Living the long life

According to scientist, who study the effects of physical exertion on longevity. You can expect to receive two hours of life extension from every hour spent exercising. If exercise were a medication, experts believe that it would be the most heavily prescribed in the history of medicine. (source:Competitor Magazine, Page 20, September issue, 2009).

All the more reason to keep our bodies fit. “What know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have of God, and you are not your own. For you were bought with a price; therefore, glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are God’s,” 1 Corinthians 6:19. Rooted in Romans 12:1-2, “I beseech you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

Note the four aspects of our bodies. The physical: bodies living sacrifice. The Spiritual:Holy acceptable to God which is our reasonable service. The mental:Accomplished by the renewing of our minds. The Social:By our deeds doing the perfect will of God.

When tragedy strikes understand it

Which came first, knowledge or conscience? Many think conscience which they attribute to being Gods method of etching an awareness of His truth in us. From God’s truth we develop our sense of right verses wrong and the difference between good and evil.

Others say knowledge, and that knowledge becomes our truth. Which is instilled in us through various institutions, outside of God. Institutions like our federal and state governments. Which fosters the kind of knowledge, that conforms to their concepts of knowledge which becomes societies truth. Even if it violates God’s edicts or truth. Thus, their truth becomes the conscience of society at large. Which becomes the bases for morality, or a sense of good and evil.

Which some of the former argue denies God of His majesty, as the creator. And compounds the dark side of human nature because they deny the literal installation of the God conscientiousness at birth. Anchoring their argument in Genesis 2:7, which reads, “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.” Endowing this man with the freedom to choose and decide for himself. Thus from the shell of nothingness man became a conscience being. In verse 8, God placed this conscience breathing man in a place called Eden.

There the LORD God, from the ground of the earth made to grow every tree that was pleasant to the sight  and good for food, verse 9. In that same verse, we learn that the LORD God created what he called the, the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

With specific instructions, dress, or work the land to keep it productive, verse 15. And as the tress bring forth food, man was encouraged to freely eat, verse 16. Except for one tree, the tree of knowledge of good and evil of that tree eat not, because if you do you will die, verses 16-17.

And from there with such simplicity, we have enshrinement of the human condition. A condition of misery and suffering brought upon humanity from what we all want most, free will. Captured with 28 words from Genesis 2:17.

Nothing to crow about

A crow sat in a tree holding in his beak a piece of meat he had stolen. A fox which saw him determined to get the meat. It stood under the tree, and began telling the crow what a beautiful big bird he was. “He ought to be king of the birds,” the fox said; ‘and he would undoubtedly have been made king, if only he had a voice as well.'”

The crow was so anxious to prove that he had a voice, that he dropped the meat and croaked for all he was wroth.

Up ran the fox, snapped up the meat and said to him, “If you added brains to all your other qualifications, you would make an ideal king.” (source:Fables of Aesop-Penguin Classics-“A lesson for Fools.”)

Six centuries before Christ, Obadiah wrote the following. “The pride of your heart has deceived you. You who dwell in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high. You who say in in your heart, who shall bring me down to the ground?” Obadiah verse three.

But such a response, will eventually bring this result. ” Though you ascend as high as the eagle, and though you set your nest among the stars, from there will I bring you down,” says the LORD, Obadiah verse four.

Forever wise counsel, “… Do not be wise in your own opinion,” Romans 12:16.

It happened by time and chance

The North wind and the Sun were disputing which was stronger, and agreed to acknowledge as victor whichever of them could strip the traveler of his clothing.

The wind tried first. But its violent gusts only made the man hold his clothes tightly around him, and when it blew harder still, the cold made him so uncomfortable that he put on an extra wrap. Eventually the wind got tired of it, and handed him over to the sun.

The sun shone first with a moderate warmth, which made the man take of his top coat. Then it blazed fiercely, till unable to take the heat. He stripped, and went off to bathe in a river near by.

This fable shows that very often persuasion is more effective than force. (source:Fables of Aesop-Penguin Classics-“The Gentle Art of Persuasion”)

Who knows, maybe Solomon was the subject of the dispute between the North wind and the Sun. Because Solomon, in Ecclesiastes concluded the following. “I returned and saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor favor to men of skill; but time and chance happened to them all,” Ecclesiastes 9:11.

We inhabit an imperfect earth with imperfect inhabitants. And it has been said that the best intended plans are laid to waste. Causing the unexplainable to occur leaving us speechless and shaking our heads in wonderment. Because so often things can only be explained by timing and chance.

Putting a $ value on God’s creation

O the rage continues without end as creationists and evolutionist argue over the origins of our universe and our spices. I for one as a creationist, do not deny the evolution of our species. In every manner possible today’s humans are far more evolved than say, our species of a thousand years ago. But that does not suggest that we evolved from some sub human species, as evolutionist suggest. Take the magnificence’s of the following because it’s to picture perfect just to have evolved to sustain the universe

Do you know this about trees. It has been said that in one year a single city tree provides $73. in air conditioning. Seventy five dollars in controlling erosion and storm water. Another $75. in a wildlife shelter. Fifty bucks in controlling air pollution.

An acre of Christmas trees provides for the daily oxygen requirements of 18 people.

Most of the fresh water in the U.S. is produced by our forests. Two thirds of all precipitation runoff in the 48 contiguous states comes from the forests. Fourteen percent of all runoff comes from the roughly 190 million acres of our national forests, which takes up only eight percent of the land. (source unknown)

There is no human explanation for such magnificence, but there is a creationist explanation. It’s found in Psalms 24:1, “The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof; the world, and all those who dwell therein.”And amplified through Psalms 19:1-6. “The heavens  declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night shows knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them, He has set a tabernacle for the sun. Which is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoices like a strong man to its race. His rising is from the end of heaven, and its circuit to the other end; and there is nothing hidden from its heat.”

The possibility for the non existence of God

Mark in his gospel hits the ground running. He announces from the get go, “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Mark 1:1. So then, what is this gospel of Jesus Christ? Mark reports in verse fourteen that the gospel is about the “Kingdom of God.” Jesus himself defined the gospel as follows. “The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand; repent, and believe in the gospel, verse 15.

From all we know about God, perhaps His most astonishing feat was while still being God, He was fully human, John 1:14. Jesus had a discussion with a successful young man. Who referred to Jesus as the “Good Master.” There Jesus set the record straight. “Why call me good because there is no one good but God.” Luke 18:18-19. Meaning that Jesus is either God, or there is no God which creates the possibility for the non existence of God. But that is easy to refute with the billions of people through the ages, who have experienced His life transforming power. Combined with the road map of history unfolding before us today which we call prophecy. And of course the words of Jesus himself, as He asserted His deity before His critics. “I and my Father are one!” John 10:30. And as far as words are concerned, this is recorded, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God. The same was in the beginning with God,” John 1:1-2. Meaning the three are one and the same. God is Jesus, Jesus is God, and the Word makes them one. Because His name is the Word of God, clothed with a vesture (body) dipped in blood, (the holiest of all sacrifices), Revelation 19:13. Fulfilling the eternal promise of God Almighty. Which cancels out the possibility, for the non existence of God.

The initial focus of His ministry was to call people to repentance. That was the purpose of God becoming human. Unless a person repents according to John 3:5. Participation in the Kingdom of God is impossible. In verses six and seven, Jesus clarifies His statement. Paul, in 2 Corinthians 5:17, defines the born again experience in this manner. In Christ people become different. It is like experiencing physical birth all over again. What use to control, and drive people is no longer important. New goals and purposes are formulated. This newness that Paul makes reference to is defined by Jesus in Matthew 3:8, “fruits befitting repentance.” The taking up of the cross to follow Jesus, Mark 8:34. If you please, the purpose driven life.

Why would any one think that the creator of this earth and human life would abandon His creation? It may appear that way because of the state of the human condition. He has not, and will not, ever! Eventually, Jesus will establish the Kingdom of God here on our earth. In the meantime we have this opportunity to be apart of God’s plan and mission.

God has given humanity exactly what it most wants. A kingdom without God in it. And it is not as satisfying, as expected. Jesus, himself said, that unless those days be shortened humanity will annihilate themselves, Matthew 24:32. What precedes this event is war, famines and pestilences. Which are the manifestation of unusual diseases effecting agriculture and humans. Including greater frequency and intensity of earthquakes. With Jesus warning that those occurrences are just the beginning of human suffering, Mathew 24:8-9.

What is going on here? We hear that God is merciful and full of compassion. He is, but mercy and compassion has its limits. Answering what’s going on here as God’s way of trying to get humanities attention. Yes, with the call to repentance! Remember humanity wants it their way. But our way will not bear what most crave, power and dominion over all things. Therefore, humanity breeds war and the like, until earth can bear no further pain.

Another quick glance at Mark chapter one. In verse fifteen, Jesus said, “The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand.” Meaning with the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Christ. All had been done that is required for the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth. The actuality of that day is known only to God.

In the meantime those of us who have newness of life in Christ have a mission. Work for the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. Which means get on with the true business of the Church of Jesus Christ. Most likely, the church will continue to be more stagnant then bearing fruits befitting repentance. There are some, although few, burning to serve Christ in the preparation for the establishment of his kingdom on earth. Using a more modern term they become a ‘resistance movement.’ Which means they organize, then oppose evil, injustices and social inequality. But evil, injustices and social inequality can only happen through repentance and the newness of life described in 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Briefly, in our time, the greatest evil we’ll encounter is Islam. It is a religion that is determined to destroy liberty and global stability. Take a good look at what is unfolding anywhere through out the Islamic world. It’s summed up with two words mayhem and death. Muslims are famous for beheadings, suicide bombers, ambush shootings of innocent people. Using cars and trucks loaded with explosives crashing into buildings to kill. That’s how life is lived in the Arab/Muslim world. And with Muslims migrating through out Europe its now the European experience.

And now we have President Obama calling on Americans to open their states to migrating Muslims fleeing their homelands so that they can practice what Muslims have done for centuries which is to create mayhem and one disaster after another. Muslims know nothing about civility and the acceptance of people with perspectives that fly in the face from what their war manual the Qur’an teaches.

Not all people within such resistance groups will fight Islam. Some will take up the injustice of pay inequality. Or perhaps, our unfair tax system. Some will struggle for universal health care. Others will concentrate on the environment. Not forgotten are the problems that individual neighborhoods encounter. From as few as one, to hundreds, resistance movements for Christ are needed.

It is impossible to ignore the nations corporate conglomerates from Wall Street, to the mortgage and the banking industries. Who are responsible for so many problems Americans are facing today. It’ll never get better or change as long as the nations focus remains on secularism and not spirituality. So there is plenty of resistance to go around. Right to the Obama administration because he has not picked people to cure the problem. They became the problem.

The end result collectively is to encourage social and economic equality. Which was one focal point about the ministry of Christ, with His main focus being about individual repentance. And, if understood, and done correctly, it will make for a better America. Which is what all this clamoring is all about, from both sides of the congressional isle to the White House and among the people. But it must be done the Christ way, or nothing will change.

Except for Islam which will brand the United States with its own brand for the beginnings of sorrows. After all, we accept our scriptures as the inspired words from God. Having established the Jesus and God are one and the same. Then that makes Jesus the chief condemner of Islam. Because He spoke through the Apostle Paul and asked, What does the scriptures say? Get rid of Muslims. Because they have persecuted God’s people from the past till now, and into the future. Note scriptural texts, Galatians 4:29-30. There we have a discussion concerning Abraham who had two sons. His first son, Ishmael was born of the flesh. And is the father of Islam. While Isaac, the younger of the two was the son of promise. It is through the ancestry of Abraham, to Isaac, to David that allowed for the birth of Jesus.The source of all change for what the people want.

Art of formlessness has its mystery

“Be extremely subtle to the point of formlessness.” Be extremely mysterious to the point soundlessness. Thereby, you can be the director of the opponents fate.” Sun-Tzu, c544-496 BC.

Some have many obstacles, others just a few, while the fortunate have none. From which they would like to become the director of their opponents fate while they swirl to upstage their opponent. If bells are ringing with scenarios applicable to you, you may want to visit the navigation link. Once there, check out the four aspects listed. Get in touch, and maybe, we can start your journey. Your task could be to manage some aspect of your personal life, or some realm of people and events that surround your life.

The Impious Huckster

A man once made a wooden statue of Hermes and took it to the market to sell. As no buyer came forward, he tried to attract one by shouting aloud that he was offering for sale a god who would confer blessings on the bystander.

“If he is all you say he is, why do you want to sell him? You would show more sense, if you kept him and profited by his help.”

“But it’s the ready money I need,” the man replied, “and it generally takes him a long time to put anything into one’s pocket.”

The man in this fable was one of those who will stoop to anything in their greed for gain and never give a thought to the gods. (source:Fables of Aesop-Penguin Classics-“The Impious Huckster”)

Seems that maybe Aesop touched upon something important. American capitalist, who will huckster false claims about any and all products in order to steal a dollar.

Just one of many reasons why the U.S. economy is in such a mess. With President Obama making Hermes like promises. But it should be expected because he is just the latest in the long line of presidential hucksters. Peddling non-christian economic cures through the false god of capitalism.

The ladder of prosperity is a difficult journey and it starts here. “And God spoke all these words saying … You will have no other gods before me … You will not make unto yourself any image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You will not bear false witness against your neighbor,” Exodus 20:1,3,4,16.

And it continues here, “These six thing does the LORD hate; yes, seven things are an abomination unto him. A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood. A heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that are swift in running to mischief. A false witness that speaks lies and they that sow discord among the people, Proverbs 6:16-19.

Whether it is the G20 or a Nato summit the hidden fear

Consider this paragraph somewhat imaginary. But it’s probably more real than imaginary. Heads of world governments gather for summits seeking solutions for a troubled world. Most voices from the news media feature repeated segments about heightened security. Fearing that protesters wanting governments to pay more attention to solving global warming, social and economic justice issues, just might disrupt the summits. But what the heightened security is really about, is the very real fear of an Islamic attack upon the summits governmental leaders. The voices of the news media, and the heads of state attending these summits are not going to tell the world about their fears of Islamic attacks. Because, it would send shock waves through the western world. Perhaps starting a perpetuating alliance of awakened Christians determined to practice the art of self survival.

For this discussion, I will make understanding Islam easy. From the Christian Bible, or scriptures, as I prefer, and from the Muslim war manual the Qur’an. With Muslims tracing their ancestry back to one of Abraham’s sons, Ishmael. Ishmael is described as a “wild man,” who can not coexist with anyone, Genesis 16:12. And in that verse, we have the explanation for Islamic global violence against each other and the non-Muslim world community. And from the Qur’an, this message, “If you obey most on earth, they would lead you away from Allah. They are following nothing but speculation; they are guessing,” 6:116. Meaning all governments must become Islamic states. Because they direct Muslims away from Allah. This makes Muslims feel persecuted, when governments refuse to implement Islamic customs and law as their governing authority. Propelling them to fulfill their scriptural destiny as wild people.

Grounded in this Islamic reality, “This is a sura (book and chapter). We have sent down and made it obligatory: We have sent clear revelations in it, so that you may take heed. Strike the adulteress and adulterer one hundred times,” 24:1-2. “[Believers] fight them until there is no persecution, and all worship is devoted to Allah alone: if they desist, then Allah sees all they do, but if they pay no heed be sure Allah is your protector, the best protector and the best help,” 8:39-40, and the wildness continues.

Many writers want to be believed, I am not one of them. I do not want people to believe what I write. Instead please, do your own research concerning Muslim goals. Look around, everywhere, where Muslims gather in significant numbers and draw your own conclusions. In the United States, we now have an entire department protecting the nation from Muslim violence. We know that department as, “Homeland Security.” Costing Americans their liberty and sucking millions of dollars out of the treasury to keep Muslims under control.

Some have great difficulty accepting the reality that world is at war with Muslims. The most dangerous threat to freedom and world stability since Nazism, fascism and communism combined. So what is to follow will be some examples, tied together with the same verses of the Qur’an as used above. In order to emphasize events with Islamic teachings.

Muslims adhere to the barbaric teachings of the Qur’an. Because of those teachings, Muslims refuse to move into the twenty first century. Arguing that the Qur’an is timeless, and what applied to the ancients applies to the twenty first century as well.

They will refer to the following verses from the Qur’an. Which serves as their legitimate call for their unique brand of brutality, as well as their authority to wage war across the globe. “[Prophet] tell the disbelievers that if they desist their past will be forgiven, but if they persist, they have an example in the fate of those who went before. [Believers] fight them until there is no more persecution, and all worship is devoted to Allah alone: if they desist, then God sees all they do, but if they pay no heed, be sure that Allah is your protector, the best protector and the best help,” 8:39-40. “If you obeyed most of those on earth, they would lead you away from the path of Allah. They follow nothing but speculation; they are guessing,” 6:116. Simply meaning no one can be allowed to alter Allah’s law. It does not matter, if it is the United Nations, European Union, Israel or the United States. Muslims are ordered to fight against nation states. Right down to individuals, who might be their next door neighbors.

The purpose here is to provide information from the Qur’an to substantiate the above and what is to follow. Patch that information together with world events which have occurred. Then watch as Islam captures headlines with new swirling events of violence. Then readers can make their own judgments concerning this global menace of Islam.

But a greater question must be raised, and answered. What is the civilized world going to do about this Islamic menace? Very little, because the world body of the United Nations, and nations like the United States, can only hold the dams so long before the water rushes through. This Islamic holy war against institutions and individuals. Is forming as a powerful thermodynamic storm. Unleashing its warfare in ways unknown and thus unfamiliar to the modern world. Creating great fear and confusion. Forcing nations to scramble for solutions that are not working.

The answer to this Islamic thermodynamic storm is for Christians to become revitalized in Christ. Studying, and become aware of the strategic teachings of Jesus when confronting evil. Jesus employed small bands of people to fight the evil of His day. Which changed the than known world, The followers of Jesus did not have the weaponry of the Roman Empire; yet the cause of Christ prevailed. Gradually, to our collective shame, the Church became stagnant.

The Christ lesson of warfare was captured by al-Queda. No way as sophisticated in weaponry as the nations of our modern world. But they have changed the modern world employing small bands of people. One of the most fearful aspects of their success is that they are just getting started. You will know when they have hit full steam. It will be, when they repeatedly devastate the United States with similar 9/11 attacks.

It’s not unusual when these events flooded the news wires. In the Muslim world it’s the usual, so it hardly news worthy. Here are a couple of glances at those world events. Capturing the attention of the news makers was the stoning to death of a man convicted of having committed adultery. But was it reported as a rumor, because the alleged stoning lacked a credible source. Then came, a person associated with the Iranian religious courts. Announcing that the man had been stoned to death because of his adulteress relationship with a woman. The stoning punishment was ordered by judicial decree.

Immediately, bringing condemnation from Louise Arbour, former United Nations human rights chief. Followed by the Dominican Republics, Jose Diaz, then of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights saying the stoning death for adultery is a clear violation of international law.

That does not matter to the Iranian regimen of religious clerics. Because their judicial rulings are based upon Islamic law. Its foundation is settled by the aforementioned sura, 6:116. Grounded in the following, “This is a sura We have sent down and made it obligatory: We have sent clear revelations in it, so that you may take heed. Strike the adulteress and adulterer one hundred times,” 24:1-2.

What the free world must understand is that Muslims are at war to bring the world community into subjection and acceptance of Islamic law. To Muslims laws are not valid unless found in the Qur’an. Read again 6:116.

Equally captivating is what transpired in Islamabad, Pakistan several years ago. What’s interesting is that reveals their war perspectives. It’s not always about winning but its always about fear. It occurred when former President Pervez Musharraf, ordered his military to attack a Mosque in the capital city. The Mosque had become the center of Islamic militancy modeled after Afghanistan’s primitive Taliban. This discussion will conclude with the perpetrators rational for world dominion.

They were opposed to their governments backing and support from the United States. So, what do these people do? They attacked government buildings with bombed loaded cars that could be detonated at will. Such vehicles serve them, one suspects, as tank warfare. Then they retreated to their Mosque for cove. Globally mosques serve as military fortresses or hideouts for their mercenary armies. None for military style warfare that the world is accustomed to. Their preferred weapons is the deployment of suicide bombers. Attacks by ambush and the impressive use of propaganda. It was in mosques, in the United States that is where they hid prior to 9/11. Several U.S. senators have accused Saudi Arabia as being instrumental in recruiting, training and hiding the nineteen Muslims in mosques until they were ready to attack us on 9/11. Then the government (Pakistani) was forced to attack with many people losing their lives.

THERE IS NO BETTER INTERNATIONAL LESSON THAN THIS: It was reported that the mosque cleric, Abul Rashid Ghazi had about 60 well armed and trained Muslims committed to die before surrendering to government forces. The cleric said he hoped that his martyrdom, and the deaths of the other fighters would spark an Islamic revolution in Pakistan. He got his wish concerning his death! IT SERVED AS A LESSON THEN, AND DOES SO TODAY, BECAUSE THAT IS HOW MUSLIMS USE THEIR MOSQUES. AS LAUNCHING POINTS, FOR WARFARE!!! One has to agree, the devil is a cunning creature. Who else could convince nations to agree to foreign military fortresses on their sovereign soil?

Remember Pakistan is a member of the worlds nuclear club. Suppose the Muslim cleric is correct and a revolution occurs with his followers becoming the new government. Think the world is troubled now? Imagine the trouble at the door of the world community. With the Islamic clerics running the government with a nuclear arsenal.

People like Muslim cleric, Abdul Rashid Ghazi get their authority for violence from verses like the following found in the Qur’an. “God truly loves those who fight in solid lines for His cause, like a well-compacted wall,” 61:4. “God does not love the unfaithful or the ungrateful. Those who have been attacked are permitted to take up arms because they have been wronged-God has the power to help them,” 22:39.

Launch your own study about Islam and its treachery. After an in depth analysis, you will conclude that Muslims are a threat to national and international survivability.

Looking for work

A group of doctors at a global medical conference are bragging to each other about the state of medicine in their home countries.

A French doctor says, “Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of a man, put it another, and have him looking for work in six weeks.”

A German doctor says, “That is nothing, we can take a lung out of one person, put it another, and have him looking for work in four weeks.”

A Russian doctor says, “In my country, medicine is so advanced that we can take half a heart of one person, put it in another, and have them both looking for work in two weeks,”

An American doctor, not to be outdone says, “You guys are way behind. We recently took a man with no brains out of Illinois, put him in the White House, and now half the country is looking for work.” (source: writer unknown-captured from the web)

The best teller of the truth

There is enough gloom to go a long way. So here is some cheery stuff to brighten life. At the turn of the twentieth century life expectancy for women was 48 and for men 46 years of age. By mid-century life expectancy had climbed 71 for women and 66 for men. And here we are shallow into the twenty first century, with life expectancy climbing to 80 for women and 75 for men.

But the experts on longevity, do not agree on just how far up the aging ladder we can climb. They report that French citizen, Jeanne Calment lived to be 122. With American, Gertrude Baines, reporting that she is 114. Let us wish her well, as she reaches for birthday 123. But the experts seem to agree that our climb up the longevity ladder is due to several factors. With such factors being better nutrition and improved health care. Along with that most important element, disease prevention.

Being a scientist causes the experts to probe the ‘whys of longevity.’ Here are a few of their conclusions. SLEEP: getting enough but not to much. A million people participated in a self reporting sleep survey. Reporting their sleep habits. From their participation, the experts concluded the following. Optimal sleep for longevity is about seven hours nightly but not less than five hours. Sleeping more than eight hour or less than five hours on average shortened lifespans. EAT RIGHT:

Want to live an extra 14 years. Here is how it is done according the experts. They conducted a study of 20,000 participants. Those who ate five servings of fruits and vegetables everyday. And who enjoyed alcohol in moderation and did not smoke. And who indulged in exercising, captured those extra 14 years.

MIND YOUR MIDDLE: The experts say, we got to pay attention to our waistlines. The National Institute of Health, concluded that belly circumferences was strong indicator for longevity. Get this! Measurements of more than 44 inches for men and 41 inches for women equaled a 25% shortened life span. (source: Dr. Mark Liponis)

Now a little from some health enthusiast. Some with no credentials but lots of experience. Food is important, therefore, their diet represents a vegan vegetarian diet. Being vegan means eating only non-dairy foods. Many vegan vegetarians drink only ionized alkaline water because it helps to detoxify and energize the body. They prefer health care from an acupuncturist and chiropractor. Because both help the body balance, itself through its God given properties.

Concerning exercise and sleep. Some exercise by running, pumping iron in in their homes or at a local gym. Which full body stretches. In every aspect of life they have goals. Like running the New York City Marathon, again! As a way of celebrating ones 100th birthday. In the meantime, some will settle for mowing down a 50 miler out West.

While exercise is important, the vigorous stuff is done out of pure enjoyment. Most of what is done is not necessary, what is necessary is to exercise in moderation. When adding exercise to your life style keep that in mind and experience that results for yourself. The best teller of the truth.

Stress management is important and exercise helps relieve stress. Allowing for quality sleep. Much more could be said about the contents of this discussion. Other than to say, that incorporating the aspects in this discussion into your lifestyle. Might give you the good fortunate of being able to avoid common ills of your peers, including hospitalizations

Christians should be grateful to God for each lesson taught by Him. Some testify that they came upon healthy lifestyles the following way. This is one of those lessons, “What? Know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have of God, and you are not your own. For you were bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body and spirit which are God’s,” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. Causing the beholder to strive to have a body, mind and spirit fit for the service of God.

So, it would seem, that experience is the best teller of the truth, then go for it! And secure what we all want most, good quantity and quality of life!!!

Complexities in the image of God what it means

Perhaps God’s most profound contribution to His creation was his creation of humans. Because God said let, “us” make man in our own image, after our likeness, Genesis 1:26. Then God provided humans with complete dominion over everything upon the earth, verse 26.

And 0! what a mess we humans have created. So horrible that we have been instructed by Jesus to pray for the establishment of his kingdom on earth, Matthew 6:10.

This began to play out in Genesis 2:19. After God, brought the lower life forms to life. He brought them to them to Adam, and allowed Adam to name these creatures.

Few understand, let alone appreciate this gift of life with its implications and responsibilities. For starters, human life was created from the dust of the ground, Genesis 2:7. One can only image what this creation looked like. Because the details are not provided, it was just there. Maybe standing erect, or prone on the ground. But without personality or any traits of being human. For this creation was without life, until God, breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. Then God’s marvelous creation became a living soul, Genesis 2:7!!! With all the peripheral attributes that makes one human.

From devout Christians, this concern often presents itself. What is the will of God? The simplistic answer is as follows. Our duty as Christians, who have newness of life through Christ, John 3:3,15-16, 2 Corinthians 5:17. Is to offer praise to God the Father. Because our praise glorifies God, Psalms 50:29. In a nutshell, the will of God is that we should glorify him.

In addition to wanting to know the will of God, devout Christians want to know how to pray. In Matthew 6:9, Jesus provided the following instructions concerning prayer. For this discussion, only one aspect of prayer will be discussed. Because it is the center of this discussion which is a discussion concerning the will of God. Jesus taught, pray, Father who is in heaven, hallowed be your name. Meaning we should recognize the sanctity or holiness of God. Specifically, we are because God allows us to be. We have life, because God has breathed life into our bodies. From that very act by God, we became living beings, Genesis 2:7. God wants to hear our praises for such a divine occurrence. The creation of life in the image and likeness of Himself. Like David, we should praise our Lord with all sincerity. Striving to glorify God always, Psalms 86:12.

Few understand the profoundness of the breath of God that makes us a living beings. Every breath we take is the inhalation of the God force into our bodies. Surely, such awareness should be most humbling. Resulting in Christians being driven to glorify God who is in heaven. Executing our thankfulness, by our service to Christ. Our service is pictured as light shinning in the community to be seen which is glorifying to God, Matthew 5:16.

God by giving this gift of life which parallels his own image and likeness. Comes an expectations from God for responsibility. Part of Adam’s responsibility was to name the lower life forms, as noted above. For Christians, it is the selection of some type of advocacy. That strives to bring the light of Jesus Christ to our community.

That light can be classified in two aspects. Christians have the responsibility to announce the life changing power of Jesus Christ, again briefly touched upon above.

Next it is the Christian duty to oppose, and fight injustices wherever found. Injustices can take many forms and shapes. Each Christian, or groups of Christians, must make some choices for warfare. The euphemism ‘warfare’ is used to suggest that the battle may not be easy. Wrongfulness usually does not just give up, as the seasoned Christian well understands. Those who have studied the life of Christ. Are well aware of his experiences in seeking justice and fighting community wrongs. That is what makes the burden of the cross so picturesque. Jesus told his disciples being a Christian requires two kind of lights. One of denial, and the other the picking up of the cross, Matthew 16:24. Light being symbolic of seeing and understanding.

One choice, among several, this writer padre has elected is to shine the light of Christ upon the destructive forces of Islam.

Other Christians, may choose to shine the light of Christ upon the threat of global warming. Certainly, one suspects an issue dear to the heart of God. Because global warming is devastating God’s creation, the earth. Including human, along with many other life forms, all of which were originally given life by God.

Still others may choose to shine their light upon the darkness of corporate America. Never content with their existing greed. Then stooping so low as to use the peoples money to rescue their failing businesses. Then raising salaries for corporate executives along with lofty bonuses. But always quick to suppress the wages and benefits of the workforce. While most politicians stand idle, and allow corporate America to molest the American workforce. And that should tell the American work force that the current crop of politicians are not their friends. Most politicians will never support economic justice, let alone economic equality for the work force. Perhaps the Trump-Sanders phenomena will ignite the necessary change.

With some Christians shining the light of Christ upon the nations unfair tax system. Most are aware of the nations crumbling infrastructures from roads, bridges to lead laced pikes pumping contaminates into our drinking water, and more. Some of the nations politicians are suggested an additional five cent tax per gallon of gasoline to be diverted to the nations ailing infrastructures. A better plan would be to tax the very profitable oil companies. Need it be said, an over hauling of the nations income tax laws is badly in need of the peoples attention. Tax the people, that is always the congressional fix!!! They don’t call it a tax anymore because that doesn’t go over well with the voters. So they substitute the taking of the peoples money as a fee hoping to hide the theft of the peoples money.

The congress will always turn to quick fixes like from various presidential stimulus packages which they fund. With the money coming from the tax payers which will fix the nations infrastructure and create jobs. The creation of jobs is their fix it gimmick. Resulting with the Congress, taxing the people a second time. The first coming from the fix, the second coming from the cure.

What about the elimination of corporate money into the nations political arena. Democracy should not be for sale!

The list could go on and on, but the picture has been painted.

All of this is what it means to be created in the image of God. All the way from the creation process, right through to halls of the Congress, the office of the President, the courts and to the sewers of corporate America.

But not forgetting the highways and byways where the people live and who are screaming for economic and social justice. But the church, is not responding in great enough force to make a difference. So Jesus in his sadness stands alone waiting while the devil exerts his influence. And there is the sad tale of individual, national and global woes. Which is our future, with an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, “Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabitants of the earth …, Revelation 8:13.

y gov sucks

With governments, federal and state, in crisis mode because of their complete ineptness to govern. With one president picking up where the other left off. They share this attribute when they put together their various economic stimulus packages. What is behind these stimulus packages? A hope to keep the people in check because they are afraid of mass rioting in the streets. That is the bottom line because they suspect the American economy will never return to its abundant state of prosperity. Making rioting in the streets inevitable.

The truth is America has only been a nation of prosperity for Wall Street, banks, corporate conglomerates and politicians. For everyone else these stimulus packages means a bare subsistence existence from pay check to pay check. With the work force being told to expect a shortened work week; with cuts salaries and benefits. No one should feel secure in this environment, not even pensioners. So the the feds have every reason to fear the people. Because their comes a time, when enuf is enuf! And, it’s beginning to manifest itself through guys like Trump and Sanders.

The feds use all kinds of gimmicks to keep the American people in check. Gimmicks like togetherness through multiculturalism. Fostering the false notion that we all want the same thing, security and prosperity. Putting the nation at peril through its breach of our common defense.

We do want the same things, but with different terms attached to our security and prosperity. The feds know that they peddle false notions, but they continue to have bled such notions to death anyway. Because if they can brain wash enuf people it results in a certain climate of calm. In order to make such a gimmick work they promote another evil, political correctness. Meaning of course, people should not use any language that offends. It has worked through avid coercion and will continue to work through such tactics. But it is wearing thin as more and more people realize that big brother has duked them again.

The problem with government is that the governors are on to something but they just can not put the package together to make it work. And of course, we should not expect them to but together any thing that really works. Because the American way of governance is through We the People, with it being etched in the highest law of the land our Constitution. The framers of our Constitution as an introduction to Article One, The Legislative Article, wrote, “We the People of the United States, in order to establish a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do and ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Eight imperatives where the government has failed miserably, especially with the clauses of our general welfare and common defense. Which is what, the scrambling about in Washington today is all about. The government trying to dish out measures of appeasement, not solutions for the peoples general welfare and common defense. The peoples general welfare should be about fair wages and benefits. Our common defense is about free speech. Our common defense is not about multiculturalism and political correctness. It’s unconstitutional to expect the nations people to act as one, and speak as one unified body.

And we the people, can not make it work either, unless, we understand the Christ perspective concerning multiculturalism and political correctness. The Christ way supernaturally brings about multiculturalism and political correctness. And it does it regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or language which can only make the introduction to the Legislative Article work through Jesus Christ. Because it is written, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Because, “Neither is there salvation in any other; for there is no other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved,” Galatians 3:28; Acts 4:12. Salvation and the saving grace of Jesus Christ is rooted in repentance from our sins. Jesus himself said, “I tell you, Nay! But, except you repent you shall likewise parish,” Luke 13:3.

Repentance in scriptures carries the following meanings. When individuals repent and experience the saving salvation referenced in Galatians 3:28;Acts 4:12, a unexplainable miracle occurs that can only be experienced. It is recorded in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if any person be in Christ, they become new creations; old things are passed away, behold! all things have become new.” Central to repentance, salvation and newness of life through Christ is to understand what Paul said to a politician of his day. O! King Agripa, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision. But …. that the repentant should turn to God and do works fit for repentance, Acts 26:19-20. In today’s quagmire of American economic ruin. The United States needs a repentant national government. That is the first step towards economic stimulus packages that God wants to bless. Making a frustration come true through the spirituality of multiculturalism and political correctness. Which will lead to individuals, enjoying the fruits of workable stimulus packages. Because we are tied to the prophetic scriptures of Genesis 49:27, “Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well, whose branches run over the wall.” From the get go that’s what the national government was hoping for, but couldn’t figure out just how to pull it off.

This padre fears that the well has dried up because the nation wants a kingdom with out God in it, and it is not going to happen. Government stimulus package with their doctrines of multiculturalism, and political correctness must be replace with the above scriptural exhortations. Then all will be well for the nation collectively because it begins with individuals returning the government to a reverence for Jesus Christ in deed and not just words.

Some say curiosity killed the cat

I do not think curiosity killed the cat. I think curiosity saved the cat, unless it was the result of some risk taking. With the mess facing the states and the federal government; all because of their combined ineptness to govern. It will take some cat like instincts of curiosity that could have fatal consequences, if the nation is to survive. Christ never said change would be easy, but He did say it would be worth it. So in the end, curiosity did save the cat.

While many working Americans are feeling the pinch of a failed economy, it escapes the nations politicians. Consider the state of Florida, where a Times/Herald special report proves being a politician leads to a life of ease and comfort. From the report, “In the latest election cycle, dozens of Florida legislators raked in $6 million in special interest campaign money and spent a good deal of it on themselves for meals, rental cars, plane trips and hotels.”

Continuing with their report, “Some law makers are feeding at the trough of contributors, enjoying expense dinners at upscale restaurants with donors money at a time when one in every 10 Floridians is on food stamps.”

“Others are churning cash from one political committee to another, using it to finance direct contributions and attack adds upon other candidates, thereby strengthening their own clout in a virtually untraceable shell game.”

What does this mean for struggling Floridians? It means favorable legislation for the corporate donors wish list of legislation. And at the expense of working Floridians who will once again have to put up with a dead economy. But this is certain, Florida’s politicians will generate millions in revenue from additional taxes. The huge Republican majority in the legislature will refer to those additional taxes as service fees. But anytime the government makes us pay more for something without the ability to walk away, it is an accessed tax.

While this report centered its attention on Florida, it is a given, the process repeats itself in every state in the union. And, the Fed’s are not exempt. As many know, the United States This how the Congress works. During one congressional session they voted to give themselves a $4,700 pay increase. Which sparked some outage from some politicians. But it was not over the pay raise, it was over an additional automatic pay increase pegged to inflation. These public servants could not resolve that debate, so their salary remains pegged for increases tagged to inflation. This when most Americans are forced to do with less, and will be asked to do with even less.

I have said it before, so I will say it again, Americans need to clean house. Because politicians at any level in modern day government in America, just can not govern. They serve themselves at the public expense, so expect things to get worse.

I for one believe America is to far gone to be saved. Unless America returns to its roots, as a God fearing people. No! I am not naive because I know that will not occur. Unless America implements a lesson taught by President Abraham Lincoln. And I will say this again, America needs to cleanse itself from its Muslim menace. So watch for a discussion, were a Florida politician dared to label Muslims for what they are, a danger to us all and got national attention. Pretty amazing!

Colliding worlds means disaster

Our world is slowly being given a new face and it is Islamic. Only a renewed church can send this Islamic movement in retreat. Because the world, is on a collision course. Being steered by forces outside of individual or government control. Two forces are propelling themselves with greater and greater velocity. Which can only erupt with greater, and greater global calamity. These forces are represented by good and evil. With the force of good being represented by Christianity, and the force of evil by Islam.

What makes these forces difficult to identify is that they are embodied in nation states. So the world sees global unrest and wars as being between secular states. To a certain degree this is true. But the real danger, of collision will manifest itself more. As Islam moves to make Islamic states out of nations, as they move west. Make no mistake, the United States is in the hunt.

While not a great subject of conversation from the news media, or the heads of western states. That is exactly what is going on in the world today. Because Islam, will not allow states to exist that are not Islamic.

It is by prophetic design. With Israel, the United States as the center piece of many prophecies. Reference to the Jewish state is well documented in the Bible. That is not the case concerning the United States. It is not directly mentioned, but the nation can be traced to historical biblical passages. Which this padre has discussed, during our journeys through biblical prophecy.

The existence of these two nations as a people is in grave danger because of their religion. Which has targeted them for extinction by certain Islamic states and peripheral organizations like ISSI.

President Washington’s America has changed. In 1783 while in Ireland, the President described the goodness of America. He said, “The bosom of America is open to receive not only the Opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and prosecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment.” What the President said was part of what made America the force of good. Its goodness was embodied in a biblical system of ethics. Commonly, known as our Judeo-Christian heritage.

The people who were responsible for creating this force for good should be studied. For a better understanding of our Judeo-Christian history. Which has its bases, in biblical literature.

The west needs, and in particular the United States needs renewed leadership. People who govern from the history of our heritage, but separate from the church.

The church needs to get its act together if the west is going to defeat this Islamic challenge. It is not Christ who has failed, but those of us who name Him as our Lord and Savior, who have failed. To many Christians put on the face of Christ, but have failed to pick up His cross; a requirement for all Christians. A failure to advance the cause of Christ has resulting in the Christian church becoming an institution of mockery, and Christians, a people to be scoffed at, and a source of ridicule.

John, in the book of Revelation said this more than once. Those who have an ear, hear what is said about the church and the future. Perhaps the church at Laodicea is picturesque of our 21 century church, Revelation 3:14-17. The church is a disgrace but with Christ saying, I love the church. Acknowledge My rebuke, and correct your ways in a zealous way, verses 18-19. That is what this prophetic journey will be mostly about. Hear with your ears the prophetic revelations for tomorrow from the distant pass, verses 20-22.

When trying to understand prophetic events, it is important to recognize the character of the historians who wrote about the future. The Bible should be thought of as a unique collection of literature. Written by ordinary people like us, but over a time span of many centuries. Representing a host of different cultures and customs. With very dissimilar agendas, considering the varying times that separated their lives. Yet they were able to put together a prophetic story that reverberates with stunning accuracy.

They wrote about the conflict surrounding Israel as a state which did not exist at the time. Then, the Jews were a collection of tribes just trying to exist. Usually dominated by an opposing kingdom. Swirling around the Jews has been the holy city of Jerusalem. Fast forward to the 21st century with the controversy concerning Israel as a state. That along with the struggle for Jerusalem. Seems to indicate a connection of unusual insight from centuries of prophetic history worth considering as valid forecasting. Especially, as the prophecies show a connection between scriptural history and secular events of today.

Paul wrote that scriptures resulted by inspiration from God. Making those scriptures instructional for life’s experiences. With the intent being that the people of God may know how to do good. The ultimate good is for Christians to respond and protect his church, 2 Timothy 3:16-17. That in itself is the material of a high intensity responsibility which should unite Jewish and Christian communities. Because our common heritage is under siege, by this formidable Islamic surge. Foremost in working together is a respect for our differences because we have so much in common which will allow us to defeat this Islamic menace.

Many historical prophets reveal direct contact with God, or His angels for inspirational direction. Later they recorded their experiences. To what degree of accuracy was this accomplished?

Despite possible reasons for errors based upon perhaps culture, customs, and values during that time. When they recorded, their supernatural revelations. Enough accuracy seems to exists to suggest a predictable historic future. Which should arouse most skeptics, to at least consider the relationship between biblical prophecy and unfolding world events of today.

There is a lot of prophetic material available that never became apart of the canonized Bible.The canonized Bible has been in dispute for centuries. Meaning that mortal powerful people gathered, and determined what constituted the word of God. That along with various translations. Combined with personal agenda’s of powerful politicians. Including corrupt church men leave us with reason to doubt the authenticity of the Bible.

Despite all of those possible barriers for lack of biblical authenticity concerning religion and current events. There is a remarkable correlation between the two. The challenge will be, can we unveil them in a convincing manner? So as to convince a skeptical public wanting to be convinced because they see a world that is becoming unglued.

Good, and evil is seen from the converse position from the Islamic perspective. What Muslims have largely done is to have piggy back upon Jewish And Christian scriptural accounts. Creating an alternative self serving account to challenge the authenticity of our Jewish Christian heritage as dispatched by our scriptures. And those of you, who have read previous discussions know how Islam came into existence in the first place.

But for now a dose of evil, a great evil is over taking not just Israel and America but the rest of the world, also. If there is a devil, it is embodied in Muslim clerics. Who influence people, to do evil as converts to Islam. Because it is demanded by the Qur’an, with the end result of violence being the GARDEN of ETERNITY, the SUPREME TRIUMPH, Qur’an,9:38-40, 61:11-12.

Muslim behavior by such commitment has excluded them from President Washington’s. “Bosom of America.” For the President said, “if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment.” Islam, and Muslims have failed the test.

Recall the criminal complaint against four men, one a Muslim cleric. Charging them with plotting to blow up JFK airport. And the prosecution of Muslim men, plotting to kill American soldiers at Fort Dix. Excludes them from President Washington’s notions about “decency”, “propriety of conduct” as prerequisites for enjoying the “bosom of America.”

One benefit of America’s “bosom is the freedom to practice ones religion. Muslims have violated that privilege with their open call for destruction. Mosques are nothing more than hide outs for Muslims waiting for the right moment to inflict death upon Americans. Today Islam, is the perfect example of the forces of evil working through a local mosque. Waiting for the right moment to strike the innocent.

The Department of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, heightened airport security were designed to protect the nation from the Muslim community. Those people build mosques in our communities. Walk our streets and enjoy the hospitality of the country. Then they allow devils to slip in among them, who share their goals for Islamic conquest. From there they lay plans to attack our institutions, our people with the intent to destroy our nation. Enough is enough America!

Americans need to become informed, and work to expose those Islamic devils. The government needs to be encouraged to close down those havens of iniquity known as mosques. Before there numbers mushroom with the death of Americans, who die is in proportion to there growth.

Needed a new face for America

Matthew reported that Jesus had a knack of teaching his material with authority. Just the opposite of the way that people were accustomed to hearing from their leaders, Matthew 7:29. Jesus was teaching a very done to earth practical lesson. A lesson that would endure forever. He said, “Anyone who hears what I say and practices them. Will be likened to those who build a house upon a solid rock foundation. And when hard times come, the worse imaginable the house will survive.”But for those, who do the contrary, the opposite will occur. Jesus likened this behavior to foolishness. Guaranteeing that when the unimaginable occurs the house will fall. Sending shock waves around the world because so great will be the fall, Matthew 7:24-27.

The Bible discusses those times as the most horrific of history. Describing them as a time when it will be impossible for humanity to survive. Leaving Jesus with one option which is to shorten those days and return, Matthew 24:22. Are those days upon us now? I do not think so, but they might serve as a prelude as to what to expect.

Consider these national and international headlines screaming for resolution because the byline is that it will get worse. Earlier in this century the world experienced its first global recession since WW11. With at least 46 million people being pushed into poverty during the course of the first year. And here we are, years later, and we are still feeling the hardships of from that recession.

The American workforce lost five million jobs in the first fourteen months of that recession. At the time President Obama call the job loss astonishing.

The nation set a new record for food stamp recipients that reached 32 million. Demand for food from food banks also hit record highs. Vicki Escarra, head of Feeding America put it this way. “We are in the middle of truly a crisis for average Americans.” And, it continues today!
Though the government says the recession is over and the nation has recovered. That hasn’t been the experience of most Americans. Because new jobs are paying less than those same jobs paid before the recession. With more and more Americans being dependent on welfare programs for survival.

And the news just keeps getting worse. Muslims have ratcheted up their attacks through out Europe targeting France and Belgium. Moving beyond the customary war zones of the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan. Which is a prelude of what Americans can expect on their streets unless this infectious disease of Islam is eradicated. Americans need to hold Allah, his messenger Muhammad and devotees in check.

Including most American politicians who need to held accountable for their crimes against Americans, and thew world community. For that bunch of criminals has only made life miserable for millions. Some of which is spilling over to households very distant from what they thought would be a controlled war zone. Yes indeed we should place troubles, and head aches upon the desks of the nations politicians. Who are singularly responsible for bringing the United States and the community of nations to a time in history that Jesus said would be the worse ever.

End American meddling in foreign affairs now! Where there are countries who are regional problems, then let the region deal with them in their own way. Or suffer the consequences. For those nations who are an international problem let the international community deal with them. Minus the United States involvement. And should any of those counties jeopardize the nations safety, and well being. We should end the threat by reducing those nations to ashes. The center piece of American domestic and foreign policy should center around American exceptionality which should be rooted in the nations Judeo-Christian heritage.

Americans need to relearn the role of our Christian heritage if she is ever to return to her standing as an economic and military powerhouse. If the United States is not careful, we will not be able to contain or win the wars engulfing the nation from within. Which have both of a economic and military face.

And if the current crop of politicians in our congress come to their senses, the best that can be expected is contained mayhem. Meaning ISSI fighters striking at random when all appears to be contained. It may take awhile to materialize, but materialize it will. That is the experience of Europe, with Muslims. So why should the United States be any different from any other country, who has allowed their Muslim population to grow unchecked.

It is eradication time! Its twofold! A checked Muslim community. And a Christ centered United States Congress which includes the oval office. America has a history where that scenario worked. So why not let history repeat itself.

The odor is foul must be sewer rats

The free world is in great peril. Put in that state by Muslims determined to destroy every society for Allah and his prophet. Only an awaken, and determined public can preserve western culture, and values from those Islamic devils.

Here are some Islamic declarations as to their intent.

“I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah,”’ Prophet Muhammad’s farewell address, March 623.

In that I am an American, and each must understand this for their own country. The most reverences person in the United States Muslim community is the Prophet Muhammad. To offend the Prophet is to offend each Muslim in a very personal way. Resulting in some Muslim cleric, issuing a death warrant for the offender’s life. This can not be allowed to happen upon American soil. The only way to prevent this is to rid the nation of this Muslim menace. Suggestion. Organize and meet in small groups and work developing workable strategies to rid America of its Muslim communities. Failure means the following!

“I shall cross this sea to their islands to pursue them to there remains no one on the face of the earth who does not acknowledge Allah,” Saladin, January 1189.

“We will export our revolution through out the world … until the calls, ‘there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah are echoed all over the world,” Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, 1979. And, the message has not changed.

“I was ordered to fight the people until they say there is no god but Allah, and his prophet Muhammad,” Osama bin Laden, November 2001. (quotations source, Islamic Imperialism: A history, Robert Karish, Introduction, Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 2006. And we Americans felt the burnt of his statement on 9/11. With the nation intercepting additional plots to harm Americans since 9/11. And more are sure to follow, unless Americans act out!

Peacefully, the Jesus way, an eye for eye, tooth for tooth, until all say Jesus is Lord and this earth is His entire kingdom. I think somewhere it is called the great commission. Where Jesus said, “…. all authority is given to me in heaven and earth. Go, you, therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all things, whatsoever, I have commanded you. And Lo! I am with you always, even unto the end of the age,” Matthew 28:18-20.

How important is this commission? The answer is found in Revelation 14:6, “And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell on earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue and people.” It is called by some, the Muslim world, and others, American arrogance. Becoming an embarrassment to the government who substituted our commissions language with less arrogance. Preferring the concepts of political correctness and multiculturalism as the way to go. And consequently that is part of the reason for the nations crumbling economic and military standing among the community of nations.

The United Kingdom’s, TV channel 4 purchased a video at a bookshop at the largest mosque in London, the Regents Park mosque. A city in itself with up to 50,000 Muslims swarming there. It demonstrates the hate ideology of bigotry that obsesses Britain’s Muslim’s community.

The Islamic plan is to create small cells within a nation centered around a mosque. The strategy as how to accomplish this has also been discussed. Madness can be triggered over wide assortment of causes. For instance, the Muslim community in India did not like the way the Indian government treated them. Being small in number, they enlisted a Muslim nation to launch an attack upon the people of India. So from Pakistan, in the name of Allah, and his prophet Muhammad came an army of Muslims. Reeking considerable mayhem, injury and death putting the two nations at the brink of war.

Muslim numbers and strength and influence is growing in Great Britain. And when the time is right, Great Britain will become a Islamic state. When that occurs that new Islamic state will have a single, life-time ruler with no opposition party explains the narrator. That statement was captured on film by channel 4 as it went underground to get a better look at Islam inside England. (source by transcript, journalist, Yaakov Lappin).

For most, complacency is our Achilles’ heel so to speak, an using an idiom. Meaning for most putting off until tomorrow what will be disastrous. It applies to individuals right up though to the community of nations. It is the rational that reasons that this annoyance can be put off until later. Always secure in the belief that later, they will get the task accomplished. And, as most know that often occurs. But sometimes at severe consequences and cost.

Sometimes the Western nations are hesitate to take action that might be controversial and offensive to the Muslim community within their nation. That is often good and the way it should be between the constituents and its government. It should not apply to Muslims because of their announced goals which is becoming the free world’s Achilles’ heel.

Here is another part of the transcript from the purchased video from the Regents Park mosque. A young , Saudi trained Muslim cleric, Sheikh Fraiz was seen saying: “Kafir (infidel),” as he drew an imaginary line on his forehead. “The worst word that can ever be written. A sign of infidelity, Disbelief, Filth. The sign of dirt.” The preacher calls Jews “pigs,” and said they would be “killed when the end of the world comes.” These creatures with their buts in the air, noses to the ground. Sniffing quietly around as sewer rats, spreading vermin like things and toxic diseases.

“This creature will say, O! Muslim, behind me is the Jew, come and kill him,” the preacher shouts, before carrying out the impersonation of a pig sound, saying, “all of them,” to the laughter of the audience.

Any religious cleric, who preaches such rhetoric directed at the Jews and the rest of us “infidels” would have to be a creature escaped from hell. Furthermore, any god, prophet, shekh, or followers, must also have found away to escape from hell. In the twenty first century such rhetoric can not be tolerated.

The free world, made up of liberal pluralistic democracies must wake up to this “Achilles’ heel.” Before the consequences, are so severe and to expensive to fix. Knowing what we know about complacency within government. This Muslim menace may not be fixable. So as usual, the task is left up to people. Who value freedom, and the right to choose, or not to choose. Unfortunately, to many will choose the latter. But! that is what it means to be an American. Something that escaped Allah and his messenger Muhammad. Along with the community of world Muslims.

Keep in mind what this British documentary, and the purchased video revealed, is not just the expressions of Britain’s Islamic community. It’s a global strategy promulgated by Allah, his prophet Muhammad, and Islamic clerics, for England, Israel, the United States, and around the globe. And if they can not do it, then they will settle for helping to end this world. Yes, Muslims believe that a spiritual leader will descend upon Jerusalem to end the world as we know it. Another reason not to allow the, Islamic Republic of Iran to get even one nuclear weapon.

National politics does the crisis swallow the man or does the man swallow the crisis

Greatness, how is it measured among the nations Presidents? List have been complied, and various arguments presented by each pundit, who puts a name in contention. President Abraham Lincoln’s name appears on every pundits list. Usually listed among the nations five greatest presidents. With many historians crediting Lincoln as being the nations greatest president. Just what did he do to earn such long lasting admiration? Perhaps Lincoln himself can answer that question. Along with how he put his answers into action.

That is to be contrasted with President Obama, whom is an ardent admirer of Lincoln. Tracing Lincoln’s inaugural journey to the capital to be sworn into office. No doubt recalling the civil war struggles with lives lost to abolish a great evil. With the wars end, a hope for a more perfect union did not materialize Still more blood had to be shed. With perhaps President Obama, being the fulfillment of MLK’ dream. What black family taking residency in the White House would not be moved by such a history. Especially knowing that slave labor had constructed their new residency. And taking his oath of office, by placing his right hand on the Lincoln Bible. And, that is where the similarities end!

Because Lincoln did not save the nation by freeing the slaves, he saved the nation by his humble surrender to Jesus Christ and calling on God to save the nation. God responded and put America on track for greatness. While Obama’s plan to save the nation is all about money, and being ashamed of Jesus Christ. And that is why America is sitting on a sinkhole waiting to be swallowed.

No doubt a Presidents greatness is determined by how he responds to a national crisis. Does the crisis swallow the man or does the man swallow the crisis? And in Lincolns case he swallowed the crisis and the nation survived a crisis destined to destroy her. But where did the Lincoln journey begin, and what shaped him? Giving him the knowledge to know that he was in a crisis over his head. A crisis that he could not guide the nation through. And what was his source for doing what seemed impossible to many civil war observers. Especially after the North’s crushing, and humiliating defeat at the Battle of Bull Run.

It started in a school house where he learned to read. Where the text book was the Bible, according to a Lincoln scholar, Elton Trueblood. Who quoted Lincoln as saying, “We had no reading books or grammars, and all our reading was done from the Bible.” Most likely that sounds very out of place to many today. But this padre in his own youth, a public school student. Remembers the Bible prominently placed on the teachers desk. With the Ten Commandments being proudly displayed. Each morning the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag and the Lord’s Prayer were recited in unison by the class. Students could be seen carry Bibles. Classes were dismissed to celebrate Christmas and Easter, and not the winter holidays and spring break. Today that is gone, except for the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. The Lord’s prayer does not roll from the lips of any class of students in unison. It has been substituted with a moment of silence. And those responsible, for such changes of shame towards God Almighty and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. They were the ones that started the birth of those feared sinkholes which are able to swallow entire structures. And as the disrespect continues, the sinkholes deepen and widen and will eventually swallowing the nation.

A wise people will learn from the pages of Bible history that when a nation wails in repentance, God delivered those people. President Lincoln had this to say about the Bible and himself. “In regards to this great book, I have but this to say, it is the best gift God has given to man. But for it, we could not know right from wrong. All things most desirable for man’s welfare, here and hereafter, are found portrayed in it.” “I believe I am an humble servant in the hands of our Heavenly Father; I desire that all my words and acts may be according to His Will.” No doubt Lincoln knew this for himself and made it work for the nation. “If my people, who are called by my name, and shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land,” 2 Chronicles 7:14. To have done otherwise, would have allowed the crisis to swallow the man. And that is how greatest is measured among the nations Presidents. And how the man swallowed the crisis

It is a different era, a different crisis, with President Obama being absent Lincoln’s depth of spirituality, as are the nations people for the most part. It was not only Lincoln’s spirituality alone that saved the nation from the crisis of its times. It was the people who were receptive to seeking God’s face in all humility. Confessing their sins, and with God responding by healing the land.

Thus always to tyrants

Abraham Lincoln once wrote, “I was born on, February 12, 1809, in Hardin County, Kentucky. Two hundred years later Lincoln is remembered as a great president whose life was marked by America’s war with itself, and whose death came just as peace was at hand.” But who was behind his death, God, John Wilkes Booth or both?

“Man’s goings are of the Lord; how can a man, then, understand his own way?” Proverbs 20:24. And as President Lincoln discovered, he could not order his own way. So below is the formulation of his conclusion about life’s journey.

“Six hundred thousand Americans died in the Civil War,” says James Swanson. Who has written two books about Lincoln’s death. “That war was finally coming to an end. Lincoln had freed the slaves, he had ended secession. There would be no more dying. and Lincoln was filled wit joy,” Swanson wrote. “Cannons, fire works, torches, parades, people getting drunk in the streets. With children running around carrying little flags. All proclaiming, ‘Victory is ours, ‘Richmond has fallen,'” says Swanson of the celebration.

“Amidst all this joy, there was one man in Washington who was not happy at all, and that was the famous actor, John Wilkes Booth.” “Booth was a Confederate sympathizer, who had plotted with others to kidnap Lincoln. A plot that had come to nothing.”

“But on the morning of April 14, 1865, when Booth was reading his mail on the front steps of Ford’s theater around noon, he heard that the President was coming to the play that night,” Swanson says, “That’s the moment he decided to kill Lincoln.”

“Just hours later, the actor came on stage to perform the comedy, ‘Our American Cousin.'” President Lincoln, and his wife were late for the show. With Swanson continuing the story; “President Lincoln came up these stairs with his guests. When he arrived, the audience finally realized the President was here, and so the orchestra broke into a performance of “Hail to the Chief,” and the actress suspended the play and paid tribute to Lincoln. and it’s up this very same route that Booth came. With full view of the stage, full view of the performance, the sound of the theater, the laughter. There Booth stopped!”

Writes Swanson, “One of the great mysteries of the assassination story and the whole civil war is why didn’t Lincoln have proper guards? Lincoln was a fatalist. He thought, “If someone wants to kill me, nothing can stop them.” After he was shot, over one hundred death threats were found in a cubbyhole in his desk. He knew he was a target.”

From the previous discussion, we learned that President Lincoln was associated with a Presbyterian church. A church with a tenet of predestination which perhaps Lincoln adopted. When asking the churches minister, why did God take my son Edwards life. From which Lincoln concluded, God draws out life’s plot, allowing his creation to punctuate the sentences. This is how God drew out Lincoln’s plot. Allowing Lincoln to punctuate the final sentences of his life in the following way.

“Booth waited in a dark space in the president’s booth, listening to the dialogue from the play. He waited until one actor was left on stage, Henry Hawk. Who was about to say a funny line that was going to make the whole audience erupt in laughter, which Booth hoped would muffle the sound of the shot.”

“Booth has in his left hand, his bowie knife. In his right hand, he clutches the derringer pistol. He hears that line, and he levels his right hand and almost touches the back of Lincoln’s head with the derringer pistol he fires.”

“Everything froze, and that smoke from black powder filled the box, and took on a very devilish red color because of the artificial lights, and the gas lamps, and the smoke which was voluminous from the black powder weapon. Then one of Lincoln’s two theater guests, Major Henry Rathbone, an Army officer, realized that was a gun shot. He rose up to grapple with Booth, and as soon as Rathbone looked up, he could see that knife coming down to kill him. Rathbone got his arm up just in time to parry the blow, but endured a deep cut.”

“Booth sat on that balustrade; he swung one leg over, than the other; to the stage. About a eleven foot drop. Then Booth ran to center stage. This was his final and greatest performance on the American stage. So he raised his bloody dagger in the air and cried out the state motto of Virginia, ‘Sic semper tyrannis, thus always to tyrants.’ And then he cried out, the South is avenged!’ And just as he exited from the stage, he was heard distinctly to say, ‘I have done it!’ And then he vanished into the wings.”

“With Booth leading what would turn out to be a long chase into the countryside. President Lincoln was carried to the street where a huge crowd had quickly collected.”

“So they’re carrying the president in the middle of the street and he’s dying. Thousands of people are standing here, and they do not know what to do with the President of the United States. Who has just been shot through the head,” Swanson says. “Then across the street, at the Petersen Boarding House, a man came out of the front door holding a lamp,” and said, “Bring him in here.”

“The bed was to short, and his legs reached over the end of the bed.” The doctor said, “Break the footboard off so the President can lie in the bed.” It wouldn’t come off, so the President had to be laid diagonally across what became the deathbed. Abraham Lincoln died at 7:22 the next morning.

“A little while later, soldiers rounded the corner carrying something, and that’s when the thousands of people standing on the street maintaining the death vigil let out a wail,” Swanson says. “Because that was the final refutation of their hopes. When they saw the box, it wasn’t even a proper coffin; it was an ammunition crate or a rifle case. They carried that box up the stairs, they wrapped Lincoln’s body in the American flag and then lowered him into the coffin. And witnesses say the only thing you could hear in the that death room was the squeaking of the screws being tightened.”

Swanson says “Booth had several motives to kill Lincoln, including avenging the South, to inspire the Confederates to keep on fighting, and to win fame and glory to himself. Which is why twelve days later, when he was wounded, and trapped by soldiers in a barn, he walked into the gunfire to his death. His last words were useless, useless, useless.” (source: NPR)

We all know about death because we are surrounded by death all the time. It is what happens after death that is the mystery. Because clergy teach conflicting accounts about the after death process. Mainly as a scare tactic to keep their pews full and to keep their bank accounts full.