History the more things change the more they stay the same

In a nation that claims to honor God, family and country it appears that God is not making much of a difference in the lives of most Americans, especially high school students, who are to be Americas future. Ever wonder why? Could it be that God is on vacation? Or that God is allowing people to control, and manage their own destinies? Just like what is occurring on the world scene. God says you chose, and eventually, I’ll make things right. Meaning time exists to get it right locally and internationally.

What is to follow is from the archives of my discussions. I’m discussing it again because indeed the more things change the more they stay the same. With few exceptions the players have moved on like Sen. John Kerry. But his truth reverberates today, Don’t run away, if you found the senator rather offensive. Rather think about what he said, and would the educational system be better today, if the nation had listened and acted.

It is being reported that one in every thirty two Americans are in jail or on parole. The Justice Department reports that is up nearly three percent from last year.

Blacks make up the largest population in prison and on parole. Followed by Hispanics and Caucasians. Of course that is not new because that has been the statistical reality for decades. This not new either; women are closing ranks on their male counterparts. Guess misery loves company.

Many explanations exist for this American tragedy. From misguided policies that make it more likely that African Americans will be incarcerated over their Hispanic and Caucasian counterparts. And that Caucasians, have more money than the others. Resulting in Caucasians owning American justice which results in fewer prison terms for them. Educators, philosophers, sociologists, and many others have their theories.

Even Sen. John Kerry, had an opinion. Which stirred political rumblings because he made fun of G.W. Bush’s lack of curiosity and intellectual deficits. Then Kerry went on to open a “can of worms” by saying, ” Education, if you work hard, you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you do not, you will end up in Iraq.” Well the Senator gave those university students in LA some sound advice. Not only was his advice accurate; it was truthful! But, “bingo,” those folks steeped, but drowning in political correctness, took Kerry to task. They accused the Senator of being disrespectful of the troops in Iraq. They said his speech, if not universally condemned would be bait for enlarging the racial divide in America. Which to this writer is just rhetoric for a nation not wanting to face the truth. Black America academically has for the nations history lagged behind the test scores of their Caucasian and Hispanic counterparts. Because of that educational deficiency, they have more difficulty finding employment. Therefore, the military provides them with an attractive option full of perks. If they do not opt out for the military, then our jails will get them; which the above statistics support. Difficult to accept for some but accurate.

This whole ideology of political correctness is creating many deficiencies through out the nation. The class of people injured most by these multiple deficiencies happen to be Caucasian Americans.

Here is what happened in a school district in Florida. The student staff of a local high school newspaper decided to publish the test scores as reported from Florida’s Department of Education. Here is what the students discovered. Reading at grade level or above, white students sixty nine percent, Hispanic students twenty three percent, and Black students an expected score of sixteen percent ( emphasis this writer). Math scores, White students eighty four percent, Hispanic students fifty percent, and holding every else back from learning, black students with an expected score of thirty seven percent (emphasis this writer).

The student story with accompanying charts never made it to press; no surprise there. The school’s head honcho said the article was “deemed inappropriate” with the “potential to hurt.” It is permissible to deny the students several constitutional guarantees like ” freedom of speech,” “press,” assembly,” and the “facts;” like the truth. Here are some facts: the story was absolutely fact based, nothing in the article was immoral or untruthful, there was no promotion of racial superiority academically by the student staff. According to the students they were told not to talk about the article, “by word of mouth or otherwise.” Students were scolded for not being sensitive to the feelings of non achieving students.

Apparently the students did not listen because the fiasco was reported in a newspaper in a neighboring county and school district. Consider this: in this particular school district, schools get extra federal money to help failing students achieve. It is the same through out the state and nation. The money comes the G.W. Bush’s legislation, “No Child left behind.” Despite these millions, black students, their parents, and the black community is not chastised for this academic failure of black America.

To add, insult to Injury to white America. The Fed’s and their counterparts in state governments created this notion of “school choice.” Meaning, students mostly black. Attending failing schools populated with mostly black students. Can choose to attend achieving schools populated with mostly white students. Thus, hampering the learning progress of white students.

More insult to Injury, in years long past us, when schools were populated by race, and the federal notion of separate but equal doctrine. An argument could be made for racism in schools. Not today because these black failing schools get extra federal money, and teachers accepting assignments there are paid more money. It all boils down to this. The federal government, and their state counterparts are doing their best to create separate but equal schools again. Only it is the converse of yesterdays doctrine. In the yesterdays separate but equal notion black schools did not get an even share of school resource’s.

Additional insult to Injury, in Florida, schools have gifted classes for academically achieving students. Most of these classes are made up of mostly white students. Again, Honcho’s, at these schools can divert resources away from these students to aid failing black students. Retarding the learning opportunity for motivated mostly white students.

Just another brief comment. In the class room its the black students who are most disruptive of the learning process. Teachers must spend their time correcting these mostly black students. Again retarding the learning for the mostly white motivated students.

The above is based upon reliable sources. These sources can not speak out for fear of being fired. Yes, the teachers are unionized, but the government has rendered unions mostly useless through legislation. So teachers, continue to coddle and pamper these black students. Coddling and pampering, absent speech that would expose black student failures is a serious problem. Because it impacts the academic growth of white students.

So end the end, Sen Kerry was correct. Study, work hard, do your homework, and you’ll avoid such places like Iraq. Fail, and the military or jail awaits you. And mostly, white America suffers for black America’s academic, failures.