itself through a government that can’t govern. And a people, who are delusional by thinking a turnabout will occur. Once the government is governed by a majority of one party verses the other in all branches of government. Not so, and here is why.

But first, the Egyptian experience should not always be seen as either ancient or modern Egypt. Because Egypt in scriptures is sometimes a symbolic depiction about carnality and mundane experiences. Carnality in terms of human behavior, and mundane attachments to gods who don’t exist. Behaviors that aggravate God Almighty bringing judgment.

An elderly gentlemen, by today’s calender had this advice to offer twenty first centuries Americans. Woe to them that go down down to Egypt for help. With And stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many. And in horses because they are strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the LORD!

Yet he also is wise, and will bring evil and will not call back his words. But will arise against the evil house of his evildoers, and against the help of them that work iniquity.

The godly walk is not a cakewalk, but rather a walk of constant perseverance and constant devotion to the God of Israel and his LORD, Jesus Christ. All other perseverance’s and devotions are folly for the following reasons.

Now the Egyptians are men, and not God; and their horses flesh, and spirit. When the LORD shall stretch out his hand, both he that helps shall fall, and he that is helped will fall down, and they shall fail together. (Texts:Isaiah 31:1-3).

Is a turnabout for America possible? Short answer, no! Long Answer tomorrow.

Why? More than, $19 trillion dollars of national debt by the end of FY 2016, as opposed to the nations GDP of about $18,060 trillion dollars end of FY 2016. Different economist inside and out side of government come up with different tables for our nation debt and our gross domestic product. This is fact what the nations working people produces in goods services and sells for earned income doesn’t pay the bills. So the United States government has to borrow money to make the difference. Equaling a debt of about $59,910 million per American citizen. Furthermore the United States government paid about $223 billion dollars in interest on our national debt during the fiscal year. Economist claim that represents about 6 percent federal spending. And represents the fastest growing are a federal spending.

As you can determine through the economy, God has many ways to discipline a nation and its people. Bottom line the American people and its government is making decisions displeasing to God Almighty.

Which includes sanctioning what God calls an abomination, homosexuality, Leviticus 20:13. Now, this great abomination has sweep the nation, state by state. Sealed forever in Romans, where God recorded, “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness,” Romans 1:18,

A nation blinded, and not able to see Islam, as the global monster that it is from, Genesis 16:12. Unable to see the danger emerging upon the horizon, he who was thought dead but lives again, and the world marveled, Revelation 13:3. But America cried because her national and world  dominance is no more. Long answer, tomorrow.

What if Islam is chastising hand of God

The people who were responsible for helping create, and make viable our Judeo-Christian heritage should make for a great full people. From shinning shore to shinning shore of these United States. A heritage worth defending because its destruction is sought and is taking place on many fronts. And should it be destroyed, it will make for a very different America.

The creators of our Judeo-Christian heritage were not perfect people by any means. The country used force to take what did not belong to them. The lands belonged to the indigenous Indians of what would become the United States. Those foreigners stole their lands and labeled them savages! From which, they gave themselves permission to slaughter a people to near extinction.

The first eight presidents were slave owners of African Americans. A curse that plagues the nation to this very day. The second American tragedy that the nation will never recover from. Because, so few understand, why we are different. Let alone being able to provide the curing remedy. And the list could go on, but the point being this, they like, us were an imperfect people.

Yet from such imperfections a people built a nation under God, never before seen, or to be seen again by men. And they did so by creating a culture of morals and ethics with a biblical foundation. We celebrate them as our sacred, and I do mean sacred, Judeo-Christian ethical heritage.

Over the decades that heritage has felt the hammer of destruction chipping away at its resoluteness. And with every crack from that hammer another piece of that heritage falls as dust. With the nation sinking into the quick sands of the abyss, where there is no escape. With its productivity, currency, power, and influence diminishing nationally and around the world. And it has nothing to do with the any recession because it goes way beyond its trivialities. But it does have a periphery association with God. Unseen pressure from God to encourage change or collapse. It’s a biblical theme that has played itself out many times through out the course of history. God will not allow, America, with its godless trend to blaspheme Him, forever! He will chastise the people, and the nation severely, and it may well be underway. If the change from humble godly repentance is not forth coming. And He may very well allow your Muslim neighbors to pick up the task of chastisement for Him. What more appropriate way to punish, a people, and a nation, who have turned their backs on what made them prosperous, great, powerful and successful, then their Judeo-Christian heritage.

Many have heard the adage, God works in mysterious ways. Well His mysterious is playing out right now. Image the darkness, the enemy of God serving as His instrument of chastisement. An absolutely incredible tactic, if you take time to think about it. Your foe becomes your master. It has happened before in history.

The Roman Catholic Church, the most powerful institution in Europe could have changed the course of history not once, but twice by not choosing the path of apostasy which lead to two World Wars. In the latter, the church made a compact with Hitler, and God used that Devil to severely punish the world. In a real sense it was that church, who crucified Christ. Because the gospel, can not be compromised.

Today the same thing is occurring, as the American government makes one compact after another with Islam, the handmaid of the Devil. With the United States, as God’s light to a dark world also choosing the path of spiritual apostasy through a mostly divided church. God has never placed the destiny of humanity in the hands of kingdoms. Successful kingdoms rose to preeminence from the counsel of God’s servants. That is absent in America today! And the Devils handmaid, Islam is taking full advantage of the opportunity.

The West needs, and in particular the United States needs renewed leadership. People who will govern from the history of our heritage. With a church that has also been revitalized, but separate from the the state, applying godly counsel.

The church needs to get its act together, if the West, is to defeat this Islamic challenge. It is not Christ who has failed. But those of us who name Him as Lord and Savior, who have failed to pick up His cross. A requirement for Christians which means America and the world is troubled because we have failed to advance the cause of Christ. Resulting in the Christian church becoming an institution of mockery, and Christians, a people scoffed at and a source of ridicule.

It’s time to end all that by returning to our Judeo-Christian heritage. Picking up His cross, and moving forward to accomplish all that is on the Christ agenda which id found in our scriptures. Ranging from such practical topics as the role of governments, economics, health care, law, family and lifestyles. The reality of the now, with the problems of the future tumbling upon us with all of its unknowns, but from our scriptures solvable. Remember as advisers and not kings within the kingdom.

A lot said, with more to be said. Pray for dynamic Christ centered revivals. When Christ centered no one will be bored! People will be moved to surrender to Christ or moved to hate. Because our adversary is not going to leave us alone. Witness Satan’s defeat through the power of the gospel.

Little numb but not bleed out

This is what happened in Albany, New York, though dated its important as to how Muslims are slowly bleeding Americans to the point numbness. Where a pulse hardly registers nationally or globally to Islamic mayhem.

So, defendants, Mohammed Hossain, and Islamic cleric Yassin Aref, a former immigrant, the latter a refugee, both well educated, and each man competent in there professions. Both free of criminal histories making them ideal candidates for participation in the American dream. However, 37 guilty findings out of 57 from a federal criminal. Condemns them as unworthy participants in the American dream.

This is how their war strategy works. Bring the troops in as educated professionals, and when things go wrong, the public relations campaign kicks into operation. Because these convicted Muslims were able to ignite the fires of propaganda using the machinery provided by, The Council of Islamic Relations.

Muslim cleric, Yassin Aref, at sentencing complained about the treatment of Muslims. Also saying, “I never had any intention to harm anyone in this country.” “And I do not know how I am guilty,” continued the Muslim holy man.

Followed by mosque founder, and business man, Mohammed Hossain, who said, “I knew nothing about bombs and terrorism,” Also asserting, “I do not know why I was chosen. I am not a criminal.” Continuing by saying, “I was not thinking of committing a crime.”

Both men most likely spoke the absolute, and perfect truth from their perspective. Because it can not be a crime to honor what the Qur’an teaches, and thus honoring Allah, and his prophet Muhammad.

The battle cry from the Qur’an, Allah, Muhammad, and all Muslims, “I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah.” In tears, men were insulted by being labeled and sentenced to long prison terms. This paragraph is so important to the understanding of the mind set of Muslims. And any possibility of expecting Muslims to assimilate themselves into America, which means acceptance of our Judeo Christian culture is just wishful thinking. Because, everything about our culture is in opposition to what it means to be a Muslim. And until Americans understand that, they will remain at risk in ways only Muslims can inflict upon them.

(7) When it comes to determining a world at war propaganda is a significant factor. In it’s least common denominator, it’s reduced to an art of selling a product. That product is Muslims are peace loving people. Muslims violence occurs among the few, who operate outside of what Islam teaches. And those who see it differently, suffer from Islamophobia. All designed to make the public think that their critics suffer from a mental disorder and need help. However a quick glance around the world exposes their product as a hoax. Proved by Muslims violence in their own homelands where they slaughter each other. Syria severs as one of many examples. The other six points can be found in the previous two discussions. Know them and know your danger.

All the aforementioned, including the previous discussions about the intentions of Muslims puts the United States at great peril. Because most Americans, and their government have bought into the Islamic sales pitch. The smarter public outside of those influence know better. They have come to grips with all this and have a sense of reality that America is under siege by a determined and deadly enemy.

The Christian response knowing this, Genesis 16:11-12. Ishmael the father of Islam, the creator of terror. Do this by decree of the Apostle Paul, Galatians 4:30, get rid of Muslims. Why, because Muslims persecuted Christians then and now, verse 29. Because Christianity is of God and Islam is of the flesh, verses 28;29.

Bled by Islam strategies America numbed

Muslims wherever found are more than troublesome; they are deadly, but they will never emerge collectively as a power block of nations for world dominance. As will the to be born one last time, the Roman Empire. Configured with ten nations rich in economics and military might. And allowed by Jesus Christ to emerge under the auspice of a false prophet, the anti Christ, and who will be empowered by Satan. Don’t blame Jesus, he’s just allowing earthlings to have what most want. A kingdom free from divine inspiration and intervention. A kingdom so dysfunctional that it’s will annihilate itself, so said Jesus, Matthew 24:22, intervening for mercies sake.

On with American shame, as a people mostly convinced that God doesn’t matter anymore. So that evil can strategize its havoc on a mostly shameless people. Allowing Islamic evils to manifests itself this way. Get it because your life might depend upon it someday.

Continued from the previous discussion.

(5) This new war plan makes the enemies movement of troops difficult to recognize because the troops are not uniformed. You do not see huge armaments, ships and aircraft which are sure signs for an identifiable war campaign. Islamic troop movements move as refugees and immigrants as noted yesterday. Often well educated professionals, with families. Claiming to be seeking a slice of the American dream. But pursuing a dream not American. This a new factor for determining a world war. Which is very different approach from previous world wars.

(6) This new and very effective war strategy is wrapped up in a smooth propaganda campaign. Propaganda is a war time expression which this Islamic foe has turned into a public relations act. More skilled than the Nazis propaganda machine ever imagined and much more deadly. Well financed from rich oil producing Arab Muslim countries. Head quartered in Washington D.C. with chapters through out the United States. This Nazi like propaganda machine exists as C.A.I.R. or the Council of Islamic Relations. When their soldiers have to face American justice. They count on C.A.I.R. to cry foul. And, then they provide  the best criminal defense that money can buy. Usually high powered American law firms. But the evidence is so over whelming that the accused become convicted criminals.

You know the devil got it, when conversing with God about self serving law firms, and others, that jeopardize American interest, Satan answered the LORD, and said, “Skin for skin, yes, all that a man has will he give for his life,” (Text:Job 2:4). And guess what? American politicians are in that mix, too. Anything goes for prestige and money because that’s how they save their skin. And America is bled, and numbed, end it America. Become the masters of your destinies, the Jesus Christ way; and thereby practicing what it means to be an American.

Next, how all these strategies bleeds and numbs America.

Brexit stunning biblical prophecy

Moving on from the last two discussions which depicted America whipped and beaten. So it’s time to take a look at the larger picture. Seems reasonable that in order to have a world war certain factors or indicators must be evident. The following must be observable for determining the existence of such a war.

(1) An enemy must be identified. This enemy is the totalitarian driven Islamic movement with an estimated base in 40 countries. With a declared outcome which is that all nations, and their citizens, must bow and acknowledge that there is no god but Allah.

(2) Identifiable opponent must exist which prohibits the success of their conquest. Which are the Western styled democracies like those of the United States, Great Britain and Israel. Great Britain may be the first major casualty of this war. Meaning that she will be governed more by Islamic precepts than by her once cherished Judeo Christian precepts.

And another foe, has her in their sights. Which is the quietly emergence of an old foe who bloodied her badly before and will do so again. In Bible prophecy Ephraim son of Joesph, and grand son of Jacob, was not destined to be a member of the reborn Roman Empire. Great Britain’ Brexit’ vote puts Great Britain biblically where she belongs. Aligned with her biblical family Israel and the United States. Making her Brexit’ 2016 vote a stunning piece of biblical prophecy fulfilled. (scriptural texts:Genesis 48:1-19;Romans 4-17-18). When Brexit’ is finished it’ll result in a stronger dependency upon the winged lion, the national emblem of Great Britain. Becoming Manasseh with its plucked wings from the lion becoming an eagle, the national emblem of the USA. Given two feet and made to stand on two feet like a man. And given a man’s heart, tagged as Uncle Sam. (scriptural text: Daniel 7:4).

The formidable, Roman Empire thought to be dead, but isn’t. And it is this empire, that will also bloody the nose of Islam. Described as a wonder from heaven: “And behold a great dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his head,” Revelation 12:3, and known as blasphemy, Revelation 13:1, decked out with all kinds of abominations and filthiness from her fornication, Revelation 17:3.

(3) It is a war of global dimensions where an end plan exists. Which allows the victor to rearrange the world to suit its agenda. The Muslim world will join the configuration of ugliness from the mind of God, and revealed through the scriptures of Revelation. The grand prize, the elimination of the Jews, finally, and the capture of Jerusalem. A long sought after jewels by all engaged in this conflict. But the Muslim world will lose this one because evil being true to themselves plans to eliminate the other and have those jewels for themselves. Though again spanked again by God, but not eliminated. While Jerusalem falls into unsavory hands for awhile, it will not be permanent. Are these interesting times, or not, yes they are. But they are as scary, as they are interesting. And they are on the horizon now, how long until high noon? No one knows but one, and He isn’t telling. But He did offer this advice, get ready because I come as a thief in the night, when everybody is talking about peace and safety; then look out. Don’t sleep, but watch and be sober. 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3;6. And in the end giving to everyone what they deserve, Job 34:11.

(4) Each side must have identifiable strategies which will allow it to prevail. For Muslims it’s the recognition that it can’t out gun the West. Requiring a new and different war plan. Often using refugees and immigrants as troop movements to infiltrate western countries. Creating Islamic cells within Mosques. Appearing to be something that they are not. Who when caught, like the men from Albany, New York several years ago. Which will be discussed because of its importance to strategically understand how guilt is sincerely perceived as being innocent.

To be continued.

Bled to death America numbed

Muslims have engaged themselves in a world war, but despite the evidence, most say its just a few, who step outside the boundaries of Islamic teachings. As long as people accept that rational. Muslims will continue to ravish their communities. And by the continued shock of death here, and abroad a psychological numbness has overtaken the nation and the global community.

What needs to be understood is that Muslims don’t fear the United States with its world premiere military might. Nor does its superior intelligence gathering agencies make the United States a more formidable foe for Muslims. It just intensifies the numbness through continued bleeding.

Muslims learned a valuable lesson from Americas’ Vietnam war. There the United States negotiated a save facing exit, so as not to have to admit to being defeated. By agreeing to leave, but contingent upon the North ceasing hostilities against the South. Two years later, the North invaded the South and now the Vietcong rule all of Vietnam. And bled to death, America was numbed.

So then came the infamous Iraqi war, same scenario different players. And, America bled to death, America numbed into excuse making rhetoric.

And now before us, America in order to find another save facing exit for a war another war lost. Continues negotiates with the Afghan Taliban. The very Islamic power that America went to war to defeat. With their pants down and with red faces the Taliban has delivered another ass kicking blow of humiliation. Want peace, first release five of warriors from Guantanamo. And in exchange, we’ll release one of your soldiers. And bled to death, America numbed.

Muslims have engaged the United States in a very different war but highly efficient war. So successful is their plan that an unidentifiable army of Muslims troops are camped out in American neighborhoods. Pretending to be law abiding people while being engaged in shrewd schemes to change America. And the world community, as directed by their Islamic founder Muhammad. Who said, “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah.'” Until this is clearly understood the people of America and our global neighbors will see their communities ravished by the evils of Islam. After all, with Muslims ravishing their own communities because they aren’t Islamic enough. It’s silly to think that they will not continue to so in America. And more so, as their numbers grow.

And while waiting, America bled to death, and survivors were numbed.

To be continued

Islam is at war understanding that to win a new warfare is needed

The United States is engaged in its Third World War. Like the two previous world wars, the free and civilized world needed, and depended upon the United States for victory. In this war, nothing has changed. Except that the United States is not up to the task this time.

This war is being waged by Islamic Mullahs. A collection of men from Islamic countries. Who are well educated with some possessing PhD. degrees. As Mullahs, they are Islamic clergy. Experts in the teachings of the Qur’an. They are extremely well educated in Islamic traditions and Islamic law. Busy motivating Muslims to become vehicles of violence and mayhem.

In order to simplify the parameters of this war, it has a very simple denominator. All people of every nation will bow, and acknowledge that there is no god but Allah. There is one exception, which is the state of Israel and Jews everywhere. The state of Israel must be destroyed, and Jews where ever found must be murdered.

Such an attitude links Muslims with Nazism. The Nazis wanted the world to bow, and acknowledge Aryan superiority, and the death of all Jews where ever found. Islam and Nazism, should be considered by the free, and civilized world, as cousins and bedfellows.

Nazism represented in its time an unparalleled evil. Nazism was destroyed by the free and civilized world. Islams destruction is waiting for the free and civilized world to wake up, and put this Islamic evil to sleep for ever. It is a simple as this. We the free, and civilized people of the western world. Must recognize this Islamic evil for what it represents and destroy it. If we do not, it will destroy us.

The problem is that few are aware of this global conflict with its looming consequences. Even with those who are aware but refusing to accept such a proposition as having any merit. Shrugging off such assertions of a global conflict as the insane behavior of a few radical Islamic extremist. Who will eventually be contained and destroyed. Which is exactly, what these Islamic warlords want to hear. For they know, that militarily they can not out gun the West.

Islam with its global ambitions for world domination. Clearly, understands that in order to win this war a new warfare must be fought.

The next disussion will discuss a few of their strategies. Which are factors necessary in order to have a world war. Which resolves around propaganda, having the effect of creating illusory perceptions. After all, it is the stuff that just might end life as you know it.

But keep in mind, the factors from this discussion in determining the existence of a world war. A war with global parameters requires that certain prerequisites exist. Which consists in a plan for world domination. Muslims every where have such a plan. Namely, all nations and their people will bow, and recognize that there is no god but Allah. And a determination to exterminate an entire race of people no matter where they live.

In days gone by

Traveling through a desert a man saw a woman standing all alone with eyes bent to the ground.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“I am truth,” she answered.

“And why have you left the city to live in the desert?”

“Because things have changed.” she answered. “In days gone by, lying was confined to a few. But now days whenever you converse with people, you find that they are all liars.”

Human life is vile and a wretched thing, when falsehood is honored above truth. (source:Fables of Aesop-Penguin Classics-“A City of Lies”)

But this truth is everlasting. “The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good,” Proverbs 15:3. And, “Whoso rewards evil for good shall not depart from his house,” Proverbs 17:13. Meaning that ultimately such behaviors renders individuals and nation states pursuits to the fires of the garbage furnace. Making certain that falsehoods are a sure path to destruction, for individuals and nation states. It’s impossible for the goodness of God to dwell in the midst of such wretchedness. Therefore; depriving a people, and their nation the extended hand of God in the arena of prosperity.

America is becoming a nation of falsehoods and with that being the case her avenues of prosperity are vanishing. That at least is not new, as many can attest with dwindling personal prosperity. As can the nation, as the government will find a way to raise the debt ceiling, despite the plague of sequestration. And when they do, and they will we the people will inherit a debt exceeding $16 trillion. That’s about $52,000 of debt for every American man, woman and child. Signaling an ineptness to basic economics that prosperity can’t come from what one does not own. Thomas Jefferson put it this way, “The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling the futurity on a large scale.”

Here is what is at the core of individual and national falsehoods. It’s the abandonment of our national dependence upon our Judeo-Christian heritage. For it is a scriptural declaration that when falsehoods are abandoned for truth this is the result. And he (individuals/nations) shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth fruit in its season, its leaf shall not whiter; and whatsoever is done shall prosper,” Psalms 1:3.

It means returning to our Judeo-Christian heritage which made America what it was in days gone by.

It’s impossible to separate a people from their nation because the people are the nation. Which is also so, for the church because the people are the church. And the church of all institutions needs to reject a galaxy of falsehoods, for biblical truths. If we as individuals, and a nation are to enjoy the leaf prosperity that does not whither. That sees the miraculous wheel of God turning out goods and services to the peoples delight and the nations glory. That is the only permanent way for avoiding reoccurring recessions. In other words, “America the Beautiful.” It results with the people and the nation experiencing this, “The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want,” Psalms 23:1.