United States at WAR this time it’s Libya

World newswires scream, U.S. pounds Libyan air defenses. War intensifies, as Col. Quddafi vows ‘REVENGE.’ Obama pledges support but with no ground forces. This latest war is not about freeing the Libyan people from a ruthless dictator. Such thugs exist in Saudi Arabia,  Syria and Iran and they are safe from the U.S. war machine!! No! It’s about protecting Libyan oil fields, the worlds riches fields.

Here’s the real story, said one way or another by Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama, “let me say this one thing, America is not at war with the Muslim world.” With most Americans buying into those presidential lies. Muslims are at War with America and the world. It’s time to do more than act, it’s time to react! Because! Death lies at our doorsteps from within the mosques dotting the American landscape. While most Americans appear very apathetic about such a prospect. Perhaps what is read here will awaken many from their sluggishness.

Contained within the nations capital is the Center for Security Policy. It has solicited the assistance of former military personnel, CIA and FBI agents. All are skilled in Arabic, counter terrorism and counter intelligence. General Council for the Center is a lawyer named David Yerushaimi. He is considered an expert in Islamic law and customs. But is subordinate to Frank Gaffney, a former Pentagon official is the Centers CEO.

The Center wanted to find out exactly what was occurring within the confines of the more than 2000 mosques across the United States. So they sent their agents on an undercover reconnaissance mission. What they discovered goes beyond being shocked because it’s very alarming. To be shocked is to be made aware. In the state of being alarmed comes an awareness that danger could be more imminent than suspected.

Here is some of what the agents and the center has compiled.They have declared that three out of four mosques are centers for anti-American extremism.

Mr. Gaffney, states that most mosques are inciting insurrection and jihad. This is accomplished through sermons preached by Saudi Islamic imams or clerics. These clerics make available to Muslim attendees, anti-Western literature. Which also includes textbooks and videos.

Many of these mosques are associated with the Saudi Arabian government. Which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood headquartered in Egypt.

The following statement is not apart of the report, but rather from this writer. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are supposed to be American allies. They are not our allies. Because the Muslim Brotherhood is committed to the death of every Jew and Christian wherever found. Which should be the objective of every Muslim because that is what the Qur’an teaches. The Qur’an states in book 5:51, “You who believe, do not take Jews or Christians as allies: they are allies only to each other. Anyone who takes them as an ally becomes one of them-God does not guide such wrongdoers.” The Qur’an, offers more severe consequence for Jews and Christians. Saying in 5:33, “Those who wage war against God and his Messenger and strive to spread corruption in the land should be punished by death, crucifixion, the amputation of an alternate hand and foot, or banishment from the land: a disgrace for them in this world, and a terrible punishment in the hereafter.”

The agents found that Muslim clerics teach that women are inferior to men. And that they can be beaten for their disobedience.

That Jews, are infidels. And as infidels, they also are inferior to Muslims.

Muslims have a duty to jihad, or at minimum support jihad as a sacred duty. Stressing that the most noble way to jihad is the way of the suicide bomber. They are the martyrs of the faith. The ones promised the most worthy praise. Also teaching that one day an Islamic caliphate will overtake the United States.

The Center for Security Policy does not define the duties of the caliphate. So, I’ll do it, such a person is both a secular and religious leader with global authority. Who will be the power broker responsible for bringing about an Islamic world. Gone from the political landscape will be any such notions as constitutional governments. Meaning the Islamic goal is to replace all constitutional governments. Replacing them with governments that resembles Saudi Arabia, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey. With the make over of Egypt looking more like Iran, than its ally the United States.

How likely is that to occur? A question impossible to answer with absolute certainty. But this is certain, Muslims can create enough havoc globally to render the world civically inoperable. That’s what they do whenever their numbers matter. Just like they did to Great Britain and are doing to the United States.

But another disturbing factor looms large upon the political horizon. It is the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, we know that his middle name really is ‘Hussein.’ He brings with him his Islamic credentials! Most have heard of a woman named Mama Sarah? She’s from Kogelo, Kenya, Africa. Barack Hussein Obama calls her his grandmother. His grandmother is worried about her grandsons political future. Fearing that his grandfather’s Islamic faith still might be problematic for him. Concerned also that Obama’s fathers  practice of polygamy. Just might suggest to the American public that Barack Hussein Obama values are contrary to American values. Well all those concerns don’t matter to most Americans. Making him a very formidable candidate for reelection.

His presidency gives America’s enemies hope that the nation can be conquered from within. A second presidential term for Barack Hussein Obama will only intensify their hope and his ability to provide enhanced ‘aid and comfort’ to America’s Islamic enemies. Keep in mind that Barack Hussein Obama’s most formative years were spent in a primarily Muslim country of Indonesia. Most are what they were born into and that says it all Obama.

This is how one member of the House of Representatives sees the nations Muslim problem. “We have to many mosques in this country. There are too many people who are sympathetic to radical Islam. We should be looking at them more carefully,” according to Rep Peter King of New York. And that’s exactly what he’s doing which has angered Obama and his Muslim colleagues.