How 1947 is impacting 2016

Playing the game, how geopolitics and religious applications steer the course of history.

When did the Muslim rage against the United States begin? According to Aljazeera, in 1947. This rage will continue until the United States comes to grip with the reality of its history. And accepts, the concept for the creation of a new nation in the Middle East. A concept proposed by an American from Boston without endorsement from Muslim nations. But Aljazeera reports, “Would the Muslim world respond to a New Canaan with enough enthusiasm to bring an end to terrorism? I am confident that their positive response would be overwhelming … but there’s an easy way to find out … we would ask them.”

According to Aljazeera, the planes that flew into the World Trade Center in 2001. They were the planes that took of from Boston only in a superficial sense. Boston was just a long lay-over for the planes that took off from New York’s U.N. plaza in 1947. That is the day that the United States forced the United Nations to carve Israel out of Palestine. Making the Palestinians pay for what the Germans did to the Jews in World War 11.

In addition, to stealing Muslims lands for a Jewish state. The United States has been busy committing additional crimes against the Islamic world. Forcing governments to accept the Jewish state as legitimate. Crimes according to Aljazeera that will never be forgiven.

The Arab/Muslim world reports that there is way to end the mounting crisis in the Middle East and the American quagmires through out the region. The way is for the United States to to accept, and support a one state solution for the Israeli/Palestinian problem. It has been suggested that this new state could be called New Canaan. This new nation would be composed of the lands of Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. With the Shaaba Farms be given back to Lebanon. Lands captured from Syria during the 1967 six day war. Syria would take control of the Golan Heights.

It is thought that such a plan would secure the support of the Arab/Muslim world. Including Iran and Muslims in the United States. It is also thought that this would provide an exit for the United States without additional blood shed. For the Palestinians, it would help ease the crimes committed against them. This would result in an instant melt down of the crisis in the Middle East.

In this newly created state of New Canaan, Jews and Palestinians would be instant citizens with equal rights. It is thought that some Jews would not accept such a state. These Jews would move to the United States where citizenship would be immediate.

With such a solution in place the Muslim world would fix Iraq. With trillions saved from the war and the elimination of Home Land Security. The United States could help the Muslim world rebuild Iraq and Palestine. The department of Homeland Security would not be needed because the Muslim world would be at peace with America.

Aljazeera says, “We need to act forthrightly … and soon before the compound interest on the debt … over takes us in the form of terrorism … terrorism that is ultimately … payback … payback from the people who are extremists because they have been driven to extremes … driven to extremes by the craziness of Christian and Jewish belief that there is a god who gave Israel to his Chosen people …the craziness of billions of Christians who think that they get heaven points … when they force the rest of the world to accept Israel.

With that being said, why would the United States or Israel, and those nations referenced accept such a lame brain notion of a New Canaan? For the United States and Israel it would be nothing more than the capitulation to the Qur’an as demanded by Muslim clerics. It’s also a reasonable assumption that the Islamic world would also consider such a plan unacceptable. Because coexistence with Jews is intolerable to the Muslim world, despite the rhetoric aforementioned.

But the bigger problem is the suspicion that, far to many in the West, fail to accept the reality that the world is engaged in a world war with the Arab/Muslim world. But it is not a notion that escapes many in the Muslim community. With some of them living within the United States. Building one mosque after another, as launching pads for deadly attacks upon the United States, when the time is appropriate.

Western governments will not admit to such a scenario because what it would do to the international marketplace. Partly because this is a very differently fought war, the West can promote the propaganda that global terrorism is the work of a few Islamic extremists. Which is sweet sounding music to Muslims nested in cities through out the West. Whose goal is to Islamize the West, as demanded by Muhammad.  Picked up by the revolution launched by Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Khomeini in the 1970’s. Which was said by them to be the result of crimes committed by the United States in the 1950’s.

And it reached America’s door step in Boston, in what has been tagged as the Boston Marathon bombing. It started, so the authorities thought with two brothers, who committed this tragedy. A hideous crime orchestrated and executed by them alone. Not so! Here’s a chance for the feds to start wiping the American slate clean of Muslims. They will not! So more soon!

Governments are not the friends of the governed. Especially when it comes to surgically eradicating a disease diagnosed as Islam. “We the people,” better wake up and accept our constitutional responsibility and fix this problem.