Why Muslims slaughter

Another voice though gone, did her best to awaken the West to the dangers from Islam. Which she felt, was more dangerous than any other form of despotic tyranny. In death her voice still speaks and here are some of her insights and urgings.

Oriana Fallaci, during her lifetime earned the distinction as a distinguished journalists and author. She died, 15 September 2006. After a lifetime of reporting, and writing on the abuses of power. She gained her preoccupation with the subject having experienced Mussolini’s fascism and the Nazi occupation of Italy.

She saw some parallels between Fascism, Nazism, and Islam. Such a connection made her an instant enemy of Islam. So much so, that the, Italian Islamic Party, ordered her “murdered,” in the name of Allah. Hopefully! Muslims will never gain such power in America to become a powerful political broker. Or even dare to publicly through some Islamic party issue a death order upon an American, as they do through out Europe.

There is only one way to prevent either occurrence which is to collectively organize and shut down their military fortresses which they call mosques. But from which Muslims merge to attack our nation. While the U.S. government stands by, and makes excuses for such attacks. For many, And even a plotted attack, is an open aggression of war. And must be dealt with by our Judeo-Christian community because it’s us they are seeking to destroy. Knowing that when, we are gone the government is theirs.

Sure seems like that fourteenth century Christian Emperor knew what he was talking about. When he argued, “Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman.” Another voice centuries old, shouts his warnings! Along with that of Oriana Fallaci, suggesting that wisdom never dies.

They are gone, and the world needs new voices warning people that there is no greater evil than Islam impacting our communities. The Islamic war upon the United States has been ratcheted up a level. When the FBI arrested two men in New York City, Muslims Medunjanin and Abdulmutallab, who were  connected with Muslim Najibullah Zazi, an airport shuttle driver from Aurora, Colorado. Whose specialty was making explosives from hair products and household cleaners for use in bombs in the United States. And when the dust finally settles, it seems likely that the Boston Marathon bombers. Managed to pact their bombs with those ingredients. So what is their connection, and how does that ratcheted up the Islamic war against America? It works this way. They come to America and become naturalized citizens or they are the children of Muslim immigrants. Eventually they find their way to Islamic training camps located in Arab/Muslim lands in who knows how many different countries. Upon returning to the United States they form ‘Sleeper Cells.’ Go to school and and become employed. Then waiting instructions from some Islamic cleric they attack some significant site hoping for the maximum kill.

These kinds of threats, according to agencies like the Homeland Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. They seem to see these operations as probably the most serious threat that the United States faces since 9/11. Authorities inside and outside of government declare that, “A U.S. resident , or someone with a pass port to get into the U.S. is the ‘CROWN JEWEL’ for these terrorist organizations.” We had, Fort Hood, then the Christmas day near fatal crash of Northwest flight 253, with 279 passengers and eleven crew members. All these people associated with these crimes were in one way or another the ‘CROWN JEWELS’ of the Muslim communities. As were the brothers who were responsible for the Boston Marathon massacre.

Though not on our shores, that’s what the London slaughter was about. As two Muslims literally slaughtered a British soldier with a knife and meat clever. And screaming, “We swear by almighty Allah, we will never stop fighting you.” And that’s how the Muslim war in America is being  ratcheted up to a more intensified level. More like what what London and  Europe has experienced for decades. Now it’s coming to the U.S.A., and its time for Americans to put an end to this Islamic menace. Because the government, either will not or can not.

Oriana, found much fault with Islam. She argued that Islam does not allow for freedom of thought. And Islam, does not accept, or tolerate free speech. Ms. Fallaci, was extremely critical of the teachings about women. By the male dominated political religious system of Islam. And so should every American because America has no room for such ideologies.

She feared for her life, and was provided with twenty four police protection. Finally, she fled, and found refuge in the United States. Muslims are relentless with their violence. Most can recall an international incident in 2005 that propelled Muslims to seek the death of one of their critics. Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard because they found his cartoons of the Islamic prophet Mohammed offensive. In 2010, a Somali Muslim attempted to carry out that death sentence. By breaking into the cartoonist home with an ax and a knife. And shouting “Revenge!” and Blood!” What saved the cartoonist and his five year old grand daughter was a reinforced bathroom door where they took refuge. That Muslim, like all Muslims well in time fulfill their destinies as wild and unmanageable people. We get that declaration from our Judeo-Christian scriptures. Where we find these words, “… call his name Ishmael …. And he shall be a WILD MAN; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him …,” Genesis 16:11-12. It is from Ishmael that Muslims trace their lineage. By the way, Denmark tried to deport this Somali Muslim to the sewer he came from, but the court said no!

She saw Islam as a threat to Western civilization. Oriana was a vocal critic also of the West. Which did not bare her many Western friends either. Accusations that the West was drowning in the practice of Anglo Saxon hypocrisy steeped in false politeness. Today we know those diseases as “Multiculturalism” and “Political Correctness.” Ring a bell of truth anywhere out there folks. Voices are needed to replace Oriana’s voice.

She wanted to know why Western governments failed to understand that Islam was determined to silence freedom of thought and free speech in the West. The very foundation for a free society. She accused Europe of having sold its soul to the Islamic invasion. As time passed she would scold Europe for continuing to sell itself to the Islam like a prostitute. Describing Europe as “Eurabia.”

American publications wrote about her, and called her “The Agitator.” Because she claimed Europe was becoming nothing more than a colony of Islamic extremists. Describing the invasion of Islam into the West, as an army of immigrants. Arguing that for now, they will not carry out the acts of terrorism like the West expects. Terrorist acts like blowing up historic landmarks, bridges, roadways, and other such places. They know they can not win that kind of a war. As they have proven, they can immigrant into our cities; and become citizens. With the intent of ignoring our customs and traditions. Muslims, world wide have one goal. That goal is to conquer the West. Then to subjugate the free world to Islam.

She was also a critic of the Roman Catholic church. Whom she accused of failing to stand up to Islam, and expose Islam as a religion whose people “multiply like rats.” And as children of Allah, a people, “who spend their time with their bottoms up in the air, praying five times a day. She meant no disrespect to anyone, but of course, Muslims were offended. What she was attempting to do was wake up the Catholic church and Western society. As to the threat of Islam to Christianity, and Western values and traditions. She knew her remarks would inflame the Muslim world, and the West which she wanted. Islamic clerics ordered her murdered. Italy took action against her. The court charged her with the crime of denigrating Islam.

What she really wanted, was a audience with emeritus Pope Benedict the XV1. Though she was an atheist, she admired this Pope. She felt they shared alarming insights into what the West can expect from this ruthless Islamic invasion. She received her audience with the Pope. Who then went to Germany, to make his infamous speech by Muslim standards which stirred the Muslim world to act violently against Catholics. Resulting in the death of a nun. One wonders, if Pope Francis will ever try to energize his church to see Islam for what it is, pure evil.

What America and the rest of the Western world needs is more AGITATORS like Oriana Fallaci! No Eurabia for America!

We are all different in what we can do. But we all can do something, consider this, “The world is moved not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but by the aggregate pushes by honest workers,” Helen Keller. 1880-1968. Collectively we can destroy this Islamic menace. We must before it destroys us!